On December 8, 2016, Microsoft sealed the deal for the $26 billion purchase of LinkedIn. Today, LinkedIn has roughly half a billion users and double-digit millions of open job listings, or it did as of last spring, according to Fortune.com. LinkedIn might not be nearly the size of other popular social networks like Facebook or Twitter, but it's still formidable, especially considering it's designed for a very different audience.

We don't write all the much about LinkedIn on Windows Central, because we're obviously a consumer-centric site. But LinkedIn is an important part of Microsoft's services portfolio.

I've used LinkedIn for years (and years). But I probably use it less today than in the past. I'm not sure that has anything to do with Microsoft's takeover of the service, it's more just my personal habits, but I will say Microsoft hasn't done much to grab my attention on LinkedIn. And I created a forum thread to solicit related feedback from other LinkedIn users.

Al Sacco
Al Sacco

So exactly one year ago today, Microsoft closed its acquisition of LinkedIn, the world's largest business-focused social network. Microsoft paid more than $26 billion. As of last spring, LinkedIn had half a billion users and 10 million job listing, according to Fortune.com. I've been on LinkedIn for years, probably almost a decade. Honestly, I used to use it a lot more, but nowadays, I pretty...


Do you use LinkedIn? Why or why not? And more to the point, do you use it more or less since this time last year, when Microsoft took ownership of the site? Do you think it was a wise acquisition on Microsoft's part? Hit the link below and let us know.

From the forums: LinkedIn, do you use it?

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