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A former Windows phone diehard's experience switching to iPhone 8 Plus

Windows phone and iPhone
Windows phone and iPhone (Image credit: Windows Central)

After using a Windows-based phone for the better part of 10 years, it's now come time for me to move on. I knew it was inevitable and with an ailing Microsoft Lumia 950 XL and failing apps, the end came a bit quicker than I had hoped.

My move was to the iPhone 8 Plus and while I will miss Windows 10 Mobile, the move was not as traumatic as I had imagined. Ends up that the grass is a bit greener on the iPhone side of things these days (with Windows 10 Mobile dying on the vine) and the iPhone 8 Plus is an option worth considering if your Windows Phone just isn't cutting it anymore.

I have been researching options for the past few weeks when the Lumia 950XL started missing notifications, self-resetting more frequently and apps began crashing with more regularity. I was very impressed with the Samsung Galaxy S8 but just didn't feel comfortable with the operating system. Android is a capable OS and not a wrong choice, but I was more comfortable with iOS, plus everyone in my family sports an iPhone.

Lumia 950XL

I've grown accustomed to the larger screen of the 950XL, which narrowed things down to one of Apple's Plus models of the iPhone. I ended up going with the iPhone 8 Plus with 256GB of memory. I figured it was my first iPhone and I should get the most current model. I'll miss the expansion card slot of the Windows Phones, but with 256GB of memory, I should be good to go.

I did consider waiting for the iPhone X but the "notch" bothered me. The new sensor bar is a critical component of the iPhone X and offers delivers some cool features. I also liked the infinity screen but you lose a good amount of real estate on the screen with the sensor bar resting so low. It's like having an ad banner on a YouTube video that you cannot close out. Had Apple increased the iPhone X's casing and positioned the sensor bar above the screen, I might have waited.

I have enjoyed using the iPhone and find it to be a capable operating system. However, I am often reminded that Windows 10 Mobile does a fantastic job of delivering a boatload of information at a glance. From the lockscreen to Live Tiles, you can keep up with life rather easy. With iOS, you can still keep up with life, but it requires you to dig a little. For example, you do get notifications on the lockscreen but have to swipe to the right to access a widgets screen that can display everything from the weather to news items to your favorite contacts.

Speaking of which, I would like to see Apple allow for contacts to be pinned to the home screen, much like Windows 10 Mobile does by creating contact tiles. The only option that comes close is the option to display your favorite contacts on the widgets screen.

There are other little differences with iOS that take some getting used to. You lack the ability to assign a specific notification sound to apps, you lack the ability to add information to the lockscreen (just shows time and current notifications) and when connected to a PC, the iPhone does not act like an external drive.

On the plus side, it is refreshing to see the volume of apps available for the iPhone (including the Microsoft suite of apps). It is a bittersweet experience to see so many apps that are available on Windows 10 Mobile in the Apple Store and updated. This only increases the app gap and sadly reflects the state of Windows 10 Mobile where apps are left unattended or abandoned by their developers.

I like the Touch ID system, not only for unlocking the phone but in many cases, it can replace the need for typing in a password with some apps. I haven't spent much time with the camera, but it does feel on par with the Lumia 950XL's camera. Battery life is respectable and the convenience of wireless charging is always a plus. I do think the build quality of the 950XL and other Windows Phones is better than the iPhone. I'm nervous enough about scratching the glass backing of the iPhone 8 that I bought a skin case to protect it. I haven't bought a protective case for a Windows Phone since the days of the Lumia 900.

iPhone 8 Plus

I have to tip my hat to Microsoft for bringing Windows phones to the table. From the Palm Treo 750 to the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL, Microsoft delivered a mobile platform that developed into the best mobile OS on the market. Unfortunately, Microsoft failed to put enough energy behind Windows Phone to make it a competitive platform. While I think Apple could learn from Microsoft on smartphone features, Microsoft could learn from Apple on marketing.

It's a shame Microsoft is letting Windows 10 Mobile die on the vine and while I would like to see someone at Microsoft have the backbone to say Windows 10 Mobile is dead, I'm not going to hold my breath. I'll continue to hope that Microsoft reenters the smartphone market next year, maybe with a Surface Phone, but if that never happens I'm comfortable with the iPhone. There is a slight learning curve, but nothing too taxing. I think my biggest challenge is to stop the temptation to double-tap to wake the phone.

If you are considering making the jump to iOS or Android, here are a few Windows Central Forum discussions going on that might be helpful. Plus, you can always sound off in the comments..

Updated November 2, 2017: We decided to rerun this story following the release of the iPhone X.

