Beats Music for Windows Phone delayed

Beats Music launched for iOS and Android this last Tuesday. When the service was first announced it was implied that it would launch simultaneously on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Obviously that didn’t happen and today was the day that Beats Music said we’d get the app. Sadly, there’s apparently been a delay.

Head to the Beats Music website (opens in new tab) and you’ll see the three download buttons for the respective marketplaces of iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. You can click through and head to the App Store or Google Play if you want to get Beats Music on your iPhone or Android handset. However, the Windows Phone Store badge now says “coming soon”. That’s changed from the past few days where it had “coming January 24th” as the placeholder text.

Beats Music Delayed Windows Phone

What’s the cause for the delay? Certification? Bugs? No clue here, but we’ve reached out to Beats Music to see if they can clarify the situation and give a better time estimate than coming soon.

In the meantime, check out iMore’s review of Beats Music if you’re curious about the service.

Thanks everyone for the tips!

Sam Sabri
  • Who here is shocked?
  • I'm pretty bummed. The gap between releases for when a new service/app launches on iOS/Android and comes to Windows Phone is getting smaller. I was hoping Beats  Music would do it all at once. Then delay..Then delay.. And it's a shame because I really want to give Beats Music a go. 
  • Yeah but you're not shocked, are you?
  • No. 
  • Its bugs Sam. Many many many bugs thats why. They even closed registration on iOS and Android, because of overwhelming consumer demand (too few servers). Head over to their Twitterpage @beatsmusic and you will see what I mean. Why release it on Windows Phone when registration is closed?! Better delay the app till bugs are squashed.
  • I don't know why no one knows this... oh yeah, because no one bothers to read and stay updated with FACTUAL information. There have been so many issues with the app on iOS and Android, I'm HAPPY, that it did not release in it's current state on Windows phone.  
  • Awww....someone needs a hug! :)
  • That's a "no one" ...yep
  • This is another "no one" yet
  • Par for the course apparently. The first major app that can successfully release on all platforms wins!
  • I am so shocked!! That my flight ticket to Europe is $1600!
    ... Oh wait. What were we talking about? Beats? Oh, I'm not shocked.
  • That's pretty cheap!
  • Not shocked.. But, I'd rather have XBM substantially updated in WP8.1...
    Nevertheless, I'm just glad Beats music is at least coming late.. Better late than never❕... And, this is still a win for WP.. This is still a sign of progress.......
  • Go home Rodney, you're drunk.
  • Now, I'm drunk..
  • I would be shocked if the release was on time. I'm still waiting for GTA San Andreas that was going to be released in December, one week after iOS.
  • That has gone so quiet I forgot all about it!
  • Not I
  • Oh now, what the f**k?!
  • Color me unsurprised
  • Hope it has a good UI, worth the wait.
  • The UI is the same as the Android and iOS version. Found this image in the code of the website:   Edit: You can download the UI of the app on the apps page:
  • Gorgeous :)
  • Was expecting it. Some of my friends on the other OS's are having trouble signing up. They say it's a bug...
  • iMore reported it's buggy. Hopefully the Windows Phone app will be released bug free.
  • +720
  • Lol.
  • The way I look at it, Windows Phone is 3rd in the market for sales....That means Android and iOS come first, and we get the sloppy thirds...If I was a corporation making an app, I would go with the largest user base first, then go from there...I'm not shocked, but I do understand why it takes a while to get an "Official" app from a large corporation... 
  • Yeah but I think Rudy Huyn has proved that you don't need a whole team to develop an app. But I don't think that's the issue here. Seems like they are having backend problems. Really if you think about it, they should've released it for WP 1st to test their systems. I'm sure there is enough of us to stress test their systems.
  • In this case the IOS and Android got sloppy firsts. Hopefully it wont be a glitchy mess when it gets here like it is over there.
  • Not surprised
  • I dunno. The chances of this service failing to gain traction I would imagine are pretty high anyway.
  • Smh.
