Chime in: How many apps will it take to fill Windows 10 Mobile's app gap?

Anyone currently still using Windows 10 Mobile — yes, some of us haven't made the switch — has no doubt noticed a difference in the amount of available and working apps for their phone. Compared to other platforms, like iOS and Android, there is a very real app gap.

Windows Central forum member dharma teja1 recently created a thread asking other members how many apps they think it would take to fill the app gap.

How many good apps are needed to fill the app gap ? What do you think?

dharma teja1

The question has sparked an interesting conversation, not only about the lack of apps on Windows 10 Mobile, but also the overall fate of the platform.

What do you think? What apps would you like to see come to Windows 10 Mobile? And how many key apps would it take to fill that app gap? Head over to the forum thread and share your opinion.

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