Bill Gates blasts Trump's decision to halt WHO funding

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  • Bill Gates expressed disagreement with President Trump's decision to stop funding the World Health Organization.
  • President Trump decided to halt funding to WHO while reviewing its response to the coronavirus.
  • The WHO's director responded to the halt in funding and asked President Trump to not "politicize the virus."

Microsoft founder Bill Gates says that President Donald Trump's decision to withhold funding to the World Health Organization (WHO) is "as dangerous as it sounds." Gates shared his displeasure with President Trump's decision on Twitter earlier this morning, stating that "no other organization can replace them. The World needs WHO now more than ever" (via CNN).

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President Trump halted funding to the WHO while a review occurs regarding the organization's response to the coronavirus pandemic. President Trump stated that "Had the WHO done its job to get medical experts into China to objectively assess the situation on the ground and to call out China's lack of transparency, the outbreak could have been contained at its source with very little death."

The WHO responded to President Trump's statement, asking the President to not politicize the virus (via CNN), stating:

If you don't want many more body bags, then you refrain from politicizing it. My short message is: Please quarantine politicizing Covid. The unity of your country will be very important to defeat this dangerous virus.

The WHO also shred a timeline of its actions regarding the coronavirus.

Bill Gates has worked with the WHO to combat the coronavirus. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has pledged up to $100 million to combat the coronavirus. $20 million of that funding is directed towards the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the WHO.