  • How many frikin music subscription services do you need? I have always equated Beats Audio to over priced and over hyped junk.
  • They're the Bose of audio... No, wait...
  • Really? Bose of audio? Get yourself a bose & beats audio side by side then say.
  • Are you a native English speaker? I wonder if it's the fact that so many here are not very good at English that makes it such a seriously humor impaired place. Bose is the Bose of audio. It was a joke. Not a great one, but hey.
  • Bose are overhyped, overpriced as well.
  • Lol!! Yes!
  • The app isn't even great just like they're products either.
  • +1
  • I'm not shocked, I sadly knew this would happen...
  • As was expected -_- WP apps comes last. And they almost never come on time.
  • has nothing to do with coming last. they have severe issures with the service, im sure it will be released as soon as they gets the bugs ironed out.
  • Shocking.
  • Take your time, Beats. Spotify's here for me so dw take your time.
  • Spotify is here but the WP app is lacking, where's the radio feature for example?
  • Spotify sucks cuz its not spotted in Canada
  • Spotify's WP app sucks. I'll keep paying for Xbox Music until we get a full featured audio streaming app on WP.
  • xbox music is fucking fantastic, i beleive for me it beats all the other stuff hands down, 10 bucks a month and i can listen and download on 4 devices and stream with the xbox music app on my ipad too.
  • I read that it has problems all around.  It's for the best they hold off on the WP release until the bugs are worked out.
  • Android and ios apps just started working yesterday so I figured WP would be delayed. Pretty nice when it works. Hope we get it soon.
  • Just hope it works well... See if there's a reason I should replace Nokia mixradio/slacker/songza
  • We always get done dirty! Everytime!!!!
  • Not surprised..
  • Maybe it *was* released for Windows Mobile, has anyone checked the good ol' marketplace? /s
  • I think it was released on Windows CE.
  • Lol!! Excellent take!! :)
  • :D
  • I live in the UK so I wasn't getting the App today... But I was 99% sure this App would be delayed.
  • Would you look at that, yet another among countless music streaming apps available only in US and three other countries. Not interested. I though the whole point of the internet was the global part.
  • +520
  • The Internet was never intended for entertainment. It was designed for education and global academic research. Now it has been bastardized for mass consumption by morons.
  • Pretty sure easy access to porn was the primary goal of the internet ;)
  • Not surprised, but still disappointed
  • Again, hardly a surprise. Not to say that I'm not bummed all the same, though. I don't listen to much music anyway, but I was eager to try a service that seemed like it was trying to market as much to Windows Phone as it was to the other OS's. Keyword being "seemed like".
  • Delayed?! A Windows Phone app?! What a surprise.....NOT!!
    Not that i planned on using it anyway since they took their "availability" tips from the same morons who insist in this region restricted BS.
  • I love WP CENTRAL....
  • +everybody
  • I'm happy with my Nokia subscription. Beats music will probably arrive when carriers approve wp8.1.
  • I wish I could say I didn't see this coming.
  • "Soon".
  • My thoughts exactly.. Unfortunately it is such a small demographic. The US number of Lumia Phones has been small compared to Europe. And Beats is US only. So I guess we get the scraps and dont have much push. It is not good though  to set a date and then ignore it.
  • The button says the same thing with just two words.
  • They be hating on WP they always dragging us. They always trying get Android n IPhone first that s@#& is wack
  • I use it on my iphone, and it is pretty good.  Not sure if it is better than Spotify, but I like it better than Xbox Music.  Looking forward to a launch on WP8.
  • Hey, at least they're using the WP app badge thing. Most apps that support WP only show the iOS and Android ones on their website (i.e. Twitter).
  • I tried to find it earlier. I'm not bummed about it since I see that the other platforms app's have been buggy.. I can't wait to give it a try though. Hope that they fix the issues and it comes to WP very soon.
  • It might be a good thing. It could be built to look more like metro and not some crappy port.
  • it is coming so chill.   now about my black update....... +920  
  • I'm loving it on my 1020! It's great to be me, sucks to be you! Jk, girlfriend, jk...
