Brazil's TIM network rolls out Denim for the Lumia 930

Good news for Lumia 930 users on Brazil's TIM network: your Lumia Denim update has arrived. We were tipped off to this by a reader, and sure enough, Microsoft's update page shows that it has started rolling out.

The 930 joins other devices on TIM, such as the 530 Dual SIM, the 620, and the 625 in sporting some Denim, which enables access .

You should be able to grab the update, which clocks in at OS version 8.10.14226.359, starting today. However, if you haven't done so already, you may also need to disable the Preview for Developers app for the download to become available.

Thanks to Germano for the tip!

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab); Via: Talking Lumia (Portuguese)

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  • Roll on 1520 CV GBIE!
  • I feel like we will be waiting a long time.
  • That's for real. For a long time
  • Verizon icon is still on black.
  • Serious? Isn't an option to looking for a Lumia 930 firmware and install it?
  • 1520.3 right away finally hopefully! =D
  • Welcome to the party Brazil!!
  • Let's rock :) Hey Cortana!
  • When you set up Hey Cortana, use the top microphone, nearly to the front camera. Works so much better.
  • I did that, thanks.
    The mics of my 930 isn't working on apps like WhatsApp and games like Talking Tom, but works(not so good) on Cortana and Lumia Camera if the Surround is enabled. It could be that the primary mic has stopped working?
  • I had the same problem. WhatsApp, Skype, Speaker on calls, video recording in WhatsApp. I sent my device to the support and they replaced it. ​ ​
  • Thanks =D
  • That wallpaper though.
  • Still nothing for att Lumia 1520
  • This[^ they are "testing" is ridiculous
  • Very. They were always so quick. I'm I'm Jamaica and I've always seen how quick att pushes their updates, and now I have one its taking forever
  • None of 1520!!!
  • Damn you AT&T! My 920 needs denim! Oh wait...nevermind.
  • Wrong number Dan, right number: 8.10.14226.359
  • Bah, thanks for that! Copy pasta error on my part. XD
  • :) anytime.
  • Why AT&T.................WHY?????? 1520 needs denim before my vacation already :)
  • This^^
  • Hello MS, what's about the CV?? Please!!!
  • Why .14157? Shouldn't it be .14226?
  • When 630 dual get denim? >_
  • Still waiting for denim on lumia 520 country variant
  • Country?
  • Yeah, em 915 var br cv
  • Liberado ja. Faz um tempo.
  • Country Varianty is an unlocked mobile version. Which it should be the first to receive. But it's a miracle Tim Operator offers denim to Lumia 930.
  • Exactly! That is want I was thing to. Now it doesn't make sense why it hasn't happened
  • Still waiting on Denim for Icon. Getting ridiculous.
  • It's way past the ridiculous stage, I cringe everytime the word "Denim" pops up in WC.
  • How about the Lumia 925
  • USA T-mobile still waiting!
  • And for Portugal? :|
  • CV LUMIA 1520 still on Cyan in Europe: Austria
    Russian Federation
    United Kingdom (only vodafone on Denim)
  • Seriously where are these updates we were promised? Country variant for 1520 not out yet... Come on Microsoft.
  • I think Daniel said that country variants have to be approved by ALL carriers for that device's region... hence why they usually get the update last.
  • How can I get banned from this community? Any suggestions? I'll appreciate it.
  • But we don't wanna see you go!
  • True. It's happening. Excited.
  • But no build yet :(
  • I know but very soon!
  • Yeah after Super B. on sunday
  • 1520 CV please
  • Wen in India
  • How can they blame mobile operators when TIM released the update before Country Variant devices get it? My device is CV, who I have to yell for the update then?
  • Sad, but sad. :C
  • CV.... :C
  • How the hell did the TIM's 930 gets an update BEFORE the Country Variant?
  • That's what I don't get it at all.
  • No Denim higher end phones in India it means Windows 10 preview not available until end of March....good going Microsoft you know Indian market very well....
  • Eh??
  • Same hopefully not too much longer. I'm hoping tomorrow or Saturday so I can 4k some video at my dads birthday meal
  • What about Canada??
  • "nada" LOL
  • What about Lumia 920 CV Brazil Denim? What about Windows 10? Is this update foreseen too for this device?
  • Am so frustrated with this update thing. I don't understand why still Lumia 1520 country variant is till not out in alot of countries. What's going on with this denim update?
  • I bought a Lumia 930 on Tim, but had changed FW to Finland because of Denim for a long time.
  • And my unlocked 930 hasn't received anything yet. Frustrating!
  • 1520 please..
  • Where is my Denim. 930 Singapore
  • I hate denim y nt available fr 530 in India ya uk
  • I have an unbranded and unlocked NA L830 and denim has caused issue with my Xbox Music app. It's probably a combination of the new update to Xbox and Denim. Hopefully this gets fixed!
  • Everybody upset because their 930 isn't updated yet, and I am here with a 820 lol! If you guys haven't received Denim, think about my situation xD
    (My Phone doesn't support Lumia Camera's new features anyway!)
  • When for Asia???
  • No Glance view on 930 Denim. Something to do with the OLED panel of the 930 not have 'memory'.    
  • When in Lumia 920
  • I got the Denim upgrade a week ago. Other than faster camera start up,I don't see much in it and Cortana still in alpha. NL930 Australia.
  • Why the fuck you are not releasing updates in India?
  • No one will listen to you if you carry on like that with the swearing etc. Why do you think using language like that will help your cause? Have some decorum please, or don't bother posting.
  • Wow! Omg oh my gawd ArLer the elusive and much hyped denim in its rare 930 form in the wild! It's just fully fully ArLer! Somebody really should let Vodafone Australia in on this denim thing, Verizon has much to answer for... Bastardization of a great phone (in 930 guise) probably their influence on pricing targets for the cheaper glanceless oled probably the reason the U.S has no flagship Lumia (sub 5.2") and definitely why no carriers received the Nokia Lumia 930 with all LTE bands. It must be very hard to try and stay put on the platform in the U.S so I shouldn't really bitch on about denim when icon owners are still on black! FFS this Belfiore is just a big nosed BS artist and does not give a crap about WP and especially giving the American public a flagship Lumia. Been 12months since Verizon only Icon, longer for 1520. Poor form. Is it any wonder this platform is dead /dying. Xbox team, Surface team and W10 seem like a completely different company.
  • I would like to point out that my carrier is TIM (Italy) and I just gota coupe of hours ago Lumia Denim on my Lumia 930.
  • And not even a peep out of any U.S. carriers. Maybe a class-action lawsuit in the making?
  • Why is my update for the 930 series comes with 000-88 :((((((((