Chime in: Are you still annoyed about Microsoft shutting down Groove?

Microsoft has already announced the closure of the Groove Music service, pushing paying subscribers to Spotify, allowing them to import playlists and collections to continue enjoying their favorite tunes. Thing is, many people enjoyed Groove and found it to be quite the streaming platform, and not everyone has taken kindly to the news they will have to move across to another service.

Come 2018, you'll no longer be able to purchase music through the app, but you will be able to continue streaming content you already own, be it locally or stored on OneDrive. For those who have had to throw in the towel with Microsoft and jump ship, it hasn't been a positive experience for everyone. It's also saddening to see Microsoft leave yet another consumer project in the trash.

Windows Central member, kostas douroumis, took to our community forum to vent the frustration with Microsoft's decision.

I live in Greece. Here we couldn't subscribe. So it doesn't affect me directly. My main problem is the lack of trust i have in Microsoft right now. I was planning to go all in Microsoft ecosystem. I have planned to buy an Xbox. Should I ? Should I buy a Surface and get an office subscription. I don't like the Google nor apple ecosystems. In fact I was waiting groove to support Greece. Also,...


Are you still angry about the closure of Groove? Sound off your thoughts over on our forum.

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