Chime in: Do you actually use Cortana?

Cortana and Microsoft logo
Cortana and Microsoft logo (Image credit: Windows Central)

With Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa continuing to push ever forward and dominate when it comes to smart assistants, and Apple's Siri just seem to happily exist no matter how terrible, Microsoft's Cortana is a constant focus among the community.

There have been some great developments in recent times, but these then equal out with things such as U.S. exclusivity for any kind of smart home integration. It's fair to say that for many, Cortana is pretty difficult to use.

And so the focus falls in the Windows Central forums:

Seriously. Why? Whatever roadmap Microsoft has chosen for Cortana, for now, it's an utterly pointless application that adds zero value to the Windows user experience. It's journey, from hyped release in 2014 to total stagnation and decay in 2018, has been a miserable road to follow. I appreciate that this is not a new problem. Cortana has been pointless for at least a year now. But, the...


As someone outside the U.S., I've personally never really given Cortana a chance because our feature set isn't exactly on par. At this point, it would probably be too late for me to want to get involved, too.

But things like smart home are just a small piece of the jigsaw and Microsoft seemingly has a plan for what Cortana will be. Whether it's for you or not, hit the forums thread below and let us know the what and the why.

Hey Cortana, why do you exist?

Richard Devine
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