Check your Xbox Live inbox for Halo 5 beta codes

Check your messages on Xbox Live because you just might have your access code for early access to the Halo: 5 Guardians beta. Yesterday Microsoft announced that those in the Xbox One Preview program would be getting access to an early beta of Halo 5 this weekend from December 19 through December 21. Those codes are now rolling out to gamers in the Xbox One Preview program.

Microsoft has said codes would begin rolling out today at 12 PM PST through Xbox Live. And that they're slowly going out. Reports on Reddit and Twitter have users claiming their code for the Halo 5 beta. Well technically, you're going to get two codes from Xbox Live.

The first code will be used to download the Halo 5 beta to your console, while the second code grants you access to the beta.

Don't sweat if you can't play the beta this weekend, since you'll have an opportunity to play the full beta which runs from December 29th through January 18th. The beta over the next few days only contains content from the first week of the Halo 5: Guardians beta while the full beta will have 7 maps, 3 game types and more weapons over its three week run.

Important note from Microsoft:

"Please note that these tokens are intended solely for your personal use as a Preview participant. Any attempt to sell, give away, or trade these tokens will have consequences, up to and including removal from the Preview program and exclusion from future participation."

Please don't share your codes, kids. And don't ask for anyone to share. You can however drop your Gamertag into the comments below if you're not already in the Xbox One Preview program and wish to be invited by someone who is already a member. This way you won't miss out on future betas like this one.

Did you get your code yet? See you online Spartans. And if you see GeneralSham on your team this weekend you're guaranteed a win ;)

