Spotify is now rolling out to Xbox One consoles

Announced on Xbox Wire today, Microsoft finally revealed Spotify for Xbox in full, following more than a few leaks, teases, and rumors.

Spotify should be available in 34 markets today on Xbox One, including the UK, U.S., Germany, and France. Xbox gamers will get full access to the Spotify catalog, including the ability to use Spotify as a source of background music, with the added bonus of being able to control Spotify for Xbox from the associated mobile and PC apps.

Spotify on Xbox will also have special "gamer" curated playlists, including a unique playlist built by Xbox Head of Programming, Major Nelson.

In a blog post on Xbox Wire, Spotify Product Director Mikael Ericsson made the announcement of the popular music service's availability, which should arrive at some point today. Both premium and ad-supported free options will be available when the app goes live, and Spotify will pull down your playlists and content as soon as you log in.

Whether you're battling hordes of enemies, scoring the winning goal or just enjoying the scenic routes of your favorite open world game, the greatest gaming experiences all have one thing in common – a majestic soundtrack. The perfect soundtrack can take you back to reminisce about moments of gaming triumph, or get you fired up for the next big challenge ahead ... At Spotify, we believe that the right music can make every moment special, wherever and whenever you are. For some time now, Xbox gamers have been telling us that they'd like to be able to soundtrack their own gaming sessions using Spotify, to make every single session feel new and unique ... Well, we have been listening…

Fans of Spotify will finally be able to enjoy the service on Xbox One, after a two-year exclusivity period with Sony's PlayStation 4. This closes a major app gap between the Xbox and PlayStation platforms and bodes well for the console as it moves ahead with its Fluent Design System update, announced earlier this week. For a full list of countries getting the app at launch, make sure to check out the full Xbox Wire blog post.

What tracks will you play first on Spotify? Or are you sticking with Groove? Hit the comments and let us know.

Download Spotify for Xbox One

Updated August 8, 2017: Spotify Music for Xbox One now appears to be live for most Xbox One users. The app is being steadily rolled out over the coming hours, so you may have to wait some time until it's available in your region. Although the app doesn't appear via search, we recommend opening the Xbox Store page via this article, using the console's Microsoft Edge web browser.

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