Certain Affinity announces a 'deeper' commitment to Halo Infinite

Certain Affinity
Certain Affinity (Image credit: Certain Affinity)

Certain Affinity has long been a closer partner of Microsoft and Xbox, having worked on Halo games for years. We have it on good authority that the studio is also contributing to other upcoming Xbox games, including Perfect Dark, while potentially also making an all-new exclusive of its own, dubbed Suerte.

Today, the studio announced that it is "deepening" its contributions to Halo, specifically to work on Halo Infinite, which has been under scrutiny for its relatively slow pace of updates. Earlier in the year, I revealed that Certain Affinity is working on a new mode for Halo Infinite codenamed Tatanka, and today, it would appear CA has confirmed it.

A few weeks ago, it was also revealed that Microsoft and Certain Affinity are working on an Xbox exclusive dubbed Project Suerte. While we had the codename and project info, it was Jeff Grubb on his show GrubbSnax who revealed that Suerte is a Monster Hunter-like action game, and is coming exclusively to Xbox and Windows PC.

Exactly what Halo Infinite's "Tatanka" is remains to be seen, but rumors I've received lately point to it having battle royale elements in the least, complete with a shrinking arena. I suspect it will have a unique twist or two to differentiate itself from the Call of Duty Warzones and Fortnites of the world, though.

Halo Infinite multiplayer is available now for free across Xbox consoles and Windows PCs, and recently received a new Season 2 announcement, set to launch this May.

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