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

  • Amazing! Can't wait! EDIT: Downloading!
  • It is. This was a truly great benefit of being in the Preview program. Oh, and Halo5 is fast and fun. :)
  • Awesome!
  • Well I've received no notification from smartglass.. :( how big is the beta anyways? Edit - Just as I post that I get the notification lol
  • Nice. See you online Spartan.
  • Can someone send me an invitation? My gamertag is "xkensuke"
    im so excited to play the beta D:
  • Me too!!
    Gamertag: cjshonky
  • Hey, can you send me an invite? GT: ICON1C GAMER.
  • Can someone please invite me to the Xbox One Preview Program?
    GT: III Neptune III
    Thanks! :)
  • I'll ask again since it didn't happen last time: Commadorebob
  • 10GB
  • Ah, I'd probably only get to play it for 2-4 hours, not really worth 10gb to me. I'll wait for the full beta.
  • Could someone send me an invite too please.. Gamer tag: NxT LvL DJ
  • Invite me please: Eidos11
  • Got mine!
  • I'd love an invite
    Gamer tag is mac1777 Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • me too pls. Gt- iamabhinav
  • Gamer tag : Fiselx if anyone is kind enough to invite me to the preview program I would greatly appreciate It :)
  • I'll see you there Spartans!
  • If anybody can invite
    Gamertag is: E Co Spiers45
  • Someone please invite me to preview program - we have three Xbox Ones - two with external drives and 3 internet connections. 2 DSL and 1 Cable. Family all own Nokia Phones. I'd be a great tester! Everyone have a merry Xmas and fun in the beta.
  • Gamer tag : pcreaper
  • Done
  • Me too: boundedfollower
  • I would love to have an invite dark vegett0.
  • If there is any kind soul out there I'd love an invite to the program. My GamerTag is TG Garry MD
  • Literally got into the preview program two nights ago.... Left this morning to go to the in laws for Christmas... Just got my beta codes...nooooooo
  • Turn back now! Halo > In-laws
  • Get 100 bucks and sell them on eBay
  • If you sell your codes you will be kicked out of the preview program..
  • LimitlessBoxa72 invite pls ;)
  • Anyone willing to invite me to the preview? slerch666
  • If anyone can send me an invite I would appreciate it. Gamer tag is Marcosan. Thanks in advance!
  • If someone could send me an invite to the preview program it would be greatly appreciated. Gamer tag is Mister Gore 13
  • I was in the 360 preview program for a bunch of updates, they were separate for each update. Would love to be in the Xbox One Preview. PythagorasGamer is my GT.
  • Fadi kun would love an invite!
  • 10% downloaded, I'm so hyped :l Got some energy drink to keep me awake (it's 11pm right now and I will probably play till 4am at least).. 11% now D:
  • Just got 'em.
  • Got!
  • Literally 10 seconds after this was posted, I got my message.
  • I would love to get an invite <3 
    GT:  pGz I Chrispy (capital "i" in the middle)  
  • I've not begged for a preview invite or asked, but heck since its the holidays and all, my name here is my gamertag.
  • I would love an invite!
    Gamertag: thesazz77
  • I would love an invite Gamertag is "Riztik"
  • Would really appreciate an invitation, gamertag Woi2351
    Thanks in advance!
  • Invite please... Gamertag: Langhorn78
  • Can someone invite me please
    Gamer tag: Grimmjow Guy
  • Got my code. This is going to be a Halo of a weekend.
  • If you could invite me to the program, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks. Tag: Int3nse
  • Can I get a preview program invitation too. My Game Tag is "Likki" Thanks
  • Omg I got my code! Its taking forever to install tho
  • Downloading now! Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Does this also count for Halo: TMCC?
  • Because I got an free Halo 5 beta access with the game?
  • I'm not 100% sure but I think it is separate. I didn't have to put TMCC in or anything to download the beta.
  • so i cant give it away even though i dont want to play it? sad ^^
  • jigerdoodles117 GT!!
  • This guy needs an invite plz... hestermeister
  • Would love an invite VeryDrunkGoat78
  • I have my code, I'm just waiting on the download.  Ready to GO!
  • Please invite to the  Xbox One Preview program : Gamer Tag:   CloggedLion
  • Gamer tag: Bluntsncrooks please send an invite!!!
  • I'd very much appreciate a preview invitation. My gamer tag is Gaelydon. TIA!
  • Follow me on Xbox and ill invite u guys but I don't know how long it takes to get approved. Gt: xmarklive
  • Hey everybody! Avid Halo fan who's pretty disappointed that owning the Master Chief Collection doesn't get this early access but I really want to try it a week earlier! Gamertag: smokin cheez Please invite me in! Me and my buddies want to play it together on my tv lol
  • Invite please gamer tag...DJonFuego
  • FYI, for those asking to be part of the Xbox preview program please be aware that it is BETA software you are testing, some things are very broken and can impair game functions. Once you accept an update you have to stay until its released to the public if you decide its not worth it or cannot deal with the bugs that pop up. Otherwise, happy gaming!
  • Don't forget that it may take a few days for them to even accept you into it, if they decide to accept you into it.
  • Anyone get an invite?
  • Just got owned my first round lol, controls messing with me after playing MCC the last while haha.
  • Add me please RAVENarmageddon
  • Gamertag - - mx END   Thanks in advance for an invite!
  • Please invite me to the xbone preview program. Gamer Tag: timenathan3238
  • Please can I have a preview program invite :)
  • I would really appreciate an invite as well.  My gamertag is VermillionRed.  Thanks.
  • Anyone else having a slow install?
  • Can someone please send me an invent to the Xbox One Preview my Gamer Tag is " Manu Hanake "
    And to all how can play the beta Have Fun
  • Everyone should NOTE that inclusion into the program takes several days. Those of us who have downloaded, anyone able to play yet? When joining matches I encounter timeouts. :-\
  • interesting...