  • +925 (on T-Mobile)
  • This was OBVIOUSLY going to happen. Granted, I can't say I give the slightest bit of care about Beats, hardware or software.
  • I'm quite fine with Xbox music, don't need anything else.
  • And this is supposed to be the world wide web.....joke...only available in the U.S......pathetic....another app 'late' on windows..after 2 years of W7 +W8 and counting im almost completely fed up with windows....starting to think iphone 6 later this year is looking better and better.......something has to change...and soon.
  • Considering that they have major bugs already with the IOS/Android apps, anyone keeping up with beats shouldn't have expected it to come out for windows phone until they get the bugs fixed for the MAJORITY of the users :P So in theory had you had an iPhone, you likely would be dealing with a buggy app and then whining about how that app sucks. 
  • There's ways to fuck over the suits. It's a touch harder on mobile, but you can do it, and I wish more people the world over would cheat to get US-only services. I don't give a crap about the "business decisions" and legalities. Nobody else should, and should cheat. The businessmen should simply be thankful to get money and turn a blind eye to people cheating so they can get access to a paid service. Maybe it's the rebel in me that just hates The Man ;)
  • Is the web player not functional yet? I don't see an option to stream that isn't an app right now. Browsing on my Surface 2.
  • Sam I wish you to follow the tech press.
  • What are you trying to say?
  • It seems to be a pretty terrible roll out. As a long-time Mog user, I've been waiting patiently. A couple of months ago they emailed and asked if I wanted to reserve my username from Mog on "BM." I did!  Today they emailed that it was time to select my password. But, when I followed the link and entered my PW it threw an error code. Rinse and repeat. I can't even get a stream over my browser to work. Must have been done by the same group who did At least BM is more desirable than that. I wonder if AT&T will credit me on the three months trial I cannot take advantage of...
  • Beats me.
  • Ive been using it since release on my iPhone and has worked with no problems. we did the att family plan thing with beats so Im hoping it comes soon for my 1020. I'm guessing they are overwhelmed by iOS and Android and probably putting the interns to finish up for WindowsPhone.
  • This just shows that big name app developers are still not committed to WP.
    Maybe once we hit around 8-10% market share it will be a different story.
  • That's pretty lame app development and release to production if you can't even provide an accurate release date. If I did that with any of my enterprise projects there would be some issues. This app should have been tested, certified and ready for release weeks before announcing it to go live. Pretty lame.
  • Although I would love to try it out I already have an Xbox Music subscription so I can't justify paying for another music subscription.
  • I know what happened.  Google's check cleared the bank. jk Anyway, I've tried Beats out on my IOS device and its much better than you think. Certainly better than Nokia Music.  I hoped to get this loaded on my Windows Phone today to get at my most awesome playlist. I especially like how you can REPLAY a song you are currently listening to. That is especially nice.   I hope we can find out what the delay is and for how long.  
  • What's new? If you wanna be on such small market shares platform, expect low development commitments.
  • People calm down anytime they say an app is coming to windows phone just don't believe it.
  • Sooooo are we still gonna get the perk of trying the service for an additional week since it's been so delayed...? Or are we just getting the short end of the stick again as usual?
  • It is glitchy as bowls on other devices anyways. I couldn't even use it on IOS. We're getting the same size stick or possibly even bigger if it launches on WP with only minor bugs
  • Might be missing something but what benefit does beats have over Xbox music? Honest question
  • If you're on Att and on a family plan..then better value for your money.
  • US only?
  • Again i suppose its region locked?
  • It's me or looks like Zune? I mean, the colours, the background... Check it out and tell me if I'm wrong.
  • I have the app and it doesn't look like Zune to me.
  • Is this better than Nokia Mix Radio?
  • Who cares XBox music is very good!!!
  • Im shocked that its not