Call of Duty: WWII UK launch significantly better than Infinite Warfare in 2016

The community and even those beyond the community have been drawn back to Call of Duty thanks to the end of the advanced movement era. The so-called "boots on the ground" title for 2017 generated a lot of excitement, and at launch that seems to have translated into a significantly better launch than its predecessor.

According to, WWII at launch is 57 percent up on Infinite Warfare from last year.

Call of Duty: WWII hits No.1 and outsells Infinite Warfare's first week by 57% in units and 21% in revenue (physical sales only). The revenue growth is lower due to the existence of the expensive Legacy and Legacy Pro editions of last year's game.

It hasn't topped the mighty Black Ops 3 yet, but digital sales have seen similar strong performances.

However, the data does not factor in digital sales, and understands that digital console sales for WWII are significantly higher year-on-year, and have taken a larger share of the market.

Of all sales, 57% so far have been on PS4, 42% on Xbox One and the rest on PC. Of course, this report only accounts for the UK market, but the response to Call of Duty going back in time has been positive since the announcement earlier this year.

Whether you love it or hate it, Activision made the smartest move it could ever make with its biggest franchise. Now, if only its engineers can get the servers fixed ...

Call of Duty: WWII is out now for $60 and will be Xbox One X enhanced.

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