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Microsoft throws in towel against Spotify, drops Groove Music Pass

Groove Music and Spotify
Groove Music and Spotify (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft is announcing that its Groove Music Pass is coming to an end, with sales in the Store for music and its pass ending December 31. The streaming portion of Groove Music will continue to function until December 31, after which the service will be turned off for good. Refunds will be issued in a pro-rated fashion from the December 31 date.

To make the transition easier, Microsoft is partnering with Spotify, which will let users import their current Groove playlists to the popular streaming service.

Jerry Johnson, general manager of Microsoft Groove, detailed the change in a blog post today:

With the continued advancement of music streaming today, all the world's music has become easily accessible across a variety of devices, unlocking new ways to discover and experience music. As we continue to listen to what our customers want in their music experience we know that access to the best streaming service, the largest catalogue of music, and a variety of subscriptions is top of the list.Which is why we're excited to announce that we're expanding our partnership with Spotify to bring the world's largest music streaming service to our Groove Music Pass customers.Beginning this week*, Groove Music Pass customers can easily move all their curated playlists and collections directly into Spotify. Plus, you may be eligible for a 60-day free trial of Spotify Premium.

In notes about the app changes, Microsoft reveals the finer details of the change:

An update to the Groove Music app including the ability to move music to Spotify, will be available for Windows Insiders beginning this week. The Groove Music app update for Windows 10 and Xbox One devices will roll out broadly the week of October 9, 2017 and will enable Groove Music Pass customers to move existing music collections and playlists to Spotify. Groove Music Pass content will be available to move to Spotify until at least January 31, 2018.

Microsoft has also written an FAQ about the change to provide more information.

A losing war with Spotify

The reason for the decision to kill off Groove? The competition is too fierce. Spotify has a presence in over 60 countries, offers a popular family pass, and boasts 140 million active users, of which nearly 60 million are paying subscribers. Groove, meanwhile, sees only a fraction of that usage and subscribers and is still far behind in functionality and user satisfaction.

Microsoft is sobering up to the reality that it will never catch up to nor compete with Spotify. As a result, there will no longer be any significant investment in trying to win a losing battle.

Indeed, it was only recently that Microsoft announced a new Spotify app for Windows 10 and one for the Xbox One, in what may have been a tit-for-tat deal.

See Spotify in the Windows Store

What happens next for Groove?

The Groove app for Windows 10 (PC and Mobile) and Xbox will continue to work and will be updated with normal functionality. However, numerous features will be removed going forward, including:

  • Radio.
  • Explore.
  • Recommended.
  • Store purchases of music.
  • Music video playback.

What will continue is the ability to play locally-stored music as well as streaming from OneDrive, where you can continue to store your music library to reach all your devices. After December 31, 2017 Microsoft will no longer offer the option to stream, purchase, and download music.

The same applies to the iOS and Android Groove apps, which will continue to function with OneDrive but without the radio/explore components.

Undermining consumer confidence

As a fan of Groove and its Music Pass going back to the Zune era, today's news is very disappointing and worrisome for me.

While Spotify is a juggernaut and it makes little sense to continue to throw money away, Microsoft's decision further undermines confidence in its commitment to the consumer space.

RIP Groove Music Pass.

RIP Groove Music Pass.

Long term, Microsoft will continue to build the platform and structure for other companies to create products – especially established services such as music streaming – nonetheless, this undoing of years of progress is damaging.

Going forward, should users expect the Movies & TV video-streaming service to continue against Amazon and Apple? What about Mixer versus Twitch in-game streaming, or Bing versus Google for search? These all seem like losing battles and services that Microsoft could cut at any time.

The dearth of Groove Music Pass users is clearly related to Microsoft's failed mobile business. Over half of music streamers do it from their phones. With no phone platform, Microsoft killed any viable chances for Groove success.

While today's decision is likely the rational one for Microsoft's business, it's the wrong one for consumers who invested in Microsoft for all these years. It's hard to recommend a Microsoft service, like buying movies, books, or even game streaming, with this decision. For years, Microsoft undercut and undersold Zune – and eventually Groove – and now that poor management is resulting in another significant loss for the company.

