Bell Canada jumping on the Mango Cart?

I'm sure by now the Customer Reps for wireless carriers that offer Windows Phones are up to their eyeballs with online questions about the Mango update. While it's not definitive proof on when Mango will hit the update airwaves, such conversations can serve as indicators of what might happen.

This go around, it's Bell Canada's turn in the spotlight.  The question was presented to a Bell Canada Customer Service Rep, "Will Bell be rolling out the Mango update on September 27th, like all the other major carriers?".

While the CSR politely replies that Bell doesn't have an announced date for the update, it probably will come out on September 27th.

So take it for what it is worth. Bell Canada (who offers the HTC HD7 and LG Optimus) may be joining the other carriers rumoured to be releasing Mango on the world next Tuesday, September 27th. Luckily, we won't have long to wait until we know for sure if all the online Customer Service Reps are right.

Thanks goes out to Andy for the tip!

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  • It's really hard to have infos here. I tried with Telus with no succes. I cross my fingers that we will have the Mango update on sept 27th :)
  • By the way, talking about Bell, I have confirmation from a trusted source they will NOT be ordering the HTC Titan and the Samsung Focus S
  • i seriously hope they get a new phone soon though... i need to get one soon lolany idea which phones will work on their network if i buy unbranded ones?
  • @Nataku4ca I have an AT&T Samsung Focus on Bell and it works great. They even registered the phone with the IMEI and told me it was supported.