ReddHub is one of our favorite Reddit apps for Windows 8.1 It just kicks ass when we use it on something like our Surface 2. But we also like using it on any regular Windows 8.1 machine, especially with touch. A few months ago the app went to version 2.0 and picked up some major new features along with a redesign. Today the app received another sweet update that adds a ton of cool stuff like multireddit support and an improved WYSWIG editor.

Here's the full changelog for ReddHubV2 1.1:

  • Added support for multireddits
  • Added ability to edit a comment
  • Added ability to unsave a link
  • added improved wyswig editor UI
  • Added support for higher-resolution tiles and icons
  • Added author flair text and fixed expand/contract bug when auto collapse setting is set
  • Added ability to filter search to a subreddit
  • Portrait mode grid splitter now shows preview for improved performance
  • Added copy comment url
  • Added refresh button when viewing messages list
  • Added spoiler support
  • Added sort by caching
  • Added 'failed to load comments' message if failed to load comments


Grab the updated ReddHub and let us know what you think of it! Have any other favorite Windows 8.1 apps for Reddit? Let us know.

Via: r/Surface

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