OnePlus 5T review: The (new) best Android for Windows phone converts

In 2017, we crowned the OnePlus 3T the best Android for Windows phone converts. It's now 2018. Can the latest flagship from OnePlus keep that title? It sure can. Here's why.

Last year I reviewed the OnePlus 3T as a Windows phone user, and I called it the best Android phone for Windows phone converts. Its price, software, and design made it a no-brainer for Android newcomers, and it was a great option for those who are looking to switch from Windows phone.

But it's been almost a year, and OnePlus is now selling a new flagship: the OnePlus 5T, which improves upon the older OnePlus 3T in almost every way. This is Windows Central's OnePlus 5T review.

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OnePlus 5T tech specs

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OSAndroid 7.1 (upgrade to 8.0 coming soon)
Displaysix-inch Optic AMOLED, 2160 x 1080 (18:9 aspect ratio)
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 835 octa-core
Adreno 540 GPU
Storage64/128GB UFS 2.1
Rear camera one16MP (IMX 398), 1.12-micron pixels, f/1.7
Dual LED flash, 4K 30 FPS, 1080p 60 FPS,, 720p 120 FPS, video
Rear camera two20MP (IMX 376k), 1-micron pixels, f/1.7
Front camera16MP (IMX 371), 1-micron pixels, f/2.0
1080p 30 FPS, video
Dash Charge
Water resistanceNo
SecurityOne-touch fingerprint sensor
Connectivity802.11ac Wi-Fi, 2x2 MIMO, Bluetooth 5.0, aptX HD
USB-C (2.0), NFC
GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo
Network3xCA, 256QAM, DL Cat 12, UL Cat 13
FDD-LTE Band 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/17/18/ 19/20/25/26/28/29/30/66
TDD-LTE Band 34/38/39/40/41
TD-SCDMA Band 34/39
HSPA Band 1/2/4/5/8
Dimensions156.1 mm x 75 mm x 7.3 mm
162 g
ColorsMidnight black
Price$499 (opens in new tab)
$559 (opens in new tab)

OnePlus 5T design

The OnePlus 5T doesn't look or feel that different from the OnePlus 3T. A few things have changed, with the 5T looking a little more like an iPhone 8 Plus from the back, and the front featuring a more modern 18:9 aspect ratio display, trading the dedicated hardware buttons for on-screen navigation keys.

I'm a real big fan of this new 18:9 aspect ratio found on a lot of flagship phones these days. I love how it gives you more screen in a phone size that's not stupidly large. The OnePlus 5T is around the same size as the OnePlus 3T, even though the 5T is rocking a six-inch screen compared to the 3T's 5.5-inch display. The front of the device looks great, with slim bezels and a small but equally sized head and chin, which makes everything look symmetrical and nice. The display is a 2160 x 1080 OLED display, which isn't the sharpest screen in the world.. For $500, you can't really complain.

Because of the taller display, OnePlus had to move the fingerprint reader from the front to the back of the device. I actually prefer this placement. It makes more sense in most scenarios. It's placed in the upper center of the device, which makes it easy to reach. Of course, that means you won't be able to unlock the phone with your finger if the device is laying flat on a table, but in that case you can just use your PIN or Face Unlock. On that subject, there's a new Face Unlock feature which is blazing fast. It's faster than the Face ID on an iPhone X or Windows Hello on a PC, but it may not be as secure.

Along the sides of the device, we find a power button and volume rocker on the right and a three-position switcher on the left. The switcher is handy, allowing you to flip between normal, Do Not Disturb mode and muted mode, kind of like on an iPhone. Not many Android phones have this switcher, so it's nice to see on the OnePlus 5T. We're also rocking a USB-C port that supports Dash Charge, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. I'm all for moving the industry forward, and in a lot of cases I use Bluetooth headphones anyway, but it's nice to have the option of using an old headphone jack when you need it.

The body of the device is aluminum, which feels premium in the hand. It wraps around the edges of the phone, which gives it that unibody appearance which I really like. Admittedly, the smooth aluminum body does make for one slippery phone. I rarely put cases or skins on my phones, but in the case of the OnePlus 5T I feel like I have to. It's just too slippery in the hand otherwise. Other than that, I really like the design of the OnePlus 5T.

