AT&T Pantech Duo Gets 6.1

The Duo of Pantech Duo owners (get it?) can finally rejoice because Microsoft is blessing them with 6.1. Don't remember the Duo? We forgive you, but recommend you check out the dual-slider action to get a feel for how its pending replacement will work.

We're actually a little surprised to see this dual slider get a 6.1 update, not that we're complaining. We sorta thought the new rule was that if a replacement is imminent, 6.1 wouldn't be. Isn't that the lesson we learned from the Treo 750, whose promised WM6.1 update is nowhere in sight? (Or, hopefully, the 750's WM6 download is being taken down to make way for it).

We digress. The new 6.1 is available through a "quick" download weighing in at 90Mbytes and as with all updates, make sure you back up all your info before you proceed. Looks like AT&T is actually following the road map they had set out.

Big thanks to Bla1ze for the tip!

WC Staff