Check out the first mixed reality music performance made with HoloLens

Even though the Microsoft HoloLens is only in the hands of developers at the moment, we're already starting to see some pretty cool glimpses of what the world of mixed reality may hold for the future. Now Octosense, a firm that's is working on mixed reality applications of all types, has shown off what it's calling the first mixed reality music performance — and all of it was captured on HoloLens. Check it out below:

Whether you're a fan of Rihanna's music or not, that's certainly a pretty cool example of how mixed reality headsets could help to bring entertainment to life no matter where you are. Imagine being able to project a concert from your favorite artist, or even something like a play, right in your living at any time. Of course, there are very practical, industry-specific applications that will dominate mixed and augmented reality as well, but entertainment will likely play a big role in its future.

In what ways are you hoping HoloLens — and mixed reality as a whole — will shake things up? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks to Arjun for the tip!

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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