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • It isn't the 1st of April is it.   Bye Bye Microsoft
  • That's the exact same thought that came my mind first.  I had to make a mental check of what month it was...
  • Why is anyone surprised (except Nadella of course)?  It was clearly stated by many that abandoning peoples first device (phones), that Nadella was also (unwittingly) giving up on Microsoft services... over time.  Groove is just the first to fall.  People will almost always use the core services of their first device platform (i.e. iTunes, gmail, google search, siri, etc.).   Nadella is a smug fool.  He thought he could make a great universal (mobile) services and people would adopt it over the platform defaults.  Groove proves how wrong that is, and it's the one belief of his will crush Microsoft.  Right now, I'm sure he still blames the folks at Groove for not making a better service.  Unfortunately, it's not the service, it's his strategy.  It is already killing usage on other Microsoft services like Cortana, Bing, Outlook mail, OneDrive, etc.  They are all doomed to die because he 'didn't see the need for a third mobile platform' or something like that.   People buy ecosystems.  It's like going to grocery store, you strongly prefer one stop shopping over going 5 places to buy dinner.  By killing mobile, Nadella took out milk and eggs from his grocery store.  Why sell them?  You can buy them elsewhere, and we don't make money on them.  A grocery store without milk and eggs, nice.  With Groove, it's more like he's ending the sale of potato chips.  They're not really needed, just snacks.  However, his grocery store selection is becoming smaller and smaller.  He may claim the best meat (PC OS), but people are reducing how much of that they eat, and you can get meat at more complete grocery stores (with Apples).  Nadella believes he can make a grocery store with only highly profitable items, and cutting anything that doesn't make money.  However, without those items, people may not come in his store at all.  Other stores attract customers with specials, and even loss leaders.   Also, they have a full variety of products, so no need to shop elsewhere.   Nadella is cost cutting and product trimming his way out of business.  I'm sure this doesn't make sense him, and his smug look and fancy new book assure everyone that his consumer failures will not deter him. He may believe he can sell Xbox and run to the enterprise (if Xbox isn't already for sale).  That may buy him some time, but we all know Google will come for him there.  And they'll be back by generations of Google loyalists that started with an Android phone packed with Google services.  For him, no worries, he'll retire extremely rich without regret to people he laid off and the business he destroyed.  Business students will spend decades reading his book and studying his decisions for what not to do. 
  • Thanks to think and say what I couldn't think clearly enough and put in words myself. 
  • "Nadella is cost cutting and product trimming his way out of business" Bingo! MS is making moves like a company looking for ways to avoid/delay bankruptcy. When companies are growing, they typically will expand into new markets. When not, they will retract. As an MSFT stockholder, this worries me long term
  • If you don't know the history of ValueAct and Microsoft, then you should look it up.  ValueAct sold out and is now abandoning their board seat if you want.  You can believe they completed some mission to turn Microsoft into company that's going to make killer profits for a long time, but isn't that when you should buy more or at least let your investment continue to pay you income?   Or maybe, just maybe, they pushed for the changes (Ballmer out, Nadella in, kill mobile, layoff Nokia employees, kill wearables, etc.) to increase short-term profits margins they knew would raise the stock price, and now they have sold out because they know they killed Microsofts long-term options.  They were on the board, so they know the long-term strategy and outlook.  You decide which is more likely.  
  • Wanna know what this means? Get out. Sell that MSFT stock nao!
  • I hate it too, but MSFT's stock price is near an all-time high. It's this high BECAUSE of moves like this. The market loves it when MSFT exists a category that is dominated by someone else. I'm sure they were losing cash keeping the music pass humming along while not getting any new subscribers. The real issue is not any Microsoft product but their lack of marketing efforts in the consumer space.
  • This
  • I the beginning I thought that too.  It's why I was so confused why MSFT would cancel their mobile OS.  Surely they knew that would mean the end of their consumer presence, and maybe even Windows in general.  That's when it dawned on me, about a year ago, that they already KNEW that Windows was lost and the war was over.  You are right, this is just the beginning, but its by design.  I believe MSFT and their Board leadership have decided they lost the platform war for the next decade.  It was lost by Balmer, not Nadella.  Don't blame him.  He's just trying to save the company now by seeing the future and trying to position it as an enterprise services company like IBM, SAP, etc.   If I'm right, XBox will be sold within 5 years once its certain that Windows is dead. 
  • If it was planned, they would have never allowed statements like "1 billion Windows 10 devices".  They fell and now are trying to cover it up as a strategic and planned pratfall.  Don't let them fool you, things are not going as planned. You're right on Xbox, I'm sure discussion are already occurning with possible purchasers (maybe Apple?) behind the scenes.  Anyone at Microsoft needs to ask themselves, do I work in a required enterprise cloud team?  If not, you really need to get your resume out there.
  • I think you are selling Nadella too short. They will be studying it for a lot longer than a few decades.
  • The only problem with you statement is that Microsoft Mobile platforms never was the source of users for its services, else it would almost never had any. The majority of its services users' have been, are and for the foreseable future will be coming from either Windows or other platforms. 
  • What is Microsoft? It is Azure and Office 360. Azure can survive this but Office 360 is not going to be the choice of a world used to Google Docs. Nor is outlook ever going to mean anything to Gmail users? And Google will starve the remaining platforms of Windows and XBox of useful apps.  It is a shame the mobile vision of Windows Phone was a great experience.
  • True
  • I don't think Microsoft killed their mobile line. I think they plan to relaunch it as part of the Surface line of products and Windows Continuum across all devices. They won't simply let the Continuum feature walk without a mobile leg, so to speak. It would be a gimped platform if Windows 10 didn't have a proper mobile line of devices on which it can run. What is clear now is that Microsoft killed Windows Mobile. Everyone and their mom knows they are planning to launch a Surface phone at some point and that will be used to relaunch Windows on mobiles.
  • No one knows that but the hardcore contemplative and bloggers. Microsoft has never said anything about a Surface Phone.
  • Although I don't disagree with what you are saying, Microsoft's troubles began long before Nadella got there. Windows Phone and Zune had long since failed. Nadella, and believe me I'm not really a fan, is just the one facing the music (pun intended). Microsoft has no mobile platform. This will ultimately doom them. Until Microsoft fixes this, and it must, Microsoft will continue to slowly and surely lose relevency.
  • What would the next?  Kill off Cortana for Alexa and Bing for Google?
  • Alexa/Cortana partnership already announced, so....  
  • So nothing, they could do their typical thing and not talk about it anymore and let it just die in silence.
  • At first when i got the email, i thought this was a partnership, i was like 'oh this nice mergering data beases but i get to keep the Groove app that i like', but no. It seems like everything is going to be a near monopoly. 
  • Alexa works way better than Cortana anyway. Mash Cortanas Seach abilities and system integrationin to Alexa and you have a winner. Cortana never lived up to the hype.
  • They did, but there is really no gurantee how long it will last. Cortana may eventually gets rebranded and be just an AI for enterprise solutions. Currently Cortana don't get as much as consumer penetration, comparing when it was announced where it was better than Siri and really competing to Google Now, which didn't even a proper digital assistant back then. The only big downside though, the rollout of Cortana to other countries with same features and capabilities as the US was slow to basically no progress. Then slowly Cortana do gain some new things while making the UX inferior on some aspects, yet still with slow rollout. Alexa just came out of nowhere but Amazon is really trying to make sure that everybody (at least where Amazon is at) will use Alexa and part of their lives, gimmick or not. So this is not about who is the first, but who gets it right and continue to push on.
  • Cortana is also being integrated with BMW and Nissan, so... 
  • Cortana still isn't available in the netherlands, so it has become another Microsoft thing to skip here...
  • Cortana is not available in Norway either. I can understand that we with our small number of people (5 000 000), will come last in line. But allmost all Norwegian speak English fluently so why can't we have Cortina in English? I have a subscription on Groove. I used to have a Band 2. I have a Lumia 950 XL. I use OneDrive on a daily basis. But since Microsoft clearly show that they are moving away from customer product, I should probably just buy myself an iPhone, Apple Watch and an Apple laptop, and move away from this eco-system as fast as I can.
  • Already got Siri and Alexa, why do we need a 3rd AI platform???
  • Google Assistant and Alexa, you mean. Siri has been inferior ever since Google Now, and Cortana... It can barely set the timer on my PC, sadly. But I disagree. We do need more than 3 leading voice-assistant platforms, for the healthy competition. Without BB and WM, Android and iOS are getting rather stagnant, without revolutionary changes. No competition is never good.
  • Siri has been inferior since Apple bought it and discontinued the app in favor of a built-in approach. That said, Microsoft didn't bother to advertise a goddamn thing, and then wonders why they fail to attract users. Simply releasing an app is not enough!
  • Yeah, i really thought right about now they were going to start advertising it. but no, they just end it.  Microsoft doesn't realize that the consumer space is going to be the profession space in a few years. I'm an older person going back to college right now, and i can see it wih all the young people there that they are only learning the free consumer stuff and using that for bussiness. 
  • Microsoft's Cortana for Android can't even be installed outside the US unless you manually download it and sideload it.
  • There is a ton of competition. You don't think LG, Moto, Huawei and any of the OEMs aren't doing everything they can to try and compete with Samsung? They have the source code to Android and can do almost anything they want with it. Competition is strong within Android let alone against iPhone.
  • Siri is nowhere near what Cortana is.
  • Exactly! I LOVE Cortana. I got an Android Phone now and STILL use Cortana! 
  • Also one of the first things I installed.
  • Obviously you live in tbe US. Outside the US Cortana is c r a p.
  • Or non-existent...
  • I live outside the US and Cortana is still pretty great. But surely MS being too US-centric in their services is another big problem.
  • Maybe because Siri isn't AI at all?  Never has been?  Even Apple doesn't call Siri "AI".  Artificial Intelligence by definition is the ability to supplant human decision making through the SPECIFIC ABILITY TO LEARN from external input & have that learning be persistent, transcending individual interactions. Siri does not interpret inputs nor does it retain information about preferences you communicate through searches.  It doesn't arbitrate between what you might like as a result based on anything retained from past interactions & it doesn't help make decisions for you.  Siri is a voice recognition system and some arguably declare that interpretation to be a form of "Artificial Intelligence" - but I think most AI researchers believe that that no longer fits the modern definition of AI.  It's not what you hear... it's what you hear, interpret, prioritize & act upon that makes something 'artificially intelligent'.
  • I think you might be wrong.  I have asked Siri several question, such as "who is the  president of the United States" - reply "it's Donald Trump".  "How old is he?" - reply "He is 71 years old".
  • Well, we only have 3 more years before she goes rampant and either dies or turns into Space Hitler.
  • For many people, including myself, being "Not available in your country" for years equals dead
  • Bing is next, why do we need another search platform when google and yahoo are #1 and #2.
  • Bing Maps is powered by Here, so no, I don't think Bing will go away, since is the only alternative vs Google, which I don't like. Call me a Google hater but I don't care, with Microsoft my personal life keeps being private 
  • Bing is more than a search engine.  It's a platform.  Not going anywhere.
  • I just asked Mike Ybarra via Twitter is Xbox next seeing that Groove has been cancelled. I have 2 One X preorders and would appreciate the heads up... will let you know what he says..
  • who the h*** care what he says ??? He will reply with the usual corporate nonsense. They are DONE! If they think the Cloud will save them ... GOOD LUCK!
  • That... doesn't make sense.
  • Agreed!   
  • EVERYTHING is on the table for Satya to can it. If Satya can popssibly kill something he will
  • I'm a Google hater, too, which is why Microsoft has continually ticked me off the past couple years. I'll die clinging to my Lumia Icon!
  • Curious why you would feel that way when Microsoft clearly regards its mobile platform users with utter contempt.
  • I feel the same
  • You do realize that yahoo uses bing as its search engine....
  • I don't think Microsoft knows this, which is why when they can it, The guys over at Yahoo are going to troubleshoot the issue for a few days before they realize, hey, wait a minute!!??
  • Looooooooooooool
    Very funny
  • Last i knew Yahoo was behind bing
  • Thats my point, if Yahoo is #3 and close to Bing, why do we need a #2?
  • You sound more and more ill-informed. Which in itself is reason for more search engines...
  • its sarcasm based on Nadella comment "did not get why the world needed the third ecosystem in phones”
    IT obviously applies here, why need a 3rd platform for music, gaming,search or AI. Bing is a distant 2nd to Google which is really like being in 3rd place....I'll stay informed if you stay up to date..
  • You are such an idiot.
  • Did you look in the mirror?
  • Otherway around..Though with Verizon buying them who knows what the future holds for that agreement. 
  • You sound like an editor for Nadella's book. He's a joke. 
  • Why bring Yahoo into the topic. Its web properties are faltering. Among the two, Yahoo should actually be the one considering shuttering its search engine.
  • In the history of Search Engines, there are examples prior to Google that were THE search engine and have withered away. So is there a need for another platform? Of course. If only to counter the dominance of Google. And Yahoo #2? When? Where?
  • Why do people think there is supposed to be a limit of 2 choices? Besides, I've only seen missus of search engine rankings in the order of Google, Bing, Yahoo.
  • Yahoo serves bing results...
  • Because they pay you to use it, and Bing is better for porn. The key is: Light searches with Bing/Heavy and more serious searches with Google. Yahoo is terrible at anything involving security.
  • Even Apple is re-embracing Google search again. The writing is on the wall.
  • Meanwhile, I'm just checking if Windows Central app got commenting fixed. If you see this message, it's fixed.
  • Yay, finally!
  • Yeah so good to have it back. Had to uninstall and reinstall Windows Central after the update today, but I can finally comment in the app again!!!
  • I switch to the web because I thought it hasn't but it is nice to know they finally got it.
  • It's fixed Finally! You have to log out and then back in again...
    Don't know about avatar leaking though!
  • Looks like avatar leaking continues to be a problem unfortunately! Another two months to fix that one?!
  • YES, Finally I can comment again!!!!! woo hoo!
  • Just testing if in-app replies are working. Yup. Woot...
  • Not fixed for me, and I have the latest app update. Not only that, but I logged out to login again, and login on the app is broken too. I get it that we aren't very high on the priority list, but my patience has about run out. The website is marginally usable on mobile, and thanks to the over abundance of ads little more than an exercise in frustration on non-mobile. The ride was fun while it lasted.
  • Reinstall and it'll work.
  • Thanks. Resetting alone did not fix, even though it should have.
  • Every bad word said about Microsoft's CEO Nadella has proven to be true.  He could give a rats ass about consumers!  I bet Ballmer is looking better by the day!
  • I cannot believe you actually posted that. You do realize that people can read this...
  • "He could give a rats ass about consumers!"  News flash, Einstein - he doesn't owe you anything.  He answers to the board of directors.  MS is not making real money in the consumer space, so he's being responsible by abandoning non-profitable ventures.  There's a reason why MS stock is doing so well - they're making money hand over fist in the enterprise realm.  Why should he be obligated to the consumer space.  Did you make the same whine about IBM when they sold their PC business to Lenovo?  The fact that IBM is still in business is a testament to their readiness to change direction as markets come and go.  MS is doing the exact same thing.  Get over it.
  • I can't say I'm surprised. Microsoft though has killed itself in the consumer space, I bought into the phone and the band only to see them killed rather than pushed hard. Thankfully I stuck with Spotify even though the Phone support on my Windows Phone was patchy, wonder how long before my purchased films disappear from the Video app? Even on that though I've moved to Amazon for any digital media. I was a huge MS fan and will probably move to the Scorpio rather than go the PS route but please keep the MS management and push to blend with the rest of the product set well away from the xbox division!!!
  • NO!
  • It's bad enough they're killing the Groove Music Pass, of which I'm a subscriber, but why are they removing the option to buy albums and songs independently from the Store? This completely undermines my faith in the Store, and I question whether I should be buying anything from there, as it seems likely they'll do the same thing for Movies & TV and Books in the near future too.   Microsoft, you have no understanding of the long-term commitment needed to build a viable ecosystem. No one trusts you anymore: Windows RT (dead), Windows Phone 7 (dead), Windows Phone 8 (dead), Windows 10 Mobile (dead), Kinect (dead), Band 2 (dead), Groove (dead), and so on, and so on, and so on.
