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Microsoft's next flagship phones likely to support Qualcomm's Quick Charge tech

Microsoft's rumored next smartphones, known by the code names "Talkman" and "Cityman", could support Qualcomm's Quick Charge technology if they indeed use the Snapdragon 808 and 810 processors inside.

Poll – What do you think of Cityman and Talkman Windows Phone leaks and renders?

This week new renders and an alleged photo revealed more about Cityman and Talkman, Microsoft's next-gen flagship Windows Phones. What do I think of them? More importantly, what do you think? Let's discuss. And you can even take a new Windows Central poll. Go!

Report: Windows 10 is now installed on 67 million PCs as of this morning

A Microsoft employee has reveled that 67 million machines as of this morning are now on Windows 10. The update is only in the second full day and it seems within reason. It is still shy though of that one billion goal.

Microsoft 'Saana' Lumia un-cancelled and an old Lumia 830 prototype leaks

A new photo of a Nokia prototype phone leaks and I'll tell you what it is (and why it's not a big deal). I'll also talk about the return of Saana, why IFA won't be that exciting and some bits about that alleged Intel-powered Windows Phone.

Our Lumia 950 XL (Cityman) renders show what could be Microsoft's upcoming phone

Following up on our massive expose on Microsoft's upcoming Lumia flagships, Windows Central is presenting these unofficial renders of the Cityman (Lumia 950 XL) Windows Phone. The renders are based on first-person reports, sketches, and images obtained for our story.

Microsoft's Cityman and Talkman flagship Lumia phones and what you need to know

Windows Central has obtained details about Microsoft's upcoming flagship Windows Phones codenamed Cityman and Talkman. Plus we'll talk about today's earlier leak about the Lumia 850, 750 and 550 and why you won't want to get too excited about those now ex-devices.

Surface 3 for AT&T LTE may be launching as early as this week

Sources close to Windows Central have revealed that the Surface 3 with LTE is set to arrive on AT&T later this week (or next week at the latest).

Microsoft may be closing Nokia Care Points in Poland and other European countries

As another cost savings effort, Microsoft may be closing its Nokia Care Points in Poland and other European countries. This rumor comes right on the heels of 7,800 job cuts from Microsoft, and a major write off from the Nokia acquisition.

Four new Microsoft devices leak including one for Continuum codenamed 'Munchkin'

A leak tonight has revealed four new hardware accessories coming for Windows 10 from Microsoft. Valora, Munchkin, Murano and Livana, the devices will give Windows 10 Mobile some extra push this fall, but the big news is 'Munchkin' which is needed for Continuum.

Report on Windows 10 Mobile build 10158 reveals faster OS, no more Store beta

Some new information and screenshots about an unreleased build 10158 of Windows 10 Mobile suggest many improvements are on the way. However, Insider are unlikely to see this version and my jump right to build 1016x sometime soon.

Leaked Windows 10 Mobile builds reveal new Wallet, 120 FPS video and possible new animations

Two new builds of Windows 10 Mobile (10158 and 10165) reportedly show new features headed to Insiders. Some of the features include new video speeds, the return of Wallet and new animations. Here is our roundup.

Alleged Lumia 1030 display bezel for Verizon raises questions

A new photo reveals a display bezel for an alleged Lumia 1030 destined for Verizon. However, is this a new photo or just an old one surfacing for the first time? We also talk about what happened to 'McLaren' and if a Lumia 1030 is coming this fall.

New Windows 10 'Core' and 'Pro' Store apps may shed light on upgrades and licenses

Two new apps have been discovered in the Windows 10 Store. Each app appears to be related to the recent announcement about Insiders getting the RTM build of Windows 10. It may also signify a move away from traditional licenses to ones through the Microsoft Store and Accounts.

Guilin, Honjo, Saana, and Saimaa could be upcoming Lumia devices

According to evleaks, there could be four more Lumia devices that we have yet to hear about, carrying the codenames Guilin, Honjo, Saana, and Saimaa. These are referenced in addition to Cityman and Talkman, which most have already heard before.

Blurry image of alleged future Microsoft phone resembles the Lumia 1020 camera

Noted Internet gadget leaker "evleaks" has posted a very blurry image of what he hints is a future Microsoft smartphone. The image shows what appears to be the phone's camera that looks something like the 41 MP Lumia 1020.

Microsoft Music: Is Microsoft dropping Xbox branding from their music service?

New evidence suggests Microsoft may be dropping 'Xbox' from their music service. Instead, Microsoft Music may be the new direction for Windows 10.

Verizon's Microsoft Lumia 735 reportedly slated for June 11 launch

The long awaited Microsoft Lumia 735 for Verizon looks set for a June 11 launch date. Windows Central received evidence tonight that the launch is imminent and due for an announcement at any time.

Alleged photo of curved Lumia display hints at Microsoft's flagship Windows Phone

A new photo reveals a curved display and bezel for an unknown Lumia device. Could it be for Microsoft's new Windows 10 flagship phones due later this year? Let's find out.

Microsoft reportedly planning a Microsoft Band 2 for later this year

Work on the Microsoft Band 2 is reportedly well underway with a planned release for 'later this year'. Although no details have been revealed, let's talk about what we can expect.

Microsoft's two Windows 10 flagship phones may support USB Type-C

Two German websites claim to have more information about Microsoft's two alleged Windows 10 Mobile flagship phones, which may launch sometime in the second half of 2015. The big news is the addition of USB Type-C to the mix.