Chime in: Do you miss Windows 10 Mobile after switching to Android?

Most people who used to use Windows phones have more or less likely already switched over to something else by now. I used to be an avid Windows Phone user, but recently made the switch to both Android and iOS, and I must admit I do miss some of what Windows Phone used to offer.

Our community members are discussing this topic right now, and it turns out there's a lot to miss about Windows Phone. You don't know how good you've got it until it's gone, as they say.

So nearly 3 months into using an Android phone. It's a OnePlus5T. Great phone. Ok'ish operating system. Just pulled my Lumia 950 out of the cupboard and fired it up for old times sake. I really miss that OS. How it synced so perfectly with outlook, contacts, calendar, Cortana, office. Between my Surface devices and lumia phone eveything just worked seamlessely. It was a perfect harmony. ...


I miss the Start screen, first and foremost. It's just better than what Android or iOS have to offer. I dislike static icons, and while you can change your launcher on Android, none really come close to offering the same experience you had on Windows Phone.

The other thing I miss about Windows Phone is its design language and fluidity. Windows Phone was way ahead of its time with its clean, dark look and modern, fluid animations that took you back and forth between the Start screen and apps. Some of that elegance went away with Windows 10 Mobile, but it was still very smooth. I even miss the dedicated camera button I used to have on my Lumia, which was way more useful than I originally thought.

Let us know in the forums whether or not you're missing your Windows phone, and what platform you ended up switching to. We want to hear from you!

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