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • I think i'll be switching to LG V30 soon
  • Whilst you can’t pin contacts you can quick msg, quick call, quick email with 3D Touch. So it’s 1 press dependant on what type of quick comms you want.  Camera? Are you kidding us? iphone 6s is very similar to Lumia 950 But iPhone 7 onnward smokes the 950 for photography- it’s not even close. 
  • I had the 950XL and now own an iPhone 7 Plus and I have to disagree: in my opinion the picture quality and detail were much better on the Lumia.
  • I completely agree. The 950XL has a better camera. I actually had this very conversation with an iPhone 7 owner (soon to be an iPhone 8 plus owner) on Saturday. He was so insistent that the iPhone 7 had a better camera until I pulled out my 950XL and let him scroll through my camera roll. He quickly changed the subject. It was really fun to watch his face when I zommed in on a few pics. The detail at full zoom was awesome. I wonder why he didn't show me any of the photos on his iPhone 7?
  • Come to Windows Central to look at Windows and Tech news. First article praising iPhone. I am pissed.
  • You should reassess your priorities in life if you are pissed about something like this.
  • As much as I wanted Windows Mobile to succeed this is my third year with Android and MS has done great with its Microsoft launcher they should have a setting to emulate the OS as much as possible. But seriously grow up :)
  • I had a similar experience. I took pictures of my son and his friends and I got teased. The comment was, "Ohh dad and his Windows Phone." However, when i compared the pictures I took with the pictures that were taken on iPhone 7s and Android devices, It was clear the pics i took were better. Yet, everyone wanted me to send the pics I took with my 950 XL.
  • hwangeruk,  I disagree.  The camera in the 950 is REALLLLLY Good.   The 1020 was better still for image quality.   Even the 8 cannot hang with those devices for camera.  However,  Even my 6s blows the doors of the 950 for EVERYTHING else.  Speed, app availablility,  ease of use, quality,  reliability....and I do own both!
  • you are one of those who get all titbits from the some thinking on your own. I have an iphone 7 and lumia 950. While the iphone 7 camera is quick, the pic quality is often better on the lumia
  • I don't personally have an iPhone 6s or 7.  But from everything I've seen, with very very few exceptions, this is a an incorrect assessment of the camera.
  • No way. I had the 950, currently have the Galaxy S8 and & iPhone 7. The camera and processing was better on the 950 than both of these.
  • Yeah, camera on 950/950XL is far superior. Even though i don't like the post processing of the Camera app, the result is still very good. I have gotten accustomed to doing important pictures on the Raw+jpg setting at 4:3 ratio. And I use RAWER on phone for quick or RawTherapee on Surface for detailed post processing of my photos. Cannot do any of that with photos from iPhone or Samsung devices.
  • Thanks for the tip. Didn't know there was a raw app for mobile, I've been wanting to play around with RAW since i know it will step up the 950xl camera even more than it already is
  • iOS is decades uglier than WP in comparison..... Android is even more ugly, but at least you can attempt to do something about Androids revolting looks. With iOS you're just stuck with boring...... BS
  • Been FAIRLY happy with my V20. I won't go to Apple until they make their prices better. If WM somehow picks up again I'll go back to it in a heartbeat.
  • I'm using an LG V20, and I really like it, especially the camera and the quad DAC.
  • The camers is amazing, and I bought it partly because of the DAC, then I realized I don't use my phone as much for audio lol. I only use it on my way home from work, and then I use bluetooth into my car.
  • I use Bluetooth in the car, but I use wired high impedance headphones at home or at the gym.
  • All flagship prices are rising, so get used to that. You do realize the price of a flagship devices outside of Apple was in the $5-600 range in 2010? Now, a Galaxy S pushes $800 on release and It's competitors aren't far behind. Galaxy Notes are almost $950 - more than an iPhone Plus with 4x the storage. I   I think the long term support from Apple is worth sonething, though. They support their devices fully and reliably for 4-5 years. If you aren't a yearly uograder, that is worth a premium over competing Android handsets. There is no comparison between Apple's device support/longevity and that of LG (lol) it Samsung. Google doesn't even support Nexus devices as well. 
  • The iPhone SE has most of the features mentioned in the article, it is a heap cheaper and fills the void fairly well in terms of MS app support OneDrive Office etc.   ive been happy with the switch, the iPhone ecosystem is quite dull, but everything works  perfectly straight out of the gate. i won't buy a flagship until OEMs can significantly  improve on the phones of 3yrs ago. It is a stagnant industry at the moment, trying to rip everyone off along the way.
  • "Make thier prices better".. Lol😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😬 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛🎃😐😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛🎃😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛🎃 🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓BACON!!!!!!❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗
  • I'm probably going to give either the V30, Galaxy Note8 or Pixel XL2 a try just to see where Android is at right now. I'm leary of trusting LG or Samsung to keep their phones updated regularly and I hate the fact that they're allowed to make so many altercations to the OS. If Pixel 2 doesn't have wireless charging or SD card then I should probably nix it outright even though I like the better update prospects for it. I'm going to attempt using the phones with just Google apps and then with just Microsoft apps to see whether Microsoft's current plan has any realistic chance of long term success. My bias is that MS is going to struggle to get Android users to seriously consider using any MS apps. How many people are using their Android phones like Bill Gates says he is? My guess is very few. I absolutely hate the Chrome web browser on PC so I'm not sure if I'll be able to adapt to it on Android or if maybe I can use something like Firefox instead.
  • Nokia 8 is promissed to use stock Android, and Nokia people are promissing frequent updates, tightly synced to vanilla Android updates. What Nokia 8 misses - for me - is lack of wireless charging. It is also only splash-resistant, but ok; my 950XL isn't even that, never had a problem.
  • Nokia does not have amoled screen which means no glance screen (always on). That turned me away.
  • Nokia 9 is just around the corner. That's the one to wait for
  • I am not sure, but I think 9 will also get ips panel... Though nokia 6 is only now available on stock in Czech Republic so it will take @ whole year to hit our market...
  • For me it's going to be the Note 8
    though. I'm really psyched to upgrade this year ^^! But Android holds several truly great devices this year of several manufacturers this year! PS. do more people have difficulties posting comments trough the Windows 10 app? Can type a comment t but it wont post it when I press the button >.<  
  • "do more people have difficulties posting comments trough the Windows 10 app? Can type a comment t but it wont post it when I press the button" Yes, posting from the Windows app is totally broken for me too.  
  • I post using the edge browser no problem. More websites are becoming better versions of native apps lately that I don't even bother looking for apps in the store anymore. 
  • I have the same issue
  • You will not be disappointed. If you have to leave Windows, the Note8 is a BEAST. I use mine for work and it is hands down the best phone I've ever owned. And I've had every phone you can think of to get to this point. iPhone 7 plus, LG G6, v20, v10, s7plus, etc. Also 950xl with continuum and 1520
  • If there is no sign of life for the rumored ultramobile PC device next year, I would consider to switch to Note (2018) which is supposed to include a foldable screen.
  • Same here if they ever release the darn thing.
  • In the main article picture..... Just look how much better the WP UI looks compared to that 1980s iPhone Atari UI... SMDH
    That alone is what makes WP fans sad.
    Microsoft better carry this over to thier Ultramoble Surface... Cshell better default to this superiorly beautiful start screen.
  • Yep!!!! The thing is, Atari was awesome, in the 80's 😎.
    Windows on phones/devices is the ONLY way to go. Keeping my X3 /950xl/640xl until I die. Use an Android for 1 app that I need, yes - 1. And I use that app once a week. Then I chuck it because I can't look at that OS. The truth is that there is no other mobile OS other than WM. If MS cannot handle that, and Groove etc. Then they need to sell it to somebody who can.
  • In no universe is any Apple or Android product a worthy option. None.
  • So, consider this then. When Windows 10 Mobile eventually goes the way we all expect it to go, and you just can't use a phone with it on. What do you do then? I assume you're saying you'll just not use a phone?
  • Switch to a Windows 10 PC with telephony or some kind of miniaturized HoloLens? IDK. I can make a strong case as to why iOS and Android are huge downgrades for Windows users. Too bad Nadella can't. I never liked that guy or thought he deserved the job. Elop would've been a better choice as CEO with Nadella managing Azure team. I do not want to switch to any Apple products ever. Apple are a very slow, dictatorial money grubbing tech company.
  • I agree I can't or won't switch to either I was considering an S8, But after realizing the phones made in S, k and that nut job in N, K I feel AA though getting an S8 is wrong like he's getting the money or something, if Nextel was still an option i'd go back in a heartbeat!!!  I loved my 2-way, but love my 950 and Idol 4s not going anywhere if I don't have to.😝
    I Can't stand CEO T C he's nothing more than Money Hungary, and I don't trust Google either they wasn't all your info, no thanks, at least I can trust MSFT with my info.
    MSFT  I'm here to stay😍
  • That's a really silly reason to not get an S8 based entirely on a lack of knowledge about global politics and geography. South Korea has less of a connection to North Korea than the USA has to Mexico or Canada... Or the UK or Australia for that matter. They share a landmass, that's it. Aren't you worried buying a Nextel would fund Putin? After all, they're originally a French company, and France and Russia DO share a landmass...
  • I'm still aghast that you refused to buy a phone that was made in South Korea based on a lunatic leader in NORTH Korea. That's like me refusing to buy something made by Mexicans or Canadians because Donald Trump is a lunatic leader also hell bent on causing WW3.
  • Amazon phone 😁
  • Flip phone, for the win!
  • Richard Devine; I'm sure that he will do as I will do, just upgrade to the next version (from Windows 10 mobile, to Windows 10 on a mobile device, a matter of semantics), which is rumored to allow us to run win32 desktop programs (via CShell), something that will not be possible on either of the competing mobile OSs.  This is what I and my employees have been eagerly awaiting!
  • As long as the phone is 4G capable, it doesn't matter how old it is.   I'm using a windows 7.8 phone, LG Optimus on Tmobile, with no problems, and I have no intention of ever switching away from Windows Phone.   if they go to a completely new network, i might think about it then, but considering how long 2g, and 3g networks lasted, i'm not worried. later -1
  • Use a Surface Ultramoble... Duhgghhhhhhhhhhgggghhhgghgghhhhhhhhghhhhhhhh
  • I've already come to terms with the fact that I'll be switching back to a flip phone after my 950xl dies. I use no Apple or Google products and I understand that because of that decision my options are limited and I'm cool with it.
  • "worthy" - agree. "eventual necessity if MS doesn't produce *something* to buy" - possibly.
  • Sure they are.  These are phones, not sacred religious artifacts.  When you inevitably have to move to an iPhone or Android phone, you'll have that initial pain period as you adjust, and you'll move on.  It won't be the end of the world.
  • For some here, it will be more than just the end of the world, it will be the end of life as they know it! :)
  • It's not an adjustment period that remotely bothers me. I WILL NOT gift my privacy to Google, nor will I pour my money down an out of date Apple drain. I will go back to Symbian before either of those options happen.
  • Yeah, Microsoft harvests & sells your information too. Just like google, apple, facebook, Amazon, etc....
  • I'm sure the others do it to some degree too, I'm not under some kind of illusion otherwise... But the others (Facebook excepted) haven't predominately built their businesses off the back of mining and selling data. If it works for you, then great - but it bothers me, and I choose to not be a part of it.
  • Sure, I get that & I'm not second guessing your choice. I switched to Android awhile back. Disabled pretty much all the Google services, use Firefox as my browser, disable location tracking unless I really need directions somewhere, & I use a VPN for most of my internet activity. I still assume google, Microsoft & Amazon buy, sell, & trade every single scrap of data they can pull from me. We're all carrying around internet connected location trackers with cameras & microphones, it's only logical to assume you're being monitored by some sort of entity at some point for whatever reason.
  • Google don't sell your data. I've got no stake in them, but that's a huge misconception. They do harvest user data, but they hoard it for themselves... If they sold it, their business model would've fallen to pieces and they'd be deader than Microsoft's mobile sales.
  • Apple doesn’t sell your data. They even shut down their Ad Service a year or two ago. That on Earth are you talking about. Apples even going as far as to remove Facebook and Twitter integration from their Mobile devices.  They don’t even harvest the data for Proactive Siri, Photo Faces, iMessages etc. for themselves...  all of that stuff never leaves your devices and is end to end encrypted in transit.  Can an you say the same about Microsoft or Google devices? Microsoft won’t even let you shut off the telemetry in Windows 10. This stuff is off by default in Apple’s OSes (desktop and mobile) - and only 3-4 check boxes in settings.  Safari has tracking protection built in now, and turned off by default. Microsoft and Google won’t even implement low resource content blockers (Chrome doesn’t even have a reader mode in the public release)! It’s ts absolutely amazing how much you clueless people have to say, here...
  • Great, thanks for educating us.
  • Thanks for that i needed to hear that, i have been wondering about that Question, . You excicuted the answer perfectly.
  • The only official contract we have is the terms and conditions and I invite you to compare them like I did. MS Terms and conditions are very different and far less evil than those from Google where they clearly state they own everything you upload and they can sell it or modify it. Microsoft is a company that has a very different business model (enterprise) and Google pretend they give you everything for free but they don't