  • I agree. I don't use the music pass but all my music I buy from the store, it's really convenient. The store without music 👿 
  • The Store is empty enough, now you can't even buy a song. WTF. Microsoft has lost the plot. Good look succeeding MS.
  • The store is useless without music and movies/TV.  All the apps are ****, so why use the store at all anymore?
  • This is also what even baffles me, they didn't just kill off Groove Music Pass, which is the deal with migrating Groove Music Pass customers to Spotify is about. But they actually kill off the whole music offerings of Microsoft Store, which just only recently rebranded to make unified brand and experience to one store. This decision now jeopardize the other consumer offerings in Microsoft Store. Movies & TV and Books, which now signifies that they may as well swiftly get killed when the opportunity comes. Books is really the most unusual, only recently been introduced all while there is no devices, at least from Microsoft themselves to showcase eBook reading experience. No premium hero 8-inch Windows tablet out there, not even big name OEMs, but only some chinese brand tablets (which is not too bad) that is mostly unknown to most consumers. When they first introduced Books to Windows Store, its like what's the point? Its not comfortable to read books on big tablets like Surface Pro, even worse with bulkier convertables. Movies & TV is also on endangered zone, since only available Windows 10 devices which is mostly desktops and laptops. Though it will remain safe simply because of Xbox, though Groove Music is supposed to be safe too with Xbox but we know that isn't the case at all anyways. Especially when there is Netflix since that's their logic anyways. Is Microsoft Store eventually just offer apps, games and some hardware? It seems this is where it leads to. Lastly, is there something fishy about the Spotify deal here? Is Microsoft actually cornered by Spotify and big music labels? Like if Microsoft wants Spotify then they must discontinue their music service? Though killing off Music section from Microsoft Store doesn't make sense for Spotify since they themselves don't offer you to purchase track and owning it. So is there a pressure from music labels too?  
  • So what about us, the users in countries where Spotify doesn't work?! I live in Egypt and we don't have Spotify service working here!
  • use youtube red although I don't like if you don't pay subscription you can't turn your smartphone off as you can with Spotify  
  • YouTube Red is available in even fewer countries than Spotify.
  • There is this dandy little thing called ITUNES.  Download it on your computer.  You buy music from there,  and load it on to your dying windows deivce....OR for even better results,  buy an iphone of 5s or better,  and pay 9.99 a month for apple music and never have to worry about the host flaking out on you like MS has constantly since nadulla took over.
  • Which only works (mobile) if you have iphone. I'm not being such to any one platform. I went from Groove to Spotify when I switched to my GS8. Actually, I tried Google Play Music's 4 month launch promo with Samsung for 99 cents and then I went with Spotify. It works everywhere, my phone, my watch, my Roku, Windows laptop and tablet, obviously, and even my old Lumia.
  • At least it works.  More than you can say for crappy groove.  Glad I cancelled my subscription when Microsoft cancelled my 1020 getting windows 10 mobile.   Apple music is better than both spotify and groove anyways. 
  • Define "better".  You guys are always touting sales and popularity as "better" and spotify is clearly the #1 streaming music product on the market. I're about to throw a fanboy insult at me for daring to disagree with you.  
    To me Spotify is "better" because it works EVERYWHERE.  Can Apple Music run on my Windows laptop? Yes. My Roku? No. My Android? No. My Gear S3 Smartwatch? No.  Spotify can in all instances. So for me, not being all in with Apple, Spotify is "better".  Most of my friends who are Apple-centric have had Spotify for a long time and haven't switched to Apple Music, which surprises me because some of them would buy an iFlush Toilet, if Apple announced it tomorrow. 
  • I've tried Spotify and Groove is definitely better imo
  • @Steve Alright I'm calling uncle!  This one hits me in the gut hard!  After this I can clearly see the end is near.  What's even funnier is all those people who fell for all those insider programs.  They were and are being played for fools - Guinea pigs.  MIcrosoft use these people to make their products better and this is how they are rewarded.  One swift Kick!  I wonder what's going to happen to this site once there are no more phones support? 
  • First of all, this site covers all of microsoft news and not just phones. Secondly, while this is sad and disappointing news it has nothing to do with insider programs. It's completely voluntary. As I've written in another comment, you never know which competing software/products/whatever ends up becoming dominant. Sure, there's always a chance to do well and overcome the current dominant company but it's not guaranteed. So yes I'm saddened by this news as with other people here, but I wish people/certain commentors will stop taking everything SO personally.
  • @real Yes I realize this site covers Microsoft news.  But do you pay attention to the comments?  If by any chance the articles are about phones or phones related the comments blogs are filled!  If it's about anything else it's meager at best.  Don't get me wrong I do get some helpful information from the other articles.  But my main reason to visit any Microsoft centric site is for phone news.  If when I know for sure there will be no more phones (I can only speak for myself) my readership on any of these sites will dwindle significantly.  It's one thing to not be dominant.  It's another when you don't even try.  The person who introduced me to Zune years ago has since left to get all music from Amazon.  He told me a year ago I should try it.  I told him nah, I like Xbox/Groove music; it's solid.  Well solid as quicksand.  As for taking things personally, well I do!  I invested in their Xbox (from the original to current).  Kinect. Band. Phones. Software.  Mail.  I don't even have a gmail account.  And what's the reward.  Nothing but failure.  It's one thing to fail while it looks like you're trying, but the current leadership isn't trying one bit. 
  • BTW @whodaboss,  going apple is not all that bad,  at least everything is there and there is very little chance they are taking something away any time soon...unlike this asshat running microsoft.  
  • @whodaboss?  really?  ha ha.  I cancelled my Groove when MS decided they no longer wanted my lumias as customers.   Been super happy ever since.   After this cancellation...I can only imagine what is next for the great canceller (Nadella).  Cloud is the ONLY thing he is interested in.  I have to keep my onedrive/office 365,  but I do believe everything else is going to go in the classifieds to move to Apple.   Microsoft is truly NOT INTERESTED in consumer anymore.   Office and onedrive has everything for my business.   I am going to miss touchscreen, etc...but at this point,  there is going to be no software etc to effectively use them with MS going the way of the DODO bird.  
  • Groove app wasn't even available here, and the Pass was also not available when I had my L735, though I am not the type to buy music. Still, it's very worrying if every consumer product gets discontinued just because the competition is too strong.
  • What about Mobile users who won't have any Spotify app in the near future? Smh...
  • someone in a Spotify available country can open an account to your name and email and then you can modify your payment and data. I did it, and work just fine.
  • Do Not Adopt Microsoft Products and Services. This company is lost and is wasting all of our time. They seem to be retrenching into a purely business/office oriented company as all of their consumer facing products are either being discontinued or pared down significantly.
  • Yea, Microsoft is today is like IBM 2.0, and bad news is investors don't care as Microsoft stock is very high today
  • This Sucks big time. Faith in MS is LOST!!!! Zune is what brought me into the MS fanboy fold. Today a piece of me died. Yes, I know i'm being dramatic, but its painfully obvious that MS is not interested in consumers anymore. IBM  2.0 is right :(
  • Seriously? This is a music service that they didn't even market or make a serious attempt at. Do you think Windows, Office, Outlook, XBOX, are going away suddenly? Google cancels crap all the time that they try out and it doesn't work.
  • Wtf?!?! Son of a *****. Why do I rely on anything with Ms anymore...
  • Now that # of Android devices is higher than # of Windows devices Nadella will probably consider closing Windows development in 2 years because Windows will become unprofitable.
  • So what if he closes Windows development? If you own the ocean (cloud data), do you still need a boat?
  • Yes you do, because what is to stop Google/Apple/Amazon using their cloud services (creating an ocean on a different planet and thus not interacting with Microsoft's ocean), and getting round Microsoft? If everyone is interfacing through an ocean that you don't own, what do you do? They need to have SOME consumer facing products if you ask me. I'm only kept in check because of Xbox (I did pick up the Xbox One, I was interested in it for UWP dev, which turned out to be a big mistake), and because of Steam on Windows (some of my games I own are Windows only, and from what I can tell, they won't work in WINE). But I'm now being very cautious around Windows Mixed Reality. Stuff like this is killing their new brands before they have chance to get launched, because of the lack of trust. It's like "Oh, this hasn't turned into #1, so you're killing it off because who needs competition?". Sure, Apple and Google do it too, but the way they do it doesn't hit direct ecosystems, they're gimmicky things that didn't take off. Yet here comes Microsoft closing Groove Music, which music is a [B]very big thing[/B], it's not just some gimmick that didn't take off. That's the difference, it's one thing killing off a gimmick that didn't take off, it's a whole other thing to kill off a core part of your ecosystem. I haven't yet moved (I do have an Android phone but use primarily MS services on it), but I'm sure I'd feel my ecosystem is safer if I went all-in with Apple, Google, or Amazon.
  • Sadness. I have over 12,000 tracks added to my Groove library, only 2,000 of which are MP3s on my OneDrive. I'm in the minority of users who actually loved the service and now it's going away.
  • I have over 35K tracks in my library. This transition might take a while. Very sad to see the service go.
  • Ffs I'm with you on this been using this since the zune. I have tried Google music, Spotify and a few others but the have limits to albums/songs you can add to your library zune/groove don't so God knows what I'm going to do now thing it will be Google music as this seemed to be the best built in one but I am worried about cortana and other things I use on my android/windows PC.
  • HAHA! hey but they have music videos? what about music videos?!
  • lol...
  • It's coming....oh wait.
  • I use Groove for music videos on my Xbox One a lot. Spotify don't offer this. I also like to support artists I like by buying tracks outside my pass, Spotify don't let you buy tracks. What a load of rubbish this is. Groove actually kept me loyal to Microsoft.
  • This sucks.  Been with the service since it was Urge/MTV (before Zune).  Daniel is right, how can I trust any consumer MS product?
  • I'm with you.  I was part of that crowd back in the day.  Being built into WMC was so future thinking.  They kept the service as an afterthought though.  Although I didn't quit the MS ecosystem, i dropped Windows Phone about 6 months ago.  I still miss it, but I keep telling myself that it's going nowhere.  I miss the days of Urge....  :(    
  • You simply can't. There is no more consumer confidence in MS. So sad.
  • You should trust Microsoft as much as you trust any consumer product that is facing tough competition. Namely, hope that they succeed, and if not, move on with your life. All of this anger is completely immature and, frankly, idiotic.
  • And, we are done. I can get over the loss of Radio, and Music Pass, but not being able to purchase music directly through Groove? Seems like a pointless player to me then.
  • Same.  I want the windows store to be my one stop shop for everything, but they just ruined this for me.  This also screws up Cortana!  I use Cortana to find songs that are playing when I don't know the name of the song.  How is that feature going to help me buy those songs I just discovered?
  • I wonder if they will code Spotify into Cortana search.
  • Yup. The ability to purchase music was the reason I subscribed to Groove over Spotify. Groove purchases are usually more affordable than iTunes and higher quality than Amazon. Where is the best place to purchase music now? I can't torrent everything >_<
  • Oh well, makes my decision easier. I was going to start considering alternatives to Groove Music Pass, and now I HAVE to. Thanks M$. 
  • i cant miss what wasn't available to me
  • Absolutely.
  •  WTH?? Just about fed up with MS.
  • You're not alone!
  • Wow - now this is something I really hoped wouldn't happen.  Also been a Zune/Groove user for years.  I can understand this as the right move for the business today, but as a consumer it tastes terrible.  Really growing disillusioned with MS as a consumer and a developer.  I was on the fence about buying an iPhone or Android device to replace my L950.  This is the last straw for me.  Now just have to decide which one to get. I've never used Spotify - I assume it can't stream music from OneDrive, correct?  
  • Being a MS phone user since WM 5.0...   I guarantee you will miss it.  I jumped to Android 6 months ago and i HATE it.  I have no choice though.
  • Been a Windows Phone user since WM6.0... Jumped to Android and I love it. Android is like Windows Mobile 6.5 Pro, but 100 times better. WP7+ was an iOS wannabe.
  • Exactly. I don't know how Windows fans could stomach Windows phones. I guess not many of them did. Windows phone and chasing Apple was a huge mistake for Microsoft.
  • I jumped to Android a few weeks ago, and while I can't say I hate it, I do miss Windows 10 mobile.  Android has a few positives over Windows but the overall usability of the phone is much better on Windows.
  • Yeah, I'm heading that way soon to Android unfortunately
  • So like me, i bought a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X 3 days ago but i miss Windows Mobile. It is like meh... Using android for 3 more apps like bank or another **** and some games thats the only thing :(
  • If you Move to Android, you can stream your own music uploaded to Google Play Music. I don't do this because #dataplans are expensive but that was always an option there. If you pay for Spotify however, you can offline cache music from their service.
  • But Spotify doesn't support W10M?!?!?! Oh wait, they don't care.
  • I just downloaded it on my Lumia 950 and it launched.  What do you mean it doesn't support W10M?  I assume it's not a UWP because it works with Windows Phone 8.1 - is that what you mean?  
  • OK, it "works", but wow is it ugly and cumbersome.  
  • The app is on maintenance and doesnt get updates anymore. So how long do you think the app will still be available when the platform owner is washing their hands of the platform?
  • LMAO!!
  • Microsoft wont be supporting W10M for long. Why should anyone else?
  • Wow. Just wow. I use and enjoy Groove. Bad move Microsoft.
  • LOL. This comment above is GOLD!
  • I can't remember where I read the article but the board and Microsoft inverstors have been pushing hard for Microsoft to get back to business only products and steer clear of the consumer base.  At one point there was talk of selling off Xbox as well.  I'm not surprised they ask Steve Ballmer to step down or be fired and put Satya Nadella in charge.  Since Mr. Nadella has taken over, he has killed Nokia, then Microsoft Phone, Microsoft Mobile, added more of thier products on the competitation, and now has killed Groove Music.  Mr. Nadella is more about kissing up to the board and the investor instead of listening to thier customers.  When Bill Gates was in charge there was much better marketing of thier products then there is now, and too many elites have left the company.
  • Nadella can't be trusted. Whenever he speaks on subjects I am never fully confident on whether he's smoke-screening or protecting his interests. What a joke
  • Yep. You got that right. He is one giant BS artist.
  • You really need to get over your hard-on for Nadella
  • Yep, and my MS stock is happy. I'm sad to see Groove go, but you can't keep throwing money away especially since MS never took the service serious enough after Zune.
  • Source please, I think Xbox,  Office and Surface are consumer based. Microsoft is still strong with these services
  • Just because consumers also buy Office and Surface doesn't make them consumer focused.
  • Bing, Cortana, One drive, OneNote
  • Satya will kill them the second he thinks he can get away with it. Nothing is safe at MS anymore
  • I knew something was happening with cancelling licenses when I was not able to download a Five Finger Death Punch album that I had purchased. I called Microsoft and I was told that the album is no longer available and I will be refunded. The message actually said that the album violated copyrights! I couldn't believe it. Made me wonder what other albums will get dropped and I will just have to agree to take my refund. It may not have anything to do with Groove Pass, but it took away my trust in purchasing from Groove.
  • Yes of late, a lot of songs have been made unavailable on groove. Good job noticing
  • Yeah and now I will have to resort pirating music albums instead of purchasing them from the Windows Store.
  • I hope you guys are, but if you're not, could you please ask someone at MS why they hate their customers? Why are they lying to us about "devices fans will love"? Why won't they clarify instead of stringing along and then slashing? I'm fed up!
  • Jason, yeah me too... Spotify really Microsoft? When I saw the email earlier I was livid. Use Groove across 8 devices with massive playlists that my entire family has built.
  • @Jason Ward.  Just one of many many bad moves since nadella became CEO.
