Canada gets a new Windows Phone -- HTC HD7 coming to Bell

Good new for our friends in the North, Bell Canada is set to launch the HTC HD7 on February 10th. Full retail price is a steep $599, but that appears to be a place holder, meaning no finalized prices with plans have been decided.

The HD7, coming in with the largest Windows Phone screen at 4.3" will be also packing 16GB of memory, which is a good amount for music fans. In addition, Bell will have a bunch of cases and accessories available when the HD7 finally hits stores.

So any of you up past the border excited about the HD7 or are you still waiting on something else?

Source: MobileSyrup

Daniel Rubino

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  • Love it, but I think I'll wait for the Atrix
  • I don't know why AT&T didn't launch with the HD7 in the first place, but now that our brethren north of the BORDER will be getting it, hopefully it won't be too far down the line.I may have to take in a BOARDER in order to pay for it, but it might be worth it.
  • More phones making it out of the US it seems, good sign overall I say.
  • Good to see Bell getting more selection for Windows Phone devices, hopefully Rogers follows this.
  • Is this the HTC PD29130?
  • Worth it. Its the only WP7 phone to stand out to me. It has a gorgeous screen, and feels very solid, unlike the Focus. Which is a shame because I'd prefer the AMOLED on that phone but its too light and feels cheap plus its ugly as all hell.