  • It isn't 2006 any longer.
  • Really obnoxious to tell everyone how easy it is to just move when you have no clue what software they use on their Windows machine. For example I bought tons of movies and tv shows from Microsoft's store and there is absolutely no way to ever watch them on iOS or Andriod. I also rely on 3rd party apps like MyTube and Tweetium and several dozen others that aren't on iOS to sync my data on PC. Maybe if  you never use PC anymore that isn't an issue, but that's not me yet. MyTube blocks all ads on YouTube, do alternatives to these apps exist on iOS? Don't tell everyone how easy it is to just switch when you have no clue what software that person actually uses every day.
  • There are alternatives for all those apps on Android. I am not sure about iPhone. Why would you buy content that is platform locked? That sucks.
  • He’s talking about phones, and the chances that what they use on a Windows phone either doesn’t exist or isn’t eclipsed by something substantially better on iOS is lower than being struck by lightning. 
  • Exactly Commodus,   I was reluctant to move from my 1020 to my 6s,  but,  Nadella made it easier, by lying about all kinds of windows mobile stuff that should have been included on my 1020.   I got my iphone 6s,  fired it up,  used it for a week.  After that week,  I did not care about my 1020 anymore.  Having app freedom, accessory freedom, etc is worth the costs of moving to apple.   Android is ALL OVER THE PLACE.  Meaning it is a MESS.   Apple has their os shored up great.  It's smooth, faster than the rest and everything works correctly!
  • Wrong.
  • @Scuba I'm with you!  Neither is a worthy choice.  When all of my current Windows Phones stop working I'll cross that bridge when I get there.  As for now I'm good for a while.  I do believe within a year or two Microsoft will be selling new phones. 
  • Enjoy using silly web sites on a a cappy second rate unsupported phone Scuba and Whodaboss.   The world, and MS has moved on,  you should to.   I get the fanboy spazz out,  but you will see the grass is really greener on the other side.
  • @Steve, I've tried to graze on those other greener pastures and it gave me a belly ache.  :) I plainly do not like Android.  It's too much work to complete what should be an easy task.  Windows Phone for all its faults you can figure things out easily.  I use an iPhone 7 every day for work.  It's not Windows Phone.  I love my Live Tiles!  Microsoft will come through. 
  • George, thanks for your insight. Probably have better experiences with your fitness bands now too, eh? ;-) Was thinking if our family had to switch our seven W10M phones it would be to Android, based on Zac's reporting, but this gives us something to think about. <sigh>
  • I totally agree with this article, being a user that had to change from Windows 10 Mobile to Android and eventually back to iOS (which I has before taking the leap to Win10Mobile). The home screen of Windows 10 Mobile is simply the best. Nothing can beat that, in my opinion.  Just one thing though: I really like the iPhone's camera (having an iPhone 7).
  • I cannot think myself dealing with those 80's styled icons of  iOS or Android. Live tiles are the best, Windows Phone has the best home screen. I could purchase a different phone only when other OSs implement live tiles!
  • Android Widgets are just fully featured Live Tiles. Live Tiles are useless in comparison. Can't scroll through them, control music, reply to message or do anything interactive with Live Tiles. They really are pointless.
  • It's a matter of style, if you can't see the difference, I don't know how to help.
  • Just remember those "80s" style icons MEANS APPS....something that windows mobile does not have  making the phone near useless as a true mobile device.
  • What you think useless is useful to others.
  • You are absolutely correct, the Metro Tile was the best thing that happened ot mobile devices. MS could not capitolize on anything, even if it smacked them in the face. Can you lisence the Metro capabilities to Apple? I am sure they will perfect it.... and MS can make their $$s, which is all bean counters there care about... untill they go the way of BlackBerry/RIM.
  • No nothing can beat it but you can match it more or less exactly using Squarehome 2.  
  • Though it's a pain in the ass to edit, add and move tiles, otherwise most of the functionality is there
  • Except for few costumisations i can`t say i really miss anything from my 950 switching to the 7 Plus ... even the IPS display is so good that i foget that is not an OLED screen and boy do apps work like a charm on iOS... MS made me loose any interest in w/e they have to offer ..
  • No way am I locking into Apple's ecosystem where I have to wait 5+ years to get features like wireless charging and Full HD displays, where memory cards will never be supported, where cables and accessories are all non-standard. Apple is very slow at implementing new tech and they love to enforce walled gardens around their software and hardware. Apple technology will never be an option for me and the decision to drop Bing search seals the deal permanently. Apple will never play well with others, too controlling and dictatorial of a company. Everyone who uses Apple is a sheep being fleeced by overpriced hardware (how do you think they became the richest company in the world without selling anything close to the most hardware?). Apple's AI and Maps are also considered the absolute worst on the market. Apple makes nice looking hardware and that's about it.
  • Good luck to you my friend...but dont hold your breath on it... it costs a premium for a reason.. the company supports it. You paid a premium for your 950 and what did you get? You can by a Ferrari or a KIA  
  • I think it's rude to call Apple a KIA. They may have the worst technology on the market and be the slowest to implement high tech like high defintion/OLED/QI/OIS, but they're not KIA. I'm not interested in driving a Ferrari either as it's a completely impractical car that is only sold to insecure people who need to impress other shallow people with how much money they wasted on a car. Seriously what idiot buys a Ferrari as their daily driver? 
  • I did buy a Kia.  I would take it over a Ferrari any day.
  • Laevanay, the Iphones cost a premium so Apple can make disgustingly massive profits off the back of the poor schmucks who feel it necessary to pay well over the odds for their hardware. 
  • I had Lumia 930 / 950 ... not once have i used wireless charging ... at the rate that these phones use battery i often need to use them while charging ... good luck in doing with wireless ...  HD display ... what a BS ... neither the 1080p of the 930 nor the 1440p from the 950 looked anything spectactular over what the iphone shows ... true that i`m currently running a 7 Plus that has 1080p but neither the iPhone 6 of a friend doesn`t look anything bad compared to the Lumias ...  I also shared a hatered towards Apple and still have but the iPhones are simply way better than what MS has to offer ..  Apple doesn`t play well with others ... but what do i have to say about Microsoft when they don`t support their own stuff ?  [img][/img]
  • Every room in my house including the bathroom has wireless chargers. Every phone that enters this house has Qi. There's a reason why Apple had to finally come around to adopting wireless charging 5 years late to the market. I've been using wireless charging since the Palm Pre came out in 2009. Up until recently Apple was still using 720p LCD displays on their phones and selling them for the same price as phones with 2K OLED displays. So you don't care about having the best technology or paying more for lower tech, great for you. Apple suits you. I want to have the newest technology, not wait 5+ years for Apple to decide if they want to accept the new standard or lock me out of it for life. You're satisifed with accepting whatever low standard Apple gives you. I prefer competition and choice in the market that drives technology forward fast. Enjoy your walled garden.
  • You're lying. I less you live in some other country it's almost impossible that you know no iPhone users. I had Android phones and I've never cared about Wireless charging. I won't be upgrading my iPhone for that feature. It's useless to me, since the Plus has amazing (and consistent) battery life and I can do without more glass on my phone.    The iPhone has Over 40% marketshare in the US. You can't even go to the projects without seeing tons of them. 90% of the people I know use them. One of the last few people i knew with a Galaxy note just got an iPhone because the note "was acting up, and cause of viruses." Dishonesty is a terrible debate tactic. Try harder. Also, I would never put my phone on a wireless charger in someone's bathroom. You don't know what kind of germs or pathogens can be sitting there (which don't bother them, but will bother you). 
  • Ha. I meant people who live in this house don't buy phones without wireless chargers since the house is equipped with wireless chargers, but yeah I guess I also don't associate with anyone who would uses Apple now that you mention it. So it's okay to leave a toothbrush in your bathroom that you put in your mouth, but not a wireless charger/bluetooth speaker that I use every single day to listen to podcasts and music while I'm in the shower?  Sounds like you're OCD. I've had that JBL charger/speaker in the bathroom for many years and nobody is getting ill.  Yes the iPhone still has a lot of market share in the U.S. but in most countries in the world it has very little market share and is as irrelevant as the Mac in those countries. Bottom line regardless of how little interest you have in wireless tech Apple finally had to give into market demand and expectations for the feature. P.S. Seeing something in the projects is not a selling point. Many people in the projects spend too much money on their sneakers and rims too. Not something for our country to be proud of or aspire to.
  • ".......but yeah I guess I also don't associate with anyone who would uses Apple now that you mention it."  Really? You're that shallow that you decide who you associate with based off of what mobile platform they use? That might be the most ridiculous thing I've seen someone say on this site. There's trade offs with every company. Microsoft is a shining example.. MS can't hold a candle to Apple when it comes to support for their phones. You're talking about the latest and greatest technology like it's required to buy the phone. Sorry, the most important thing to a lot of ppl (myself included) is that they know their phone will still have support years down the road. That in and of itself is worth more than some stupid wireless charging that really isn't wireless and really isn't practical. You can't even use your phone while it's charging through Qi tech. Android is pretty bad as well. GooD luck getting an update on less than 6 months to a year. Heck Google doesn't even support the Nexus anymore. That's crazy. You're spouting your opinion like it's fact. 
  • Qi charging is painfully slow. So hard to deal with the slow charge times for the simple trade off of having to take an extra second to plug in. 
  • Especially with the 📱 getting fast (wired) charging. There is no point to Qi outside of acting like you’re living in the future at Starbucks. 
  • Yeah, I don't understand that. Are you going to wait around in Starbucks for the several hours it takes to charge your phone wirelessly?
  • Can't understand anything you have written.
  • what happen to this site? This people know something we don't know?? I change my Lumia 950XL to HP elite X3 and I still happy, this site has change, the news about windows mobile are, change the windows phone to Android or IOS...
  • Because in 2 months, that is the decision you will be making... WM10 is EOL.... move on..  
  • I want WM10 to EOL since Microsoft has WOA. That doesn't mean I want garbage like iOS or Siri or Apple Maps or dongles. 
  • Laevanay; You may be confusing the end of a product SKU called Windows 10 mobile (product support is actually scheduled to run thru 10-13-2018).  There is talk of the next iteration of Windows 10 to run on all form factors, including mobile.  It won't be called Windows 10 mobile, but will be Windows 10 on mobile (with greater capabilities than the current SKU), and while we'll need to upgrade our hardware to run it, most of us will be ready for new hardware by then anyway.
  • What windows mobile/phone news would you like them to write about?
  • Even if there are no Windows Mobile news at the moment, that doesn't mean they have to write about switching to iOS. They shoud find another job or open a new website about iOS news... I remember I was a winbeta reader and switched to windowscentral because of a similar article they made about switching to Android...I guess it's time for me to switch to another blog again...
  • When you find one with all the latest windows mobile news be sure to let us know.
  • I would like to see someone at Microsoft have the backbone to say Windows 10 Mobile is dead,........ Not happening. If someone does say that there will be legal ramifications. Consumers will start filling legal cases against Microsoft
  • Legal cases based on what?
  • I don't think it's about consumers so much as it is companies like HP who Microsoft probably made support commitments to. In any case they're probably thinking it's best not to annouce W10M is dead until we're ready to announce a mobile replacement. The company isn't working on CSHELL, WOA, UWP, HoloLens for no reason. I know W10M enthusiasts like to act like Microsoft's involvment in mobile computing hinges on W10M living on, but it's not true. Many people inside of Microsoft seem to buy into the idea that the smartphone is not the future of mobile computing. 
  • Satya Nadella's new book says that. He says that the Nokia purchase was a mistake and three competing platforms is too much (something among those lines).
  • How much more does Microsoft have to say?   The newest version of Visual Studio can create apps for iOS and android, but not Win 10 mobile.   Microsoft is selling Android phones.   Nadella has said 3 mobile OSes is pointless. Wake up.   
  • If only I had 1200 C$ to drop on a "smart" phone...
  • Most people don't. Where have you been since forever? IPhone 8 also doesn't cost that much. Read blog post title 😉
  • I know the regular iphone 8 costs less.  But doesn't it say 8 plus?
  • The 8 Plus is $7-899 or so. That’s a long way from $1,200 dollars. Person is referring to the 256 GB iPhone X - assuming the dollars were American. That model is ~$1,150 at the 256 GB SKU. 
  • He's talking about Canadian dollars.
  • iPhone... Hahaha
    Do you use Mac, or PC?
  • Or a NOTE 8.
  • I don't care what you do personally, but this is a Windows blog... And I really don't think this is an appropriate article.
    It's not something I care to read, so go get a job with Engadget.
  • Who had a gun to your head for you to read this? Frankly I think it's fine as iot doe snot promote anything, it just describes the author's choices and reasoning. Now if we follow up with a series of 'this is how you change from X to Y' that's different, but I think this is just fine.
