Bing's desktop search market share now at 20 percent, according to comScore

Bing (Image credit: Windows Central)

The numbers highlight the steadily growing presence of Microsoft's search engine in the U.S. When taken into account the 12.7 percent market share held by Yahoo, Bing powered over 30 percent of all organic search results conducted in the country in March. During the course of the month, 18.9 billion search queries were conducted, with Google serving 12.1 billion of them, followed by Bing with 3.8 billion searches and Yahoo Sites (which are powered by Bing) with 2.4 billion.

It remains to be seen how Bing's cumulative market share will be affected by Yahoo's revised search agreement with Microsoft, which states that only 51 percent of Yahoo's desktop searches will be powered by Bing, with the Palo Alto giant free to decide how it wants to power mobile search queries.

Source: comScore

  • Awesome! Every bit counts I guess. I try to persuade all that I can to use Bing!
  • Google -- great
    But Bing -- better
  • Oh really
    I use bing but from time to time I have to use google because bing is just not up to the mark.
    I hate to say it but google is way better than binggg
  • I dont Know in usa. But in italy it is absolutely useless. Simply don't work. No matter what the results are always wrong. I heard the us bing search algorithm has been made by an Italian, and that is different from the one Bing apply for Italian version. Anyway I do really hate but I am force to use google in Italy...
  • I use Bing US in Ireland because Bing Ireland is useless
  • I live in Italy too, have been using Bing for all my researches for almost a year and never been disappointed.
  • Your researches might been US-centric because I can confirm that bing results are 2/10 relevant in Greece :P
  • Examples?  I seriously wonder what the hell do people outside of the US search for, that is so obscure that ONLY google can find it?
  • ERRRRRR! Wrong! Bing is way better
  • Yes. I agree. Just because we use windows phone and other MS products, we shouldn't ignore the fact that Google search engine is still way way better than Bing. But Bing is catching up swiftly.
    Cricket live scores, Bing predictions and other live events on the Search result page itself are better than Google. But in other areas Bing still have a good amount of area to cover.
  • Where I live Bing doesn't provide relevant and up to date results most of the times especially if it's about local news. But I still use Bing sometimes.
  • This is the perks of having WP outside US! I just yesterday accessed google in my 730 (for the first time ever) and a system message popped up saying ''you know you can search faster with the search button, you dambass'' Hey, I know, but this search won't find anything close to relevant on bing!
  • Yeah. LOL.
  • Im not sure Google is "way" better. It can be more useful for very specific searches (and outside the US Bing _still_ doesn't have the search by date feature). But Bing results are much cleaner, and also put the "official" sites higher up most of the time. Bing is also "better" on the privact front, as I've opted out of the MS ad track. (And the MS policy is easier to read)  I default to Bing, use Google for "by date" and very specific searching. If it was "way" better Id use it most of the time :) I wonder how much Cortana in 10 will change these figues.
  • Google search sucks. When I search for "Lumia 640 xl" I keep getting results about the Moto G. + Bing images is the best for late night work...
  • You're doing it wrong.  I just punched that into Google and got nothing but Lumia results for 10 pages. Also, Bing image search gives you "late night work" images no matter what search term you enter.  It's never safe to do a Bing image search at work or in front of children. 
  • I disagree, I think Bing (United States) is better than Google (United States) However BIng at Mexico where I'm from, really sucks, even Google (Mexico) is 10 times better than Bing (Mexico) Probably this doesn't have to do with the Bing team in US, but I don't know the details, but the quality of the content is very different from both services.
  • I've never once found something on Google that I couldn't find on Bing. i.e. The only time I've used Google in the last 6 or 7 years is when I couldn't find what I was looking for on Bing and Google has never found anything after Bing failed. OTOH, we do a lot of image searches at work and Bing consistently delivers the best results nearer the top of the page, compared to Google. I reckon almost half the newsroom are using Bing now.
  • I've done my part and did referrals. The weird thing is all these people saying that they need Google because it has better search results. I've never had that problem. Then it's like you're searching anyways, why not get free stuff like free money for that terrible Starbucks you drink? Yet they're still reluctant.
  • GO BING!!
  • Bing go!!!
  • Haha Bingo!
  • I am always searching tons of stuff, glad to help. XD   But seriously, Bing does provide me with everything necessary on my searches and it doesn't falter.
  • Release all of Bing services outside the US and you will see another 5-7% of instantaneous increase...i really hope they are thinking about implementing this asap as it will really boost them in the long run
  • This...
  • Soon
  • Exactly. Bing kinda sucks for me in Singapore.
  • Bing Rewards!
  • Not in US. Use Google. Who is Bing?
  • Your father
  • Lmao... Shame on u :P
  • This article is about US. 20% of us searches. That's pretty good.
  • You can use the US version of Bing outside the US you know...
  • Still . Bing aint as good as google.. Most of the time when i search for something. Only the 1st two or three results are related to the query.. All the other one are just typical nonsense.. But the case with google is totally different.. The "first two to three" pages are related to my search queries ... I still use bing when i have to search for a more common thing or wanna know something from wikipedia.
  • A direct comparison? Or does Google have several years worth of your search/purchase/mail/location etc to leverage and Bing has none?
