In case you missed it - Start your Windows Phone

Palm and Sprint had their little online get-together today for the Pre and Apple tried to one-up that with invitations to the iPhone 3.0 event, so we'll forgive you if you missed this little gem from Microsoft that's making the rounds.

Yeah, it's more of a commercial showing what Windows phones can do, and not so much of a Windows phone actually doing anything. But it's snazzy, and it's new, and it's only a couple minutes out of your life.

Phil Nickinson

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  • Good concept but ineffectual for anything past that. Doesnt show anyone anything about the OS or sway anyone to use WM. Its great to show what you can do with a phone but you can say the same about a lot of phones on the market. there was little to differentiate it from other phones on the market. Would have been better showing the actual functions on the devices.
  • Awesome. For the hell of it, I just started my Windows phone. Guess what? It looks the same is it did 2 years ago, and is still on the same miniscule 2.8" screen. The good news is the hardware is catching up. Hopefully we'll see a 3+" screen by summer. I love Windows mobile. Unfortunately, it'll probably be summer of 2010 before they get competitive with WM7 and large screen devices. That'll be around the time "you-know-who" is bringing their 4th generation device to the table.
  • I liked it!
    Ya it doesn't show much but it is jazzy and catchy and hip. Which is what Microsoft needs to get into more of the consumer market. If they had shown actual workings it would be another boring MS Commercial.
    I hope to see more of these!! Ya maybe with some more funtionality too.
  • thats not true at all, Apple/iphone only shows those type of commercials to the non-techy crowd and they go over just fine. People want to know what the thing will do and see it in action, not cheesy scenes of people having fun with their phones.
  • Deadly, hot babes and cool images... windows mobile rocks ha ha
  • love it. finally microsoft is coming with some kick ass commercials. almsot as good as the guy with the htc touch and theres a pizza delivery