  • It's really not a quality article though because you need to spend considerable time with a platform before you really know how comfortable you will be with it. Spending a week on a new phone you don't yet realize all the problems you are headed for. I guarantee this guy will not still be using iOS in 3-5 years; he just knows and cares too much about technology to ever be comfortable with Apple longterm. A casual tech user could probably be comfortable with Apple for life. Apple makes a great first impression. It takes time to discover all the flaws and friction. There are lots of angry frustrated Apple users out there.  
  • I didnt read it. I saw the headline. And he has (or 'they have') done "this is how you switch" articles..
  • You're making that comment as if Devan ask you for your opinion.
  • I agree, you'll have my full backing when you are appointed editor in chief and veto such a heinous attack on our Windows loving sensibilities! /s
  • A job with Engadget? Nah.. for me it's Windows Central or nothing at all. Plus kinda enjoying the retired life. Have a great day!
  • Would you by a Surface Ultramoble, George?
  • Widgets? 😂
  • iOS is boring.... Even my 950 is more exciting.
  • I wouldn't say Windows was the best mobile OS on the market.  Microsoft has routinely treated Windows' mobile version as a side project, as something that was really just a means of selling you on Windows for PCs.  While it has introduced some good concepts, it has long felt like it's in a perpetual state of catch-up. Contrast that with Apple and Google: both of them treat their mobile platforms as crucial to the company, to the point where it changed Apple's entire focus in the space of a few years.  That's the kind of commitment Microsoft needed to make Windows' mobile software succeed, and it was never willing to give that for fear of upsetting its main cash cow.
  • It was not allowed to be the best. Improvements came too far and too few. It was different, it was unique and it was great for the most part. MS kept moving the goal post otherwise live tiles were the best thing but developers just could not keep up with MS's lack of direction and strategy. 
  • It was never great. It was lackluster, but many were willing to support it while it blossomed into something more viable - the way Android did. Personally I jump off after Windows Phone 7.5. By then, I feel most of this was reliably foreseeable. Those who stuck with it were relying too much on hooe, and not enough on common sense and rational observation. 
  • I would. It was slow to develop but I would say 10 was the best on the market for a number of reasons including patch tuesday, live tiles (vs a wall of many icons), long term stability and usability, UWP to name a few feature.
  • Patch tuesday means they were NEVER FINISHED trying to make the OS reliable.  IOS has far fewer "patch tuesdays"  since its already complete before it gets to the hands of the customers.   Unlike MS where the customer IS the QC and Testers.
  • I was at the local BestBuy last night and got to play with one. One word descriptions - tacky, gaudy. But I guess that is what the kids are looking for today. Actually, by the way it is selling, maybe it is not.
  • Honestly taking a long view of the phone market I see this playing out a lot like the PC industry did. Android seems headed for a Windows like monopoly with iOS becoming the new Mac OS niche. It's already that way pretty much everywhere in the world outside of a few countries like America. I just don't see the majority of the world tolerating Apple's inflated prices, slow adoption of new technology, and proprietary systems and cables. If it is not already then Android is well on it's way to becoming the standard for mobile computing. iPhone will become increasingly niche like Macs. iPad is already niche and dying.   For the record I'm not a huge Android fan either as I don't like their policies of allowing OEMs to change the OS or to refuse to update the OS when updates are available. I also don't like Google's (or Facebooks) extreme data mining of users for profit; I believe it is unethical and dangerous for the world to turn over so much personal data to these companies. If not for what those companies will do to their users, then for what an enemy country or hackers could do with that data when they eventually breach Google or Facebook. Look at what happened to Sony executives and employees when North Korea got ahold of their data. Imagine what our enemies can do to other people in positions of power. Google and Facebook control and store way too much info about everyone.
  • iPhone will never be an option, Android is much closer to WIndows Mobile as an OS and Android hardware is much more likely to (eventually) offer the option of dual boot if at any time WIndows mobile may get back to a point where it's worth considering. Android has developed much faster and is way ahead of iOS which really is the same OS as 10 years ago with mainly cosmetic changes. Apple hardware is always way overpriced.   I went from the 930 to the OnePlus 5 and while I dearly miss the start screen, I really do not see myself going back.
  • I got a Samsung 8plus... and do not like it...
  • I also do not like it having come from a 950xl and many others before it. However, the cost of the iPhone ecosystem is just too expensive when compared with the S8+'s features
  • Same. Galaxy 8 plus and really (REALLY) dont like it, even a month or so later... after everything has been installed and I've gotten used to the quirks. 
    I used a win10 launcher that has live tiles. its ok, but not the same, not as slick.   
  • I have to strongly disagree with Android being closer to MS. I chose android because you can customize it more, and I did so with MS app (just like Mr. Gates). But on a deeper level I'm not sure I support this statement.
  • Awesome comment!!!
  • Android
  • Android is the only choice, with SquareHome2
  • I switched to a LG G5 two months ago I picked up off ebay for $200 and I must say this phone as made my transition quite easy. Having a great camera set up, removable battery, 2K screen, always on screen, and double tap to wake made me miss my past Nokia/Microsoft devices must less than I thought I would. I honestly don't see how someone can go from Windows Mobile to iOS though! They're complete opposites. I could never give up having on screen navigation keys.
  • "I do think the build quality of the 950XL and other Windows Phones is better than the iPhone" Sorry but this has to be a joke or a typo, right? Especially the plastic 950(XL)'s build quality is lightyears behind every iPhone ever made, and that's coming from a Microsoft fan.
  • This....
  • I assume he's talking about durability in reference to build quality. Yes Apple products look and feel nice when they're new. The Lumia 950 backs were intentionally designed to be replaced. You could say it's a scummy thing to do to put on such a cheap cover by default, but I also like the customization of being able to put on a leather or wood back to my Lumia. Oh and of course the wireless charging necessitates glass or plastic so metal was never an option. I'm glad they did not release the metal Lumia as wireless charging is more important than having a heavy phone that scratches easily.
  • I went thru 4 iPhones within 2 years because of hardware failure. No drops or water damage, just failure. I had a 928 and I'd take the Polycarbonate over Aluminum or Glass anyday of the week.
  • cough *bullshit* cough.
  • Believe me or not, this is what happened to me and my iPhone 4S: 3 blown receiver speakers, 1 of those had a bad battery and 1 replacement didn't last a weekend due to locking up every few hours. 2 of those phones I got from the Apple store. Unfortunately I don't think I can prove it because I switched email addresses.
    My wife had a power button go bad on her first iPhone 4S. She had a battery go bad on a 5S. Now she is looking to get her 6S replaced. I don't know why. She hasn't said much about it until recently.
  • Turns out I can prove some of them. This was after my email change. Turns out, I scheduled an appointment for my wife to get her receiver speaker replaced on her 5S too.
  • 😭😭😭😭
  • With "the end" of Win10 mobile.. I'll get one of those Grandma phones.
  • My grandma has an iPhone.
  • you don't know what a 'Grandma phone' is? 
  • My grandma has an iPhone.
  • My grandma has a L640 because a smartphone is too much for her.
  • 😂😂
  • apple has the best support, unlike Microsoft... i hate it service and product, so unreliable
  • I switched to the Moto Z2 force edition. I've always like Moto build quality, and my hope** is that the faster CPU of this high end device will prevent Android from getting caught up in its own muck. In terms of phone design it is solid, thin and attractive. The 4 year warrenty on the screen against damage and cracks is very nice. It reassures you your getting that same Lumia build quality. The camera is, ok. It does have HDR which I didn't enable until recently so we'll see if that (and professional mode) helps any.  My switch has reminded me that microsoft was years behind in device design, and that was always hard. That said, where they're ahead of the game is with Cortana, and features like having the device (out of the box) read you your incoming text messages when on bluetooth. I still haven't figured out how to get this moto to do that. My hope is Microsoft fixes all my problems with future Cortana updates. Ironically I found some of the apps on windows to be better thought out (though less frequently updated). For instance I haven't found a hurricane app as good as hurricane tracker on windows (which I still use on PC).I miss having the same apps running on my desktop that I have on my phone, but again microsoft stepped in and gave me my push notifications and low battery notification on my PC even though I have android now.  There are pluses and minuses. I don't know if I would say the grass is greener, but I'm happy enough with my switch. And honestly at this point I don't know how I feel about future MS mobile efforts. Their problem isn't just marketing, it's fundamentally bad management.  
  • I picked up the same phone 2 weeks ago. I like the phone a lot. Looking forward to getting some mods. Kinda dissapointed that the camera doesn't have OIS. I will be saving up for the Hasselblad mod just for this.
  • I was seriously dissapointed that the (useless) projector was the only free motomod VZW was offering. I ended up skipping. I seriously have no idea when I would use one. Initially I had been told you could get any of them, and I was intrigued because I wanted the same camera back. Now.. Well. Meh.
  • I applied for the projector over the weekend just to see what it's like, so it will be a few weeks before I get it. I was looking at eBay for the camera. They are about $175, which is cheaper than $250+ new from stores. If it drains battery like I've heard, I will grab the power pack. I will probably get the power pack anyway. For $50 it will be worth it when we go on vacation.
  • Same feelings here.
  • If I wanted iPhone, I should have picked it instead of WP
  • I've known for nearly a year that I have to make the jump to iPhone but I still have not pulled the trigger. I also do not trust Android so iPhone is only option. If Blackberry and carriers still offered BB7 phones with cheap plans I might be tempted but iPhone it is. I just haven't decided on the model. You're experience is about what I'm expecting--going to miss the OS but the apps will sure be nice. I think Nadella really blew it. He is nothing more than a tepid cost cutter. That is okay for awhile but MS will need someone more conifdent and bold before long  
  • Agree that Nadella has no vision other than sell cloud to enterprise. He said he wanted to make people "love" Windows, but he is failing badly at that. Unless there is some massive progress being made on Windows behind the scenes, a competent plan to win back developer interest and some kind of revolutionary devices waiting in the wings I seriously think Nadella & Myerson are putting Windows OS in enormous peril. I don't want to see Windows OS become the next Blackberry, but where are we headed without developers or mobile devices and a PC market that declines every year?
  • I just went from the 640XL to the iPhone8.  The Microsoft apps work wonderfully on the iPhone. Android was not an option. The less Google in my life, the better.
  • A phone with a glass back could be the worst reason for considering the purchase of a $1000 phone or ANY phone. The iPhone 8 has already been dissed by a major tech insurance company because of its "fragile" glass back. By the way, worst sales ever for an Apple device.  Could it be the glass back?
  • Or people are waiting for the X
  • My son recently switched to iPhone 7 and while it's a nice phone I fail to see other than apps (most of which ever get used) what makes these phones so popular. I can deal with the differences. I suppose what really bothers me is the fact that there is just no individuality. Everyone sports an iPhone or an Android for the coolness factor. I'll stick with my Wp until it's no longer functional. It currently does everything I need.
  • Facebook nation... Whatever is popular is "best" even when it's not any good. I've been an iPhone user for several generations (provided by employer) and I like Windows phone and Android better. I cannot really identify anything special about the iPhone, and I don't care for the Apple cult so there is no popularity factor. It's just a device, and nothing to write home about. My $99 ZTE Blade X Max (personal cell) costs a small fraction of an iPhone of the same size and I think it does everything better than the iPhone I use for work. At the very least, the iPhone is absurdly overpriced.
  • 14 years in on windows on mobile. Will continue on to the next thing.
  • Never Apple...
  • Funny, very timely article, as I'm going through the exact same scenario - Lumia 950 XL to iPhone 8 Plus, and for some of the same reasons, like my family all have iPhones.  I did install SwiftKey as I still can't believe there's no native swipe typing on iOS.  I may still return it and wait for the iPhone X tho...  :)
  • I've now use them all. If you are going to spend bug bucks, I'd say get the Note 8. If you are going to spend less, bypass the mid-level androids and go with an iPhone 7 or 8. But Samsung did it right this time with the Note and I can't see the iPhone X put doing it.
  • George; I'm sorry to hear that you were having problems with your 950XL, I have not had similar issues with mine, so I have no interest in switching.  And also unlike you, all of my family members (and employees) use Windows 10 phones (all 950s or 950XLs), so switching would actually cause a discontinuity in our sharing processes.  I can't wait for CShell on Windows mobile devices (and yes, I realize that we will need to upgrade our devices, they are getting a bit long in the tooth anyway), hoping to be able to run my win32 engineering models on mobile (a gaping hole with the current implementation of Continuum).
  • *Grabs popcorn*
  • We just had to leave the Win 10 mobile platform and after looking at our options we went with Galaxy Note 8 phones. I am not in love with Droid but I found that it was far more capable than iPhones and there is no way I want Bonjour service from Apple on our PC's.
    I do miss the live tiles and the clean look. I wish Microsoft would stick with their commitments to us.
    I do however love the Win 10 creators update.