  • Is it a problem that Google collects my data? This concern about privacy seems to be unique to Americans. Your government collects data anyways; why you so mad at Google for doing the same?
  • It's not a problem for me. They can have as much of your data as they like. Some people (even those of us outside the US) prefer to not hand over every shred of our being to an advertising company. Not mad at Google, just don't want to become one of their products.
  • Ok, be a sheep if you want, but don't ask why others refuse to do so.
  • Huh? I didn't ask that. I'm not really all that bothered about what Search engines other people decide to use.
  • Years ago the way that Windows Update would work is it would look at the devices you had installed, then query a MS server for updates for those devices to see if there was an updated driver. The Internet was livid that Microsoft would be taking that data without you knowing it and sending it back to their servers where they could keep that data. It was considered a privacy violation, and Microsoft could use that data against you - because if it knew the type of video card and CD-ROM I had installed was a huge privacy concern. Eventually Microsoft gave in and now they send a list of what is available to update (and then people got upset because that extra data was sent over the wire, using up their data cap). But that was OK, because Microsoft could find out the model of your HDD, but Google scanning your email, that is perfectly fine because the government does it. And are you sure that governments peeking in on you is OK with the people? I remember not too long ago the US Govt. spying on Angela Merkel and the German people getting quite upset about it. But hey, it is the government, so who cares, right?
  • I didn't read what MSFT does with the data, as in if they link the searches to you, but Bing outright records your searches for their "rewards". I don't really see how that's more private than Google. Bing even increments the search/reward count if you are signed out.
  • The rewards program only operates in the US.
    I've no idea if they record the same data elsewhere
  • Can't you opt out of the rewards?
  • Thats none of my concern.. I am not ready to get insufficient services from a MNC when i can get better with another for the same rate.. Thats how life works too.. Why would i search anything on bing when i know the result i will need isnt gonna be there !!
  • ... which suits the needs of the average Joe. I search for technical stuff in the field of physical science all week. Truth be told, Google is only a little better in this regard and both suck compared to specialized search engines. I rarely have an issue finding everyday things with Bing.
  • @jgbstetson
    Use google scholar for orientation only. Switch to databases after.
  • No offense, but that would be a waste of time. I'll just start with the specialized search engines and associated databases. Google sends you to a link to buy articles most of the time.
  • I use to think that, but its not really true
  • Same. At least where I live.
  • I use Bing exclusively. I really like Bing. It's actually a very beautiful search engine. I also get more context and location aware search results than I ever did with Google. Giggle seems to just puke up a list of links.
  • Yeah.. But google has a nice feature where it sometimes pulls step by step instructions from a relevant page and shows them in the results so you don't have to open that page. It's kinda cool, I hope Bing has it's own implementation of that coming soon
  • I've already noticed things like this with Bing. Don't remember what I searched but it pulled steps directly from WikiHow and I didn't have to open the page.
  • Bing always tells me more info without clicking a single link. If you have a MS account with your location whenever I search a store name it tells me the hours etc. and google doesn't for some reason.
  • I use bing all the time except on those occasions when I've to find an image of something very specific.
    Anyway, love it how bing recently updated their image search but then, the only way to use it on WP is through UC Browser.
  • Honestly, I only use Bing for rewards. Google just gives better results, especially if you are researching something for a paper.
  • Bing works for everything better than Google for me. But both really suck for academic research.
  • I agree with you. Using internet search for academic research is really lame. All you get popping up is Wiki.
  • Google Scholar works great. Saved my ass multiple times in college.
  • Yes, it's a start, but I am pretty sure you will find better results with other specialised scientifical search engines. I did try Scholar myself. Never impressed me and never gave me good results. It is more of a last resort option for me, personally. I suppose you need to search VERY specifically about something with minus exclusion, NEAR, AND OR and other conditionals. Still, I prefer the competition. Here is an extensive list of science search engines. Some of them are subscription only, which means you are more likely to use them through university services with student login and stuff when its available at your university:
  • Haven't used google in years. Very happy with Bing.
  • Bings location search needs to improve. Google will search for relevant results according to my location.
  • Weird, always works fine for me.
  • I like Bing!
  • Bing does it for me 90% of the time. I only go to Google if it is absolutely necessary which I've only done 3 times this entire year compared to my almost daily use of Bing. Even on my Android devices I use Bing over Google.
  • Same. Bing everywhere including my small Android tablet
  • Bing needs to allow better date filtering with their search and also provide a "Shopping" search.
  • I posted the date filtering on their uservoice and got a reply that they are rolling it out soon :)
  • Good to hear. That's probably my main issue with Bing.
  • Google shopping is only sponsored anyway so theirs isn't any better.
