Bill Gates will flex his acting chops on The Big Bang Theory in March

CBS' The Big Bang Theory is no newcomer to tapping big names in tech as guest stars, but an upcoming episode will star none other than Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. According to CBS (opens in new tab) (via The Hollywood Reporter), Gates is all set to appear as himself on an upcoming episode set to air in March.

CBS' brief description doesn't make it clear how much of a role Gates will play in the episode, but the presence of the billionaire apparently causes quite a stir among Leonard, Raj, Sheldon, and Howard. From CBS:

Apparently, when Penny (Kaley Cuoco) hosts Bill Gates at work, the guys do everything in their power to meet him.

Previous tech execs to make guest appearances on The Big Band Theory include Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak, so Gates is in good company. If you're a fan of the show, you'll be able to catch Gates in an episode set to air "later in March." If you're eager to see Gates on TV in the meantime, the former Microsoft CEO recently made an interesting (and humorous) appearance on The Ellen Show, which you can check out below.

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  • Heh, I'd have loved to see Ol' Nads on that. I suspect there'd be a few choice words exchanged.
  • It's coo, I guessl, even thaugh it will probbaly be a small'ish cameo role. (i doubt Bill Gates is anything close to be a good actor to take a larger role) But for a show to get a big guest like that indicates how the show lacks viewers and tries to bring the viewer count up. Fun show, but I think it should have ended years ago. You can see that the story was never designed to for all these seasons.
  • Years ago, wasn't there a Big Bang Theory episode in which Sheldon mentioned that he'd once met Bill Gates at a conference or product launch or something, and that Gates had punched him after he'd made some rude remarks about Windows Vista?  Maybe Sheldon wants to meet Gates to apologise?  Nah...
  • Nah... Sheldon would want an apology! 😁
  • Yeah. He told Bill Gates if he hadn't been so distracted by sick children in Africa, he would have put little more thought in Windows Vista. 🤣 I'd like to see how that plays out in this episode 🤣
  • @Joe McClaine. Haha yeah, would be interesting to how that plays out.
  • I want his only appearance to be blowing Sheldon's head off with a double-barreled shotgun and saying "Don't interrupt me".
  • The episodes featuring Stephen Hawking are also pretty damn funny.
  • Considering Elon Musk appeared in Young Sheldon, this is no biggy.
  • He (Elon Musk) also made a guest appearance on the big bang theory.