  • This consumer retrenchment mirrors the abandoning of other consumer areas like mobile. Microsoft have clearly decided that the enterprise is where they make money so they can leave consumer to Google, Apple and Amazon. That will be their differentiator. Its obviously been a recent decision because Groove has improved tremendously over recent times. The Android app is now pretty much as good as the Windows 10 Mobile. Also the Groove app on Windows 10 is one ot best examples of UWP now.  Microsoft's music service is now getting the kind of publicity now that is making more users aware of Microsoft even having a music service. Microsoft's music adventure mirrors it's mobile mis-steps. Zune devices were only ever available in the USA and the Zune brand was largely US only. The rest of the globe didn't even know about it. The desktop was pretty good compared to iTunes. In fact compared the the bloating of itunes the Zune desktop software was good. Better still it ran on all versions of Windows. Windows 8 comes along and they brand their music offering as Xbox Music. It only ran on Windows 8, that no one had, and the app was Fisher-Price kiddie effort. Most people thought you could only use Xbox Music with the Xbox because it didn't run on Windows 7. Of course no publicity from Microsoft.  They missed the whole pricing model of music where parents bought a family plan so all their devices could work together. That was lost to the genius marketers in Microsoft. For years the biggest request for users was provide a family plan. Ignored. Mobile devices are where a lot of music is played so key to a services and ecosystem for users is a mobile offering. Again not so good for Microsoft. With every home speaker system supporting Spotify it was Microsoft who failed to get music partners so their service would be supported. Yet famously Microsoft is the company that works with partners - not so with their services for consumers. It's the natural move for Microsoft. It struggles to get it right in the consumer space. It cant be long before they get out of TV and film. After all they dont promote those services either.
  • Jason W.. It's petition time! They should at least support Groove until they completely drop WM. I'm making a petition ASAP.. Or, you can do an article with a petition linked to it. That would probably get more attention.. Please! Enough is enough. Groove is great!
  • I am so friggin' angry right now! !#$$%^* So what do we do as Windows Mobile users? What streaming service can we use? Suggestions? What's next? Movies and TV? Books? Going all-in with MS is proving to be a very fruitless endeavor. 
  • Go to Android and iOS, how many more products does Nutella have to cancel for you guys to take the hint?
    He wants Enterprise's money, not yours.
  • Thing is - I make recommendations for Enterprise based on my past postive experience with Microsoft.  I was a staunch defender coming from the consumer side.  That's been changing this year with their terrible HoloLens support and completely failing consumer business (with exception of Xbox, which was supposed to drive Movies/TV/Music consumption)...
  • I too made enterprise recommendations based on my conusmer minded first-hand experiences. That has all changed lately as i've now been speaking against Microsoft due to their lack of focus and vision and killing all the things that were going good.
  • Honestly, the abandoned Spotify app is our best option. I was about to leave Spotify for Groove, but now there really isn't a mobile alternative.
  • Napster is great on W10M.
  • Like the other guy said, time to leave. Nutella doesn't want you as a consumer. Bought a Note 8 and have never looked back. Thought I'd struggle, but became totally immersed on being able to get whatever I want when I wanted with it. Windows under Nutella isn't worth the frustration anymore. Kind of wished I hadn't bout my Surface Book bevause I would have totally left the company.
  • It's the same with me. My Lumia 950 XL was experiencing issues such as reboots, inability to connect to the mobile network and the camera app failing despite resetting it. I ended up buying a Sony Xperia XZ Premium which, here is Australia, has a working fingerprint reader as the power button. It works a treat. I thought the transition to Android would be difficult and a poorer experience but it's not as bad as I thought. With this Groove closure, this is the final straw for me. I've been a Zune user since 2011 and they ruined it with Xbox music. I'll just chalk this shafting from Microsoft up against the many others. I don't see Microsoft or its products figuring much into my future going forward.
  • Spotify. It works everywhere. You can user it now with your Windows device and if you decide to switch, it'll work wherever you decide to go.
  • I went ahead and switched to Spotify. Got the family plan too so that saved us a few bucks (Wife was on Spotify, I was on Groove previously) Thanks for all the legitimate suggestions. The app is working on my far.
  • Goddamit. Groove was a perfect mix between old stored MP3s, and new music using Pass. 
  • It really was.
  • It really WAS.
  • Undermining consumer confidence. Really? Just now we're realizing this? Most of the people who went on felt this earlier, but when it finally hits a service that's important, it finally "surfaces" that this is an apparent problem. This burn you get from Microsoft is just so indescribable. Really can't wait for my Office 365 subscription to end to move to a different cloud service, probably Amazon of iCloud since I can use them for a music locker service on all my Apple Products.
  • "but when it finally hits a service that's important" True!!
  • I'm leaving O365 at the end of my subscription, too. I worry that the alternatives won't be as full featured. I'm also concerned with how i'm going to move all that data from OneDrive
  • Same here. I've been on android since my 930 died a year ago, but I stacked it with all the MS apps. Now I'm finding myself migrating away from those. Google Assistant has been much better than Cortana (at least here in the UK), Outlook had problem after problem so I'm set up the Google alternatives in tandem. I think its only a matter of time before I hit the kill switch. When that happens, I think I'll cancel 365, load back up my old Office 13 suite on the laptop and go all in for alternatives. My MS world will be the laptop/Desktop OS and old software on it. I still pine for my windows phone, but its gone, and holding on the ever shinking eco system around it is starting to be too much of a hassle.
  • So wait, let me make sure I understand this. 1) Microsoft essentially stopped investing in W10M
    2) Spotify stoped developing their W10M app (which is poor at best)
    3) Now they kill Groove music pass. We should have seen this coming when they did the direct port to the windows store for PC and then announced it for xbox. Seriously WTF? Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.  What's next they just give up on Windows all together? I'm really disappointed. This was an awesome service, nothing compared to Songza but google had to go and ruin that. So my only streaming options are the ****** spotify app if i want new music.  Thanks Microsoft ***tosses 950xl in trash**  
  • I used to think Msoft had a crazy good strategy up its sleeve, it just weren't willing to communicate it yet, but little by little, I'm realizing there's likely no compelling strategy here. What's the point of an ultra mobile device if there's zero first party support? Some other company can just make a copycat device and then what's the point of the surface line? Also, seems to me that spending $$$ on creating new device categories is way more costly than supporting first party services. After how many years of 1-3% market share will Msoft drop the "surface phone?" And then after that, what's next to go? I'm beginning to think that what Msoft means by helping people "do more", it really means "do more --- by doing the exact opposite of what we've done" because Msoft is now a case study in exactly what not to do to be successful. /rant
  • ***and then picks 950xl out of the trash to call Best Buy about a new phone**
  • LMAO!!!!!!!!!!
  • I think they plan on Windows continuing; it will be that thing you use when you're at work. This is already how it is for millions of people.   
  • Goodness, Microsoft seriously buried the lead in their press release headline, focusing on the partnership with Spotify and then casually mentioning in the second or third paragraph that Groove Music Pass was going out of business.  Thank you, Windows Central, for the proper headline. Just another example of how completely hopeless Microsoft is at marketing products to the broad consumer market.  They have absolutely no idea how to do it.
  • It is easy marketing good products.
  • It was never marketed to begin with...
  • Lets be honest Here, Groove did not integrate well on Android you can't play music stored on your Sd card,you can't scrobble into, you can't customize sound equalizer, so it was a half baked app IMO
  • Haha, doesn't affect me - Only US :P
  • Believe me, if you've used it you'd be pissed too.
  • Nadella is pretty good guy, he never actually killed any of MS services or products, I mean I really don't get it why you guys hate him so much. The shareholders must have been angry again. /s
  • Sarcasm?
  • Yes. /s means end of sarcsm.
  • you are wrong - he is not dare enough to clearly kill product. He just let it underfunded, undersupported for a while and be silent. Same stuff with WP or with Band. What he don't want just silently disapear. Why to make shareholders nervous with news about canceling stuff :-) Even Grove still continue - they "just" removed some features :-D :-D
  • ....and I just redeemed a 3 month Groove Pass via Bing Rewards! MS are becoming an awful company to invest hard earned money in.
  • I still have about a year of unused groove music pass coupons...
  • wow first dropping support for windows phone, now groove music! never seen that coming!
  • Wait...what? So now my only streaming option from mobile will be spotify...which lets be honest has been a half assed app for the better part of a year with almost no real updates. Add to that spotify has the app on maintenance. Well if there ever was a time to give up i say this is it.  I wonder what they will announce next? Big W10M update - your phone is now a paper weight. 
  • Time to jump ship my friend. I went to Android and didn't look back. Sure, it's not as pretty as W10M but it works and there's 100% commitment from Google.  Also, may I recommend Amazon Music Unlimited? Their catalogue is similar to Spotify's and the service is getting better everyday with the integration to Alexa and all of the Amazon gadgets, like the Echo, Fire TV, etc. 
  • Spotify has a strong W10/Xbox presence and they know that is what is moving forward.  Yes W10M is dead, but that doesn't mean W10 is dead.  I've had my 950 for almost two years.  I fully expect that next year a W10 "mobile connected" device (not a phone) with an eSIM and Telephony will replace it.  Spotify will work on my platforms at home (iOS, Android, W10, W10M) and continue to do so.  Not really that worried.
  • Check out Napster. It has a fully supported Windows 10 app that works on PC, Mobile, and Xbox.
  • Microsoft's strategy lately is to throw in the towel whenever they face any competition. They are dismantling their consumer business and turning into an Oracle. Why the Indian thinks being an Oracle is better than being a Google is beyond me.
  • Is XBOX next???
  • No, Xbox makes money. 
  • Consumers are unreasonable annoying customers who pay little. Businesses are reasonable and understanding customers who pay big. An app bug for an oracle software isn't going to make headlines. A bug for consumers... different story. We suck and are pains in the asses
  • Well F you Microsoft. Stuck with you since Windows mobile. It's still the best interface, really don't like iOS or android, those plain icons sitting on wasted space etc etc. Now you dump the best looking music app? Got groove on my htpc with 65 inch screen. The interface is lovely. Spotify is ugly, and no Windows 10 app. Don't make me use their desktop version, it's nearly as awful as iTunes.
  • How are widgets wasted space and Live Tiles aren't?
  • I think he is referring to the icons, not the widgets.
  • Why would you compare Live Tiles to icons? That doesn't make sense. Windows phone icons are no different than Android icons (actually Android icons can be animated now and changed based on the UI, so that really isn't true) and Live Tiles are just severely limited widgets. Comparing Live Tiles to icons while ignoring widgets is not a genuine argument.
  • I didn't say it was a good comparison, just what the OP seemed to mean.  Widgets are fine, but I still prefer the overall look of W10.
  • Spotify has a W10, Xbox, and  W10M app, just not a UWP.
  • I only use Groove Music with my music locally or on Onedrive anyway.
  • So do I...
  • so when I use Cortana to hear a song on the radio and want to get it, I can no longer do so? This is again Satya working real hard to kill Microsoft from the marketplace (consumer). If they were not so dependent on revenue from Surface computers and Xbox those would be dead too.
  • Most music apps work with Cortana.
  • I was a long-time Zune Pass, then Xbox Music, then Groove Music Pass customer. Even though I actually prefer Groove, I eventually switched over to Spotify simply because of the family subscription plan. Microsoft kind of shot themselves in the foot by never making such an option available...
  • There goes one of my favorite UWPs... 
  • Wow I barely started using the groove music pass if they kill off Movies and TV I'm going to be pissed all that money I spent over the years.
  • That might be the only thing keeping them from fully killing Movies & TV. With music, anything you bought is DRM-free so you can move it elsewhere, and you can move your playlists to Spotify. With TV, those are all DRM-locked, so if MS shuts that service down, there's no more accessing it at all unless they come up with a similar partnership to dump off to other stores (or probably more than one given how fractured movie services are, with different locker systems and most restricted to few countries).
  • I hope you're right thanks for the reply
  • I doubt they care that you would lose your movies.  They already have your money.  They have had no problem in the past discontinuing DRMed content.  PlaysForSure and Zune videos are two examples I can think of.
  • Follow dan and Zac go iPhone
  • Why, this changes nothing.  If I went ti iPhone I would still have to switch services from Groove too. So now I have Spotify pinned to my Start on my 950 rather than Groove, I'll pay for Spotify Premium vs. a Groove Pass and it will continue to work on all the devices I have... complete nonissue.
  • Wow. I figured this was going to happen but I didn't see it coming so soon.  That is a bummer but I'm glad that it will remain for OneDrive and locally stored music at least, since a lot of people seem to use Groove for that.
  • Fine... now can you patch the Android Groove to READ LOCAL MUSIC ALREADY!? It's more important now than ever.
    Oh and Nutella wants Microsoft to fade into the forgotten realm of Enterprise. How long before he sells off the Xbox division to Apple or whatever just to achieve his IBM 2.0 fantasies?
  • Movies & TV will be next... not being able to watch stuff you purchase on MS Movies and TV on anything but Windows and the XBOX is going to be it's death nail... even something as open as Roku has no app to play MS Movies and TV (they do have a Google Play Movies app)... The only reason to use Groove in the first place was if you were in a MS only ecosystem with WP/XBOX/Windows.  I switched to Google Music when I switched to Anroid and that service is far superior... having a family subscription is a big deal and the inclusion of YouTube red just makes it that much better... and you can still upload your own music to the service too.
  • Agreed. If there was a Google Music app (third party) on the XBOX and if Google Music worked on my Echo's (without bluetooth), I'd be Google Music only, especially for the YouTube red. 
  • Agree with you I commented without scrolling all the way down.
  • What's the point of all this? Groove was constantly updated with new features, and was getting better and better with every release. Groove Music Pass wasn't available here in Hungary, and now it never will... I guess I'm sticking with Deezer... But this is another step towards destroying all consumer confidence in MS...
  • This is the craziest part!!!!!!why the he..LL we're they updating it so much???? I feel like I'm taking crazy pillllllsssssss!!!!!!!
  • Wow. This is a kick in the nuts... Groove is by far my favorite streaming service and music app, and has vastly improved over the years. Spotify simply does not have the same features as Groove, period. Very dissapointing. 
  • Yep, just downloaded to my phone. One butt ugly app. All nasty icons, circles. MS is list.
  • Awful news! So angry about this!
  • I hate to say this, but this maybe the final straw for my 950XL.  I used Cortana all the time to find new songs I would hear on the radio, TV doesn't matter where, and added to my Groove playlists.  I'm just... I don't even know what to say anymore.
  • Last kick in the nuts I needed. I'm gonna have fun destroying my 950xl
  • I'm in pretty much the same boat. I've partially been holding on to my Lumia 950 XL because Cortana and Groove just worked together so seamlessly. Spotify's presence on Windows 10 Mobile is basically non-existent. I loved using Cortana to control my music while driving. This is really undermining what little faith I have left in Microsoft, it looks like it might be time to (regrettably) jump ship.
  • The only very good UWP app...gone now.
  • "Long term, Microsoft will continue to build the platform and structure"
    With their current track recored there is absolutely no guarantee this will not also fall to their Retrenchment policy. And this is exactly why I stopped buying ANYTHING media related from Microsoft.
  • I'm eagerly anticipating my xbox one X but I'm not going to lie, I fear getting more heavily invested in something Microsoft touches is super risky
  • How can I buy one, last weekend I went out and bought a FreeSat box to replace the USB TV dongle to free up a USB slot on the Xbox One X so I could still use my Kinect and USB hard drive and not have to have a wire plugged into the third USB port on the front. Silly as I already have FreeSat on the telly but I wanted an integrated system. Now I am not going to buy an Xbox One X as I cannot trust MS anywhere in the consumer or entertainment area.   Any one want to buy my FreeSat box, MS have just killed any faith I had with the company, as each of my subscriptions to all of MS supplied services come up for renewal, sorry MS I am retrenching.  
  • When the going gets tough..... the tough get going. Except for Microsoft, which cries "uncle" like a little ***** and folds like a house of cards. No one can possibly think that Microsoft has the balls to make another, sustained effort in mobile. They should just get out of the consumer markets all together. Their new slogan "Microsoft... we only do Cloud, don't hurt us.".
  • Jason Ward, do you get it now?? respectfully....
  • Surely he'll find a spin One thing he's consistent at, is finding a spin. He should have played pro basketball. Missed his calling
  • Next up - Xbox (8-10 years. Sooner if they botch the launch of the next xbox and continue to ignore exclusives) ... then office (probably more like 12 years down the line after Google inevitably catches up) ....... then WIndows (let's give this one 20 years. They'll fight tooth n nail to the end but Microsoft are losers and are almost destined to fail as if an old witch in the woods foresaw it Cersei Lannister style)
  • I was planing on getting a Xbox One S this upcoming holiday but...
  • Honestly I think they'd sell the brand instead of give up all that innovation altogether. I only hope if they do sell, it goes to an ambitious company that actually WINS. Like Amazon.
  • I could see the brands split in 10 years like having Microsoft Enterprise (Azure, OneDrive, Office, Surface) and Microsoft CE (Windows, Xbox, Game Studios, Xbox Entertainment)
