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Microsoft launches its Tay AI chatbot for Twitter, Kik and GroupMe in the U.S.

Microsoft has quietly launched Tay, an AI chatbot, on Twitter, Kik and GroupMe. Tay is targeting the 18-24 year old crowd and offers them "casual and playful conversation" and it will give out more personalized answers as it chats more with users.

Latest extension for Microsoft Edge lets you 'Turn Off The Lights'

The team behind the open source browser extension Turn Off the Lights have released the first version for Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.

Tweeten releases an extension for Microsoft Edge

Tweeten, the popular third-party Twitter app, has released an extension for Microsoft's Edge browser.

Your photo of a U.S. National Park location could appear on the Bing homepage

Microsoft and the U.S. National Park Service are teaming up for a new photo contest. If you have visited and taken photos inside one of the 59 national parks location, you can enter your best image. The grand prize winning photo will appear as one of the Bing homepages images for one day during the month of April.

Microsoft adds interactive math features to Bing for Pi Day

Microsoft is celebrating March 14, also known as Pi Day, by adding some interactive math elements to its Bing search engine. They include a multiplication table, a geometry calculator and more.

OneDrive rolls out revamped and simpler interface for sharing files

Microsoft is rolling out a new interface for shating files from a OneDrive cloud storage account. The new UI shows only two options, one for sending a link and the other for email, in what Microsoft says is a much simpler experience compared to its previous options.

Skype on the web adds support for calling mobile phones and landlines

Microsoft has added a few new features to its Skype web-based service, including the ability to call mobile phones and landlines, along with notification support and more

Microsoft offers a way to import Evernote content to OneNote for Windows

Microsoft has released the OneNote Importer tool for Windows. It allows users of the Evernote service to transfer their content over to Microsoft's rival OneNote app.

Bing adds an interactive solar system simulation in its search engine

Microsoft has added some new science-themed features in its Bing search engine, including an interactive simulation of Earth's solar system when the search term "solar system" is used.

Skype chat and calling support added to OneDrive and Office Online apps

Microsoft has officially added support for taking chats and calls on Skype in OneDrive and Office Online apps. The new feature should allow for better collaboration

Microsoft Edge and Office gain image search feature via Bing

Microsoft has added new image search features from its Bing engine to its Microsoft Edge web browser in Windows 10, along with its Office apps.

Bing breaks down searches for U.S. presidential candidates with Search Wave

Microsoft has added a new feature to its Bing search engine for the 2016 U.S. presidential election called Search Wave. It's designed to show users detailed search data on each of the candidates by state, age, gender and party affiliation

Outlook Premium may be offered for free to Office 365 subscribers

A leaked screenshot showing the features of Microsoft's pilot project Outlook Premium shows that the service could be available to access for free to Office 365 subscribers.

Microsoft gives you a way to find which Oscar nominee you look like

Microsoft is expanding the use of its Project Oxford facial recognition tools with the launch of the new It allows users to upload an image of themselves to see which Academy Award-nominated actor, actress or director they look like the most.

Microsoft wants to make Windows 10 more accessible for people with disabilities

Microsoft has plans to add new features and improvements to both Windows 10 and Office 365 to make those products more accessible for people with disabilities.

Bing and Cortana are getting dressed up for the 2016 Academy Awards

Microsoft's Bing search engine is adding a number of features to get ready for the 2016 Academy Awards on Feb. 28. It includes making predictions on who will win in each catagory during the movie industry's biggest night. Cortana is also offering some new Oscar-based games and info for Windows 10 users.

Microsoft piloting Premium version of email service

Microsoft has confirmed it is testing a Premium version of its web-based email service with a limited number of users. One of the features included in this Premium version is a way to set up set up new custom domain accounts.

Revamped is now rolling out worldwide with new features

Microsoft has now officially rolling out the new version of its email website. The revamped site, which has been in preview mode for several months, is based on the infrastructure of Office 365 and includes new features like side-by-side editing of Office documents, improved Skype integration and more.

Microsoft will end support for Skype Managed Accounts on March 29

Microsoft has quietly revealed it will be ending support for Skype Managed Accounts on March 29. This move, which mainly affects business users of the VoIP service, will turn any managed accounts into personal Skype accounts after that date.

Acer to pre-install Microsoft apps on select Android phones and tablets

Acer will begin pre-installing Microsoft productivity apps on select Android phones and tablets later in 2016, thanks to a new deal struck between the two companies.