Chalkboard, a creative slate for Windows Phone 8

Chalkboard for Windows Phone is just what you would think, a chalkboard app.  It is a blank slate well suited for doodling, a game of tic-tac-toe or jotting down math problems. You would use the chalkboard app just as you would a regular chalkboard, just with less dust.

Chalkboard has eight chalk colors, three backgrounds, and the ability to zoom in/out for the more detailed drawings.  You can also load up to six images to doodle on as well.  Chalkboard comes across as an appealing Windows Phone 8 app for the times you feel the need for a little doodle time or need an easy way to play a friendly game of tic-tac-toe with your friends.

Chalkboard Green, Asphalt and Black Backgrounds

Chalkboard’s layout is straightforward, launching directly to the board.  At the top center of the screen you will find a semi-circle that when tapped will pull-down a menu wheel.  When you are ready to hide the menu wheel, just tap the circle.

From the menu wheel, you have options that include:

  • Document management: Save a drawing, open a file, open an image, delete a drawing, etc.
  • Drawing Tools: Eraser, drawing style (wide, pen point), ruler, compass. 
  • Color options: Eight colors ranging from white to purple to green.
  • Chalk Size: Small, medium, large, and extra-large.
  • Wide Marks: Three options for drawing wide marks with the chalk (reminds me of holding a piece of chalk length-wise against the board). 
  • App Settings: Help Section, background options (green, black and asphalt), undo/redo buttons, delete (clear the screen) button and a rate/share the app button.

Chalkboard Photo Background

Rendering is not too bad with Chalkboard but if you have large fingers, drawing fine lines can be a little challenging.  The app is well suited for a stylus or drawing pen though.  Chalkboard has a nice collection of drawing tools and in the right hands, the Windows Phone 8 app is capable of creating some impressive drawings.

Chalkboard is a free app, available for Windows Phone 8 and can be found here (opens in new tab) in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Chalkboard

George Ponder

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