Crush monsters and save the kingdom with Brave Knight Rush for Windows 10 Mobile

Brave Knight Rush is an endless runner game that throws you into a world where demons have infested your kingdom. Available for Windows 10 Mobile, you play the role of the brave knight who needs to put an end to the evil infestation.

The game includes forty missions to complete, a variety of weapons to upgrade and plenty of monster to slash. Along with the monster, you will also need to avoid other dangers such as stray barrels, bottomless pits and water hazards.

Brave Knight Rush is a decent addition to the endless runner genre and while fun to play, the game needs a little polishing to let it shine a little brighter.

The primary menu for Brave Knight Rush includes options to jump into gameplay, access the game's settings, view additional games from the developer and the option to quit the game. Settings cover muting sound/music, replay the tutorial and clear your gaming progress.

Brave Knight Rush

Brave Knight Rush has two gaming modes: Beginner and Advanced. You will start out only having access to the Beginner mode and after completing five missions, the Advanced mode will become available. There is a gaming shop where you can spend coins earned during gameplay to buy power-ups or upgrade your weapons.

The game is played from an over-the-shoulder point of view as you guide your knight through an endless path filled with monsters and other dangers. While most endless runner games of this style will rely on gesture-based controls, Brave Knight Rush utilizes on-screen button controls.

Upon your first go at the game, Brave Knight Rush will launch a brief tutorial that will walk you through the mechanics of gameplay. You will find control buttons that run the bottom and sides of the gaming display. These buttons control your knight's left and right movements, his ability to jump and his forward attacks. Attacks begin with your knight armed with a lance, additional weapons will become available as you progress through the game.

You do have a limited number of strikes that can be replenished by collecting weapons icons that are scattered around the endless path. There are also coins are spread out across the knight's path that can be collected and used in the gaming store.

Brave Knight Rush

The dangers range from monsters to water hazards to barrels. Monsters include skeletons, ghosts, flying demons and a few boss-type monsters. Some are armed with swords, some have mystical powers and others shoot flames at your knight. Monsters and barrels can be destroyed by your knight's attack while other hazards need to be avoided completely. The bottom line is that if you knight makes contact with any monster or obstacle, the game is over.

While there are plenty of dangers to avoid in Brave Knight Rush, you do have a friendly dragon that becomes available that gives you a tremendous advantage. You can ride the dragon, shoot fireballs and wreak major devastation on the monsters.

While the ultimate goal is to run your knight for as far as possible, the game does have missions to help add to the gaming challenge. The forty missions are performance based and include tasks such as travel a set distance, destroy a number of enemies, etc.

A fun Windows 10 Mobile game with potential

Brave Knight Rush is a Windows 10 Mobile game with potential but is in desperate need of a few design changes. Graphics are nicely drawn up with plenty of detail and color. Gameplay is challenging with a pace of play that will keep you on your toes. Where the game falls short is with its gaming control design.

While the button controls were responsive, they clutter the screen and all too often my fingers got in the way. I would have preferred a more traditional gesture based set of controls for Brave Knight Rush. The gestures would open up the screen view and you wouldn't have to worry about missing a button or having your fingers covering up the screen. In the least, the game should have the option to choose button or gesture controls.

While this Windows Phone game does need a little polishing with its design, Brave Knight Rush is a decent time waster of a game. The free gaming title is ad supported and if you earn enough coins during gameplay, you can opt out of the ads.

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