OnePlus 5T software and performance

As I said in my OnePlus 3T review, Android is Android. It's the same OS on all Android-based smartphones, but each manufacturer does something different to the software that can sometimes alter the experience in major ways. Sometimes this is for the best, and other times it just makes for a terrible experience. In the case of OnePlus, the maker did the right thing. OxygenOS on the OnePlus 5T is a fantastic version of Android, remaining relatively stock and lightweight while offering lots of configurable and customizable features. It also isn't a Pixel, meaning not every app is tied in with Google; that's helpful if you're someone in the Microsoft ecosystem.

The phone comes with Google software pre-installed, which is fine. If you really don't need the Google stuff, you can disable or uninstall most of it. Of course, you need to have a Google account to use the Play Store, so keep that in mind. OxygenOS being relatively stock means there's so much more space for customizing the phone. You can install Microsoft's launcher, as I did, which replaces the stock OnePlus Launcher. I prefer Microsoft's launcher because of its integration with my Windows 10 PC.

Another benefit of OxygenOS being stock is that it's lightweight on CPU and RAM. This phone absolutely flies. It might even be the fastest Android phone on the market, thanks to its quick animations and super lightweight Android. This also means battery life is great; I'm getting almost two days on a single charge very often. And even on days where I don't, the Dash Charger means I can charge up the 5T in about 30 minutes.

One thing I really like about OxygenOS is that it has dark and light modes, just like on Windows phone. Not every app will tap into this dark or light theme option, but some of the default system apps do. Messages, Phone and Settings do, and they all look great. There are some other nice additions, as well, including double-tap to wake and sleep, an ambient view mode that acts kind of like Glance screen, and custom gestures.

The beauty of Android is that you can also set third-party apps as defaults for select tasks. For example, I use Microsoft's Outlook app as my default email app, Microsoft Edge as my default web browser, Cortana as my default voice assistant, and OneDrive for my photos backup solution. Just like on a Windows phone. Overall, I think OnePlus's Android is the best Android you can get. It's customizable, clean, lightweight, and simple.

Using an Android in the Microsoft ecosystem

The 6GB or 8GB of RAM in the OnePlus 5T is no slouch, keeping apps open in multitasking for longer than most other smartphones. This means resuming open apps is quicker on the OnePlus 5T, and it makes the experience feel quicker overall. Devices like the iPhone like to put apps to sleep after they haven't been used for some time to free up RAM, but this means those apps take a little longer to open. This doesn't happen on the OnePlus 5T.

OnePlus 5T camera and sound

I'm not big on smartphone photography. I take maybe one or two photos a week. But I understand that the camera on a smartphone is a big deal for many people. The 16MP camera on the OnePlus 5T is good; not amazing but not bad either. I found the camera to be mostly quick at snapping photos, and images look crisp and clear in well lit scenarios.

In low-light, the camera falls short a bit. OnePlus uses a dual-lense setup, with the second lense being a 20MP shooter designed for better low-light photography. I can't say this camera does low-light better than a Pixel or iPhone, with photos often coming out a little grainy and dull. The selfie camera also is not bad but not great either.

The camera on the OnePlus 5T is good enough for most smartphone users. If you take your smartphone photography more seriously, however, I'd suggest looking at more expensive smartphones like the Google Pixel. If you'd like a more in-depth review of that phone, make sure to check out Android Central's review.

In regards to sound, the OnePlus 5T features a single downward firing speaker. It's passable, but I'd recommend using headphones if you're planning to do any serious music listening or movie watching.

OnePlus 5T review final thoughts

The OnePlus 5T is the best Android for Windows phone converts. It comfortably and confidently takes that crown from its older brother. The OnePlus 3T was a great device for the price, and the OnePlus 5T brings that up to 2018 standards. It has a taller, bigger display, a better processor, and a better camera. It has the same great software and Dash Charge capabilities, too, two staple features of the 3T. And it still starts at $499, which is a very reasonable price.

If you're still using a Windows phone and looking to switch, I highly recommend the OnePlus 5T. It's affordable, the software isn't a confusing mess, and the phone feels great in the hand.

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  • Premium build quality.
  • Lots of RAM means great performance.
  • Clean, relatively stock Android.