  • I think your time frames are well out, MS are effectivly giving people free upgrades to Windows to encourage them to sign up to their paid cloud based services like Office 365, Skype and GROOVE, but have failed to relise that if you kill one, you probably kill them all. I give Xbox 5 years max as a Microsoft product, and Windows itself wont be far behind. Yes MS will make lots of money for a time in the cloud, but the other companies will be laughing there heads off today. MS once had a vision to have a PC in every home, Nadella says they now have a vision again but it isn't a vision that includes us the average punter.  
  • Saw it comming last year. It's becoming their business pattern. They try, see the competition, calculate it's not worthy to push on and leave. I don't think their management is bad. You can't blame them for trying. They're doing their best to keep the share values high and that means cutting losses.
    Ofc, that also means they're on a slow way to oblivion as far as new gens of consumers are concerned. So yeah, saw it coming. i still use the desktop windows for games, but i switched to android and non-MS services. Trust in the MS is hitting a new low it seems.
  • You're exactly right. It's best to start distancing ourselves from Microsoft now. They've burned their longterm fans and consumers and now the young millenials see them as ancient and a non-factor. They may be making their investors right right now (good for them, seriously. I wish I had Microsoft stock) but they're cruelly killing their future in return. They're cutting off their nose to spite their face
  • Same here. The only reason I use windows on my gaming PC is to access my games and other services. I got rid of all my Microsoft services.
  • Microsoft is sobering up to the reality that it will never catch up to nor compete with Spotify. As a result, there will no longer be any significant investment in trying to win a losing battle.
    Satya Nadella motto right there.... Dude doesn't have the balls to battle even if he going to LOSE. 
  • Why waste time and money battling an impossible fight? They need to drop an this excess crap and concentrate on making Windows a better platform for other people's services.
  • Why Apple keep battling with the crap Mac when iOS is their star ? They should drop it and concentrate in supporting a VM of it on Windows.
  • Because Apple is also a locked down hardware company. Mac is not one of the devices that runs MacOS, it is the only one, so more than the software they earn hell lot of a money from the Hardware they make.
  • I see a lot of business jumping to Google Docs in the last 2 or 3 years. If you ask me it was an impossible fight but there is an old saying: He who perseveres, conquers. I remember that Microsoft was known to always win in the long term and was feared by other companies because of that... Now, I guess that its time being a threat is ending. Also don't forget that legacy support is one of the things that made Microsoft "awesome".
  • Anyone remember Netscape?
  • I certainly remember the DOJ using Netscape, and they kept using it long after the Microsoft lawsuit was over. The sad thing was they kept Netscape even after support had ended, and I had to painfully document all the vulnerabilities just to get them to stop using the damn thing. Eventually DOJ started using IE and other browsers, along with killing off Word Perfect many years later.
  • Wow...I was about to leave Spotify for Groove. The Spotify mobile app is pretty unusable at this point, and there is really no alternative. That Windows 10 app mentioned in the article is just a port of the win32 program. What they need is to port the Android version and do necessary tweaks to get it to work on Windows mobile. Make a UWP app so it'll work on any device. Much less overhead than having a desktop app, Windows Store port, and a discarded mobile app. I know Windows mobile is a sliver of the mobile space, but it seems like something that would've been part of their discussions. Spotify seems to be getting the better end of whatever deal they signed. I want to keep believing in Microsoft's services, but I'm holding on by a thread these days. If they release an update that bricks my phone, then I'm jumping ship.
  • I can't say I am surprised but a little shocked at the speed of this. I've been a Zune user since the start, so this will finally give me a reason to sever one of my 3 music services in my quest to narrow down to one. Might narrow down to just Amazon Music since it will work on most (not the XBOX) devices that I use at home and mobile. But then, there is Spotify as well. I do like Google Music but can't use it on my Echo or XBOX. One thing I'll miss about Groove (Zune did it much better) is the awesome artist pictures that would swap in and out while listening to it full screen on the XBOX and PC. But the number one thing that will be missed is the OneDrive Music folder. I can do this with Amazon and Google Music but seemed to work better with Groove.
  • Awww, c'mon!
  • Can we do anything with offline music that we have downloaded from Groove? Can they be transferred to another service (Spotify)? On another note. Windows Central has also thrown in the towel on Windows 10, seeing as how their app for both mobile and desktop has been broken for months. I had to comment through Monument browser because edge just wants to open the app on mobile.
  • Sorry for those that use groove. I never used it. I never understood why Microsoft wanted to be in that business anyway when there were a lot of other better services and they didn't have a mobile (phone) platform. And also they were (again) too slow to the game and too slow in development.
  • Well they were actually first (Zune) but Microsoft doesn't market well and they also are prone to self-sabotage. That's probably why you thought Groove was their first foray into this business
  • This!
  • But by all means, let's drop 26 billion dollars on a website.
  • They seem to be killing products faster than they are adding.  The downward spiral.  Hey Microsoft!!! If you do what you did you will get what you got!  Change something! Anything! Change quickly or the end is near!
  • Outlook, One drive, Office, OneNote, movie and music, even Cortana are safe. Because of MSFT strong presence in PC, Tablets, and Gaming.
  • lol ok man
  • Well, Outlook and Office will be around for a while.  The others... i'm not so sure anymore.
  • I don't think they got a lot of money from Outlook.
  • Let's vote guys. What will Satya's Microsoft kill next week? I vote for edge
  • we should be so lucky. I'd say it's something people actually like.   Does microsoft even make anything worth buying anymore outside of surfaces?  no car stuff. no phone stuff. no decent app store. they're basically windows 10 desktop only, and it's bleeding share to chrome and osx. mismanaged for years. 
  • I'm thinking to buy an Xbox one s. I don't know if it's the right decision anymore.
  • Skype
  • I kinda agree...
  • Edge is a good choice.
  • If they kill Edge, maybe they will help transfer your bookmarks to Chrome. My vote for the next failed product is OneDrive.
  • I transferred my bookmarks to Chrome already and quit using Edge, after getting an Android phone about six months ago. Tonight I was looking at Google Keep as an alternative to Onenote (which I always liked). Google's lack of features is a plus to me lately. Kids growing up with Chromebooks will be the end of Windows and Office. Azure will be all that survives.
  • Chrome will become the default browser for windows.
  • Edge will probably be kept as long as they have Windows, but I suspect Xbox will be canceled within ten years. Sony Playstation is continously eating Xbox's lunch. 
  • Untrue. Only this generation
  • Edge sucks..has for a while 
  • Well Nadella said Mobile & the Nokia acquisition were critically important to Microsoft when he started as CEO and he's basically killed that off. So most recently he said Mixed Reality and AI were critically important to MS, so I guess HoloLens and Cortana are in some serious trouble now. Frankly unless you work in the Azure department at Microsoft I would be concerned about your job.This is why you don't put a former department head in charge of the whole company -- he is just gradually killing off everything that is not his Azure baby. Let's also not overlook the incompetence of Terry Myerson who after running Windows Phone into the ground was rewarded and promoted to being in charge of Windows PC, Windows Phone, Xbox and hardware. He claimed he would get a billion users for Windows 10 and fell flat on his face. Now Myerson is sitting back as all of Window's exclusive software is either given away to the competition, given priority on the competitors OS or killed off entirely. Myerson is supposed to be fighting for the survival and dominance of Windows 10, but it seems like he's more in charge of transitioning Windows out of all relevance.     
  • MSN and Mixer 
  • Of all the bad MS news, this hurts the worst for me. Use Groove all the time. :(
  • Everyone be sure to go out and buy the Cortana enabled speaker when it comes out!!!  Ha - what a joke MS is turning into within the consumer space.  Seriously it's time to move off of onedrive as well.
  • Remember when they reduced the storage form 15gb? to 5gb free? Storage is dirt cheap but consumer reputation is hard to earn back. Such a poor move and I had to cut down my files in the cloud... well now I'm on iCloud.
  • And my Office 365 subscription just went up $10.  If I move off OneDrive - I don't need O365....oh wait, I am an end user consumer....
  • Ha, it's probably already cancelled along with that Home hub they showed off.
  • Whoa, I thought Groove (minus the family plan) was the best functioning app, great choices and well, the reason to keep my 1520. Zune Deja-Vu all over again, and again, and again. Fool me once shame on you
    Fool me twice shame on me
    Fool me >5 times - I'm a dumbass stunned
  • Freaking idiots! Did Spotify start with millions of users!? This is a software company but they cant build sh**t man.
  • In all fairness, the Groove app in it's current state is pretty good.
  • Precisely why I never signed up. Groove Music Pass never made any sense and still doesn't, what with all the more established music streaming services out there. I have come to look at Microsoft as part of our "throw away society". You buy, use and then ultimately "throw away" and move on to the next thing. 
  • Microsoft is more of the "me too" type. Constantly changing the competition instead of leading them.
  • Well, since most of my music is on OneDrive i can at least still stream that. However, I have a free 3month Music pass and i was really starting enjoy the streaming service. On PC, this isn't such an issue, but Spotify no longer supports Windows 10 Mobile and my 950XL is what i use to listen to my music the most! If MS was making the deal, there should be an option to stream Spotify through Groove. Looks like i will have to choose iPhone or Android for my next phone. I just hope they don't pull this same mess with their movies. I guess i should look into a nice 2 or 4tb external hard drive to start getting that process started, huh? Smdh
  • You hope they will keep their promise regarding the streaming portion from your onedrive account. But, with recent events, promises from Microsoft are like their employees: they are laid off. 
  • How can I commit to buying the Xbox One X as my games console and entertainment system if they do this, shame I wanted one but this has lost them not only one sale of an Xbox but the eventual lose of me as a customer for all MS products and services, Skype both a Skype number and subscriptions, Office 365, I will never ever buy another MS product. I really do predict not only the death of Windows Mobile (We all knew that was dead) but Windows itself in the consumer market, and as every domestic user heads to other services, they will improve and take the business world as well.
  • On their current trajectory, all that you said will happen. But it'll be a long time, because they're actually making money off of those things - for now.
  • Because MS isn't cutting off successful platforms. XBox counts as a successful platform. I think people are being a little dramatic, but this is the internet so...
  • Microsoft is dead with consumers. they're soon to be an enterprise only company. They simply can't compete and largely because they abandon everything. 
  • And that will eventually be an issue for Microsoft on the enterprise side. Consumer products will perculate through to company purchasing decisions and those consumer products are provided by the likes of Google, Apple, Amazon, etc. I guess if Microsoft are treating their consumer customers as nothing more than flotsam now, it won't end well for Microsoft in about 10 years.
  • This is devastating news, I hope they do not kill movies & TV app. 🙏
  • Nadella is the lowest paid CEO for a reason. He brings innovation to the table only to kill it. Microsoft has the makings of car companies at car shows: they show you the future but you never actually get to see it because they were never really committed to the idea. Smoke and mirrors. 
  • I don't think Nadella had a hand in any of the innovations going on right now.
  • LMAO. Go Nutella. Absolutely hands down the worst thing ever to happen to this company. Drop, drop, drop, drop. Quick money grab, Quick money grab, Quick money grab. Ugh, I feel for everyone.
  • ...and for some reason everybody wanted Balmer gone. He had so much passion for Microsoft, even through the mistakes and missteps.
  • His mistakes and missteps are what put Microsoft in this position.
  • You hit the nail on the head with the word "passion". A CEO should passion for his company and products. He has nothing but passion for money. While that works for a while, the company eventually runs out of gas. For long term success, you have to have a CEO that is more concerned about being excited about what the company is doing....and the profits will come and continue to come if done well.
  • Ballmer founded Microsoft and I bet he wanted the company to be relevant and have a long term future. Nadella is there for money. Business only will be fine for some time but as BYOD keeps gaining traction Microsoft will lose marketshare. Insurance companies don't have their field personnel using Windows. 
  • Ballmer was not a Founder of Microsoft
  • You are right but I guess you got my point since he got in the boat really early.
  • Sad to see it go, but it makes sense. MS is an enterprise/business company now that dabbles a little in gaming - as long as people keep home PCs (though most gamers are far more loyal to Steam than Windows). Not much left for consumers to be excited about. No phone, no wearbles, no music service. I assume Movies and TV wont be far behind.  
  • Just asked Mike Ybarra via twitter is Xbox next? I have 2 preorders and would like to know.
  • I'd cancel if I was you. I've cancelled everything now.
  • Like fashion, if you don't wear your own stuff, don't expect anyone else to wear it. Microsoft has lost consumer confidence. Good luck going down the enterprise-only trail. When competition begins to meet you there, you will have nowhere to retreat. 
  • This is it for me. I was a Zune music pass subscriber from the start. I will be going all Google now includng switch to Google Music and Project Fi.
  • Anyone who didn't see this coming was blind to the writing on the wall, in denial, or both.
  • What's strange is, a thought crossed my mind 2 days ago. I dont know why it did. Maybe because my girlfriend who uses iphone tried to find a song on groove, and then it wasn't available. I just had a creeping suspicion that Groove was next on the chopping block. Which is odd because they HAVE been making Groove better and better. I feel some shady practices over there at Microsoft. Cant put my finger on exactly how it's shady or illegal but something doesnt feel right
  • Yep. Something smells very bad.
  • im so shocked, i dont even know how to react. in addition i have a ton of purchased music that i haven't downloaded, now i have to recall what music is actually purchased and download it immediately
  • Just go to My Music tab, Filter by "Purchased".  Select all, download.  Easy. 
  • ?....seriously? That's it. I give up. So much money spent on Lumias, surfaces and Xbox hardware, not to mention the fortune spent every year on groove, 365, OneDrive, Xbox gold subscriptions. I'm so tired of being kicked in the nuts by these guys :(
  • Of course MS recommends moving to Spotify - they don't compete in any other MS Space, unlike google or amazon. My current and future tech plans: Groove => Amazon Music 950XL => Pixel 2 MS Band => Fitbit OneDrive => Google Skype => don't use it much today Already have 5 Alexas - no change needed there XBox => will stay with XBox Considering two surface hubs for my company => will be rethinking that idea    
  • I was planning on getting a groove sub after moving my xbox to the living room and using it as my media box. I do really like the direction the xbox team is going. However I am not a fan of the micro transactions and loot boxes which most game studios are eager to add in order to cash in on the big spenders. I understand that they need to make profits but games were made to be enjoyable, to unwind and not be stressed out by some random character skins because I haven't played the game long enough to accumulate enough ingame currency to get decent equipment. Where is the fun in that? But speaking of Groove, really disappointed...
  • Surface Hub still makes sense IMO. Thats squarely in the enterprise world where MS has been relagated. Just forget about anything for personal use. 
  • They will kill Movies & TV when Apple releases their iTunes on the "Microsoft Store" LOL
  • i literally decided i wanted to join Groove monthly this morning! UGH! it makes sense though - I took an 86-song playlist i made in spotify and tried to replicate it on Groove and only 53 songs out of the 86 were available to stream. Oh well. it was worth trying even if only for 5 min.
  • Don't just blame the absence of the phones. Consider their recent history of releasing a half-baked product, with the intention of shoring up the feature set later on. For me, it ruins the "oooh, shiny" moment when I realize how thoroughly incomplete the software is. First impressions matter; Groove and Edge both failed to win me over because they simply weren't competitive (feature wise).
  • As a Groove subscriber since 2012 I'm disappointed.  I love the Groove app for Windows 10 and even iOS.  I felt that in the last year or so it finally got to the point where it's competing feature-wise with Spotify, Apple Music, etc.  But at the same time I don't find this surpring.  Groove has no consumer mindspace outside Microsoft fans, hardocre Xbox users, and ex or current Windows Phone users.  I know a bunch of people who you would call average PC users and they don't even know that Groove exists as an app on their PC.  It just can't compete with Spotify, Apple, Google and all these services. As the article states, this is worrying more because of things like gaming, mixer, and movies/tv.  Movies & TV has to be next - I figured it would go before music to be honest.  I think Bing wil be fine as it feeds info into the knowledge graph.   Late last year I actually had a conversation about Groove with a co-worker who's also a MS fan and I said that I wouldn't be surprised if this exact thing happens, but I figured MS would partner up with Applie and push iTunes. 