  • Pretty awesome multiplayer. Great graphics. Online access better than MC collection, and its a beta!
  • I would love to be apart of the Xbox One preview program :)    My GT is: Trespa5s Thanks in advance if someone ends up doing this :) 
  • Looks like I'm awfully far down the list, but if there's one more Preview Program invite hanging around out there, this old geezer would love to get in on this! :) Gamertag: frogman44 Thanks!
  • I would like to be apart of the Xbox Preview Program please invite me my gamertag is: lazygood4notin
  • Would love a invite,would be an awesome Christmas present!! Gamer tag: Co1etr4in
    Much appreciation!!!!!!!!
  • If anyone could spare an invite for the preview GT is xXCexXx greatly appreciate it!
  • Would love an invite to the preview. Huge WP, windows and Xbox fan. Gamer tag- Tika Mawimbi Would really appreciate it!
  • Would love to be able to play some h5 this weekend! My gamer tag is L Gucci SoSa L
    Help a brotha out
  • L Gucci SoSa L
  • All these new games are so overwhelming! It'd be really appreciated if I got invited to the xbox one preview program! My gamertag is LemonadeIsGoood.
  • Wow, just got home from work and if someone could invite me to the preview program I'll really appreciated. Thanks in advice if anyone decide to invite me . Gamer tag is sofritoflavor.
  • Could someone please invite me,  from South Africa. GamerTag: fanavele Massive fan of Halo
  • Me too, gamer tag: Icon1c gamer, thx.
  • Me too, gamer tag: Icon1c gamer, thx
  •   plz plz plz id love to play halo 5!!!!!!!!!! gt- DeathstreakHero
  • Hello, I am the admistrator for and have been working diligently to put a genuine halo community together to keep the atmosphere alive. I would love to be apart of this testing and can also provide vital feedback for 343i.  Please send me an Xbox Preview Program invite. My gamertag is: oDinZu Thanks!
  • Didn't know you could invite people, but that would be awesome if I could get an invite. I was in the 360 preview program but didn't get into the Xbox one preview. My gamertag is MSFT1080 Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • I'm out of HD space.
  • Was there about 2 months ago, Go on one of the deal sites (fatwallet, slickdeals etc) and do a seach for a USB 3.0 drive, a lot of them like 1tb+ going for under $100.... and because it's before Xmas, there is a lot of good deals to be grabbed.
  • I ordered a 5tb. Just plugged in an old laptop drive on an adaptor
  • Please please Xbox one preview program: GT Langhorn78
  • GT: mobbzbobz Please and thank you
  • My gamer tag is "GG KO" I would be greatly appreciate it if someone could invite me :) 
  • If I can get the time tonight, i will give it a shot (It's that time of the year), Wana check this out..
  • SOME ONE invite me.!!!
  • Hey, can I have an invite also? I know thaere are alot of people asking, but that would be amazing. Gt: Monsterman642
  • Please invite me My Gamertag is MEMOESCORPION
  • Hopefully it's not too late to ask. But I would really appreciate an invite please. Gamer tag: CR34TIV3 G4M3R
  • I redeemed codes but it still won't let me access it
  • I'm turning my Xbox off and back on to see if that fixes it
  • It still doesn't work for me :(
  • VinaySC is my gamer tag..
  • GT: padman wilson Would love to play the beta.
  • Invitation please! GT: m1sterc001guy
  • I'd love to be invited if at all possible, thank you. Gamertag: SlavetodaBOX
  • I'm excited! And I would love to be invited as well as everyone else! Gamertag: IxlAcElxI
  • I too would greatly appreciate an invite! GT: InfamousFett Thanks!
  • That's a pretty sweet deal for preview members. How did people get into the preview program anyway? Was there a sign up at some point?
    Please send an invite!!!!!!
  • can someone message me a halo 5 beta code plz gt sweets pleasure grately accpreicate it!
  • Not allowed to share codes.
  • Someone send me an invite pretty please. Gamertag: TheRealIRS
  • Would love an invite too... Gamer tag - Benharjon
  • Sin Ogaris. If anyone feels like adding me.
  • Installed ... Cant get past dots on right corner.
  • Tried it last night for about an hour. Very nice, looks good, plays good, controls almost the same as a COD type game (ALMOST). I had fun even though found the player matchup process a little buggy (after finishing one game, it would just hang waiting for players, let it sit for 10 min 2 times before exiting game after playing a game).
  • Would somebody be nice enough to invite me to the preview program? GT: FlyBoySmoke. Please and thank you.  
  • Plz invite me to preview my gamer tag is FatVanDusen. Plzzz :)
  • Can someone please  invite me, i've been a live member since 2008, my gamertag is DG xPrecisionS 
  • Gamegod1203, I appreciate your gratuity and in exchange perpetuate its generosity with my faithful loyalty and participation. Happy Holidays.
  • I have redeem my tokens but my beta game didn't download. Haven't been able to play since Friday
  • Can someone send me an invite gamertag: Phantom0711 thanks in advance
  • If someone could send an invite to the GT: Ben 436, it would be appreciated
  • I would like an invite too, please! GT: BuraBlaster
  • Could I get an invite. My GT is MadTaner
  • If anyone could invite me to the review program I would REALLY appreciate it Xbox live: Perfection645
  • Can anyone send me an invite. Halo for life!
  • Can anyone please invite me? Halo for life baby. GT= XiX SeRpIc0 XiX. By the way the 0 is a zero. Thank you folks.
  • Hey guys, I would love to play Halo 5 Beta, however for some reason I never got my code! I would be greatful if someone could invite me to the game or send me a code in a private message! My gamgertag is: GamerSean UK And if you give me a code or invite, I would love to play with you, as... I don't really have any friends to play with... Many thanks. - Sean
  • Hey i would love a invitation please gamertag. GABRIELLE74
  • I would love a invitation please gamerta g : Gabrielle74
  •     Hey I'm a youTuber with 937 subs and I would really love to have the game because I would like the record future betas and let my channel grow  GT:Triggerhapee68