Calculator Power for Windows 10 and Windows Phone - A simple calculator alternative

Our Windows Phones and Windows 10 devices already have a decent calculator app pre-installed. But if you are looking for an alternative with more features or that can be personalized, both Stores have plenty of options. Calculator Power is one such option that hopes to catch your eye with its accuracy and personalizations.

The app lays a nice foundation and overall, it has the potential of being a decent calculator option. However, the app needs a little fine-tuning with the design and functionality first.

Calculator Power is fairly basic with regards to its mathematical operations. You can add, subtract, divide and multiply values. The layout of the Windows Phone version is in panoramic fashion with pages for the calculator and your calculation history.

Calculator Power

The Windows 10 version is laid out on a single page with your calculator positioned to the right of the screen and your history lining up on the left side. The Windows 10 version also adds a percentage, square root and +/- buttons.

Both versions can be personalized with a series of pre-loaded backgrounds or images from your Pictures Hub. You can also customize the colors of the calculator keys and value fields. While I can appreciate the customizations Calculator Power offers, I could not get the background image to appear with the Windows 10 version. I tried un-installing/re-installing, re-launching, each with no success. The background image worked like a charm with the Windows Phone version.

As far as the calculator function is concerned, Calculator Power does a good job with the arithmetic. However, the layout of the calculator is a little on the odd side with both versions. For example, the Windows Phone version lacks a clear button. The Windows 10 has a Clear button but it is in an odd position and the sum field is terribly small.

I do like having the calculation history available but, unfortunately, it is only available for viewing. The app lacks the ability to copy the equation. The Windows 10 version will allow you to copy the sums, but alas, the Windows Phone version will not.

Calculator Power

While I like the concept of Calculator Power and believe the app has potential, I couldn't help but feel the app was a work in progress. First, the bug blocking the background image with the Windows 10 version needs fixing.

Next, I think there needs to be better consistency with the two versions of the app with respect to features. Granted the Windows 10 version has a little more elbow room for more keys, the sum field needs to take advantage of the larger screen and be large enough to read.

The Windows Phone version needs at least the Clear button. I can live without the percentage, square root and +/- buttons. You also need the ability to copy the equations from the history with both versions of Calculator Power.

I do think Calculator Power has potential but as is, it can be a little frustrating. Luckily, Calculator Power is a free, ad-supported app that you can test and judge for yourself. Personally, until some of the kinks are ironed out, the personalizations aren't enough to pull me away from the native calculator or a third-party alternative like Calculator Toolbox

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  • Waste of time
  • Why is that ?
  • Nice to have options, but this one is way to cheerful. And in my opinion the native calc is good and far from decent... But that's again my opinion
  • This is a hideous looking app. Not sure why WC decided to review it. Even less sure why I decided to skim it and comment.
  • seems pointless, it's the same as the native calculator but with backgrounds
  • Calculator^2 is a better option in terms of calculations both simple & scientific.
  • Or 10Calc all the way.
  • This app doesn't deserve a review @ WC
  • Looks nice for my little brother, he will definitely throw his old cal for this :-o
  • yeah, this is definetely an app for people who use calculator sporadically, kids and people who think "ugh! at least i can look at the pictures and colors while i bore myself with calculations". People on the comments of this site are incredibly uptight. yes, the app looks like it needs work, but it also is what it is.
  • Wow that is some impressive visual design right there. I really like how the obnoxious advertisement is covering the buttons and the blue pivot title on a blue background is quite clever! Can you write a how-to guide so that I can learn to make such designs myself?
  • THIS is when I raise question about how wpcentral decides to review a particular app!
  • calculators are not suppose to look fun lol suppose to look elegant. And this ad supported. 1 star review to me.
  • Looks terrible.
  • Wow, like I really need to put a picture of a flower in the background to do basic math...
  • I'm not sure i would use this - the windows phone calculator is mostly fine and there are plenty of others. For me, this doesn't add anything that i really need, and i'm not too concerned about personalizing my calculator. Shameless plug, but for a calculator app that actually does something different and has useful purpose, check out Shoppers Calculator. What can that do that the regular calculator can't you might ask? Nothing technically, but it does make things a heck of a lot easier, especially when buying multiple items.. Discounting of the sort that we see out and about in the real world (Buy one get one half off, 3 for $5 etc,
    Buyin​g things by wight rather than by the exact number of the
    Calculating sales tax
    Makes it easy to see if you go over budget Like the one above, it does retain a history of your calculatioons, and it does look like a calculator, but because it's speciallized for a specific use case it really works. It also doesn't have a bright yellow background, but uses the dark or light theme from your phone. End shameless plug. I'm all up for opther calculators that provide me a unique take or some functionality that other calculators commonly miss, but Calculatoir power doesn't do it for me.