Check out the first mixed reality music performance made with HoloLens

Even though the Microsoft HoloLens is only in the hands of developers at the moment, we're already starting to see some pretty cool glimpses of what the world of mixed reality may hold for the future. Now Octosense, a firm that's is working on mixed reality applications of all types, has shown off what it's calling the first mixed reality music performance — and all of it was captured on HoloLens. Check it out below:

Whether you're a fan of Rihanna's music or not, that's certainly a pretty cool example of how mixed reality headsets could help to bring entertainment to life no matter where you are. Imagine being able to project a concert from your favorite artist, or even something like a play, right in your living at any time. Of course, there are very practical, industry-specific applications that will dominate mixed and augmented reality as well, but entertainment will likely play a big role in its future.

In what ways are you hoping HoloLens — and mixed reality as a whole — will shake things up? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks to Arjun for the tip!

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • That doesn't look impressive at all. It's no different to watching a concert on TV. It also looked like Rihanna is a CGI character. When someone manages to pull something like this off without a screen then I'll be impressed.
  • Huh? You need a hololens to fully view something like this.
  • This could be done with anything with a screen, a phone could do that. Actually, tell a lie, anything with a screen and a camera.
  • You don't understand what's happening here to say that. The people in the audience saw an avatar Rihanna on a real stage with real lights.
  • Through the use of a screen, how are people not understanding this. If it was an actual holographic image, a 3d model created in real space, i'll be impressed. This is just augmented reality.
  • That's the name for crying out loud, didn't you read it through, "augmented reality"
  • And this is something we have had for a while. I'd rather see something new and that can't be done with other devices in a Hololens showcase which they have in the past. I'll say it again, the video doesn't impress me. Had the character of Rihanna been reactive to the audience that would have impressed me.
  • You're missing the point, and where has this been done
  • Viewing this through HoloLens is a stereoscopic experience....which means each eye sees a different angle of Rhianna. Totally different to looking at a TV or through a phone.
  • I change your name to Jane and follow up with " ignorant slut"
  • Yeah! A phone could do that and you can hold your phone all time in your hands and I will be watching the concert siting on my couch taking beer in a more natural way;")
  • Obviously Sin has not used a HoloLens and does not understand that to the HoloLens viewer she was a full 3d character on the stage. People need to actually use one before making ill informed comments like this.
  • Yeah, it's pretty cringeworthy that people still think it just works like a regular TV screen. HoloLens truly does put objects into your personal space and this is amazing.
  • It still needs a screen to work, that's my point. The hololens still uses a screen overlay to create images, it's just bezel less.
  • It's also 3D, and tracks the movement of your head perfectly so to the user it doesn't feel at all like a screen but something in real space (FOV notwithstanding). If you had experienced it I'm sure you'd be singing a different tune.
  • It's not like a traditional screen. The device motion tracks head/eye movement and is aware of real objects in your personal space. What "screen" are you referring to?
  • I know this, and nowhere did I say this isn't the case, but this example isn't using that. Hell the lighting on Rihanna doesn't even correspond to what's going on around her. This isn't a good example of the hololens, there are much better ways to showcase its feature set.
  • You say you know this, yet your replies prove otherwise! Did you read the part that says: ""we're already starting to see some pretty cool glimpses of what the world of mixed reality may hold for the future"... Key words: "starting to see", "glimpses" and "may hold for the future"! All which implies this as an example of what (also mentioned) Developers are working on! So basically you just prove that ignorance is a bliss!
  • I'm not entirely sure why you're getting so worked up over this, did you make the video? It's not an impressive video, plain and simple. And it certainly doesn't showcase the level of technology in the Hololens.
  • Maybe he meant without any device attaching to his eyes, everyone has a little a different interpretation on how holograms must work.
  • You don't get it. The content is virtually PROJECTED into your personal space. It is definitely NOT like watching TV.
  • It's like saying you're not impressed that siri, Cortana, Alexi, google assistant, etc. isn't a full fledged AI like you see in the HBO show west world or the droids in star wars. Obviously our tech isn't at that level yet where you have full on holograms without having to wear some kind of tech contraption on your head that includes a screen.
  • No, it isn't like that at all.
  • oh ok.
  • That was a CG character! That was just like watching a video game cut scene. Definitely not impressed!
  • At least she wasn't late to her virtual concert
  • Great idea but 3D modeling needs a lot of work here.
  • The hololens probably doesn't the horse power to push really high fidelity models.
  • yeah, the tech isn't optimal yet that combines small form factor/untethered AND really realistic modeling. It would be different if you had it tethered to a high end comp probably
  •​ Not sure if an embed will work, but I'll try. This was just an attempt to show how it looks and some of the things you can do with Hololens right now, no programming, just being a normal user.            
  • Meh, Tupac and Michael Jackson did it without any wearables. :P
  • Not in your actual and visual space and in 3D, means if you look elsewhere or turn your head, Rihanna's 3D imagen adapts at the angle you are seeing and even could come down of the stage to sit next to you on your table, on a TV everything stays put!
  • Pretty cool, it obviously needs work but with all things, new attempts will eventually get better. And facepalms to most of the comments above.
  • I cant wait to watch the first episode of 'Church Windows'.
  • Imagine how much money am artist could make by selling a video feed ticket, for a nominal fee of $5, to those who can't make the venue.
  • Bjork had better come correct to this tech quick, fast, and in a hurry.
  • She looks like 3d
  • So if they were filmed on green screen in 360deg 3d couldn't the AR then project the real person onto the hololens instead of a render? Porn will do it soon. Exiting times. Children will never know what I had to go through with that damn sears 10 pound catalog.
  • Wow, amazing
  • On closely looking this video I can assure that MRC is not been used to capture this video. Instead a camera setup behind the lenses is used.
    And it still looks this good. wonder what the true experience will look like;")
    Some people do not know a thing!
    They just cringe about what they can not get. And let me tell you they will keep crying for there life like this and does not appreciate what they actual get.
  • Did they ever cut away to what it would look like without the Hololens, then back to it. Because it looked like people wearing lenses then shot of computerized Rhianna.  I think the whole point it is - put on the glasses and see what's not there.... Imagine - not haviing to go to a concert - but seeing it like a person.  Being there at an event across the ocean or interacting with someone with almost all the nuance, or training on something like an engine and being able to manipulate.  I'd love to see 3D training videos = like the 3 minute video on how to change my air cabin filter which really turned out to be an hour, because of poor visualization (and manual dexterity fail...ahem user issues)      
  • The Future is here
  • This is amazing, she is amazing... To make it more real though, she shouldn't be wearing so much clothing
  • Nicely done.
  • Pretty sure you guys think this is cooler than literally anyone in the world. I have to buy a HoloLens to watcha Rihanna concert in GTA V? This would've been much better if HoloLens was used to just play a real video of her and make it look like a live show.
  • Yeah, that would have been good.
  • This is actually not a very good HoloLens experience as demonstrated. No other real people are seen walking through the field of view or being on stage next to the cg Rihanna. He doesn't interact with any of the real things in the room . Not a good demo at all
  • Agreed, and the way the video it's cut makes it look like the people arenot even in the same room as where the rihanna footage is. It's just not a very well put together video.
  • Hahahaha
    Very great!