Bugsnax comes to Xbox on April 28 along with free update set to bring 80% more content

Bugsnax Steam Featured
Bugsnax Steam Featured (Image credit: Young Horses)

Xbox fans rejoice! After months of only being available on PlayStation, Mac, and PC, the silly and somewhat unsettling half-bug, half-food creature-collecting game from Young Horses is finally making its way to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. It's also bringing with it a large free update that includes several new features like allowing players to find and capture new Bigsnax creatures that are far larger than regular Bugsnax. I had the opportunity to attend a press event for this release and learned several exciting additional elements coming in the update.

Bugsnax release date and price: Is it coming to Xbox Game Pass?

Bugsnax initially only released on PS4, PS5, Steam, and Epic Game Store. Now the full game, along with a free update, are coming to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on April 28. It will also be available on Xbox Game Pass on Xbox platforms, Windows 10, and Cloud on day one. The game costs $25, but there will be a 20% off discount at launch. There is no additonal cost for accessing the free update on any platform.

Bugsnax: What's the plot?

Source: Young Horses (Image credit: Source: Young Horses)

You play as a reporter who is invited to the mysterious Snaktooth Island by grumpus explorer Elizabert Megafig to learn about the strange part-snack, part-bug creatures that dwell here. However, when you arrive on the island, Elizabert has disappeared and its up to you to find out what happened to her while finding ways to catalog and capture all 100 Bugsnax and the new 11 Bigsnax on the island. Players quickly discover that you are what you eat since consuming these Bugsnax turns parts of the grumpuses' bodies into food, although most of them don't seem to mind.

There are also sqabbles between the other grumpuses on the island, so you'll undertake their various quests and attempt to patch up their rocky relationships throughout the story. Much like with Young Horses previous title, Octodad, this upcoming Xbox game walks the perfect line between being strangely uncomfortable and hilarious.

What's new in the free Isle of Bigsnax DLC update?

The original Bugsnax story takes about seven hours to complete, but roughly 3 to 4 hours of additional story content are added with this free update. New features include:

  • Bigsnax: Players eventually gain access to a large new exploration area called The Isle of Bigsnax, where 11 massive Bugsnax can be found. There are new puzzles to solve here and you'll have to figure out exactly how to document and capture these large creatures using new methods. The Big Bunger is the only Bigsnax that has a smaller equivalent and the rest are new.

Source: Young Horses (Image credit: Source: Young Horses)
  • Fast Travel: Instead of requiring players to run to every area on the island, the update allows players to instantly warp to other unlocked locations using the map.

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)
  • Mailbox challenges: Mayor Filbo now builds players a mailbox in front of their home where you'll receive packages and items like furniture from the grumpuses after completing quests. If you've already played through the game on PC and are turning it on to check out the free update, your mailbox will be flooded with packages.

Source: Young Horses (Image credit: Source: Young Horses)
  • House decoration: Players can completely decorate the interior and exterior of their houses, and can even add a second floor if they want to. At least some decor can be placed on the ground outside of your home as well.

Source: Young Horses (Image credit: Source: Young Horses)
  • Bugsnax hats: When grumpuses change into more edible versions of themselves, their hats disappear. Now in the update, players can find Bugsnax wearing hats hidden in various levels and can give different hats to captured Bugsnax to wear. It's kind of like finding shiny Pokémon only they'll be easier to find.

Source: Young Horses (Image credit: Source: Young Horses)

During the press briefing, Young Horses creative director Kevin Zuhn estimated that all of the new updates would bring about 80% more content to Bugsnax. "We expect that the new set of main quests on the Isle of Bigsnax is around three to four hours... 80% more content."

Kevin Geiser, producer and programmer for Bugsnax, added, "Yeah, it doesn't feel quite like double, but it is a pretty substantial addition for things to do in the game."

When in the story do you access the Isle of Bigsnax content?

The new Isle of Bigsnax section is unlocked decently far into the main plot but before players reach the end of the game. More specifically, players must complete Snorpy's sidequest and then complete all related sidequests to unlock it. If you've already played through the game on PC or any other platorm, then you should be able to open your save file and access it immediately.

According to Zuhn, there are "significant things" to discover within this DLC and even "ways to change the ending in minor ways" depending on what you do before beating the story. However, these things are currently undiscovered. So even if you've beaten the game before on PC, you might want to check it out again to see if you can uncover some new things.

Gotta snack 'em all!

Bugsnax is a truly wonderful experience that mixes the fun of creature collecting with an unsettlingly silly mystery. There's lots to uncover and you can get satisfaction out of changing the grumpuses into horrible part food abominations as you continue the story. With the free new update, there's even more to explore.

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