Chime in: Is Android a better fit for Windows phone converts than iPhone?

One curious member of the Windows Central forums is posing that very question.

Every post that I've read here regarding switching platforms and also many of Microsoft important people (Joe Belfiore, Bill Gates, etc.) , mentioned android as their destination. But why? Why not iOS?


It's not necessarily the case that most are switching to Android, but there are a number of reasons it would be the more attractive destination. Android has a wider variety of phones available for starters, and you can personalize it a lot more than you can an iPhone.

If you want to add Microsoft to your phone, you can. Swap in Microsoft Launcher, use Edge as your default browser, set Cortana as your default AI voice assistant. You can do none of these on an iPhone.

By contrast, when you're using iOS you can't change default apps, the user interface is what Apple says it is and nothing more, and you're not exactly spoiled for choice on hardware. Not to mention the iPhone is expensive. There are lots of Android phones at different price points. But there's a lot of good in the way Apple does things, with consistent performance and a future packed full of software updates being top of the list.

But what say you? Jump into the forums thread below and share your thoughts with us.

Why do most of WP users switch to android and not iOS?

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