  • Slippery.
  • Camera is only OK.
Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • When I moved over to Android. I did install Microsoft Launcher Microsoft Edge in all honesty everything that Microsoft did It was on my phone. Now three months later I have come to realise maybe I should have jumped ship sooner. Now I still use the Launcher but the only Microsoft app I have is Skype. Everything else others do better or at least as good. Even outlook. I have found myself using Gdrive instead of OneDrive. Only thing I miss is the start screen ? Live Tiles
  • ...and that is how they'll be losing people dedicated to their OS and services to Google. I mean it never made sense to me why I should use MS apps on Google devices. The rule here is Native apps are always better no matter how hard MS tries with the launcher **** and polish of their apps, I will never use them on my Android device when I jump ship. If you want users to use your services and apps build a platform to allow them, don't use someone else's platform to gain users, never makes sense. I'm even surprised Google hasn't removed all those apps contending with theirs from the google store by now....this is why I love Apple, they'll never allow these MS Trojan horses.
  • I have been all over Microsoft since I bought my first Pc back in 1995. Been on insider on pc and Phone since they allowed that to happen. But seriously things are not only not as bad as I was expecting. In fact its turning out to be better. Although I will admit I was a Windows Phone fan boy. But Android is actually better at everything. I'm no longer an insider on pc as I have lost interest in Microsoft as a whole. Over the years like most of us here I have spent a small fortune buying in to Microsoft Software and hardware. Xbox countless pc's Surface Phones Bands one and two. Now on Android so I might as well try immersing everything in to the eco system
  • Agree with that... Mainly because With WP MS was able to integrate a lot of features in the OS that allowed for them to make the experience what they want.
    Hopefully we'll see a revival of that in 2018.
  • Revive a failure? Why do you want Microsoft to fail so bad?
  • Why are you criticise with MS apps?
    I also like to taste the native apps. But some third party apps are better than the native.
    I also want to switch to Android from LUMIA. But i can't.
    I miss many things and hands on UI/UX experience whenever I use my buddy's android(who hates from WinMobile w/out any reason).
    🙂 The are so many reasons that I miss on other mobile OS except WinMobile OS, I'll share it soon on my own website( when it'll come in action ).
    #No_offense #Tech_lover
  • Nowadays people prefer more cloud based services, cross platform things are always better than those things which are always native. All those Microsoft services are making android and iOS more cross platform. With better sync with PCs and tablets. Most users use Windows PCs and Android phones, so Microsoft services are great. We do not always have phones in our hands, being cross platform is one of basic needs of any cloud based service, Microsoft performs better than any other company at being cross platform.
  • I switch to MS services (OneNote, To-Do, Stock, etc) prob... a year after using Win10PCs, esp after OneDrive on Demand, GDrive's only for photos now. The other issue... kinda annoying, because Nexus5x has lesser ram so when I go from Inbox -> other app -> Inbox... Inbox resume me to the list view... Outlook resumes me back to the last email opened.
  • Install Square Home 2. It has everything you'd want from live tiles, even the things MS never delivered!
  • I use Launcher10 on my OnePlus 5 and it's awesome. Very close to Windows 10 Mobile UI. Yes the app costs $5.99 but it's worth it especially for Windows phone converts.
  • Did this on my Nokia 8. Best of both worlds, sorta.
  • Square home 2. Thank you) 
  • For me the other side arround ... still think W10m is the better and easier-to-use system. I use all MS Apps except the Launcher, there i go with SquareHome. Getting all information i need just by looking at the screen is something only the live-tiles can offer.
  • I'm am using Microsoft services such as outlook, OneNote and OneDrive. I was using the outlook app but it's horrible to be honest, it doesn't integrate my outlook calendar with the calendar app on my android phone and this is a must given they have the worst UI for the calendar on the Outlook app, then there is contact integration, it can sync your outlook contacts to your android phone but this is a hot mess also as adding or editing outlooks contacts in the contacts app on Android always created messy miss matched duplicates on the outlook server and you can't even add or edit contacts in the outlook app. I've switched my contacts over to the Gmail account I use for the Play store and now use the built in email client that has support for outlook and syncs email calendar and contacts from my outlook account as it bloody should.
  • You can use launcher 10 for live tiles. The live tile feature is paid but i think it worth. I test it on my secondary device.
