CDMA Development Group Announces 'SVDO': Handle Calls and Data at same time

Here's an interesting development. The CDMA Development Group (CDG) just announced its "CDMA2000 1x Advanced Specifications", which appears to be a significant optional upgrade for EV-DO networks (Sprint and Verizon here in the U.S.).

One of these advances allows networks to increase voice capacity on their existing systems by taking advantage of  "...several interference cancellation and radio link enhancements. Among these improvements are base transceiver station (BTS) interference cancellation, improved power control, early frame termination, and smart blanking".  Whatever that means.

Perhaps even more impressive for customers is the creation of SVDO which is simultaneous 1X Voice and EV-DO Data. Unlike GSM, EV-DO cannot do both right now, so our 3G data connection becomes interrupted during calls. We also can't take advantage of "live" services like caller-ID look-up programs (like 'True Caller').

Unfortunately, no word from Sprint or Verizon on whether they would take advantage of this new advancement.  From the details, it looks like they can do this piecemeal or all-at-once, offering networks options for updating their existing technology. 

Perhaps if we shout loud enough, they'll hear us?

Phil Nickinson

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