Check out these great wallpapers designed for the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL!

Here at Windows Central we have always been about the community including work that gets created by its members. Chris Anderson is a designer and illustrator who has made a small cadre of bold and colorful wallpapers for the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL (of course, you can use it on any Windows phone like my Elite x3).

The project was a small endeavor not just to create wallpapers, but something for the Lock screen that did not block or obscure notifications.

Here is how Anderson explains the project:

As a Windows Lumia phone user for many years I wanted to create a set of wallpapers for the latest 950 & 950XL phones. The style of the wallpapers uses the unique Windows square and rectangle tiles as the main ingredient - breaking the boundaries with triangles too. The colours used throughout are sourced from the colours the phone offers for more customisation.With the customised information the phone can display on the lock screen; time, date, optional Outlook calendar and social notification icons at the bottom, these are not obscured when using any of the wallpapers. This has been achieved by designing a grid system to make any combination work with the phone.The mini website shows each wallpaper in situ, and they can all be downloaded directly to the Lumia users' phone when viewed on their device.

Very cool stuff and indeed, they do look great on our collection of Lumias and Windows phones.

Of course, they are free and easy to get too. Just direct your Edge browser to and grab one or all ten of the images to save to your device.

If you like them feel free to share with others and give Chris a shout on Twitter at @andoillustrates to say thanks!

Daniel Rubino

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