Chime in: Is the Pixel 2 the best Android phone for Windows mobile converts?

Phones are still a hot topic in the Windows Central forums, not least because the time has come for many of the community to think about life after Windows 10 Mobile.

That's where we're focusing today, with one such member thinking about whether the Pixel 2 is the best Android phone to go for.

I'm currently using a 950 and have been using a Windows phone since the 1020. I'm begrudgingly looking to move to Android in the somewhat near future and have been researching/window shopping. I don't know how other people feel, but I find it very frustrating and cumbersome! So many phones with different specs, versions of Android, various manufacturer skins, and phones full of bloatware. ...


Our own Senior Editor, Zac Bowden, thinks the OnePlus 5T is the best choice and outlines a good case for it in his review. And that's fine, one of the best things about moving to Android over iPhone is the choice on offer. It's like an all you can eat buffet.

I'm using a Pixel 2 personally and I'd be happy to recommend a new Windows convert picks one up. If you're going Google, there's a strong case to go all the way Google. You'll get the latest software updates first, a guaranteed 3 years of them, too, as well as being first out of the gate with the monthly Android security patches. Others, like OnePlus, do great software, but only with a Pixel do you get it straight from Google.

The Pixel 2 also has probably the best smartphone camera around right now. That's not my word, it's pretty well accepted across the tech community, and cameras are often super important to folks leaving Lumia in particular.

But we're not looking for what Zac or myself have to say, we're looking for recent converts out there in the community to jump in and share their thoughts and experiences.

From the forum: Pixel 2 or something else?

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