  • I disagree about Movies and TV. It's engrained into Xbox OS. Alot of my friends use it. There are more Xbox Consoles out there than the Apple TV box. Alot more. And its also a very different scenario to Music Streaming apps. The Movies and TV service is nothing more than a digital store front. There is no Monthly subscription service. I know alot of people who buy all their films on the Service. Which has an incredible stream quality unmatched by its rivals like Amazon with the library accessible right there on Xbox and Phones, tablets, PCs all with 1 cost. It's unrivalled. And has some fantastic sales. IMO its a digital storefront that's doing incredibly well. 
  • You dont seem to be paying attention to whats happening, Microsoft doesnt think that way about services such as Movies & TV, if its not contributing to the almighty clouo then its on the Retrenchment hit list and sooner or later MS will hit its mark.
  • @Josh_feinberg. The reason why Groove has no consumer mindshare... well tell me when was the last time you saw an advert for Groove compared to Spotify? Secondly, Microsoft deliberately chose to forego the ENTIRE consumer market. Had it not been for Phil Spencer and his team at Xbox, that division may have been in trouble as well since the initial xbox one launch was so bad, Don Mattrick lost his job. But that happened whilst Steve Ballmer was CEO, I don't want to imagine what would have happened if it occured under the current SLT (excluding Phil Spencer of course as he just recently been promoted to the SLT (should have happened sooner imo)).
  • Apple just dumped Bing in favour of Google for its Siri backend.
  • So what happens to the extra Onedrive space we got for music with our pass? I'd hate to loose the ability to have cloud backup for my music.
  • This is a good question.
  • From the FAQ As a part of my Groove Music Pass subscription, I have free OneDrive storage. What will happen to that? If OneDrive storage is included in your Groove Music Pass subscription, and you don’t have a separate subscription that includes OneDrive, your storage will be reduced to OneDrive’s standard free tier plan on December 31 or when your Groove Music Pass subscription ends, whichever comes first. You’ll receive an email from Microsoft with details on how to transition your storage.  
  • ms is so dang lucky they had the RIGHT LEADERSHIP with the xbox that it is successful as the #2 gaming platform. i think nutella is truly killing ms
  • Hey, the stock price is shooting up!
  • **** Xbox now. Had enough of MS. Dumping everything.
  • Thus dumb ads CEO should have been giving away three months with all Xbox's. He could be Trojan horsing products left and right with the Xbox, but he essentially wants to kill every thing not directly tied to cloud. If the local music feature wasn't tied to overdrive, the clown would have canned the whole thing.
  • I've said it before. Nutella is an android Trojan horse sent to destroy this decent company from inside.
    Next to go the device division.
  • I think he's AI without the I and is actually a hologram controlled by ohSnapple! WTF CAN HE GET ANY SNEAKIER RUNNING AROUND DRAIN PIPES Like a rat.
  • Taking into account the poor performance I have had with OneDrive, perhaps Microsoft should give up and let Dropbox, Google, AWS Cloud take over their Cloud Drive offerings.
  • Remember the 15GB to 5GB drop? I moved to iCloud along with iOS. Apple cares about their reputation.
  • A software technology company that does not release and support technology. Interesting. 
  • I use Groove to purchase music and support the artists. Now I will turn towards pirating music albums because for South Asian music it's either that, use iTunes, or buy actual CDs from Amazon. Groove music was a viable option for many using Android or Windows and it's sad that the functionality is disappearing.
  • As former user of the service, both apps (w10m and android) were really bad, Spotify has better audio quality and also better plans, the only service so far from MSFT that I still use are office 365 and onedrive 
  • Well I was leaning towards dropping Groove for Spotify anyway since they never seem to carry my favorite artists latest releases. This only makes this decision easier. Investing in MS's ecosystem is a flawed exercise and I'm glad I was able to get off that merry-go-round when I dropped my Lumia 950 for an HTC 10 a year ago. I'll still have my Xbox, OneDrive, and Outlook email address, but I should probably find a replacement for Movies + TV next since that seems like the next logical venture for MS to give the ax.
  • Have you seen the **** Spotify app on WM? POS.
  • Like I said, I dropped W10M for Android last year.
  • Jason Ward's next article: Groove is dead, and that is good for Microsoft's mobile strategy
  • Omg.. Hilarious 😂 yet so true!!
  • This better some kind of sick joke? I'm not signing back up for a lousy competitor just because Mr. Nutella is clueless. Who cares if you can compete? It's not about that. It's about offering services to your fans. I have 3 1/2 years worth of Groove Passes that will be lost after this. Then I'll have to sign up for yet another service that doesn't care about my platform. Sorry Mr.Nutella, I might be a bigger fan of Windows than you, but this is total bullshit. We need to bind together and fight this!!!!
  • They are going to refund unused passes in addition to unused time on your subscripton. Still sucks badly though to lose such a great product. 
  • That's no compensation in my eyes. I downloaded loads of music through the Music Pass, both Albums and Playlists and all of that is now going to be rendered unplayable. Not only that but ALL the music on my phone was downloaded through the Music Pass!!!!!
  • Agree. Class action lawsuit.
  • Why are they removing store purchases of music??  What is the point of this?!  I am so angry!!
  • Microsoft's steady failure in the consumer space is increasing. No viable mobile presence has knock on effects throughout the ecosystem. The lack of a family plan made Groove less attractive. The removal of desktop software keep it bound to Windows 8 for 2 years. Other than Xbox it seems Microsoft are abandoning the consumer space for Apple, Google and Amazon to declare victory.
  • Ok,ok, ok, wtaf!!!! I didn't ever use Groove beyond a standard music player but this still sucks beyond belief. Seems that Satya's retrenchment was more than just mobile..... Some serious behind the scenes reworking taking place at MS.
  • Why stop there: Edge
    Microsoft Health
    Movies and TV
    All Lumia products and services
      I'm super salty about this because I had the Zune music service from the beginning and it still looks better than any other player out there.  This just sucks.  This was the push I needed to give my mobile phone. God I hate the competition.  
  • Nadella is the worst ******* piece of **** CEO in Microsoft history. Mr. Enterprise Cloud only is ******* over millions of people who depend on these consumer facing properties. I have been paying $10/month for over 6 years so that I don't have to illegally download music and support the artists enjoy. I have put up with the debacle that was Xbox Music and the Groove app sucking so much in the beginning. But to just jettison your customers to a service that many probably had no interest in the first place is a disgusting betrayal. If any of you are Microsoft shareholders then you need to express your anger with the board and get Nadella replaced. 
  • Agreed.  Completely.
  • you have to ask: why is Microsoft so afraid of success? Everything Microsoft has developed, Cortana, HoloLens they seem to stall until a competitor sends a competing product to market. How Wall St has missed this is surprising. my windows phone and groove music are the only thing holding me to Microsoft. too bad my Icon (with windows 10) is the best phone I have had. I guess its time to look for a different tech company , maybe one that will appreciate {if not} my loyalty then at least my business.
  • Another very worrisome sign. I lost my confidence long back but this is going to push so many others who invest their time, money and habit in Microsoft. Win or Lose cannot be evaluated at product level, it should be assessed as a platform. If they keep shedding everything that is unique for windows, then why a consumer would come at all. What if Spotify is acquired by Google or Appl and they stop supporting windows? What then? Why buy Cortana speakers? Satya is a very bad news for MS which will be realized in later years.
  • I love Microsoft, but this is the last straw. I don't want a fragmented ecosystem. I just started switching to Google services yesterday, and this was the final nail in the coffin. 
  • I totally, 100% agree. Was the biggest fan, now they have created the biggest enemy. Selling everything I have MS including Xbox. **** them. And, class action lawsuit.
  • I don't think anyone needs to worry about Movies and TV. Alot of people use it. The quality of its streaming is far superior to the others. Always has tremendous sales and is right at home on the Xbox console family. Also they aren't trying to compete with monthly cost services like Netflix. It is simply a storefront for digital films and TV series. It's just a shop. They don't pay any company to have their films on the store. Because its digital. Same way the game store works. They don't have a movie version of Game Pass. Groove is very different. It was trying to compete with much more than just a store front. 
  • Are you kidding? Don't need to worry. Look at the track record of this God awful 'management'.
  • Movies and TV is next on the chopping block.  It's inevitable; the writing is on the wall.  Movie streaming services have moved into producing their own original content (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and now even Apple and Facebook are producing original programming).  Without that, 'Movies and TV' has no reason to exist against its competitors.
  • Hey WC team, you should probably move your office into Android Central or iMore's place. I hear their place is fun, with actual products left to review. At this rate only Mary Jo Foley will be the last windows reporter standing. Reporting on Enterprise to 5 decade old geezers.
  • Such a waste. Had a rough start, but kept adding features and it is really good now. Couldn't they sell if off to some other company rather than just close it down?!   Guess that HK Invoke Cortana speaker is dead now too, what music service will it use?  What about all the Groove integrations with other apps (like Story Remix, etc.).  
  • This pisses me off.  I'm invested in the Microsoft ecosystem.  I use Films and TV, Groove Music, OneDrive, etc.  I've had to replace my Windows Phone with a passable Android one.  Now I need to switch my music streaming.  Just as well, as I've not liked not being able to use the Google Assistant or Android Auto with Groove.  What's next for me?  For my next computer, maybe I'll check out a Mac.  Still rocking an Xbox One (original generation), I'll see what happens next.   Daniel, one thing I take issue with is that you note that Microsoft's problem was not having a viable mobile platform resulting in them not having a big enough user base.  I haven't seen the latest Spotify, Amazon Music or Deezer phones, but they seem to have found success nonetheless.
  • So will we no longer be able to purchase content directly from the windows store? Im confused..
  • Are we being refunded??? I use it, my church user it for all of it Worship stuff and you are just going to cut us off??? What app even works on Windows 10?
  • Proper ******* me off with this stuff now
  • has it been two years with Groove? MS has a 2 year mark where they abandon their products on the 2 year mark...
  • You can't condem a company for a failed product/service - success is never guarenteed. Microsoft do a lot of other great work and compete with amazing companies for who Music streaming on this occasion is their be all end all, they do it day in day out and live and breathing Music streaming and they deserve the wins. Losing Groove isnt a calemity and Spotify is a worthy alternative. 
  • WTF. This is a calamity. This is disgusting. It's a kick in the head if every MS supporter. I am MS's biggest supporter, but now I will change everything. Had enough of this rubbish, 'management'. I really think that Satya is too higher caste to know what really happens in the real world. And yes, in this case it is about caste.
  • Yes you can. They keep doing it. It's called insanity.
  • The Spotify store app (which is just a wrapped Win32 program) can't even play music on a Windows tablet after the screen goes to sleep. What a joke.
  • FML. I hate this company. What the hell are they doing to Windows users?
  • So Cortana won't recognize songs any more?
  • I completely agree. What reason is there, really, to recommend anything from Microsoft at this point unless you're an enterprise customers? Microsoft has become SO consumer-spiteful it's ridiculous. I loved Windows Phone because it was a nicely INTEGRATED experience and it was pretty tight with Windows 8.  Then Microsoft start chasing after the idiotic Android users and making the system more like that garbage, losing all the best parts.  Eventually, this disintegration continued to the point where very little actually works together and Cortana is quickly collapsing.  I LOVED having a mostly homogenous ecosystem, where I didn't have to get 50 different subscriptions and use a bunch of different services from other companies that I hate or just have no use for.  Microsoft is giving consumers little choice but to choose OTHER providers than them. So, as Cortana continues to be LESS useful thanks to the fools running Microsoft, I fully expect there to be no real support even for Spotify and, eventually, I fully expect Spotify to cease being a 'partner' with Microsoft, leaving everyone high and dry unless they suck up to Android or Apple.
  • The negativity here baffles me to no end. Groove was cool, but the value doesn't compare to something like Google Play music IMO... Especially the family plan. MS missed the age of the smartphone, and the age of music streaming. They were too late to the party. Surface is booming, mixed reality headsets are about the break the status quo in terms of price and quality in the VR space, Xbox One X is selling out before it's even on the shelves, Xbox live is a killer service, Office 365 is offering crazy features like Quickstarter... Over 500M people are using Windows 10. People here thinking Xbox will be sold are nuts... Phil just got made part of the leadership team at MS. It is NOT a bad decision to realize when a fight is lost or not worth fighting. The Surface is a great example... That's a battle worth fighting, so is Xbox... Fights which are happening under Nadella's leadership... The man many of you seem to detest. Microsoft stock has more than doubled since Nadella took over. If people think the company is going to die, take a real look at their financial statements. I will miss Groove, and I still have my Zune to remind me what could have been.
  • Microsoft missed the age of music streaming????!!??! They were the first ones to offer subscription music and sharing of music. Zune Pass existed years before Spotify or Google Play were even created. How do you miss the age of something you were the first to start doing?
  • By limiting the countries they offered their service to...
  • Doesn't surprise me at all. Groove was always a buggy POS with basic features missing. iTunes FTW!
  • ITunes it's bad, but so bad that it hurts using it
  • Do MS want out of the consumer market on all fronts? Don't they realise that in the current world professional and personal choices are linked like never before, it doesn't give anyone confidence in products if they keep jacking them in willynilly. i didn't use Groove for streaming as I prefer local music and not having to waste my data but it's still a blow to me as fan of MS, instead of backing a product and putting some money behind it to make a dent in the market they just give up.
    Not once did I see any advertisement for Groove Music outside of Windows or Xbox devices / MS Home page,
  • Groove was the best streaming option. Period. It had a better music library then spotify and apple music, and it worked a lot better for playing music offline then google play music did.   For me, this isnt just the last straw for windows mobile, its the last straw for the windows platform. Looks like im going to be swapping to iOS after all.
  • I agree. Hate to say it, but it was the last straw for me. I won't buy one more MS product.
  • The best stream service? Lol
    Even in sound quality was bad.
    And the library didn't have a lot of albums, specially from less known bands.
  • I've a friend that works for Microsoft. He had told me a few months ago that they were working on a CShell version for windows mobile. Now he says that project has been scrapped. Windows mobile will be officially ended fall 2018.
  • Interesting... What devision exactly?
  • What other info do you have? Is this true or made up?
  • Does it matter at this point?
    🤔 Just put us out of our misery Satya.
  • He wont
  • I will Never use Spotify! It's not possible to buy songs and albums at Spotify!!!!
  • Well, I guess I am not surprised. Disappointed? Yeah. Not having a good day. Sigh
  • Spotify has a presence in over 60 countries, offers a popular family pass, and boasts 140 million active users, of which nearly 60 million are paying subscribers.  Well, two out of three are MS fault.   all their damn services are US only or nearly, with only a handfull of countries in Europe.. I guess everything south of the border is just jungle to them.   We've also been asking for a family plan since the Zune days...    someone should get fired
  • Wow that kinda sucks... First Windows Mobile, then Microsoft Band, and now Groove... I was highly invested in going one Windows everywhere... Was even looking forward to using a Microsoft Hub... At this point I dont feel like putting my money where my mouth is with Microsoft... Feels like shortly after I'm following the money up with my foot in my mouth instead. Was looking forward to a "Surface Phone" but dont feel like there is any commitment from Microsoft while they find another shiny ball to chase.
  • This sucks!  And there is no perfect replacment. Spotify:  no uploading/streaming of your own music, apps are a mess (different on each platform) and kinda crap Amazon:  no Xbox/UWP apps (might have a Win desktop app?)  Google:  no Windows/Xbox apps  Apple:  don't even know where to start lol   
  • I find this so bizarre since spotify don't have a UWP app. Microsoft appear to be not only saying don't use our services but don't use our app framework and devices either. Wouldn't it make much more sense to coincide this deal with the introduction of a spotify UWP app for all win 10 devices. Or perhaps instead of spotfiy they should throw their weight behind deezer which do have a UWP app.
  • Another of Nadella's I cannot be bothered to make an effort so I piss on the loyal customers instead moves.
  • Let's do a recap
  • I'll just use Plex Cloud more - that can read my music collection from OneDrive. Shame interface isn't as nice.
  • Didn't suprise me. I'd expected this kind of service discontinuation already. As I said always, Microsoft going to be an enterprise corporation step by step. Satya nadella probably satisfied with Microsoft's new direction. I dont care.
  • I don't care now either.