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  • On the other hand, on 14th of January the WHO also said:
    "Preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the novel #coronavirus (2019-nCoV) identified in #Wuhan, of China." So while halting funding might not be a good idea, we have to *at least* question the WHO when they whine about "politicising" something. 'cause they took the word of a dictatorial communist regime as "good" when the entire World knows that the Chinese government lies through their teeth.
    Why did the WHO take the Chinese government's word for good?
    And shouldn't the WHO be co-responsible for helping spread the pandemic as a result? You can attack Trump all you want over the halting of funding to the WHO, but at least you should question the WHO's actions during this as well.
  • Yeah, I don't agree with de-funding them, but at the same time, money (and lack there of) gets peoples attention and results faster than anything else. World organizations bow down to China, and take them at their word, when everyone knows they're even more full of crap than any administration we've ever had. Trump may be (ok, is) guilty of publicly downplaying the threat, but at least the administration as a whole, took action. And were criticized for it. And then criticized for not doing enough sooner.
  • lol. Yeah, the same "Who" that said it wasn't a big deal, people can still go to theater's, cruise ships etc etc. The same WHO that stated it wasn't passable to humans. You have TDJ, if anyones a 'dumbass' its you.
  • Oof... Someone who can't even spell "moron" correctly has no place insulting other people's intelligence.
  • Trump downplayed the virus from the very beginning, over and over across his speeches. the U.S is in this moment the world's most affected country by the virus, with the most deaths, the number of infected, discussions over his own public officials and lack of a general consensus on how to manage the impact. If for a moment, you think that all of this is because of any other reason that the current administration with Trump on its head, then you are clearly on denial.
  • I 100% agree. The WHO is the same organization who classified video games as a disorder. So I'm finding it hard to trust their intentions, and judgement anymore. Dropping funding was a good thing. The WHO is as bad as the FDA. The FDA approves all kinds of drugs that are suppose to cure people but at the same time each of those drugs they approve cause multiple other problems.
  • That is just B.S.
    Why did Trump take the WHO word for it in Jan. 2020 if he is such a biomedical genius?
    WHO only has access to whatever documents the participating governments allow them to see.
    China did cover up early infections in China, but if the Orange Dumbass had not completely de-funded and dissolved the CDC Foreign Infectious Disease Team back in 2018, THEY would have sounded the alarm about this, so all we had to go on was the WHO.
    In early Jan. the Army Infectious Disease team (USAMRIID) gave a presentation to the National Security Council projecting over 2.2 million dead if we did nothing and huge numbers of infected in the USA. The Trump team ignored them completely and Trump told the country "It will go away magically...." They went on to give the same presentation to the Senate Intelligence chairman and REPUBLICANS ONLY on the committee. The chair, Richard Burr (R-NC) said NOTHING publicly, but immediately sold all his stocks and bought new stock in Pharma and Internet Comms companies.
    So, to blame the WHO for this is like FDR blaming Ireland for for the Pearl Harbor attack.
  • Yes, and their statement explicitly includes the fact that it's based on submitted data from China. In other word, it's accurate.
  • Lets get a few things squared away: Trump did lock down the flights to China early but people were saying it was xenophobic of him to do that. He then spent a month and a half doing nothing to prepare the country for this pandemic. The CDC messed up the coronavirus initial test and had to redo to so it was delayed. CDC/Federal bull crap got in the way of state labs doing testing so legislation had to change for testing to actually take off (same with treatments and everything else). The medical stockpile has been low in America for 20 years or more. Trump actually proposed a cut to the CDC funding but it didnt pass so he didnt cut the CDC budget, it actually increased. Trump trusted the WHO's analysis like everyone else. It turned out they screwed it up. WHO is suppose to be around to help prevent this crap but instead covered it up; Had China not lied and contained it early it may never have been a pandemic. Trump put together a task force and mentioned Coronavirus in his address to the nation but at that time Nancy Pelosi ripped up the speech and Congress was trying to impeach Trump Both NY Governor and NYC Mayor were telling people to not worry about it up until the shutdown. The Mayor even went to a Gym after telling others they couldn't. There was a Republican and Demarcate Senator(?) who were trying to tell everyone this was going to be a big deal but the media was reporting it as the flu and not a big deal. There is more. Trump is politicizing this but this was politized before he started doing it. But like everything else in the US, party lines are drawn for some stupid reason. All in all, I think this shows how valuable state control is in situations like this. States have moved much faster than the Federal government, are able to open up economies based on local means and not try to fit it into a one size fits all situation based off New York. And states care more about their people than the federal government does so they should be taking point anyways. Also, so many things screwed up. China, WHO, Trump, the CDC, Congress, Governors, Mayors, people, modeling, media, etc, etc. The list of people and agencies that didnt screw up on this is much smaller than the list that did screw up
  • @Scabrat, fair points but you have to ask yourself. Why did this happen? Had this not have happened, surely the response would have been much different. Never the less, he abdicated his duty by saying states should decide when to close and now he states he has total authority when to open individual states. Additionally, I'm sure you'd appreciated Governers trying to tell people to stay calm as opposed to causing mass hysteria? What happened in reality is that by delaying stay at home orders, the situation has escalated drastically. You can draw direct comparisions between the response of Ireland and the UK, Ireland lock down pretty quickly and the UK did not. Additionally there was no mitigation in the US in terms track, trace and isolate to prevent further spread of Covid-19. The UK stopped doing that in a view of the asinine prospect of herd immunity, But yeah, the blame of deaths in the US lands squarely with the current administration as with any administration, the good, the ugly, the bad lands squarely at the Whitehouse.
  • One would expect better from you DJCBS. But of course, why bother acknowledgement of the evolution of understanding how Covid-19 operates has occured in the time since that statement was made in January. Science is not a know-it-all field, it is field based on theories and practical applications testing aforesaid theories in order to ascertain if the theories are correct or not. For what it's worth, candidate vaccines for covid-19 created and to enter human trials 10 weeks just after the genetic sequence of covid-19 was released.
  • This administration has got to be the dumbest people in captivity 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
  • Well Bill Gates is getting old, back in his day doctors told people to smoke cigarettes medicinally.
  • I'm shocked at people's willingness to blame the WHO and not Trump! Assuming the complaints against the WHO are accurate that does not negate Trump's and his administration's mostly lackluster and cavalier response to the pandemic. So fine I will grant the WHO argument if Trump supporters will pull their heads out his jolly orange ass long enough to be fair in terms of blame. Otherwise STFU. Cutting funding to the WHO during a pandemic is assinine
  • Good. The administration's incompetence and recklessness is on full display. Anyone spinning this any other way has their heads in the sand.
  • You can blame whoever you want. The fact is, this whole thing was going on weeks if not a month or more before anyone had any control over it. This isn't Trump's doing. It falls directly on China's shoulders and their piss poor response. Anyone trying to ignore that fact has their head up their backside. The only country that has had a hold on this, regardless of medical infrastructure was Taiwan. Taiwan even contacted the WHO of the Covid risk and look what they did. Praised China's screw up. But no, please. Keep blaming Trump. TDS in full effect.
  • Yes. Total agreement. Media is downplaying all this but forgotten who actually started the pandemic. I hear more news from trump than CNN or NBC. I actually found out US paid the highest amount from..... yup Trump..... Usually when Trump said something, I wait the following days on news if media started their fact checking, if none, then it's the truth. Funny how I got news that way... Another news, Trump said that when he took office, the cupboard was empty, zero, nada. TRUMP stockpiled ventilator and Cuomo started crying about needing 40K ventilators. No Media ever ask why the cupboard stockpiles are EMPTY?
  • @Ziggit14 oh, the blame is squarely on him on this one. Sure, China did suppress the doctor who bought it to the attention to his colleagues last year. I won't call him a toddler, calling him anything else is an offense to adjectives. But let's not forget, he fired the pandemic response team.
  • @kojackjku Well, facts and logic ain't going away anytime soon :).
  • This nothing to do with Windows Central. Please keep things to the tech space. I read enough mindless biased news all over without it being on Windows Central too.
  • Lots of tech sites are getting political nowadays
  • @birdman_38 Because there is no avoiding it, the global death total is almost 2 million and many in the US will perish because of incompetence, lack of accountability and due to spineless morons who did not have the guts hold an senate trial with witnesses. Not to mention brazenly abdicating their sworn oath to uphold the constitution as an impartial juror by going on national tv and stating they will not be so. Given most of the predominant tech sites are in the US, chances are people they know or they themselves will be affected. This is not being political, this about journalism and announcing with profound emphasis facts matter. Especially when now the white house press briefings is being used to promote self indulgent bias and not facts. Such briefings had profound impact all around the world but now it's a clown and jester show.
  • Soup cans you say, reminds me of a certain Sesame Street Skit about a trash hoarder 🤣.
  • All I know is that we should all be working together now, today, to solve this issue. Move forwards, not backwards.
  • I read the comments.
    Almost all the Americas are blinded by President Trump, they all talked against Bill.
    But the truth is Mr. Gates is completely right, President trump is over reacting and showing his power
  • @Lasitha, power? Hardly, he's looking for a scapegoat.
  • The who is a joke. A company that spends 200 million on travel and says they don't have enough money to help when the Ebola virus hit. Let them show they are useful and then the US can go back to giving them money.
  • > The WHO also *shred* a timeline of its actions regarding the coronavirus. [emphasis is mine]