Bad code update to blame for Bing outage

Bing was unavailable for a short while on January 2, and it looks like a bad code update from Microsoft may have caused the outage. Citing an unnamed source, Reuters mentioned that Microsoft struggled to roll back the changes once the update was live, which led to the short interruption of its search services.

The outage knocked out Cortana's ability to query web results as the voice assistant's searches are powered by Bing. According to Reuters' source, Microsoft had to "shut down its groups of linked servers to get back the point where everything worked smoothly" after the initial roll-back of the update failed.

In an official statement, Microsoft acknowledged that its services were affected, and that the issue has been resolved:

"This morning, some of our customers experienced a brief, isolated services interruption which has now been resolved."

Yahoo (whose search is powered by Bing) was also affected by yesterday's outage.

Source: Reuters

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia for Android Central, Windows Central's sister site. When not reviewing phones, he's testing PC hardware, including video cards, motherboards, gaming accessories, and keyboards.

  • Shocking
  • And I thought it's due to network problem
  • Yeah so then Bing,Cortana,Yahoo, and Siri would all been down. Plus whatever else uses Bing.
  • Alright alright alright!!!
  • You gon learn today.
  • siri uses bing? hahaha, take that anti microsoft apple fanboys
  • LOL
  • Damn! +1 for Bing there!
  • Siri has been using Bing for a long time...
  • Yup. Old news, but people are still shocked by it.
  • You can easily tell Siri to Google it which I always do :) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Siri uses Bing :o
    I didn't knew that :D
    Thanks Mate :)
  • Bing has become iOS's main search engine ever since 8.0.
  • Siri has been using it since iOS 7. It became the default in Safari with iOS 8.
  • No, you are wrong. Google is still the default search engine in Safari, but there are more options for changing the default to engines like DuckDuckGo. If Apple was to make Bing the default search engine in Safari, people would raise holy hell about it.  
  • They did it for OS X Yosemite
  • Plus someone is getting fired :3
  • Hmm
  • Yea exactly..!!
    What was the point of your comment by the way..??
  • Give me windows 10 update soon plzz
  • Is this related to the article?
  • No
  • You are the only person that will not received the Windows 10 update. Confirmed by Microsoft..
  • I, using my unnamed source from Microsoft, also confirm this.
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    In a year, soooo soon.
  • Why 8 is great!
  • We must move to the future!
  • If a year from now is soon, then sure you'll get it soon.
  • When denim update for 930
  • Next year
  • Eh... But... It's just the beginning of this year, so...?
  • Never they said it yesterday at a press conference..
  • Your phone is the only phone that will not be getting it. Microsoft hates whiners.
  • My 930 has Denim:)
  • Didnt know that yahoo uses bing. Changed my life.
  • There are quite a lot of searh engines that use Bing...
  • iOS 8.0 (hence Siri) uses Bing as well.
  • I didn't notice anything, here in France.
  • I like robins.
  • okay okay this will be fixed immediately no worries.
  • And in other news no one noticed because almost everyone uses google. Lol .. I didn't notice and I use Bing rigorously..
  • Actually everyone doesn't use Google, Bing gets lots of traffic coming in.. Maybe you should have kept that comment to yourself. You're about to get drilled on
  • Oh dont get your panties in a knot... The majority of searches by people I know use google. I'm saying that's why they didnt notice. You must have missed the part that I said I use Bing. Oh we can be facetious at times.
  • Maybe you didn't or don't understand sarcasm, didn't you see the lol. I saw what you said and still felt the need to say what I said. Sooo maybe you're the one that shouldn't get their panties in a bunch you think... :)
  • Looking at your downvotes, I'd say it was you that got drilled.
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  • Um there are no down votes on.. The app.. Sent from windows central app on windows phone Lumia 1020 8.1 update 1 cyan. Lol
  • I think Bing is somewhere in the 20 vicinity of the world actually. :)
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  • Bing at 18.7% and Yahoo at 10.0% in April 2014. Sing Yahoo in powered by Bing, together they are 28.7% which by my calculations is between 20% and 30%.