  • I had a feeling it was only a matter of time.  I loved Groove Music over all the other services out there and the price for a year was cheaper than everyone else except Amazon Prime members, but I knew that Microsoft would give up on it just like they did mobile.  I stopped purchacing music from the service over a year ago.  I also have a feeling they will give up on the Movies and Tv app so I've stopped buying movies there and have moved on to Vudu.  Microsoft better figure out a way to move my movies over to Vudu or send me the movies on disk when they do give up.  I really have just about given up on Microsoft, just when it looked like they were starting to care about the consumer and the ecosystem that we use for mobile and computers they completely abandon us to use other services that we didn't want to use in the first place.
  • All I can say is WOW! Welp on to Google Play Music. Starting to wonder about this whole Microsoft ecosystem thing. SMH well I guess they have retrenched in all consumer focused areas except xbox.
  • Not angry one bit. Groove Music was a mediocre product from the start, and it was only slightly better as XBOX Music. Groove Music offered nothing that the other streaming services didn't already. Brand loyalty, especially with Microsoft, will do nothing but make you cry. I'm a big Microsoft fan, but I choose to embrace any service or product that's compatible with matter who produces it.... Spotify is in the XBOX Store.
    Spotify is in the Windows Store.
    Spotify has way more features.
    Spotify works with Cortana. Spotify is by far the most popular streaming service, and they're supporting Microsoft! What's there to be mad about? Microsoft had no business trying to create a streaming music service. My only complaint with Spotify is the inability to arrange playlist by name or date.
  • Not true..great product.
  • Let me guess, you never even tried a Groove Music Pass anyway!!?!
  • I just got my Grrove pass back after a long hiatus. I'm actually really enjoying it much more so than both Google's and Amazon's offerings. I was never a fan of Spotify or Pandora. Now I'll be forced to use it to play background music on my Xbox or anything on my windows phone. Does it have the same beautiful UI? I'm so distraught. This is bull. I'm fighting to keep my Microsoft devices using Microsoft software for the most, but Microsoft is making it so hard. That make no sense
  • How soon until Spotify kills it's windows app? 
  • Hahahahaha
  • This suck! Just switched from Spotify to Groove like barely a year ago... Now I have to switch back! And so... Will Microsoft automatically stop taking my money every month from my creditcard or do I need to end that manually?
  • Typical Microsoft. Whenever they get something right they kill it off as soon as some people start to like it. There are some certainties in life.
  • So, I am not a paying groove user, or user at all. When I listen I use a free spotify account. I understand that you can't beat that, snd eventually give up. But as a basically abandoned Surface RT user, seeing the decline of Windows Mobile, seeing no progress on the bridges, abandoning Microsoft band. Now this feels like somehow strange - why ever believe in the next steps? I even struggle with a perhaps Surface 4 (surface phone?) with Windows on Arm. Why should I buy into it? Why is it this time different?
  • Another MS product I have invested time, emotion, and money into only to be tossed aside. The only thing left is office, OneDrive, and Xbox. I'll be cancelling those too I'm sure. MS, you are doing your absolute best to drive away everybody who isn't Enterprise.
  • Just cancelled all subscriptions for Groove, Xbox - our entire family.
  • I did the same thing. Other than my Xbox, I don't want anything Microsoft to taint my home anymore.
  • I'm so mad right now.  I love my Groove music subscription.  It integrates perfectly between my phone, PC and XBox.  I have a paid subscription till 2018!
  • Me too. Very pissed!!! 😣😣😣 class action.
  • So thats it? after years of providing a great music app throw in the towel? this is just sad, really sad been a groove music / zune fan for ages so are films next? 
  • This reinforces my thoughts that, at some point in the future, microsoft will be present only on enterprise services, like azure, teams, and even a windows OS tailored to enterprise users. All the rest, following this mindset, can be cancelled on the future - including Windows 10 for the general public. Part of me hates this future, but unfortunately it makes a lot of sense, even if extrapolating a lot.
  • That's exactly what I've been thinking and it will make them completely irrelevant to consumers who will move to Mac OS, Chrome OS or Linux.
  • Yes. Firget mobile, I can see the end of Windows OS coming . My work shifted everything over to Google. No more Office. I suspect this is happening everywhere.
  • This was the one remaining thing that kept me on Windows 10 Mobile. Looks like I am now clear to get an Android device as soon as my prepaid 3 month pass is up.
  • I've had my pass since the early Zune days. I guess Spotify will have to do in order to keep my stuff. What a bummer.
  • Sigh.... I have no more words... smh...  
  • Spare a thought for those working on the app - last update was 26 Sep. They have been adding fluent design features to make the app look great.  What a surprise / shock / disappointment it must have been to them.
  • Do you truly believe they didn't see this coming? They're still updating it because their boss tells them to, until they say otherwise.
  • Very unlikely they would know until the last possible minute. Would be hard to motivate employees after telling them a huge part of their work will be flushed down the toilet....
  • Yep - that's the case and almost certain that's what happened.
  • It's dog eat dog at MS. There is absolutely no way the Groove team would have known about this. Management yes, but not the devs.
  • Management are the problem.
  • That's me then... am I the problem 😉
  • That took longer than I expected. With no platform, nobody even know that Groove exists. I still don't know how people trust Microsoft.
  • I'm starting to think Microsoft actually WANTS users to move on, so that when they inevitably kill off Windows Mobile for good, they won't have to "apologize" to whatever poor soul still hangin on to HFIL (Home For Infinite Losers).
  • But MS have a history of buying competiors. I suspect they will announce soon they are buying Spotify.
  • Why? To kill that?
  • Like Wunderlist becoming ToDo.
  • Good work Dan. This is the best article written in years. To the point and sharp. Looking forward for more.
  • Better start looking forward to enterprise focused articles only....
  • Now, I hope they will continue to enhance the Groove Music app, which is still good without Music Pass...
  • It is finished. Full stop.
  • You do realise it is just becoming an audio player, nothing more? How is it still good without the ability to even buy music? It's just going to be basically Windows Media Player. Oh yeah, so fancy. It won't be used by hardly anyone after this.
  • What a joke..the only service with an almost perfect UWP app.. is dropped
  • The app will live on.
  • I wish Groove on Android detected music stored on a micro USB card. It's the best MP3 interface there is. At least it was...
    How much longer before they stop selling movies and TV shows? I purchased a pot of movies so I can watch them on Xbox and my Surface. But now I bet that will be next.
  • Yep. Class action.
  • Microsoft is "partnering with, partnering with, partnering with...."
    Microsoft is "abandoning, abandoning, abandoning...." sickening
  • I really don't understand. I mean, it's hard enough trying to understand Microsoft on a regular day, but this move is really, really hard to understand. Groove and Movies/TV work across windows 10, w10m and Xbox. Ok, so w10m is dead but surely....surely Microsoft can see the value of having a steaming service baked in to windows 10 and Xbox. I mean, they've been adding features to groove all year. It's actually one of their best apps.  what the actual f##k is going on???
  • What's next? 🙄
  • That's unfortunate - I like using Groove music. Love the UI especially in Mobile.
  • App will still work. Just no paid streaming service. Can stream from Onedrive.
  • Let the crying begin.
  • I literally cried while having my breakfast oats. 😪😣
  • Nooooooooooo ;_;
    Me and fiancee have been using it on iOS, Android, Windows including mobile, ...
  • There likely won't be any consumer products in the next 5-10 years, a source of mine at MS suggested as much. No Surface, Xbox, or consumer services. Microsoft may recommend iTunes once they close Movies and TV down. I don't think Satya has an ounce of true American competitiveness in his body. Why have a phone or Groove music?, because I am responsible for making money for my company and there is market opportunity when living with a duopoly! The market naturally abhors monopolistic practices there is already change afoot. Google is going to start to loose its grip on Android once law makers in the EU come down on Google's practices. Which will severe Android from the requirement of having Google's services on every Android device that wants access to the Play Store. Think about it, what is Android with out the Play Store? It is in Apple's best interest to work with Microsoft to break Google's 80% global market share in mobile. Apple should work to bring its services to Windows 10 like iMessage and others. Microsoft has everything they need to succeed except will. The will to win.
  • Couldn't agree more.
  • You lost me at the non American rant. He is an American citizen. Born in the land doesn't say anything. No shortage of idiots and uneducated folks. If you don't like his direction, that's fine. Race and origin of birth is irrelevant. Ballmer was the guy who failed at mobile. Nokia buy was a last ditch effort when they were failing already.
  • Is there already any request to not kill Groove Music in or the Feedback Hub itself?
  • I had a choice of buying an elite x3 or an iPhone 6s in July for my bday, I can now say I made the right choice of not coming back to this platform, and like the other guy I'm now considering moving over to macos so that I can have the complete ecosystem that Microsoft promised me.
  • I'm not at all surprised, by this news...Luckily I only use Groove Music to play local music that I get from Google Play or Amazon.
  • I have almost 10 years worth of music through this service. Now I have to start the collection again. There are reasons I haven't jumped ship yet either, like the low cost of the yearly passes and unlimited downloading and streaming. The apps has never worked correctly on iOs or Android. This is the reason I don't buy only digital items anymore. I knew at some point I would get screwed out of the music and money I spent.
  • Purchased music you legally own. You are entitled to a refund
  • The music you buy is in mp3 format. Don't understand the problem.
  • Class action.
  • Well I'm more annoyed that microsoft just armed those fanboys with another "another failed product/service from microsoft's list"  
    Let me just help you guys out with that. Zune, kinect, Lumia,  MS Paint, Kin, etc etc, I'm rolling my eyes right now.
    cue microsoft haters.  v
  • MS Paint isn't dead though...It's just reborn as Paint 3D. Honestly, Microsoft just needs to pick it's battles more carefully and actually invest in the struggle. It's the history of just throwing in the towel after taking the consumer's cash that will hurt Microsoft in the long run. While I don't hate Microsoft (I love Windows for gaming) I can't help but feel like investing in their services will be a waste of money.
  • They didn't throw in the towel for Surface, even after a 1bill write off. They pick thier battles for sure. I do wished they had stick longer for WM, but that has ended. Hope they will hit refresh and return to mobile with a new category.
  • True but they have with a lot of other services and products...This is what I refer too. Some of their battles were poorly chosen, like Windows Mobile for example. It was a long and loss ridden battle, poor choices from the beginning doomed it to failure. Inspiring incredible doubt amongst the majority of it's hardcore fanbase. I feel like it could of stood a chance if Microsoft had held off until Windows 10 had been released and then unleashed in tandem with Windows 10 Mobile. Microsoft wouldn't have pissed away any of the developer and consumer support that started to gather around the new Mobile OS.
  • The write-off was for Surface RT exclusively. They certainly killed that.
  • Can Spotify stream my OneDrive music or will I need to use two music apps after the transition?
  • No, Spotify can't
  • Darn. Will read the blog post and FAQ for the details now... I could accept this change if I could transfer everything, including my OneDrive music, to Spotify.
    As long as I can have everything in one app across all devices...
  • Groove app will still be around. Use that to stream OneDrive music. I think i will pass on Spotify. Got plenty of offline music, and online streaming services are plenty and some are free.
  • Upload your music to Amazon or Google Play. They are great lockers and streaming services.
  • I couldn't agree more...As Amazon and Google seem to be the only companies besides Apple with a history of actually trying more often than throwing in the towel.
  • Microsoft should just buy Spotify.  They were the first to do streaming service, but completely slept through it.  Spotify took their spot because its cheap and gave students a 5.99 discount.  If Groove/Zune only kept that same price, it would have competed.  Why wasnt microsoft agressive about streaming service?  It bothers the hell out of me that they are letting competition eat through their brilliant ideas.
  • I believe Rhapsody (Napster) was first. 2001.
  • Brilliant ideas, such as, buying Nokia and killing that, killing Band and Mobile platform, linkedin and now groove.
  • To be fair, Nokia was already dying from the mobile game.  Microsoft was jsut the defibrillator it needed to live  for a few more years.  I dont think LinkedIN caught on like some social media site.  And Band just really felt like an experiment for them.   I also wasnt aware of about Napster being a streaming service.  Back in 2001, we were too busy drooling over iPods.
  • Microsoft bought Skype and what have they done with it after all these years? Last thing needed is for Microsoft to buy any service and proceed to utterly ruin it with their incompetence.
  • And as you say skype, which is awful. Said as much as i hate google, Google Voice is best out there
  • I really loved it. Well made and used it on Xbox, Windows Phone, surface and PC. I think I'm cursing Microsoft. Every things I love from them died. Zune, MS Band, Windows Phone, surface RT, Groove music pass and much more... They really should commit more to what they do, because now they're just throwing money at first versions and let them die. It's sad. Guess Spotify will take my money for sure.
  • PISSED OFF!!!!!!
  • Class action.
  • MS, you guys suck, they need to kill off Edge along with Groove. MS is slowly tanking. They need to find to get ahead of the curve
  • I surprised. But will happily move Spotify.
  • Nutella's book hit refresh is timed. He hopes that we understand his horrible moves. This is only the beginning. This tool will continue to lie, communicate badly, market products badly, and then blame the competition for being too strong. A lesson for you Nutella, if you don't believe in your products, support them, and push them forward, any of your products will fail. Nutella is a weakling. He will slowly kill off anything we enjoyed. He believes Microsoft has a different future. He is dead wrong. In the era of data science, they who have the users will reign. I predicted this long ago. Let's be honest, not one single Microsoft consumer product is on the right track. They have nothing consumers are enthusiastic about. Their Surface devices look nice, but are hollow shelves with a dead operating system behind it. There is no life inside of windows 10.
    Facebook already knows this, because they haven't updated their app in ages.
    What bites me most is that Nadella is a big big liar. I'm not saying this out of anger alone, but he truely is. It's a horrible realization.
  • As far as I know Groove is the only streaming service who's official app respects Connected Standby / Modern Sleep. That's the one reason that I've kept my Groove subscription, even though I mostly use Google Play Music now on other platforms.
  • Short sighted.
  • Well, if Microsoft would just simply stop to half-ass half of their services, then this would not happen. I wonder if they really do not get that?   Lets take the microsoft store for example: You cannot tell me that after all the time Windows 10 is in the open now, you still can't define download-bandwith-limits for the store ... this is such a basic thing if they ever want the store to gain traction in game-sales. With games as large as 100 GB I cannot afford the store sucking up 100% of my bandwith. Online play and streaming is at times very hard to do when the store decides to download a 20 GB Halo Wars 2 update ...   Sure, Steam and such have been around for longer. But there are other clients and services that haven't existed until recently and they STILL OFFER BETTER EXPERIENCES AND CLIENTS ....   Sometimes it feels like Microsoft were a start-up consisting of 2 people BUT IT F***ING ISN'T. They cannot afford being on the back-foot when even actual STARTUPS deliver better services in less time than this giant company with hundreds of millions in funds ...   And the really funny thing is that because of nobody (or at least fewer than expected) using their services the conclusion they almost always seem to reach is to completely rebrand everything and start from scratch with even less features than before but even more promises only to sack the whole thing half a year after ... this lack of commitment is SO FRUSTRATING AND DISTURBING because most of the time the basic idea behind their service is quite great. But if they do not have a set course for where they are heading and communication with the customer is nearly non existant (and so are regular updates that indicate any progress; at times at least) then they wont get anywhere   I really don't get it. They can't possibly all be incompetent, now can they?   And dont even get me started on region exclusivity. NOT EVERYBODY LIVES IN THE USA, MICROSOFT!!!!!! If half of your features are bound to one contry, your services is of very poor quality for the rest of the world. I can understand that different languages can be a hassle at times, but then at least give me the option to use the service in another language. Also LANGUAGE != REGION. If I buy a TV show on the Microsoft Store IT CANT BE THAT I CANNOT WATCH IT IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE. I am from Germany, but I (like a lot of people where english is not the mother tongue) am able to understand as well as speak English. Therefore I also enjoy watching some shows in English. You think that is possible? Haha nope! Think again. Living in Germany apparently means you are only allowed to consume content in German language. Funny, isn't it? NO. Or system-language. I like to have my system language set to English. The ability to have my region on Xbox set to Germany (so that I can actually buy something in the store) and my system language set to English is only possible as of rather recently. WHICH IS SO DUMB AND MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL. Same on Windows PC: Cortana always tells me to download the Cortana app for my iPhone. GUESS WHAT! IT IS NOT AVAILABLE IN GERMANY!!! Which also makes for 3 more annoying things: 1. Stop notifiying me, when it isnt availible in Germany 2. Cortana IS ALREADY AVAILIBLE IN GERMAN. IT CANNOT BE THAT HARD TO PORT THAT TO iPHONE AND ANDROID. WHAT IS TAKING YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOO DAMN LONG? 3. Being German I am actually very lucky, at least Cortana is available for me. Why is that crucial, you ask? Oh, because back then on Windows-Phone do-not-disturb aka quiet-hours was coupled with Cortana MEANING THAT SUCH A BASIC FUNCTIONALITY WAS NOT AVAILABLE IN ALL BUT A HAND FULL OF COUNTRIES ... and this is only one example here. If  you dig deep enough you will find more such things where seemingly region-independent features ARE NOT FOR SOME REASON NOBODY KNOWS ...   Oh and Microsoft is apparently so keen on user feedback these days. Now look at these feedback hubs: I do not participate in them. Why you ask? May I tell you the difference between the Windows Insider Feedback Hub and the Xbox uservoice page (where I am comperatively active)? On the XBOX Uservoice page THINGS ACTUALLY GET MODERATED. IDEAS GET MERGED. YOU ARE GETTING UPDATED ON THE CURRENT STATUS OF THINGS. The Insider Feedback Hub (at least the last time I visited it) is a desolate place. With duplicate ideas all over the place and seemingly aboned threads. It feels like talking to a wall. If (again) MSFT were a startup that cannot afford hiring 1 or 2 people to moderate all this, I would be rather understanding, BUT THEY ARE A HUGE F***ING COMPANY.   /rant   Sorry, I had to vent. I could go on and on, but I think one gets the idea.   ---- tl;dr   Microsoft seems to half-ass half of their services. If you live outside the US, they half-ass half-assing half of their services (quarter-assing?) No wonder they fail.