  • You don't need iTunes to use an iPhone. That's a pretty ignorant reason to not pick one. And Bonjour is honorable in the grand scheme of things. Lies also i stalls all manner of bloat on your PC, but almost no Note users use it. 
  • Where to start? This article is so simplistic and not particularly well written. How do "I've been researching options" and "the iPhone does not act like an external drive." match up? On what planet is a plastic 950x better built than any iPhone from the 4 upwards? The big chinned iPhone 8 is getting roundly hammered in reviews and for good'd have been better off financially getting a 7 or better still a 6s, as they're basically the same device bit for less money.  And at least the 6s still has a headphone socket. But like a lot of things, that didn't get a mention here. If you wanted proper flexibility, Android would have been the better choice. The S8 phones are streets ahead of the iPhone 8. Samsung have done a great job with their latest offerings, and this can only bode well for competition from others.  However, if you like iOS, good for you, really, as long as you don't mind playing catch-up and getting locked in to stuff like iTunes, iMessage and Facetime.
  • I also get really mad about people buying phones. Rrraggrrr.
  • Considered the Samsung Galaxy 8 and found it to be an excellent phone. Android just didn't do anything for me. I do think the Lumia Windows Phones have better build quality and if you see things different, that's fine. The iPhones aren't too shabby with the water resistance, but I kinda wish they used Gorilla Glass. The leading factors in choosing the 8 over the 7 or 6S was the new processor and wireless charging. I don't listen to music often from my smartphone, so the missing headphone jack wasn't an issue. Not everyone is going to agree with my choice and that's okay. I know that I'm not the only Windows Phone user to face this decision and thought sharing my thoughts might help. In the least, I hoped it would stir up conversation on the issue that would help others in the same boat.
  • I think iPhones do use gorilla glass. 
  • What Lock Screen app is that? I want those modifications haha. How does it work with Hello? Music controls?
  • Never used apple products until recently been given an iPad, must admit this is no way closer to W10 products. Would never switch, this is nightmare for me. I am sure MS will have plans and would rather wait.
  • They do have a plan.  make their software available on android and IOS.   Simple...Nadella said it himself...the world does not need a third OS in mobile.  GAME OVER, DONE,  IT'S OVER JOHNNY,  FINITO, many times do people have to say it before the little MS FANBOYS here get it....
  • Those boring grid of icons though.. :/
  • Agreed. The iOS start screen and the lock screen both look awful and stuck in 2007. The notification center looks better on iOS and that's about it. I don't think I could tolerate iOS for more than a day looking at that icon grid. My guess is I would have to try to live in the notification center. Also when you say I bought an iPhone because my friends/family all have it, never complain when someone calls you a sheep. Are we better off using whatever our less tech savvy friends choose than to use whatever is the best tech on the market and try to bring them to those devices? I am sympathetic that awful leadership at Microsoft put many people into these bad situations where they're choosing the lesser of two "evils." But Nadella apparently sees no reason for a 3rd ecosystem in mobile ... or at all.
  • They are rather boring. Kinda surprised Apple has not updated that aspect of iOS. Maybe they'll invent Live Tiles with iOS 12....
  • Maybe they learned from Microsoft removing the start menu from 8. Just sayin, when you alter an interface people have grown accustomed to, you are playing with fire nowadays.
  • They'll allow users place the icons wherever they want once Apple's market drops below 5% within a couple of years from now. Live tiles will never come to ios, since most users are too stupid to manage anything other than static icons. 
  • In fairness I don’t think iOS can be everyone’s only daily driver. I have the 6S Plus and L950XL - Use the XL to store my music (much easier treating it as an ext hard drive), use Cortana and keep my work emails on it (email on iOS is glitchy as). In terms of Apps iOS wins hands down - I barely look for apps on Windows anymore. For those with a 950 or XL even when 10M goes, I won’t stop using some of the unique features this stunning hardware offers.
  • Let's just hope MS can bring their coming handheld on an agreeable price too, and not only as the 800$ PC they would like it to be...
  • Experienced shutting down etc... bought a new accu and it works fine now. 
  • "Move on"???  My 950Xl is 2 years old, I bought 2 spare accus so I anticipate to use it another 8 years or so. So 699€ / 10 years.. sounds like a "sound" investment.  For work I am on iOS now for 5 years. Switching to iOS privately? no thank you, I'd  rather go back to a flip phone.  Android? nope don't want the Google (evil) empire to become more evil...  :-)  
  • I agree.
  • Good luck with it. Seriously. I hope it works out. I don't fault anyone for sticking with Windows 10 Mobile for the long haul. That was my plan but things changed and it became no longer practical to hang on.
  • Tried ios and android, but the lack of information from the icons bugged me to no end and the fact the UX has not changed much from decades of old. Really, really makes me feel like I'm using a slightly more advanced nokia 3210.
  • Windows phone icons do not give more info than Android icons and Live Tiles give way less info and are much less useful than widgets.
  • Icons? The live tiles are way more efficient and not everything has widgets, plus widgets are often clunky. I don't have the time to swipe through multiple homescreens. I have more than a dozen emails and with the wide tiles I can see what I have to do at a glance. Plus the beauty of the Windows Phone UX, I can CHOOSE to have Icons or tiles displaying information. On ios for example, I have no choice but to app hop or scroll through endless amounts of notifications.
  • Not everything has a Live Tile and they are very clunky since they only show random information and aren't interactive at all. There is a reason they haven't caught on, they are totally useless. Widgets are much more useful and even they aren't that big of a feature. Anything a Live Tile can do, widgets do better. You certainly aren't going to see a dozen emails on a Live Tile, but the Outlook widget certainly will show all your emails and allow you to scroll and access them directly. A randomly flipping, non-interactive Live Tile is frustrating in comparison. Even if it does happen to show you something interesting, you don't know how long it will be veiwable and maybe it will be chaseable, but probably not and you have no way to know for sure.
  • Well Bleached, you may feel they are useless but not you're speaking for everyone. I see the first 3-4 emails and I have multiple wide tiles so yes I can see dozens of emails at a glance. I agree not every app has a live tile and for many basic apps suchas the calculator a live tile is not necessary. In regards to the live tiles not catching on, hah it's all about messaging and marketing. It's apparent you've conveniently forgotten the bias of sales reps who pushed customers to ios and android. Secondly, some will find the live tile flips fustrating when they are constantly glued to a phone screen, waiting for live tile changes / animations. Never the less if you wish to stay in your bubble that is entirely your choice.
  • Getting the message and marketing right is really hard when you have a bad product. I mean, Microsoft isn't good at marketing, but it doesn't matter that much when you have a great product. The Surface Pro is a perfect example. Microsoft's marketing was terrible with the dancers and the clicking but it didn't matter because it was a great product. You conveniently forgot the sales reps pushed people to Android and iOS because they were better experiences. Windows Phones had a high return rate and there was no reason for the salesman to suggest something you would probably return anyways. Especially when iPhone and Galaxy was almost guaranteed a good experience. Live Tiles and Widgets are kinda useless, but Widgets are way more useful if you want actionable information on the homescreen.
  • Oh, really. You're conveniently forgetting the initial write down Surface took before it was profitable. Look, if you cannot distinguish between inorganic and organic growth along with the factors that contribute to each side of the same of the (growth) coin. Lastly, Sales reps pushed their bias = low windows phone sales = lower customer base = lower app priority = high return rate. Regardless Windows Phone in certain markets had higher growth rates than ios and android. Until that momentum was stalled by silly decisions. Again, as I said it's a circular debate and it's apparent you will only want to see / read whatever you want. That is fine.     There is no point going round in a circular argument.
  • The Surface write down was for the RT, which they stopped making. Windows phone never had any momentum. Sales were always flat, never breaking 3% or ~10 million per quarter. Microsoft killed it for a reason.
  • I'll switch to another OS too, but once Microsoft make it. Until then I'm happy with my L950XL.
  • Have switched to the dark side (8+) for now.  Hoping to jump back if/when Microsoft ever release something worth jumping on to.
  • No iOS, No Android...I will continue using my L950 till MS stops support in 2019. For any app gap needs I will get an iPod Touch 6 or newer. If all of my windows phones discontinue working and no new device from MS, I would go with my nokia symbiam flip phone, most likely more secure phone than rest of them by far... 
  • You would have to text on the Symbian which is easily intercepted and unencrypted.
  • Talk about cutting your nose of to spite your face...
  • Yep...fanboys are dilusional!  
  • No, an Iphone 8 is not worth considering as an alternative to a Windows phone in my opinion when Android is far more flexible, can be customised to mimic the basic WP tile system and communicates far more easily with a PC than anything apple can offer.
  • Just picked up a refurbished Elite X3. Can't wait to get it. My 950 still works well but battery life is going down hill. For me switching to either would be a step down. I don't like the Apple premium nor the product lock-in. Android might be a capable option but I really dislike the OS fragmentation and slow roll-out of updates. In the end if forced with no other options I would probably go with an iPhone only because that is what my other family members use.
  • Windows Phone is way more fragmented than Android, especially since development is all but dead. Google Play supports devices all the way back to Gingerbread! That doesn't sound fragmented at all. Good luck getting support on a WP7 device from that time. It was dropped years ago.
  • Nope it is not. Windows Phone became fragmented, Android WAS fragmented by design. The open source nature of android had the unfortunate downside and plus Google is consolidating APIs into their "version of Android". If you want the full android experience - you either take everything google or use the bare husk that is AOSP and develop your own "platform". Therefore fragmented by DESIGN - emphasis on design.
  • What does fragmented even mean then? The vast majority of Android phones have access to the full Google Play Store, even very old devices. Apps continue to be compatible for several years. Android fragmentation doesnt actually have effect on the expereince. It is just a fancy term people like to throw around because they have no other point to make.
  • @Bleached, first of all you are the one who mentioned "fragmented" in the first place. Android is fragmented, perhaps you should research how many android devices have a certain qualcomm flaw. I'll give you a's almost a billion. Google has put the onus on OEM's to patch this bug. End of discussion.
  • My comment might get buried, but regardless, here we go. George, I had to double check the headline with your name. I was really surprised that you chose to switch from the Lumia 950 XL. I have strong memories of you recommending apps to us. Reading this post, I can understand why you did though. It's no good to keep fighting to use a phone that isn't working the way it should for you. I wish you the best with your iPhone 8 Plus. I think your experience will be helpful since a number of people are in this position that you are, especially if they have had their 950 (XL) since launch. I'm wondering if you use any Microsoft services, such as the Outlook, and OneDrive apps.
  • is it just me or should perhaps some of you guys leave this site entirely? Maybee try and write for androidplanet or ios planet or whatever. I go here for news of Windows (and mobile in particular) multiple times everyday but you guys are a bunch of whiners with more articles to switch FROM Win mobile than to it. Thats not a site i wanna read no more. 
  • Windows Mobile is dead. Why would they be writing articles about switching to it? It is going to be year(s), if ever, before Microsoft has a mobile platform available again. These articles are more than relevant in a time when Microsoft only sells Android in their flagship stores.
  • Just because it is a windows website does not mean they have to be delusional like you fanboys. They write based on reality, true facts, not pink ponies and fairies
  • looks like my post was deleted... Stop writing this crap and focus on what can be done with Win instead. If i wanna read up on ios or android theres plenty of sites covering that. A windows site covering on how to switch FROM windows hardware/software should perhaps close its doors while it still has some dignity. Enough now!
  • I think it's based on the not so subtle hint from Microsoft that they (or any of their OEM partners) don't want to invest in smart phones anymore.   instead they want to focus on innovative PCs including ARM based tablets with foldbale screens and cell connection... and of course also on Mixed reality headsets which expect to be big in couple of years... i think the articles trying to say don't be hung up on Windows Mobile...move on :)  
  • I had a beautiful, red Nokia 1520 that was a marvellous piece of engineering, and was hoping for a sucessor with pen support. When that didn't happen I switched to Samsumg Note 5 and have been happy with it so far.  Next spring when my contract is up, I'm hoping for a surface mobile phone/tablet hybrid with foldable screen to be ready:)  
  • I switched from W10M to Android a few months ago and I'm very happy with my new Samsung phone. I liked Windows phone and its UI a lot, but app gap was a problem and Android has gotten better, faster and more fluid.
  • hi there, it's a great article
    the switch was also inevitable for me just like you said considering the app gap, the blurry future of the platform or even the abandonment from the manufacturer itself.
    i was rocking windows phone since 2015 back then I've switched from galaxy s2 to lumia 625 just to try the platform and to be honest i found more fun to play with unlike android which is kind of things you will get bored by it easily, so after almost 8 month i upgraded to lumia 730 and i consider this to be my best smartphone of all time.