  • Ditto on both, but especially date filtering. If I'm looking for an IT solution limiting results to the last month doesn't work.
  • Nice to hear!
  • Bing is decent when doing searches in English, but in my language it just sucks. Therefore, I usually only use Bing for image search which usually provides quite different ones to Google's.
  • Heh, guess people do use yahoo.
  • What will happen when Windows 10 launches? Isn't Bing part of the search function (Cortana)? Seems that a free upgrade has the potential to change the search landscape across lots of devices.
  • Bing is already built into the Windows 8 search, but yeah if more people use Windows 10, it can only help.
  • If I search in English bing is better I think,but when I search in Persian,still google is better.But Bing's design is awesome
  • Awesome
  • I probably love Microsoft more than you, but using Bing here is like being a masochist lol. I only use it on my phone if it actually hits the right spot.
    The feature I like is specific image search.
  • Proudly on Bing for the past year, even before I find out I can accumulate Bing rewards in Canada.
  • This might sound really shallow, but those wallpapers made me enjoy Bing more. I wish we can personalize it, but the ones they are using are great!
  • Last time Bing found me alot of nice results, not many were related to my search, it was a complicated thing I was looking for. guess how many results Google brought? none. I am not in the US, and I wasn't using US bing because it wasn't even an english search. I love how google brainwashed some people into thinking they are better. sometimes I use both for comparisson or desperation of finding what I am looking for (I of course use both when the search is complicated) and yes, Bing usually works better than google. so yeah, I will just call it BS to people saying how Bing is so bad... even duck go whatever name it is, it's not that bad. and I don't care much about the US features bing still has, the ones I need are everywhere so whatever I guess. Bing is great, no matter what people want to believe.
  • Sorry to disagree, but that's too harsh to say, I don't know who is brainwashed here. It simply doesn't do well in some places and especially when searching for local stuff. "You simply cannot walk into Mordor", because you cannot find a way to do so with Bing. That's pretty much the reason Google holds the bigger piece of a pie. Numbers don't lie here even If I try to defend it as much as I like. I can notice it advancing though.. Which is nice.
  • In most countries other than the USA it is bad. Whenever I use Bing on my WP the results are dated and mostly unrelated. I'm glad that I can switch to Google in IE Mobile but would be better to get more options. There are more than just Bing and Google.
  • I've found Bing to be fantastic on mobile. At first I was aprehensive about Microsoft locking you in to their search engine when I first got a Windows Phone, but after a few years of using it I've found it much quicker and more accurate than my GF's phone on Android. The dedicated search button really makes a difference as well.
  • I shall continue to use what works, data mining is part of the deal. Governments, Telcos etc. etc keep digging....
  • I tend to use Bing quite often...but searching for national parks / forests is a pain on Bing. I.e. I search for the mount baker-snoqualmie national forest, google gives me the proper information instantly at the top, yet for Bing it's either at the bottom or even on the second page. Not sure why, but as an avid hiker this annoys me quite a bit.
  • No one has done a 'seems' so - "seems more popular" :)
  • With all the affection for Microsoft, I would like to point out that BING needs to improve.
  • Haven't used Google for years. Bing does the job.
  • But who cares about desktop search? Desktop is dead.. burning platform :)
  • I'll bet it could be alot higher if us outside of the US got the US only features... Dare I mention that most of the world could benefit from Bing calculator... Without any changes made...
  • I think Microsoft is focusing on getting Bing profitable. The US search market is big enough to realize this target. Profits made in the USA can then be used to conquer foreign markets ;-) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Correct but I don't see any reason to start from blank when they go abroad. I mean, how much effort would I take to make the calculator universal? What is the incentive to use Bing, when you can get all that you want from Google? That's why "no one" outside the US uses Bing...
  • I keep using Bing as my default search engine. However, I still check Google for a comparative result. 5 Bing queries is to 1 Google query.
  • It is true that Bing US is the best because it has more features and has more precise researches than Bing in other countries.
  • Try searching for "wintdowscntraelaea" with Bing or Google. :D and then comment :)
  • Bing works awesome here in India. I would love to see the Bing rewards available in India
  • Bada Bing!
  • Ask cortana in Spartan will make Bing better
  • Integration if here maps will make Bing anyday. Except for searching links and sites the things which are searched in common is locations, contacts email address etc. That's y I want Microsoft to make Bing powerful by buying here maps.
  • In Germany Bing is useless. I search for microsoft related things and can't find any good result with Bing. Than I take google and enter the same, first 3 results are exactly that I was looking for. In Germany Google is ways better than Bing. I never use the search button on my windows phone, because I can not find anything.
  • Which search engine provides MORE search results?    
  • Clearly depends on which country you live.. But Google search most of the times is spot on for local searches, with a creapy accuracy! (well it is true in european countries anyways) Then second (and first for me and my needs is duckduckgo) and last Bing (because of WP)
  • Meanwhile, duckduckgo is close to reach the 5 million daily searches mark.. :P
  • Bing is the best Search engine ever... Amazing Smart... Very Smart!