  • The way Samsung is pushing Microsoft apps all over the place and 200 GB of OneDrive storage plus a great camera, one would think the S8 is the perfect phone for a Windows Phone convert. What made you pick the 5T instead?
  • dlalonde,  I am guessing it's the upfront cost of the one+ compard to the samsung.  Also,  could be a few bucks or a deivce tossed in for good measure!  ha ha!  😋
  • Samsung's Android is a bloated mess.
  • agreed 1000000000000000% Zac.   it's terrible. 
  • Ah I get it. You prefer the more stock Android-ish interface. I totally understand especially with Samsung's un-uninstallable apps. I switched from a Pixel to an S8 and I don't regret it though. The interface is snappy with no lag and looks pretty good now, to me anyway. Honestly I would have considered a OnePlus device if I could have gotten it on contract with a carrier (which is the only way I could have gotten any non-budget phone).  What do you make of the whole privacy stuff that came out from OnePlus late last year? Does it worry you in any way?
  • It's no worse than what any other company in tech is doing right now....MS, Apple, GOOGLE, etc are all doing it. 
  • Personally... after
    1. same api level, same openGL lib calls, Galaxy gave my friend a black screen... and they actually suggest my friend (who was working on P.Tennis at the time) to lower the max-api setting... you fix your sxxt, don't tell me to lower api setting.
    2. Same api level, a deprecated (and actually got removed) api existed in custom rom...
    3. audio playback lag in some Xperias.
    4. Unbelievable Japanese phones...
    I trust only stock rom tbh.
  • Hmmm, i got an S8+ from the MS Store and it performs quite nicely. No lag, no issues...and that's after using WP Nokias for the past 4-5 years. I also got it for a steal since i had insurance on my 950XL that got replaced, so can't imagine paying list price for it lol Good to know that there are more affordable options :)
  • But I like Samsung's edge phones the most esp. Galaxy 8.
    But using kids-like Android drop it's real value IMO.
  • It's no longer 2014, Zac...
  • In my case, the S8 never felt right in my hand. The S8 Plus may have been better. The screen on the S8 looked dirty? No matter how I adjusted it, I could never get it to look as good to me as the 5t or my 950xl. The rounded edges did nothing for me. It has a dedicated Bixby button that you can't use for anything else. The existence of Bixby annoys me, the button makes it worse. And no I don't want to root my phone. I miss wireless charging, but I purchased a Dash car charger and on only charge the phone once a day on my 30 minute drive to work. That includes using Waze to and from work while listening to audible streaming over 4g. I don't miss all the ATT apps I can't uninstall. Buying a carrier phone was the only way I could get the S8 close to the price of the 5t. I didn't care for most of the Samsung added features and spent most of my time trying to disable them. In my opinion, the S8 just isn't worth the premium. 4gb ram / 64Gb storage vs 8Gv ram and 128gb of storage. The 5t camera is good enough for me and though not as good on paper, the 5t screen seems better to my eyes.
  • There's definitely a lot of things wrong witht the S8. I can't enjoy the curved glass. It's more fragile, hard to protect without pudding ridiculous padding all around and the edges are useless to me. I never ever use them. I find Bixby home to be better than Google Now since they've started pushing trending stories, most of which I don't care about. On Bixby home I just set the few things I want to see in a glance and that's it. Putting a dedicated button for it was silly though. I've tried several Android phones since the demise of Windows 10 Mobile and have never found anything that was as enjoyable though.
  • I agree, using pudding as padding would be ridiculous. :)
  • Hey pudding is delicious OK? Even on a phone! Ha ha! ;)
  • I remapped the Bixby button to launch Cortana.
  • The recent Samsung S7 and S8 type phones feel like holding a bar of soap and the all glass is okay but keeps slipping around too much.
    And I've rarely dropped a phone in the past 10 years so the Samsung devices were junk for me.
  • I went from a Lumia 950XL to the Samsung Galaxy S8, and I'm not very happy with it.  Not only because I prefer Windows over Android but because the design of the Samsung hardware is annoying.  The edge is super annoying, as I'm constantly inadvertently opening apps and changing songs and calling people who I don't want to call.  Also the button layout, with buttons on both sides of the phone makes it feel the same in your hand either way which mean you can't tell which button is which until you pull the phone out of your pocket to look at it.  I'm considering switching to the Pixel 2, but am still looking forward to see if MS can build me something better.
  • I had a 950, but just jumped ship in December. I was weighing the Galaxy S8 but decided on the smaller Pixel 2. I don't have any real regrets so far. I don't mind no wireless charging, and the bezels don't bother me since my brain ignores them just like I ignore the wall behind my monitor. I would like to see MS blow everyone away and become a third man in the game. I do miss Live Tiles the most.