  • Great, so are we to expect refunds on all albums we have purchased.??
  • Any music you purchased is your's forever. You need to make sure you have it downloaded before Groove shuts down. Download and copy to OneDrive and you can continue playing it in Groove, or put it anywhere else safe, just make sure you have it downloaded.  
  • I'm disgusted with this news. I love Groove. I'm out MS.
  • Me too. Never thought I'd say it.
  • Serious question ... Does Spotify (or any of the other streaming services like Pandora) make money yet? I thought i remembered reading that none of them did yet. So exiting a market where no one is making money (besides Apple of course) isn't a bad idea, although i will surely miss it. I just got a year pass :(
  • They could have offered a limited service to office365 users like Amazon do with prime users
  • Nope, Spotify is burning money like crazy.  Don't know about the others but I don't think any are making much profits yet from subscription streaming. 
  • Can't believe this...
  • I can't see any comments. And I am logged in.
  • To be honest I knew this will happen when ms partnered with Spotify I new groove music app will be dropped.. I like Spotify but Microsoft need to know Spotify doesn't cover whole regions.. Need to make sure they let Spotify available to both regions..
  • I am eating my porridge for breakfast when I picked up my X3 to check the news. This is *ucking awful Microsoft. I've had enough. Groove is one of my favourite apps and now it's finished. WTF. MS management needs to go, right now because they are NOT managing, they are destroying. Of course Groove cannot compete with Spotify - NO ******* ADVERTISING E V E R!!!!! AND NO ******* MOBILE DEVICES. It's like a cook saying that his chocolate cake didn't sell very well because she left it in a dark, out of the way cool room, didn't provide plates or forks, and YET couldn't ******* work out why people didn't know anything about the ******* cake. For MS management, who seem to be a sandwich short of a picnic, the cake here is Groove and Mobile devices. Sick of this. I have invested heavily in the MS ecosystem, but now I am fed up. I am even considering putting together a class action against MS for what they are doing. This is disgusting.
  • You can still use groove as local player. I use groove for my discography (OneDrive storage) and Spotify for stream service. Why pay 10€ for groove when I get more for half of price?
  • This is a joke?! What kind of partnership is that if Spotify killed their app for WM10? Who now will use Groove and for what? I tried both and dont like Spotify at all... Maybe some advice for MS -> buy Spotify and integrate it with Groove
  • Are you using a Windows phone and expecting apps? Why would you do that?
  • Could use Google Music. There is an app
  • Ok what about album arts and the video feature on Groove PC app? still will be supported?
  • I use groove since ever without paying for the stream service - that is actually a bad service with a really high price.
    On this business, Spotify it's years ahead.
  • I don't use music streaming services.  I do weird things like buy CDs, rip them myself, then move the MP3 files to my devices.  That way, I own the music, I get the cover art/credits/etc., the files are unprotected, they work on any device AND I have a physical backup - the CD.    But this is just reason #19 why I'm glad I moved to iOS 6 months ago.  Sold my Icon, 1520 and dual sim 950XL and moved on.  Kept another 1520, just for nostalgia.  But I don't miss Windows phone at all.   Those of you STILL complaining about the "old fashioned interface" of iOS are missing the point. I don't sit and stare at the home screen all day long.  I just use it to launch apps and web pages.  Both of which - the apps and the web browser - are light years ahead of Win10 mobile.   Having said all of that, I will say that everyone I know that does stream is using Spotify, so this should be no surprise.    
  • Could not agree more
  • Wow... So Windows Phone, Microsoft Band, and now Groove. I have loved the latest Groove enhancements (like Video) and I have paid for their service for the last 3 years. Now I have to go with something else. Microsoft, I am trying! I am trying to still be loyal to you, but I am beginning to feel that this is an abusive relationship and it is time to get the Hell out. I think my next computer purchase will be a Mac, maybe then I can use software that won't be discontinued on the whim of the manufacturer. I know that this whole situation is like the book 'Who moved my cheese', but if I can't trust the company that I make my money with, then what am I supposed to do? Go into politics where I know I will get screwed over? Thanks for making my day.
  • Add Kinect. I bought it at the wrong time. At least it will hook up to an XOX, can be used for Cortana while it is still working.
  • Yep. Jerks.
  • First it was third party apps now, it Microsoft own services Wow!
  • Microsoft throwing in the towel?.... Never! How many devices, platforms or services can this company scrunch up in a ball and toss in the bin before even the diehards say enough is enough and go elsewhere?
  • Quote: "Google Assistant and Alexa, you mean. Siri has been inferior ever since Google Now, and Cortana... It can barely set the timer on my PC, sadly." 1. macOS doesn't have a Clock/Timer application at all, so you can't set a timer using a component that doesn't exist in the base system. Apple will not build and enable functionality for theoretical apps. She does offer to set a reminder, though. I just tried. 2. Siri is better than anything else on Apple's platforms, by virtue of the fact that it's the only Assistant that can operate as a system component. 4. Change doesn't always have to be revolutionary. When you don't evolve and polish your OS, you end up with something like Windows 10: Clashing design languages, inconsistencies everywhere... A crowded mess of New, Unfinished, Buggy, Deprecated, and Unsupported APIs, applications, and development scenarios... 30-60 minute reboot times for updates installed in the background (I've experience this myself, and I have an SSD in my system). Apple has been revolutionary... I think people take for granted some of the things they've really pushed (even pioneered, in some cases), because some of those things have become commonplace since... If it weren't for Apple, you'd probably still be using a plastic phone with tons of bulk. They have had a huge impact on the design side of the industry. This includes Smartphones and PCs/Laptops. Take away half of those things, and you're probably back to something more akin to iOS 4-5. That's how much the platform has matured. The amazing thing is that they HAVE been able to do all of this without radical changes to the basic user experience on their platforms (compare this to Windows 8.x or 10, for example) - outside of the Mac OS 9 to OS X move (and to a lesser extent, Carbon to Cocoa). That's actually a commendable thing. Someone can upgrade from an iPhone 3GS today and the iPhone 8 will still operate largely the same old phone... The learning curve is practically non-existent. Apple has done major revamps. Final Cut Pro X, iMovie, iWorks, etc. All were hated by the users because it changed basic facets of the UX and capabilities in the Apps. Final Cut Pro X is still similarly polarizing to Windows 8.x. Individual users like you love to cry for "revolution," but you're completely ignorant of how users who actually use these machines and systems to get real work done react to it. Keeping iOS consistent in its UX is actually a selling point for Apple. Users know the basic usability of the system will not change in radical manners on a whim, the way it can with Android OEMs and even Microsoft (who seems to want to change things every year or two).
  • Dan, what happens to the Ready-Made Playlists?
  • **** getting the Harmon Speaker now. **** getting a Surface Book 2, Studio or SL. **** you MS, you've killed it for me. I'm taking you to court.
  • Lol and what is an indian going to do
  • I'm going to sell my Xbox 🎮 and cancel any subscriptions I have.
  • F***ING RIDICULOUS! Honestly, what the actual f*** is going on in Redmond these days?
  • Maybe you could interview SOMEONE up at Microsoft and ask them do they have any plans for the Consumer market at all? Or even Marketing to Consumers at all? I miss Ballmer now.
  • Trying to care but I can't.  Zune/Xbox Music/Groove has been around for years and it has never gained traction.  The app gets updated but the service hasn't been properly marketed in years.  Freaking years!  Microsoft never talks hard numbers because they're likely terrible, and they always have been.  Honestly, one could likely assume that Apple Music surpassed Groove's lifetime userbase in a year.  Yes, at some point, Microsoft needed to bow out of this market (and maybe Movies/Books next).  But Microsoft is not leaving people high and dry.  They're offering you the ability to transfer your music to a better platform at no additional charge.  That's better than dumping you on the butt and leaving you with nothing. 
  • **** windows
  • Can I download all the music I like now, then still listen to it on Onedrive after Dec for free?
  • And tomorrow we will get another 5 page long article how this is actually good news and that Microsoft is on the right track and we will see unicorns soon. 
  • One day, Nadella will take off his mission-impossible-like mask, and he will reveal his true identity: Mike Lazaridis
  • I'm going to leave even the Windows environment. I'll find a way to not even use one MS product. **** you Satya and MS.
  • The hell with microsoft....sent from my note 8
  • So, anyone still think a "Surface phone" Is coming? Ha! Just got a Note8 to replace my 950XL, and man, it's a different world. Can't recommend it highly enough. IF you are on the fence, JUMP!
  • Yup, Windows 10 Mobile device's main music player app basically just got dead-ended.  It'll still work as a music player for locally stored music (for now), but its existence  is fairly pointless at this stage, as it won't see any more updates.   It's the new Zune music player. I'd say Edge probably isn't long for this world either...
  • I never did believe the "surface phone", or the  "ultimate mobile device with a folding screen running full Windows 10" nonsense.  No one needs such a thing, and I certainly have no use for full Windows 10 running Win32 apps via an emulation layer.   What could possibly go wrong there? Yes, I realize that OS geeks think that full Windows 10 in your pocket will be the greatest thing since cold beer,  but seriously.   Talk about a niche product.  I want MOBILE apps/services in my pocket.  I don't need Visual Studio/SQL Server/Photoshop on a small screen and 4GB of memory.  That's what laptops/desktops with 16GB (or more) and 27" monitors (or larger) are for.  
  • Without those listed features, there's no point for Groove to exist. So..  I guess it's back to Windows Media Player to manage and play local content on Windows PCs?
  • Next up:  I wouldn't be shocked to hear that Nadella will spin off the Xbox division, for an eventual sale to an LG, Lenovo or Samsung.   It's obvious that current management under Microsoft is moving completely away from front-facing consumer services.
  • I got the email a little bit ago and came straight here. I've been with an Ms music service since the inception of Zune. What this tells me is that I'll have to use two seperate apps. Groove for OneDrive streaming and Spotify for a service. But the point was to consolidate. To have all my stuff in one place. I have almost 800 albums in Onedrive. That's all the music I've collected my entire life. I'm not bouncing between two services and Spotify has a cap on its library. So - and I really, really can't believe I'm saying this - but I think they just lost me to Apple Music. I can match my albums in the store and use their subscription as well. This is so nutballs.
  • I'm starting to wonder why haven't they rebrand Microsoft to microfail. So many amazing stuff they made that were awesome and they throw it away. I for one like music groove pass. Got a three month free. So basically groove music player is nothing more but to just play music. Just like how Windows media player was like.
  • Disappointed to say the least, I just cancelled my subscription when i saw this announcement! I like the fact that i will still be able to stream my OneDrive but this is getting Very Old Hat working to gather a following with things then dropping them!
  • I'm even beginning to question relying on OneDrive. I no longer have trust in MS, and fear they would pull the rug out from under me at any point. I'm reaching the point where when this machine is outdated, I may look at a Mac. MS, you are shooting at your own feet. The more people rely on other platforms and get comfortable with them, the more they'll push for alternatives in business. 
  • Phone dead, reasonable tablets dead, Grove dead, etc, etc, When are they going to fire the CEO.
  • Never, because there is no reason to.  Microsofts stock is going up.   They are exiting from unprofitable markets/ventures (Windows phones and services).  They are investing in profitable markets/ventures (cloud and back end services). Both of which is what a CEO is supposed to do.
  • They are putting all their eggs in one basket. The course they are on is very risky to Windows OS. They are pushing millions of consumers away forever. Azure is built on Windows dominance. Windows dominance will be challenged as PC sales get weaker every year and new mobile devices enter the workplace. Amazon, Google, Apple, Samsung will continue to erode Windows out of the workplace over the next generation. Microsoft at this rate will be lucky to end up being the next IBM or Blackberry. I could very well see Microsoft ending up the next Motorola; splt into pieces and sold for parts to the highest bidders.
  • Wow.... Just wow
  • Groove has been garbage since day #1, it couldn't even compete with old WMP when it came to features and functionality, it stood no chance going up against anyone else. Just goes to further prove how utterly weak and inferior UWP apps really are, they just can't compete.
  • Will Spotify get the fluent design makeover as well? Mmmmmm?
  • Groove is the best player I have used, it is 1000 times better than iTunes and I was really starting to like the video playback function. It seems Microsoft has no clue on which direction to go because they continue to work on something until it's almost perfect and then just toss it aside.
  • Just cancelled my Groove pass, my Xbox subscriptions including EA et al. **** Satya. **** MS. Had enough. I'm going to figure out a way to get rid of Office as well - and I'm a writer/publisher. WTF MS.
  • Spotify has problem in Surface 3, it turns of music when the device turn off the screen to save battery. Groove use to work fine under the same ondition. 
  • Actually, I don't understand why they took so long to realize the Groove steam service was way behind competition. Beside that, the price plans were really bad.
    I really like Groove, but the stream business service was really bad.
  • Just downloaded Spotify app. Haven't used for ages. Now I remember why I went to Groove. Spotify is **** 💩 - it's common trash like Android OS. Why should I be forced to use that 💩.
  • Well, maybe now they'll make it a media player worthy to succeed to Windows Media Player...something that so far they failed MISERABLY to achieve.
  • Probably I am wrong, but it looks like MS doesn't understand yet that without a strong mobile presence, any of their personal services are useless. Think of Cortana, maybe the best digital assistant out there, and the majority of people don't know about it, because it is not wide spread on mobile devices. Unfortunately, the time is clicking louder for MS. I am a strong MS supporter, I've been using Windows Mobile for more than ten years now, but if they don't come at the end of this month with something that I will be able to use "real apps" to control all my IOT, banks, etc, etc, etc,, then I will be switching mobile platform. It is a shame that I am using an Android phone only to use daily needed apps, along with my Lumia 950 basically for my office 365 and make phone calls. And my opinion is that also the Surface line is affected, because who wants a tablet without been able to use the most popular apps now?
  • What the hell is with Microsoft??? I have been a long loyal customer of their services, I have 3 Xbox One S' in my home and they all use Groove a lot, including for the music videos, which Spotify doesn't offer. Currently looking to cancel my Xbox One X orders, this is total BS.  I have no confidence in them anymore. Good luck MS, you'll need it.
  • As a former 'softie I'm a little worried about what this means. I was told by support earlier that refunds are not guaranteed, and that they would have to look into mine. If that's the response I'm getting as someone that has a flagged account for having been a part of Xbox LIVE Services Delivery and Xbox Support teams for years...then I shudder to think what the normal customer will see. It was a 2 hour support session to be told that because I have stacked codes from Bing Rewards included that I may not be eligible for a refund. Now I'm questioning the literal $$$$$ I have invested in Movies & TV. Not to mention that some of my recent purchases for music and books have also been removed. I'm starting to be glad I left if this is the new way we plan on treating consumers...
  • Could a partnership be in the works between Microsoft and Spotify to allow Spotify users to access their OneDrive content through the Spotify app?