Bing Distill lets you answer the burning questions people are searching for

As mentioned above, the service looks to mimic what Yahoo Answers has been doing for years. After signing in with a Microsoft account, users will be able answer questions that others are asking Bing, promote the best answers, and edit answers provided by others.

There's very little else known about the service right now — without a formal announcement we can only glean details from Bing Distill's landing page. However, we'll hopefully hear more from Microsoft relatively soon on their vision for the service, as well as possible incentives to participate.

It's worth pointing out that Bing Distill is available on an invitation-only basis at the moment. That being said, you can hit up the source link below to request an invite. The process is very simple, only asking you to provide an email address along with a few details about yourself, including the topics you'd be interested in contributing to.

Source: Bing Distill; Via: Neowin

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  • I don't like the term "Distill".
  • MS seems really bad at naming things and branding over the last few years or so.
  • This reminds me of how microsoft at one time had ....   ....   Skydrive, FolderShare, and Live mesh all competeing for the online storage in microsoft at the same time.    There at it again with this new Distill   and Dan should mention in the article how is this different from     ????  Http://    ????
  • That's more for Microsoft products. I think Bing Distill will be more general as in "how to not be pregnant" and stuff like that you already find on Yahoo Answers.
  • This sounds more like the type of website that would compete with Quora. Although the name Bing Distill doesn't sound that exciting, it's in invite status only which is similar to BETA. The name could always change (seems a trend nowadays? :P)
  • Should have called it Bong.
  • THIS ^
  • Bing Bong!!
  • Hopefully it is just a code name. The current name gives zero indication or hint that it is an answers community.
  • Yep. It might mean that Bing sells distilled water, or water distillation services.
  • I agree. I saw the thing on the live tile, and thought "Distill" was referring to a new Bing service to help you find fine wines, maybe a sub-section to Food + Drink? But then I read the article, and it was like, "Ooohhhhh, ok..."
  • This is actually a fantastic name: "to take the most important parts of something and put them in a different and usually improved form" "to obtain by or as if by distillation <able to distill humor from personal loss> " "to extract the essence of" "He has perfectly distilled the meaning of the holiday into a poem." etc. Looking at what this is, an information distillation service, I think they named it just fine.
  • Won't be a hit though, like the Internet Explorer.
  • the problem with ie isn't the name but that they didnt do anything with it for a long time and let chrome catchup and surpass it. now it's good again but the name became tainted, especially with web developers.
  • @I Unquello:
    When i read the article's headline I assumed that they were going in the "find your answer in condensed form"-direction (because I had some context now).
    But sometimes a name choice is just to subtle/sophisticated to grasp for the passerby.
  • I actually like it:)
  • Fuck distill everything but distill
  • Fire who came up with the name Distil
  • Awesome!
  • Awesome for Cortana.
  • I like it. Hope it takes off
  • Sounds like a bad name.
  • It's got an Alcohol connotation to it.... Alcohol is hip, always popular... Sounds fun, crafty... Premium....
    It's a sign of good marketing coming.
  • Exactly! That's what I got from the name. It does sound hip in that way that craft brew and artisan bread does. If they drop the "Bing" and just promote it as Distill it is an immediate win.
  • p...or you can look at it another way, "extraction of the purest form"
  • Get the funny things out now!
  • When in India??
    Next flagship?
    Does it seem faster??
    When on at&t , cricket wireless,.....???
    Next teachnical preview when??
    Why cortana on other platforms??
    last one is quite easy to answer though!
  • You forgot to ask about marketing.
  • When will they rebrand it to become a MSN app/service?
  • When will they realise they allready own ???
  • Loool
  • Go on there and ask tons of questions about anything non MS related
  • First question I ask on this bing website. When will the Lumia 1030 be released?
  • Your comment gave me a great laugh!
  • I just had a great laugh! Thanks to you swizzlerz!
  • I am glad I can be of help in entertaing some.
  • Bing Wen
  • Should've called it BINGo!
  • That'd actually be great, so that way when someone answers a person's question correctly, they've got "BINGo!" I love it!
  • If not this, MS needs some product with that branding. It should already be done.
  • I kinda like it, I don't think I'll be using it, but I'm sure a lot of people will
  • I like the idea, but as a non-American I do worry that every expansion of Bing brings the full international launch of Bing at risk. The international version is too limited to compete with Google. And looking at WP, that makes the search button on the phone quite useless and with that WP itself is hit hard. So even though I applaude this expansion of services I wish more effort was made to bring all Bing services available to Americans to the international community and by doing that making WP a more interesting platform for a wider public.
  • Totally agree! Outside the US Windows is no more than just an OS with little supporting applications.
  • Yeah, here in my country people don't know bing. They are often surprised to see me searching on bing and they'll ask "what's bing?"
  • Microsoft is so hit and miss with their naming.
  • Calling it "Bing answers" was too much?
  • Makes sense. A few months ago (In the US, anyways) Bing started integrating "Yahoo! Answers" directly into the results page, so you can sometimes get the answer to your questions without even opening the link to Yahoo!. So it seems logical they might want to try and have their own solution to tidy things up, make it run smoother. Only hope this won't strain the relationship between the two companies.
