Best Windows 10 apps of October 2017

Being considered as the best of the bunch requires an app to have a good design, to be easy to use, and most importantly, to be useful on a regular basis.

Accent Applicator

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On Windows 10 you already have a variety of customization options. But even when you select an accent color, it doesn't extend throughout the entire system. Accent Applicator takes your accent color and applies it to items such as selected text and many areas that are blue by default.

The app is free and an example of something you can set up once and just leave in the background.

You can customize it even further with color variations and changing brightness. You can check out our full review to see all of the options.

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Grammarly for Microsoft Edge

Grammarly is a well-known service for cleaning up grammar and spelling mistakes, and the company recently released an extension for Microsoft Edge. We broke down the ins and outs earlier this month and found that it does a good job and is mostly in line with Grammarly's extensions for other browsers, though there are exceptions

The extension itself is free, and there is an option for a free version of the on-going service but you can go premium for $11.66 per month if you pay for an entire year or more per month if you choose quarterly or monthly options.

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Telegram is a popular messaging service, and Unigram is a solid third party client for it. Unigram's developers have spent a lot of time making sure that the app unitizes Windows 10 features, such as quick replies and the People Bar, while also supporting many of Telegram's features.

The app looks good on Windows 10 and is available on Windows 10 Mobile as well. Unigram does not have full parity with Telegram but is still a good option for many Telegram users. Our full review breaks down more of what you can and can't do with Unigram.

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Recipe Keeper Pro

The internet is full of recipes and cookbooks. Recipe Keeper Pro lets you save recipes easily and also allows you to enter in recipes by hand. The app isn't doing any task that's astounding, but it does what it's supposed to do well and is easy to use.

One of the handiest features is that you can copy a website's URL and paste it into Recipe Keeper Pro which will scroll through the page and import the recipe into the app. You can fix any errors quickly, but the app does a fairly good job of importing recipes without many mistakes.

You can take your recipes with you across multiple devices and platforms including Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Android, and iOS, though each version of the app will usually cost you $4.99. At the moment the app is on sale for $2.49 on the Windows 10 Store.

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Microsoft's apps on Android

As usual, we're sneaking in a bit of a cheeky selection here. This month saw the arrival of Microsoft Launcher and Microsoft Edge in the Google Play Store. Both of the apps are in preview but show strong promise. These aren't Windows 10 apps of course, but if you're looking to extend your Windows 10 experience to and from your mobile device and are on Android, each of these are worth checking out.

Wr-app-ing things up

Unigram Windows 10

Unigram Windows 10 (Image credit: Windows Central)

This month we saw a good mix of new apps and old favorites prove themselves as the best of the best. What types of apps would you like us to cover in the future? And what do you think of the best apps from this month? Let us know in the comments.

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