    when i realized that i need to switch i choosed Huawei P10 and its a great piece of hardware rocking dual lieca cameras, after i got it the switch was smooth, but even the huge upgrade of the handset still not that impressed and i miss the start screen i struggled in the first days with UI so finally i landed in APUs launcher, plus i miss the windows mobile keyboard I'm sure its the number one in the business and SwiftKey is way not similar to that thing, also i use dual sims in Windows Mobile you have 2 separate tiles for each sim that's not available here just one merged app for the both sims and i hate it that way and metro tube app this app by any means is way nicer even than the official YouTube app on Android. the conclusion is that i see my self as ive forced by the movement of others to switch but if the windows 10 mobile scenario had a different direction and was still taking place at the table of smartphones OSs i would've stayed longer.
  • You lost me at "failing apps". Actually you lost me at "iPhone".  
  • switched to iphone7plus last year. now considering a switch to s8 or pixel2. ios11 has made the iphone 7 plus feel sluggish already and the battery life is subpar now. typical apple tricks to get you to upgrade. ugh.
  • That's odd.  I have a 7 Plus, and it's as fast as ever.  I've been unplugged for 6 hours and I'm at 96%.
  • Same here william,   I am on a 6s running 11.   My battery with heavy useage is at about 60-70 percent at the end of the day,  its still WAY FASTER than my 950xl,  so...I have no idea what wizll phone is doing.  Maybe do a reset.  
  • thank you for sharing your story 1. I love Windows maps and navigation. Maps are free, I can pin routes and favorites and multipoint routes to start. It syncs with Windows! I use it it multiple times daily on work days. Navigation start is a simple a pressing a single live tile. What's your experience of navigation on android and iOS? 2. What's your experience of office and OneNote on iOS?. I hear thevypdates are great but the experience and ease of use is subpar. Is android better? If Microsoft does announce the end of Windows mobile, do you think they would bring cshell as a skin for android and iOS? It would be lovely to have the full live tile suite of features and functions, app compatible, available on both platforms.
  • I would be surprised if CShell uses Live Tiles at all. That interface is tired and has never been successful. If/When CShell is implemented, I bet it will icons of various shapes and maybe even fully featured Live Tiles (widgets). No way Microsoft goes back to their old, failed interface.
  • see windows central demo of cshell of 5 July this year.
  • Android with Google Maps has the ability to add saved routes to your home screen. Starts navigation at the touch of a button.
  • Can you save whole regions and country maps with google maps on android?
  • No, but if you're not willing to pay, there's always Here WeGo (former Here Maps). I prefer Sygic though. It's much more well thought through and the map data is up to date. When I'm desperate and need to enter a name of an establishment instead of a street address I'll use Waze. Waze doesn't support tunnel navigation though which sucks in countries where a lot of roads are under ground. 
  • I hope the surface phone will bring this guy back.
  • Thanks for your review of the iPhone 8 Plus, but nope... I won't do Apple.  I'll still use my 950XL till the thing dies, then I'll look at my options.
  • Surface LTE, FTW!!! incase MSFT decides to dump Andromeda. i have switched 7 android phones since dec2016 when my L1520 died, have not like any of them, iphone is a no go territory for, completely hate that one due to way too high prices.
  • When I looked at the pictures of Win10 and iOS side be side in the article I find iOS to be so, so, so, ugly. Looking that it sends shutters down my spine. Sadly I'll have to choose something ugly soon, iOS or Android.
  • The screenshots made me miss live tiles badly. But you really can't beat the in-app experience in Android or iOS, where you spend most of your time.
  • Exactly.  I do miss my 1020,  windows 10 mobile.  But the lack of anything remotely close to a first party app,  made me move to IOS,  I don't spend hours looking at the main screen anyways.  I am actually doing stuff with all the apps I can now run.   Thats the funny thing.  Most windows 10 mobile users ***** about the main screen..but when you are used to just looking at the tile screen instead of actually doing things with your phone I get how they think.
  • My one and only iPhone was the 3G, way back when they were affordable. Since then, I've been with Windows Phone (7, 7.8, 8.1 &10) ending with the Lumia 650. Made the jump back in June to Android 7 with a Ulefone Power 2, despite the rest of the family being on IOS devices. Best move I ever made. Fantastic device, huge battery, 4 GB RAM 64GB storage and dual SIM. The best thing is the vast array of current apps available. It does pretty much everything my Windows 10 tablet (Lenovo Thinkpad 8) does too and the best thing of all is that it cost only £160. For me conversion was a no-brainer, just annoyed it took me so long. Goodbye Windows Mobile....
  • posting comments from the Windows 10  Win Central app is totally broken for me too.
    I never understands why this is not fixed or not surveyed
  • Simple.   Because no one cares about/supports Win 10 Mobile these days.  
  • I actually switched from Android (last device was note 4) to Windows 10 Mobile just over 6 months ago because I was tired of the Android bloat, buggy experience and general disgust with Google overall.  I have for the most part, de-googled my life completely and surprisingly, it's worked out well.  I travel frequently for business and pleasure, and my Alcatel Idol 4S has been performing well.  My only complaint is the camera, so I'm considering an HP X3 since Windows 10 should go for at least another 2 years.  For the app gap, I've switched to using browser which actually works well.  Win 10 Mobile is so much more efficient than Android.  Love the live tiles and at a glance info.  I'm also happy that Fitbit will continue supporting windows 10 mobile, so I can now replace my Band 2 with an Ionic.  Long story short, no reason for me to abandon ship anytime soon.  
  • you mean 7S plus?
  • Everyone in my family has iPhones (4). Apple has wrecked iTunes & Photos. We rehash issues with libraries, music thanks.
    I've had Windows phones going back to the Treo 750. The 1520 was one of the best phones I've ever owned. That said, I've thought many times about switching to the iPhone and for good reason but I will not. The user interface is better on an my HP x3. The inability to customize you screens on a cell phone is just laughable to me. My HP device is fast. There's ample storage and it's expandable. Yes the iPhone camera is better but it is not a deal breaker for me and what I do with my x3. When you spend some time with an iPhone and then go back to a Windows phone the screen difference is enough to keep me with Windows mobile. I understand the reasons for switching. People have jobs to do or are being asked to switch because of work. My Surface 4 Pro is fantastic. I can only hope the Remond and company will come up with something as a mobile device that's just as good. I'm willing to wait. The app thing is a major issue, yes it is.
    I've always been a "hardhead" maybe that's all that will be left supporting Windows mobile. Only time will tell.
  • Everyone in my family that has an iPhone has no idea how to handle their tech. Strangely enough they come to me for tech solutions and they see me using Windows phones. I sort of given up on them and just tell them to speak to an Apple genius. I'm sure they are use to explaining simple things to tech illiterates.
  • While I enjoyed your article and agree about some of the items you'll miss from Windows 10 Mobile, I do believe the others are correct that the camera on the 950/950XL is a lot better than the iPhone 8. Regarding your experience, I see a lot of people always mention "besides my family uses them" - regarding iPhones. I feel its a fear of appearance. Maybe I'm wrong and your family all uses iPhones, but I see it a lot. No one in my family uses an iPhone, but they sure like mine. I switched to the SE cause of Android's fragmentation. At least Windows and iOS ensures devices are up-to-date where with Android its all up to the manufacturer. I hope you enjoy your iPhone. I find myself on mine more than my computers as... well I can just do about everything on it, sans development tools.
  • Got a iphone 7 and I was excited to download all Microsoft apps as per Dan Rubino Guide on how to install/replace iOS apps w/ MSFT ones, so followed the guide one for word then I launched App store and was frustrated that some MSFT apps were region locked to USA and not available for India. Stock keyboard is barely usable and so was the case with notification center which didn't allow me to clear all notifications with a single flick. I missed Live Tile and ability to Pin everything to Start and lot of things. One major pain was to link all contacts and stock Contacts app was confusing to use and couldn't merge similar contacts or even auto suggest me what to link. For those who want wordflow keyboard use Gboard app. Didn't like notification center very much and swiping upwards was a major eye sore for me. It seems iOS was a total reversal of Android and WP. I couldn't download any top rated apps mentioned in some of the arcticles, so frustrated with region locked apps and iOS 11.  No t9 based contact searching in default phone app, tried so many apps like installcall lite and others but barely work, to be more precise its a hit or a miss. I switched back to my good old Lumia 730 and live with it until MSFT stops updates and finally jump ship to Android and never again lay my eyes on an iPhone ever again. I dare say even iOS app store has limited apps like WP atleast in India. EDIT: I gave the iphone to my mom. So my dad uses s7, my sister uses Redmi 4X and I'm using WP.
  • I don't get how can win user switch to iOS. ANDROID with launcher 10 all the way. I will be getting note 8 most probably as I am used to use pen on my surface book a lot and I am missing amoled display and camera quality on my honor 9. I swapped from 959XL as my glass covering lcd broke. I don't know if I will have it fixed. Honestly I find android phones with laucher 10 as the best "windows" phones.
  • Indeed... Plenty of apps, advanced features, powerful file explorers with network drive access, split window mode, DEFAULT APP SETTING... And better live tiles than on Windows. Android with a custom launcher is far more Windows-like than Windows Phone.
  • I switched to iOS because after dealing with a 950 and W10M and all its bugs, and the W10M apps with all their bugs, I just wanted to get something that would be rock solid and reliable and fully compatible with everything (app wise). It was an utter frustration response. I also did not like Google's data hungry practices; that just made the decision to iOS easier.
  • Very good choice! You'll find the life much better on IOS, all the apps you need, a mature platform supported by it's maker and most important, way better quality than that insider tested crap windows 10 mobile. Enjoy your device!
  • There I was thinking this was a source for commited fans, but there seems to be more content on other platforms these days. I get it, we cant all stubbornly stick it out for ever. But promoting exodus I dunno. I'm sad UK got close to 10% Market share pre 950 / 950XL which 'should' have helped tip it further but it just went so wrong. Akin to BlackBerry flopping out their hold on Corporate smart phone. Still, i trust my MS phone in security terms more than iOS and Android, so me and my fam wont be going anywhere. Hope you find some more WP fan contnet to share
  • Why do you trust MS phone security more than iOS? Do you think MS is even devoting enough resources to patching and fighting all the new vulnerabilities? Also, non Apple iOS apps are severely restricted in terms of what they can do and what they can access.
  • I'll get an iPhone when Microsoft makes a port of the Cshell ui to override iOs ui. The tiles interface is just too convenient for me to leave Windows Phone. 
  • Go to Android and get Launcher 10 or Square Home 2 with Whicons. No way you'll ever change the UI of that locked down garbage.
  • You are assuming the CShell UI will be Tiles. Very good chance it won't be.
  • Bleach, I think this may be the first time I agree with you.  Microsoft usually finds a way to kill the best things of their products.  It wouldn't surprise me if they kill the live tiles.  Then that would show they really want to kill off their phone business.  Then I'll be on the hunt to pick up any Windows Phone as back ups.  :)
  • I don't know why so many in here are so narrow minded when people are forced to jump to another platform and share their experiences to show it's ok to use other devices and platforms but still be invested in Microsoft apps and experiences. Microsoft themselves are forcing the issue on Windows phone users by killing the platform off painfully and slowly. I've loved and still do love Windows phones particularly the Lumia line up. I also happen to love Android and iPhone and can and do seamlessly jump between them all often. I hate the fact Microsoft are taking away one of my 3 options and still feel there was room for them at the table even when Nadella didn't. I love posts like these where someone finally tries something else and gets to finally see a fresh perspective on things from the other side then takes the time to share it. The fact is Microsoft have made a series of crazy decisions and killed off a great platform with great features and by the time they ever bring the Surface phone or whatever they decide to call it IF it ever sees the light of day it will probably be too late anyway because they move so slow and everyone else gets in there before them. Samsung are almost there already
  • You can't configure or adjust the OS in IOS to be anything but static icons. It is not a viable option for Windows Mobile users. At least with Android and various app launchers and widgets you can get close to the form/look and function of Windows mobile. As a Lumia 950 user IOS devices are not even a consideration for me after I move on from Windows mobile
  • No way I'd ever willingly touch that locked down garbage. W10M or Android. Nothing else. Anyway got my Note 8 already. The closest thing to a "Surface Phone" we're ever going to get.
  • Windows 10M was pretty much about as locked down as iOS.  You people lack rationality.  Lol at the people talking about Nokia, as if Microsoft owns them still.  Pixel is decent. It’s the iPhone of the Android ecosystem. It’s probably the only Android Phone I’d consider at this point. The rest are too bloated up.  Android as a platform is decent, but there are major disparities in app quality between Android and iOS. I still have my M8, so I can compare directly. App quality on iOS is substantially higher, and app capabilities are often much better because Apple exposes APIs for everything, while Android really doesn’t. Because OEMs use untold amounts of hardware combinations, you often don’t get the types of experiences you get on iOS.  Camera Apps, for example, just work much better on the iPhone. All the APIs for dual cameras, high framerates, etc. are exposed by iOS so the apps simply give you the best of what your particular model offers. On Android, you’re back to “is my device supported for that” hell.  Android also has more and more AGGRESSIVE ads in apps. It’s awful.  IOS is substantially better for privacy conscious users. Content Blockers, Tracking Protection, an App Store that doesn’t see maleate pushed through it on a monthly basis, etc.  Lastly, there is no comparison between the direct support you get from Apple and virtually all/any Android OEMs - including Google.  The accessory ecosystem is also tops, and it’s the only mobile platform that works seamlessly out of the box with a desktop OS - macOS. Once you experience that, there is NO going back. 