  • Probably will.
  • @SwimSwim:
    Sorry, but WHICH relationship?
    Yahoo! provides even less apps for Microsoft's platforms than Google and Meyer stated on several occasions she wants to quit the search partnership with bing preferably sooner than later.
    So again: WHICH relationship could take damage?
    I always hoped Microsoft and Yahoo! would enter into a closer relationship, which would for example bring Yahoo!'s weather and news apps to Windows.
    But obviously Yahoo! isn't very. interested....
  • I signed up a couple of hours ago, before the article hit Windows Central.  I defintily would like to see this take off and do well, but I also want to see Bing do well on a global scale, not just US. 
  • Bing msn msn bing. Jajaja good, way to sway!
  • dont forget to while you are at it
  • I signed up too am living in Ireland
  • I wonder why they didn't go with the more obvious Bing Answers.
  • because of      ...  ...   ...
  • Is MS trying to become Jack of all traits? Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad service to provide, but can they try to improve things that they already have. You can't even find a helpful answer to your tech questions on Microsoft community forum. It's so painful to ask and then see non-sensical answers by the "experts" on those forums.
  • Agree. Its tough to get real answers there. And far too often they tell you to ask the question some where else.
  • Actually, I reply to questions at Microsoft community. There are few people there who are experts, and they are all volunteers. The Microsoft appointed ones are good enough in the best case, and generally give poor answers. So, it's not as good as it should be, but I think you can get your issue sorted out.
  • Agree with you, the experts at MS answer definitely not technical and helpful enough.
  • Yes! Microsoft community is such a joke and is basically an insult to those of us that ask questions! I've been so frustrated before using that forum that I swore I'd never buy another WP (still not sure I will) MS was so frustratingly insulting by trying to give me the run around!
  • oh do buy a windows phone. dont base your opinion about a well deishned operateing system on some stupid forum. I would be scared about the google lover that comes across this cage and just runs  away with a negative opinion based on some ideas that I have written.
  • Yes. I do have a Windows Phone (everything Windows, never owned an Android or Apple product). In fact, I have been using it since Samsung Focus. Now you can go and figure it out how long I have been using WP. Lastly, what's up with all this insecurity about an Android fan getting the wrong idea.
  • Ah. Yahoo Answers but different?
  • Done but all of you like microsoft products and services. I wonder how I can compete???
  • It's Cortana food! Got it?
  • Yep! It's gotta help with some information gathering...
    I would say you're right... Cortana... Definitely.
  • Definitely will be interesting to see how well they integrate Cortana in to this! Could be a huge win for MS if done correctly. Of course, we are talking about MS....haha
  • Sounds...... Good. Nice.
  • I hope they somehow make this better quality than Yahoo! Answers, where people can just say whatever they want and often don't even answer the question. I think it would be neat to see a deep integration between this and Bing, though.
  • Personally, I think distill is a good name. One receives a number of responses to a question and, through voting (I assume), a "best" answer is distilled. I found it odd that so many people thought it a poor name.
  • @agion1:
    It's a "good" name when you step back and think about it.
    But I'm afraid it's to subtle for a casual passerby on the internet, if they have to pick between "Yahoo! Answers" and "Bing Distill" from a list of search results from a Bing query.
    Imagine parents searching for advice how to keep their kids from drinking and a search result reads "Bing distill"...
  • You may be right. You see, I didn't need to step back and think about it. It's what came to my mind. When I hear or use the word it's about a process to some kind of purity (in the case of substances) or clarity (in the case of thoughts/ideas). Obviously a lot of people here don't understand the word that way. Without knowing the demographic of those commenting here though, it's impossible for one to know whether that means all that much. If MS sticks with the name, let's hope they did their homework. Thanks for the reply.
  • @agion1:
    Yes, here's to hoping... ^.^
    Thank you too.
    Nice to have a serious exchange of thoughts from time to time.
  • I thought MS and Yahoo work as partners. But they are not seemed so. Though AdDuplex count Yahoo and Bing search market share as one. Too much complexity with these companies.
  • Will they automatically catalogue questions from common search queries or let users explicitly ask them? The former sounds awesome!
  • Maybe they will use these answers to power Cortana if we ask a question that's not in her database. Or again they might not.
  • Will cortana tap into the water. Lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Bing Distill: We answer all your questions about the homebrewing process, and all your other moonshine-related problems.
  • Good hopefully they release an app for it maybe it should be called MSN Ask or MSN Answers
  • I think the app I here. That little Bing button on the bottom right hand side of a windows phone. Aka. Search. Bing
  • I must admit, Yahoo! Answers is the only Yahoo website I browse (just viewing, no Yahoo! Account). It is excellent for students. So I hope I will no longer require Yahoo answers after this.
  • Bing-ask
  • @Joshwin:
  • great news... then cortana can use that answers to tell other ppl and help them out.... GOOD JOB Microsoft... GREAT NAME GREAT THINK!
  • the name bing shall go down along with internet explorer...
  • Distill...?
  • Nice!! Done and signed up.
  • MS should be like, "Hey folks, lets waste our time and resources in creating web services no one cares about, instead of doing what we are good at.." Microsoft should stop trying to be everything of everything.. God! Seriously..