Catcha Mouse: Windows Phone Game Review

Catcha Mouse! is one of those Windows Phone games that isn't too difficult to pick up but challenging enough to keep you interested.

The object of Catcha Mouse! is to lay mouse traps out to catch a little mouse and prevent him from escaping. Animations are nice, sound effects humorous, and along with fun game play Catcha Mouse! is worth a try.

The main menu for Catcha Mouse! has options to start a game, access the games difficulty settings (Hot Seat option) that include easy, medium and hard, view your gaming statistics, access game options (sound on/off) and a tap into a help section.

The gaming screen is a grid style pattern with a few mouse holes thrown as escape hatches for the mouse. You will see an assortment of mouse traps already in place and your job is to trap the mouse before he can reach one of his holes.

The turn based play has you placing your trap then the mouse making his move towards one of the holes moving one grid or spot at a time. You continue to take turns until you have the mouse cornered or he jumps through one of the holes. Once cornered, you advance to the next level. Levels progressively get more challenging and Catcha Mouse! has over one hundred-fifty levels of play.

While game play sounds simple, maybe too simple, but once you move up the levels the little mouse can be tough to corner. Sometimes the strategy is straight forward and at times you'll have to guess the mouse's moves ahead of time to get the traps in just the right spot.

All in all, Catcha Mouse! is a fun, entertaining, and somewhat addictive game for your Windows Phone. I found it to be a nice, casual game for your Windows Phone.  Captcha Mouse! is a free, ad supported game and you can find Catcha Mouse! here at the Windows Phone Store.

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George Ponder

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