  • I know W10M was locked down, but not as much as iOS. At least it had a stupid and limited file manager. All the news made it look like iOS11 was getting one, but it turned out to be nothing but an underwhelming "Recent List" with some cloud app plugins. Lack of SD card slot prevents me from considering Pixel. No SD card, no buy. Simple as that. Tried Lumia 920 once, NEVER THE F*CK AGAIN! Don't care about camera. Let me use it as a poor man's document scanner and it's good enough for me (On the go, obviously I use a proper scanner at work and at home). Depends on the apps. Can I choose where I store my files? Can I put my .pdf file next to an image and a .txt file? No? Why? Because Steve Jobs said so? To hell with him, I use my phone as I use my PC.
    Can I move my files easily between my phone, my SMB drive and my PC? Probably not without the help of "cloud". I need my phone to have features similar to a PC and in that respect iOS is a bigger joke than Windows Phones. Yes the quality may be good and it may be reliable, but it doesn't do what I need it to do. I buy most of my apps so don't really care about ads, but I will admit that there are some apps that do not let you buy them to remove ads. Googling errors yourself is way better than contacting someone in India who has no idea what the issue is 80% of the time (Applies to every company ever). My Vector Watch and my Bluetooth Headphones work with my Note 8. Don't care about other accessories.  I don't want things to work "out of the box". I want them to present me with loads of settings. Settings is the first thing I open in every new app, game or device. In fact there's nothing more annoying than a game (especially on PC) that begins immediately after you launch it and won't even let you go to options until you complete the first chapter or tutorial or whatever. "Simplicity always ends up complicating this" - Said I.
  • I just couldn't go back to iOS. Windows mobile does everything I need and want to do and it would be so frustrating going back to an iphone.
  • It's your money, you can do whatever you want with it. I personally would never touch iphones even with a 10m stick. I don't want to buy a stupid adapter to use an SD card. I want to be able to send files via Bluetooth to everyone, not just other iphones. I don't want a stupid unibrow at the top (yes, yes I know, it's just 1 model, but it won't be just one in the future). I want to use my perfectly good headphones instead of wasting money on wireless ones.   If Nokia 9 has nice specs and doesn't cost an arm and a leg, that's what I'll buy. Android has its flaws, but at least it works, as opposed to WM. Also, it has an actual web browser, rather than trash that keeps freezing, reloading pages and forgetting your open tabs.
  • Will keep my 950 until there is something new from MS. If nothing comes I'll just get a vanilla android. Not going back to iOS ever again.
  • I'm holding out with my almost 2 year old 950XL that's working perfectly. I'm hoping Microsoft introduces something new in mobile before my phone needs replacing. I will not move to Apple and Android is a choice I hope I never have to make.
  • IPhone Sucks, I had the 950XL and my wife had an Iphone and I could tell she like my 950XL better, my pics Smoked her Iphone scrappy pics, that she would always make me take pics. She liked my screen, she would say How did you do that, or O you can do that. It even as Windows Phone was dying, my 950XL was always better. So don't tell me Apple is better. I'm on an LG V20 waiting for the HP Elite X3 to come out on Verizon, I will get it Day One! Windows is the best. I gave up the 950XL cuz I had to get back to Verizon.
  • Camera quality (not speed) and file storage are the only things 950XL had over iPhone. Apple is better at pretty much everything else.
  • iPhone 8 camera is far better than the 950xl now. My 950 and 950xl took excellent photos but the post processing is pretty horrible and every photo needs edited to get the colour correct
  • Absolutely love the V20. Cant wait for the V30.
  • I've had my V30 on Verizon for a couple of weeks now.  The adjustment to Android has been (and continues to be) interesting, but I have no complaints with the V30; it's a fantastic piece of hardware.
  • only if you didn't have to run iOS.  the home screen, the mail app, the way it handles opening apps, all horrible
  • apple doesn't even allow you to put an app icon exactly where you want it, there's no way they are going to let you "pin" any contact icons.
  • I moved over to an S7 last September from using Windows Phone for 6 years. I like Android alot, but i miss the UI of Windows Phone. I never considered the iPhone, because iOS is dreadful to use and generally Apple is 2-3 years behind the technical curve.
  • Why not just use a windows launcher?
  • Love the Arrow Launcher.
  • Unfortunately iOS also has lots of annoying bugs. I switched to iPhone 1 year ago and still have a lot of complains. iOS 11 is even buggier and not much of upgrade from 10. I also have few Androids and they are even worse. App gap killed W10. Not the availability but rather the fact most Windows apps equivalents have missing major features.
  • How did you add the both weather and outlook calendar on your locking screen?
  • There's an app called WinScreens, lets you modify the lock screen a lot.
  • Can't find WinScreens in Microsoft store...could send me a link please!
  • ?
  • I tried to like the iPhone, had one since last Dec (7 Plus, 128GB) and it was ok.  I recently moved to Android and I'm much happier.  There are trade off's to either choice.
  • Waiting for the Huawei Mate 10 PRO which seems to be a superb device with an amazing camera.
  • IPhone is much expensive for me. Good to go for Android after Lumia.
  • Blackberry keyone here, disabled all Google services and apps. All Microsoft over here and loving it!!! 😎
  • I have a Keyone also.  How were you able to disable all Google services?
  • With all the articles complaints about the iPhone, he would have been better off with Android.
  • No one is ever really better off with Android.  It's trash, top to bottom.  I own over half a dozen Android devices to test and have to submit apps to Play Store and the App Store.   The entire Android infrastructure is a joke.  There's no real QC for apps submitted in the store.  Beta testing is a joke.  Each device needs to be reset every month for it to have any semblance of long term functionality.  And the funny thing is the biggest problems are the Samsung phones that operate outside the specs of every other Android device.  Samsung gyros are notorious for how they work contrary to everyone else and the Samsung Android interface UI is backwards compared to stock Android. Apps don't predictably function from device to device like they do on iOS and even in Windows for the most part.  That's why you have to test a broad range of devices.  The best ones I use are LG and HTC make.  Samsung is by far the worst.  More bloatware than other phones and the functionality is seriously impeded by Samsung's UI overlay, even in Settings where it is laid out unlike any other Android make. Android is a horrible platform and a horrible OS.  The programmers I manage would like to live in a world where they didn't have to write apps for Android because of all the problems. Dev on the iPhone, OTOH, is a breeze.  Testflight is amazing and the version tracking is exceptional.  The App Store is a real gatekeeper for quality and provides good feedback when you submit an app and is responsive when you resubmit.  Google lets anything in.  Apple cares about user experience and quality. There are so many ways to get Android to go rogue.  So many ways to hijack the phone, even in ways that aren't going to steal your info.  Apps can get out of line with memory and CPU usage because the OS does a poor job managing everything and Google doesn't care about being a gatekeeper.  They could be FAR more stringent in the Play Store, but they let pretty much anything through.  That means apps that will eat your battery are okay whereas Apple measures these things and iOS has some pretty stringent memory and CPU requirements on apps.   One thing you notice when you run the same apps on Android versus iOS is how much faster the iOS versions are.  They are better optimized, even when you compare the S8 to the iPhone 8 - two high end hardware devices.  Every app runs better on the iPhone.  Google is not going to do anything to fix this because the only thing they even have Android phone is to gather user data so they can more effectively push ads to you - that's still 95% of their revenue. Android is a terrible experience, top to bottom.  When you get a look at how the apps are built, what little Google does when you submit them to play, and you see how poorly they predictably work across devices, the shine of Android goes away quickly. Android is only successful because of how cheaply OEMs could attain it.  It's a lowest bidder product and it behaves like one.
  • And iOS is only successfule because of the lemming factor.
  • It does seem that way from the outside, but it really is a great OS and the iPhone is a great phone.  Hurts to say so, but have to do so.  And the Microsoft apps by and large are quite good on iOS, with many more coming, as MSFT has decided to embrace and extend (to the extent possible) iOS and Android as a mobile strategy for the time being.  
  • I agree with all of this.   iOS is so much better than Android.   As I have said before, if you liked Windows 98, you will love Android. 
  • When that day arrive to me, I'll probably go to android. iOS it's too boring.
    Meanwhile I'm still quite happy with L950. Yes, the problems are starting to appear more often, but everytime I pick a android or ios just to try I get the feeling of "I'll never get use to this systems... That icons grid... Jeezzz.. So outdated"
  • Good that you didnt wait for iphoneX, I got my hands on a demo unit in the store and fiddled with it, it looked ugly, Not just the notch but the thin black bezel all around the screen, it doesnt look like edge to edge display like Note 8 or Mi Mix.
  • Agreed techiez.  The X is not a great device...contrary to what the lemmings are saying.  I like my 6s much better.  
  • I keep trying the new Android and IOS phones - and keep deciding I will keep my Elite X3 until they catch up a little more. I can not believe how far behind they are in OS functionality. I am not a big app user - so the app gap doesn't apply to me. One note, your problem with you 950xl sounds like the same problem I had - and discovered it to be caused by a failing micro SD card. If you want to test it, just move your apps back to internal storage and see if they stop failing (and probably remove the SD card for testing). I actually keep apps on my internal storage on my x3 and only keep photos, videos, and music on my SD card now after that experience.
  • Thanks for sharing your experiences. Yes, the culprit is apps stored in SD card that happened to my 950XL also.
  • I also got the 8Plus to replace my L640, and I found the transition easier than expected. I pretty much agree with this review. Miss live tiles but the widgets do. The 8 Plus is fast and reliable. I felt stupid enough spending almost $1K for it; the IPhone X with decent memory is $1200 with tax.
  • iphones hold their value, I have never sold one for less than $350 after 2 years so the phone x shoud sell for $400+ in 2 years.
  • I have a backup L640 that i got for $30... It means you paid $970 to have something slightly better but paid about 32x more...
  • That $30 deal was fantastic.  Wish I had bought more than two at the time.  Can't find them for under $80 now.   That said, it's a backup phone.  If he keeps that iPhone for 3 years and sells it for, say, $300 then, he's essentially paying $700 over a three year period, or $233/year, which is just a few months of a phone number + data plan.  Well worth it if the phone is an essential tool for you.  
  • I've had my 950 XL for two years now and probably would have hung on a bit longer except that I've been having troubles with the wireless hotspot, even after reseting. I use that with my Surface while commuting so it's a must-have, so time to move on. I'll be grabbing an LG V30+ when they arrive in Australia in a week or so. Ruled iPhone out pretty quickly. I'm a .NET developer and that's one big reason that I got my first Windows phone with the Lumia 925 four years ago. Given that you need a Mac to develop for iOS, I have a significant motivation to choose Android there. I probably would have chosen it anyway as I don't like the vice-like grip that Apple keep on their ecosystem. It has it's advanatges but they are more than outwieghed by the disadvantages, in my opinion.
  • Try Surface Laptop with LTE - coming out soon - and use VoIP instead of hot spot l.
  • Contact b2x and send for repair they are honoring all lumia devices support regardless of warranty status
  • Just switch to a current android device. The Microsoft suite of apps is top notch. The Microsoft launcher is more packed with useful features than most other launchers, edge is coming along nicely and Cortana has little to no issues. Most important, android gives you many freedoms ios does not.
  • Satya Nadella, really I feel angry with him. On phone he failed so big and I think he lie.
  • I honestly don't care.
  • I find it funny that one of the main reasons you went iPhone is because your family all is onboard with iPhone. I went with Android, because I wanted nothing to do with the Battle Royale that goes on as to who stole whose charger and lightening cable. Hahaha
  • If his family is full on with iphone,  imessage and facetime is REASON ENOUGH to go with apple.   Oh,  I agree with the who stole whose charger etc.  But it's always my 19 year old son doing the stealing of chargers etc!
  • Go with universal app Skype instead of Facetime ✔   
  • Does not work nearly as well as facetime....✔ 
  • The original article said he was leaving the 950xl because of failing apps and the like. I had the problems and just replaced the battery. I'm good for another two years, at least.
  • Yeah, me too. So literally what happened to the OP is that he didn't know how to use his phone, so he went to a phone he could understand, a simpler phone. I'm making an effort here not to use the word "dumb".
  • "Speaking of which, I would like to see Apple allow for contacts to be pinned to the home screen, much like Windows 10 Mobile does by creating contact tiles"
    That's never gonna happen.....
  • I'm genuinely curious what having favorite contacts visibe on the homescreen actually gets you.  Whenever I want to interact with any of my favorites I just use Siri.  She knows my familial relationships and I can specify the means through which i want to connect to them.       
