Chime in: Do long VR sessions make you feel sick or weird?

VR is the new toy everyone is playing with, and companies are wanting to push it just like they did 3D TVs. It truly is a fantastic experience when all the elements align, but unfortunately for some who have tried out the new tech, it's not so pleasant, resulting in strained eyes and headaches. There are side effects to consider.

Community member Mark Yuan took to our forum to ask others if they had encountered issues with VR after long sessions.

Just wondering about this before getting one. Does anyone have more personal stories of long term effects of using VR?

Mark Yuan

I do not really have space, time, nor money to spend on VR (I'm all-in on PC gaming), I cannot really weigh in on the conversation. It's always worth bearing in mind with anything related to staring at screens that it should be done with breaks and not for extended periods of time. For example, you do not want to sit at your PC for eight hours without small breaks here and there.

I'm intrigued to learn if you've had any bad experiences with VR. Hit the link below and let us know.

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