CBS All Access appears to be getting the ax on Windows phones

What you need to know

  • CBS says it's dropping support for its CBS All Access app on "Windows 10 tablets" in a new support article.
  • However, it appears that CBS may be conflating tablets with Windows 10 Mobile.
  • The support article says that subscribers will still be able to watch on "Windows 10 Desktop" and Xbox One, along with other supported devices.

It appears CBS is dropping support for its CBS All Access app on Windows phones, but the situation is a little confusing to say the least.

As spotted on Reddit by user kenspencerbrown, an article on CBS's All Access Help Center details the end of support for "Windows 10 tablet" because "Microsoft is discontinuing production of this device." However, the article goes on to explain that users can continue streaming on Windows 10 desktop, Xbox One, and other supported devices.

From the support article:

We are ending support of the CBS app on Windows 10 tablet, since Microsoft is discontinuing production of this device, and we can no longer provide important updates to the app to protect you from potential security risks. But it's easy to keep streaming on Windows 10 desktop or any of our other supported devices, including Xbox One.

It's unclear from CBS's wording, but it appears the company has conflated "Windows 10 tablet" with Windows phones. Microsoft is set to end support for Windows 10 Mobile at the end of 2019, which could be what CBS is referring to when it says Microsoft is "discontinuing production of this device." With Windows 10 Mobile's sunset on the horizon, that seems like the most obvious conclusion, but it will remain unclear until or if CBS updates its support article.

If you're a CBS All Access subscriber, you can still get your hands on the app for Xbox One and Windows 10 at the Microsoft Store.

Thanks to NiveaGeForce for the tip!

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  • Man, all three users are gonna be pissed.
  • I didn't even know this was an app... I'm really suprised too considering the age of the service. I mean, we can't even get a W10 app for DTV Now.
  • Something has gone wrong then as there are five folk here still using WinMo10
  • Yep, got rid of last device last week, cuz dead. Good by, WM and MS! Don't let the door hit you on the way out, and LOCK IT behind you.
  • Not at all. CBS All Access is a disgusting excuse for a streaming service...most of all, that sorry excuse for "Star Trek". CBS just needs to go away.
  • I think the only one confused by this announcement is the author of this article. If you read the associated announcement, it implies that the Win10 app is going away. It suggests that one creates a shortcut from the website on the desktop. So basically you can still browse on the PC using the website.
  • Was just going to ask the same thing. Terminology seems to be really vague here regarding Windows Mobile vs Windows Phone.
  • So, back to the camera on my Lumia 950. I fired that thing up to play with the camera (BTW, that device has been sitting turned off for 7 months, and it still had 100% charge. Weird), and I swear that camera is still tha $hit. It's so damn sharp, much more detailed than the Note 9's. I wish Samsung would go with some higher MP sensors.
  • That camera is the reason I'm still using my 950 XL. (And I love the UI.)
  • It looks like they are deprecating the store app. When you launch the app even on a Windows 10 PC, it now generates a pop up with a link to that support page. It doesn't look like they are disabling it intentionally, but it does warn that they will no longer provide support and that it might break eventually.
  • You make it sound like MS has control over this.
  • I'm not sure where you got that. When I said "they", I meant CBS.
  • Just checked for curiosity. There are currently 12,796,000 active Windows-based mobile phone devices out there according to stats.
  • That number of Android phones are sold in just over a week!