Change background colour in WP7 [How To]

A good majority of us has been intrigued by the white background and black live tiles combination of themes, not to mention choosing the color scheme of your device by hex values instead of a limited (but aesthetically pleasing) list. Thankfully diaahussein and rmcgraw have come up with a sweet little guide (especially convenient for us newbies).

You will need an unlocked device (read up on our Chevron team coverage) and have a registry editor installed. This process involves altering system settings on your phone and WPCentral cannot (and will not) accept any responsibility or liability for devices that end up continuously displaying the following image when booting up:

Head on past the break for the steps and a video tutorial by Saijo from 1800PocketPC.

Now onto the hacking goodness, you can alter either the dark or light themes (or leave either as default) and switch between the two when you desire.  So, you'll need to accomplish the following steps:

  1. Open up the register editor installed and go to: HKLM\ControlPanel\themes (HKML may be displayed as HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE or LOCAL_MACHINE)
  2. Move into the 0 folder to edit the light theme or 1 for the dark theme.
  3. Change the respective keys (hex colour values) shown bellow (you must leave the "#FF" in when changing your colours, so black would be #FF000000 instead of #000000):

Dark Theme:

  • [HKLM\ControlPanel\themes\1\Basethemecolor]
  • [HKLM\ControlPanel\themes\1\TextHighContrast]
  • [HKLM\ControlPanel\themes\1\TextBackGround]
  • [HKLM\ControlPanel\themes\1\pageBackGroundColor]
  • [HKLM\ControlPanel\themes\1\SysTrayBackGroundColor]

to change the font colour:

  • [HKLM\ControlPanel\themes\1\TextNeutralColor]
  • [HKLM\ControlPanel\themes\1\ListPickerBackgroundPre ssed]
  • [HKLM\ControlPanel\themes\1\ContrastColor]

Light Theme:

  • [HKLM\ControlPanel\themes\0\Basethemecolor]
  • [HKLM\ControlPanel\themes\0\TextHighContrast]
  • [HKLM\ControlPanel\themes\0\TextBackGround]
  • [HKLM\ControlPanel\themes\0\pageBackGroundColor]
  • [HKLM\ControlPanel\themes\0\SysTrayBackGroundColor]

to change the font color:

  • [HKLM\ControlPanel\themes\0\TextNeutralColor]
  • [HKLM\ControlPanel\themes\0\ListPickerBackgroundPre ssed]
  • [HKLM\ControlPanel\themes\0\ContrastColor]

To pick colors, use any hex code generator, a good one is ColorPicker (opens in new tab).

Source: XDADeveloper Forum (opens in new tab), via: 1800PocketPC

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  • Of course, one should be reminded that the Focus, with the SuperAMOLED screen, would use more battery if you setup anything other than the dark theme. I keep mine on the dark theme to keep my battery usage down.
  • Using the light theme doesn't use more battery if you're using a dark background/tiles. The theme name doesn't constitute battery usage, what you do to the theme aesthetically does.
  • My darn phone is like a prism of colors right now, due to change values and forgetting what I changed. Mango, teal, green, black, white. My phone is raping my eyes right now. Be careful when you make changes!This will get someone in trouble, because it doesn't really say EXACTLY what it's changing. Yeah, you may say, "well if you're **** around in the registry you should know what you're doing." Which is true, but still..
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