  • My point exactly we are the underdog. At 30%. That leave google with 70%. Why post bad news if the majority of the people didnt even notice? Only makes switching to Bing look bad.
  • It was down for at least 30 mins yesterday
  • It was super frustrating yesterday trying to search for the street address to a place where I was supposed to meet someone.
  • Google it ;)
  • Bing sucks...and its proved again..
  • Google sucks more as their Google Now doesn't have the personality Cortana or Siri have. There are no significant voice assistants for other search engines, BTW. And yes, no need to prove that.
  • I suck I have no personality. I have not tried now. Do I have to say google before now? Or can I say now? What is your name? My name is now. I think you might be on with the personality thing.
  • Same here, LOL.
  • You have proved that you used to suck..
  • Yet as badly as you think Bing sucks, more and more users are switching to it every day.
  • Yeah you got burned lol another comment that should have been kept.. Bing is pretty good dude.. Google Now is not as good as people think it is.
  • Sadly I think this effected other MS services, I couldn't access store for 2 hours.
  • That's the hackers again. Blame lizzardz.
  • And no one outside of the US even noticed.
  • That one is perfect....even Cortana
  • Wow, Microsoft also has restore points on their servers. BTW, I experienced the same issue yesterday trying to play my music.
  • I experience this issue daily. Cortana alpha in Canada can't do much of anything. Especially when I'm in a dead zone with limited cellular service.
  • Well what do expect if you've got no cellular service. How is cortana supposed to anything? Personally, Cortana has been great for me in Toronto. The last update finally added traffic reports which I really like because if I have a meeting/event in my phone, Cortana will tell me when to leave and show me the traffic. I've also had the full US Cortana and its not took much different now that we have traffic.
  • The data from that she uses for are area is wrong.. I tried reporting all incorrect places to tripA. No luck there still there. I hope they get a deal with yellow pages. The data would be more accurate for Canada. Maybe for a big city she's more accurate and has trafic. No trafic here. Just spotty cell service and she wont work then :(
  • Off topic.. Will Windows10 be a fully multitasking OS? Resuming is really annoying -_-
  • Wait for me to resume ill get back to you.. .. .. .. Resuming .. .. .. Oh I have no idea lets hope its fixed soon.
  • No, they are switching it to a Windows Phone style OS just to irritate you.
  • Hey Harish, do you have the hulk phone? I'm jealous. Hunting for it but can't get it for a good price.
  • Amateurs!!!
  • I didn't even notice.
  • Cortana and store was affected
  • When denim update will reach Jamaican, using 625 lumia
  • It's been cancelled in Jamaica.
  • Wonder who got fired for that!
  • Heh. I noticed this yesterday and in the span of 10 minutes we went from error pages with "Bing services are not available" to the IIS server page ( ), and finally the poor thing was reduced to a reduced, wasted piece of jelly.
  • This is an issue with Cloud services... You'd have thought they would have learned from the azure mess a few weeks back. Test test and deploy in a super limited manner that can be instantly rolled back.
  • Ms cloud is like a clown, lots of downtime recently.
  • This outage spoilt my break in work, I was forced to use chrome as I kinda thought my internet explorer was f*cked, chrome however, crashes and freezes on work's computer as it seems to use a lot of resources.
  • Why didn't you just browse to
  • Seriously
  • Or of course, just twiddle your thumbs until Bing starts working again.... Seriously, are you THAT anti-Google to not use their service when Microsoft's breaks down?!
  • Actually he did use their service...
  • Shhhh, you're taking away a reason for someone to complain, lol.
  • I'm that anti google that I didn't do any searches till it was fixed. Not everyone likes Google and wants to add to their collective whatsoever.
  • So MS is getting a taste of its own medicine!!!!
  • Its good MS figured out the issue and resolved it for now. Code can be unpredictable. Now lets move on.
  • That emerald green!
  • Bad code happens but bad testing should not.
  • Didn't even notice and I was using Cortana pretty heavy last night as I went sight seeing around Phoenix.
  • It's bad