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With pennant races, only a few weeks away, and the wildcard games finished, it's time for the close of the MLB season. Eight playoff teams are left standing, and each of them is on the hunt to win the 2019 World Series. While there's plenty of baseball left to play, you don't need an expensive cable plan to make sure you can watch the games on your Windows 10 devices. You can stream games through a variety of services and apps to make sure you don't miss a second of the action. If you're looking to watch the MLB postseason on other devices, make sure to read the Cordcutters guide to watching the MLB postseason without cable.

Facts and highlights: Tweeten

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Most apps in this collection will help you stream games to your PC, but Tweeten is an excellent tool that I recommend to any sports fan. It's a Tweetdeck client that allows you to get instant analysis, stats, and information through Twitter. It updates on the fly so you can see the latest news from reporters, bloggers, video makers, and fans during games.

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Listen up: TuneIn Radio

If you have a TuneIn Premium subscription, you get access to live play-by-play broadcasts of every MLB game. You also get access to play-by-play broadcasts for the NFL, NBA, and NHL so you can get your sports fix after the MLB playoffs finish up. TuneIn is available as an app through the Microsoft Store and also works through your web browser.

$10/mo. at TuneIn

Eyes on the action: Hulu with Live TV

Hulu with Live TV has almost every MLB-related channel. With your monthly plan, you'll have access to ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, FS1, TBS, and ESPN. The only games you'll miss are the 1-4 overflow games that are on MLB Network. Just remember to check if local channels are supported in your area through Hulu's website before you sign up. Hulu's Windows 10 app is a progressive web app, which supports live TV, but you can also view it from your web browser.

$45/mo. at Hulu

Watching your team: Sling TV

You'll have to subscribe to a combination of packages to get most MLB postseason games, but the price is competitive with other offerings with similar content. If you'd like to watch games that are on NBC, you'll need to subscribe to Sling Blue. If you want local channels, then you'll need Sling Orange. You can check what local channels are available in your area through Sling TV's website. Sling TV can be watched on Windows 10 through its app or a web browser.

From $25/mo. at Sling

Using the web: Your browser of choice

While several apps are available on Windows 10 for watching baseball, you may need to use your browser to view your streaming service of choice. YouTube TV, Fubo TV, and AT&T TV Now will all require a web browser to watch games through your PC. You can use any browser that you'd like, but Vivaldi is worth a look due to its excellent picture-in-picture mode.

Free at Vivaldi

Look at the schedule: Outlook Calendar

As playoff series tighten up, you won't want to miss a second of the action. Outlook has a handy tool to add popular calendars to your Outlook account. You can follow a specific team or set of teams or add every single MLB game to your Outlook calendar. You'll have to add a new calendar through After that, you can view them in the Mail and Calendar app.

Free at Microsoft

Have fun watching a home run

October is the most exciting time of the year for baseball fans. Teams take their games to the next level, and players do their best to create a legacy on their way to a World Series title. Windows 10 has several apps that can make sure you don't miss a game, whether you're at home, "not" at work, or anywhere you have a Windows 10 device.

The first app that's worth grabbing for any sports fan is Tweeten. It's a Tweetdeck client that allows you to get instant analysis, replays, and information from millions of users on Twitter. You can stay up to date on trends and get the latest facts and figures about your favorite team and players from reporters, bloggers, analysts, and fans.

If you already cut the cord and are subscribed to a service, it's probably not worth switching just for the MLB playoffs. Therefore, you should use whatever service you like the best for your everyday life. Just about every service can be watched on a Windows 10 PC through an app or a browser. If you're looking to cut the cord, you can try a free trial of Hulu with Live TV. You'll get to see the vast majority of MLB postseason games and will also get access to exclusive content like The Handmaid's Tale.

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