Chime in: Are you still using Xbox One's Kinect?

A while ago, Microsoft admitted that it had ended production on Kinect units, effectively killing the motion-controlling camera array. Kinect not only had potential as a casual gaming peripheral, it also had home-automation and voice-control qualities via Cortana voice commands and its TV-controlling IR blaster.

The IR blaster is now baked directly into the console, and for the Xbox One S and the Xbox One X, you need to use a pricey adapter to continue using your Kinect. However, it is still quite cool to be able to navigate your cable channels and control volume and power simply by saying it, and there are tons of great kids games. At least one forum user agrees.

Hi, I want to get the xbox one x, but my kids love the Kinect games we have on the One.... does the One X support Kinect or not?


Forum member refishafi asked our Xbox community if people are still using Kinect, specifically with the Xbox One X. We'd like to hear if you're still on the Kinect train too! What do you use it for? And do you plan to keep on keepin' on with Kinect? And should Microsoft have killed it off?

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