  • Sometimes you don't want to broadcast to the world that you want to call someone. 
  • I switched to Galaxy S8 ... I'm missing my 950 allot! But I have to live with it. It's still a good phone but I'm missing and will miss the Windows IS. Everything was easier!
  • I don't know I don't like android or IOS, my 950 still runs great but almost 3yrs old now will have to make a choice eventually.
  • I miss full Cortana abilities.  Having gotten used to Cortana I find Siri like going back to a toddler.  I make do with Cortana and what can be done in IOS having Cortana right on the first home screen. IOS and the 8 plus are a piece of work for sure.  I can't say I'm displeased.  Win phone had far more options I preferred, though I truly appreciate Touch ID and think finger scanning really hits this kind of platform in the right way.  Iris is a nice addition but only in addition to, not instead of fingprint verification. I miss windows 10 mobile a great deal, but yes I do appreciate the apps all over, or the fact that any place that says "you can use your phone if you use this app" always covers IOS.  And the flagship experience, being able to walk into a store anywhere and have the device examined or repaired if needed is really something I do need.  Devices take up too much time if you go the "do it all myself" route.  Need a new battery?  Drop in and have any Apple store get it done.  The battery debacle with the 950XL was something that shouldn't have happened. Every carrier understands how the iPhone is supposed to behave on their network.  That may change but it's a universally understood device if you are sitting in Germany or South Africa or the US.  It isn't perfect.  So I didn't expect that MS would be either.  But my time limits required someone who could support their device well, cover things that needed fixing and get me back to right again quickly.  And that couldn't be with MS anymore.  I have multiple Surface devices and I know they do what I want and then some.  So maybe years in the future we may see a revisit.  Saying any company can never return to a market is silly.  Tech markets get easier to break into over time not harder.  Ask Adobe or Silicon Graphics about how that story plays out.  So I'm highly enjoying the IOS experience for now.  But at every chance I get I'd prefer to use my Surface devices.
  • Android is the better system for Windows Phone converts... With Microsoft Launcher and the ability to change default apps and choose handsets in premium or budget price ranges... You can also pin contacts to your home screen... I got a BlackBerry handset for the security features and the Blackberry Apps like the Hub are great...
  • It comes down to individual needs and preferences. I had Android phones before my WIndows phones and had a Galaxy in my old job. No one could pay me enough to buy another Android phone. I much prefer Apple's products and ecosystem, even if my heart will always be with Windows. 
  • True, but for Windows Phone converts Android is better for the reasons stated... It also has a back button which operates consistently across apps and a home button ala Windows mobile... iOS is ok but it has stagnated... The ability to change default apps to provide a tailored seamless experience based on your preferences is also a major bonus over iOS... I would advise anyone thinking of switching to try out both systems before making a final decision...
  • The X is easy to navigate, better than my 7+. Like Windows 10M and unlike Android, I don't have to load it with anti-virus programmes. Enjoy Android... I love Windows and MS products, but iOS is the better choice for me. 
  • This was a pretty emotional article 😄. I'm using Lumia 730 almost 3-4 yrs. I thought I would be able to stretch it a bit more until I can see Surface Mobile and make confirm that I can't afford it; recently I noticed that my beloved apps by Sololearn to learn programming languages are absent in the store. Until this, I was like, every app I need is on the store... ignoring my friends who say there are no apps etc. 'cause from Facebook (though it still doesn't launch at first try) tio Insta, to Gameloft games and of course Windows Central, almost every app was there. But now with these type of apps leaving the store, it makes me think, is there still a point on being such a fan boy... And a few months before I wanted to buy a Lumia 950...
    (Still want to try that 1st Contnuum Phone 😉).
  • Try 950 or Alcatel Idols 4S for only $200 then you may love Windows phone again except lacking of some apps. I still have Sololearn in my apps that I downloaded awhile ago.
  • Can't stand the way iOS or MacOS functions as a UI, can't trust Android or Google to maintain security... Sticking with Win10 Mobile until MS releases a pocket-able full-on mobile Win 10 device that can run all the old Win32 applications plus all the new UWP apps. And if they can make it work like Tony Stark's home/mobile tech, it'll be really worth $1,000.
  • Completely agree with. I have been using three phones now: 950XL, Samsung Notes 5, and iPhone 7 Plus but I still like the functions of Windows 10 phones. Too bad Microsoft seems to abandon loyal users.
  • My short list for the Android phones at present has narrowed down to Mate 10, Razer Phone and LG V30 in case I'm forced to switch.  But after reading this article, I think I should just stay put and wait for the rumored Surface Note.  So I can continuously be served by the Live Tiles, pinning feature and Continuum.  Although we aren't certain it is indeed coming, but I believe that MS simply can't afford not to release it if they want UWP and OneWindows ecosystem to survive.  The recent announcements made by GE and Walgreen to move from Windows to IOS could be just the tip of iceberg for a forthcoming great exodus. With a folding Surface Note, that would serve all my mobile needs.  It is a phone when folded, a tablet when unfolded, a notebook with ink/pen, a MR Viewer, a desktop with Continuum and possibly a pocket collaboration tool with Whiteboard.  Except doing phone calls and messaging, I'll do everything else on the unfolded tablet.  It will be 'always connected' on the 5G network.  I'm hoping for a SD845 based folding mobile device next year.  If MS gives up, I'll go with Andriod.
  • He shouldve went with Android. iOS is toy compared to anything else.
  • double-tap to wake the phone??? Since when does 950XL have this feature? I have an 950XL and double tap does nothing.
  • Settings > Extra > Touch
  • You have to enable it in SETTINGS | PERSONALIZATION | LOCK SCREEN. Scroll down to the bottom, right above Sign-In Options use the slider button to activate it. It's been there since the AU I believe...
  • Settings> extras> touch> turn on the slider for "wake up phone when I double tap the screen".
  • Ewww...
  • Its been about 8 years ok windows phone, but today I'm going to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 8:/ ,i can't handle more crashes, restarts, freezing... I'm really upset about this, it's really hard for me, but i have to, i love my Lumia 950 xl, but just can't handle it anymore of this,
  • iNO!! I'm not that rich to pay for a iRobbery. In 2 years anything could happened with MS. Till then have my 950xl.
  • I have the X, and have to say it is a positively brilliant machine in both appearance and performance. I miss WIndows and surely wish X had a glance screen, live tiles, and so on... but I have no choice but to accept it. The notch doesn't bother me in the least. 
  • I forgot to add a comment on Face ID. It's instantaneous and never struggles. Far better than Touch ID.
  • Never struggles that's like big lol. It does not work when the phone is on the desk - ton of tests on YouTube. Yet it never struggle... Even Apple fans admits that touch id is a better solution. Face recognition should be secondary way as it has uses in some scenarios like when you wear gloves, but certainly not as the only one. Lumia showed this. It was working fine, but it is annoying to unlock the phone line this. W hello on pc is another story though, that is the best solution for PC.
  • Face ID hasn't failed me yet. It recognises me before I can do anything beyond pick up the phone. I suppose if you hold it on a weird angle it won't recognise, but that is common sense. My 950 never recognised me as easily as Face ID, and set up was far easier. Touch ID would not work for me for 6 months out of a year because my hands get dry in colder months and no amount of moisturiser will solve it. This is far more reliable and useful. 
  • If only, if only MS could emulate the UI on android. I would consider the change (in the end)
  • Switching to ios is not die hard fan period.
  • Comment made on another article but wanted vent again as more stories on other ecosystems and articles on how to safely abandon ship. Personally, The fact that Daniel quoting the razor story as one of top most read in windows focused site is a great worrysome sign. When Ballmer used to be there even though he made bad or late moves, there used to be this passion from him. He was a leader who loved microsoft so much that you would want to be on the MS team. Now we have someone who just talks like a guru, and driving MS to be very PC, with no regards to its userbase but simply short-sighted business approach is end of MS as I see unless CEO is replaced. Now uninstalling windows central and other MS apps from my android. Hard decision as how much I liked MS and it's products. But there's no reason to hang around. Adios amigos!!
  • iOS sucks, they have added feature after feature of apps, but never updated how the OS actually functions.  it's still the same old stupid home screen, same old dumb way of handling multiple apps being open.  same bad keyboard.
  • Not switching. My L950xl is still rocking!
  • Launcher10 does a pretty good job doing so.
  • Already switched to lg v20 about 9 months ago and its working flawlessly since then, be it camera or the quad dac powered music experience... It's awesome
  • I don't know why you got downvoted, but I upvoted you. I myself and looking at the LGv30 to replace my L950xl when the time comes.
  • I don't get it,I cant quit windows phone now when we have shaped windows 10 mobile through insider program,also 950s are still getting fresh updates,I don't thinks because MS is not manufacturing more phone that should lead to quick quit,I am on windows to stay till 2022.reason being the.1, apps I use daily are supported with w10 mobile,2 I have 2 phones still as new,950/950xl ,one of the best camera to date on 950s,{AAWP} it may sound funny but I know Microsoft is coming with killer device which will support gsm.
  • Still using my 1520. Works like a dream. 
  • Your dad still has a car phone? :-p
  • Everyone is entitled to have their preferences. My sister has iOS, my parents Android, and me W10. When they have problems with their phones they come to me. The only reason they don't move to WP is because they don't really use and know how to use their phones. My sister use Snapchat and one app for photos, and my parents got used to their phones. So for the majority of people apps and the looks are everything. If Microsoft had put an effort in marketing, a lot of people like me, who like to customize and make their devices in their image would have got on board. But the truth is the "majority" will always go with the "majority" and with the trend. Microsoft didn't knew how to present their product.
    I write this with my 950 who never worked better!
  • Well, I still use my lumia 930 and I haven't seen better than WP. In case it breaks down I bought a lumia 950XL as a backup until they release a surface phone. When I compare the windows phone start screen to an IOS or android they both look like phones for little children, while WP looks like for profesionals. I can't change the impression. If I would choose now, I would go for WP again. HP Elite x3 or Alcatel Idol 4S or Acer...
  • Launcher 10 makes the Android home screen and app list look and function just like Windows 10 mobile. Basic functions are free, and if you pay $3 you get live tiles. It's not ideal, but it works really well.
  • Definitely not so diehard if he changed to iPhone. Also, I'm getting a bit sick of this covert evangelization away from MS.
  • I totally understand what you're saying. I think these articles are just Windows Central being realistic. People are and have been leaving the platform. Some by choice and others, like myself, that had no choice but to leave Windows mobile. My 950XL shattered beyond use, and I couldn't justify buying a new one on Ebay. Granted this was before Microsoft admitted their position and before prices started falling. Other than the screen, digitizer, and glass the 950XL works perfectly. I've considered getting a whoile screen replacement and selling the Lumia, but I'm not sure if it would be worth the investment.
  • I'm a diehard Microsoft fanboy and I'm very glad that I've moved to Android. The app gap simply can't be ignored and all those folks that say the browser is good enough to use facebook and what not are simply stupid.
  • Never Apple
  • There is nothing about what you showed us that I find acceptable.  Not in the least.  And my Windows phone "cuts it" just fine, thanks.
  • That double tap at the end. 😂😂😂 Since the beginning of the year, I moved to android via the affordable Samsung J7 Prime. I smashed my Lumia 640XL so I have no other choice since there were no Lumia being sold in the wild. I'm enjoying using an android phone. I will buy Samsung Galaxy Note8 by Christmas.
  • I recently switched to the v30, I am extremely satisfied. Good camera's, more apps, and superior audio. It was like MS were begging me to switch. Go to a MS store and you'll see no windows phone in sight, just Android phones.
  • If he really used Windows phones for 10 years I cannot believe he would swith to iOS. Android is much more Microsoft friendly when it comes to using the OS. You can make Cortana the default assistant, load a Microsoft launcher, make Edge the default browser and have Bing load background pictures daily. None of that is available on iOS. Once you buy an iOS device you are stuck with what it is with very little customization. I will never ever switch back to iOS. I was an iOS user since the iPhone 4 and went from the 4 to the 5 and then the 6s. I found a Lumia 735 cheap so I bought it to try and immediatly sold the 6s and bought a Lumia 950. Apple makes everythind difficult as far as file managemet and adding media to the phone. 
  • Yeah, but like me he didn't want to be stuck with Android.
  • Yeah...better yet, Google is watching you 24x7.
  • Lumia 950XL started missing notifications, self-resetting more frequently and apps began crashing with more regularity. - none of these occured to my Lumia 950XL. 
  • With that hole it s the dumbest phone ever. If you navigate in landscape you loose 3cm LOL what a phone for stupids :)
  • This article is about the iPhone 8 plus, not the 10.   Maybe read before you comment.
  • Ugh, that iphone start screen makes me ill, like staring at a children's game all day long, or ar a Twister board. Yuck.
  • I've been using Windows mobile 100% exclusively since 2002/2003. You will be prying it from my cold dead hands. My 950XL is still running strong.
  • Is MS actively TRYING to get people to move off their platform?
  • Yes, because they have no mobile platform.