  • I have 4 windows phone, 950xl was the last one. I new i needed to switch soon and fast, dev's pulling away kinda got me on the look out for something, but what ? Then I found oneplus and it was the feeling i got when i saw my 1st, 2nd and 3rd windows phone. The research was on and boy did i drive my lady crazy trust me. " Hi honey" babe did you know OP5 has 8gb of ram. "Good morning dear" babe did you know it has face unlock and finger scanner. the days and months went on doing more research then i went to buy and sold out i was crushed my lady was happy. then the OP5T was born. Wait what? im going to get it and now. had it since Dec 4, 2017 and I have never been this happy about a phone in a long time. Disable alot of google apps i dont need, filled with all the Microsoft apps that i use and i have a WinDroid now i love it. Only one thing i really miss, The Live Tiles. you wont be sorry with a oneplus5T just unpset you didnt do this sooner.
  • When it came time to leave our 950s behind, we considered this and the S8. Two things tipped us over still to the S8 (on the MS Black Friday discounts) - 1. Waterproofness and 2. Qi wireless charging. Granted it's no Dash Charge, but we have chargers all over the house, in the car, on my desk at work, so it was still something we considered. Oh there's 3. OnePlus was caught spying on customers. My wife's always had reservations about companies from...well, you know...and that just proved it.
  • Forgot to's not hard to disable/uninstall the Samsung bloatware and stay in the MS ecosystem. We've found Android to be blazingly fast compared to W10M, so although we miss Live Tiles, the general app availability is making us appreciate making the move. Sticking with W10M is just blind loyalty with a company that's burned us too often (Band 2??)
  • It is never blind loyalty when you stay on/with a device because he or she value features that no other device offers, unless it blind loyalty as to others when you jump elsewhere for features you value  . . . while some may stay sticking with what they value. 
  • First I heard of One+ spying.  I heard of other lesser brands doing this but not 1+.   You might want to ditch your MS computers too there evillama,  MS is just as guilty and they are a good ol' USA company.   Jesus come to think of it,  im ditching all my products from ....well you know...south of me!  
  • It's legit, OnePlus was sending data back to China. However, we are using an Android device. You run the risk with every app you install. I believe even well known apps are over collecting data. If you want security, don't use an OS from a marketing company. Their views on data collection are skewed.
  • Agreed 👍🏻
  • I am sure you are using all Apple then.
  • The spying definitely got me worried about OnePlus. That and the fact that software updates seem worst than Samsung in that they seem to abandon their devices much quicker even though it's pretty much stock Android.
  • How are OnePlus for keeping up software updates? I didn't find a quick answer in the first few search results, although one suggested they promise 2 years and didn't live up to it. I don't really want to buy a phone that I can't use for 1.5 to 2 years with security patches quickly and major version jumps at least within 6 months or so. So far that has left me considering either Pixel or BlackBerry (I do miss the physical keyboard).
  • If you're interested in software updates, you should just get the Pixel. Other companies like OnePlus are getting better with updates but I believe Oreo 8.0 is only in beta for the 5T, while the Pixel is already on 8.1. I always say if you want the best of Android and Google, you should go with the Pixel. If price and other features matter, then at least you have other options.
  • If you want constant updates...go with Pixel or essential....They support OS updates for 3 years.  If you want to move to IOS you will get 5 years support if you buy the latest iphone.  
  • If only they had MicroSD slots, I would have been in the Nexus/Pixel ecosystem long ago... I want the updates of the Pixel but with SD card...
  • In this day and age...SD is not needed.  Phones come with 128gb of storage plus cloud has done away with SD cards.  Back in the day you needed NEVER.   Move on and get the will be HAPPY!
  • There are lot's of reasons to want an SD card. Swappable music playlists is one that I use. There's absolutely no reason to not have an sd slot.
  • I do that with apple music.  Various playlists stored on Apple music server,  when I know im going to be out of range...down load a few play lists....then im good to go...return them to the cloud back in service..Exact same thing as having an SD card..
  • But what is the real use of iOS which drains more juice after 2years? Apple's devices are design to bear the battery/performance issue not more than 2 years.
  • Any battery will have issues after two years. You just get a new one.
  • That's the problem.  Apple batteries couldn't be replaced.  Until they caught with their BS, now they're offering replacements.
  • iPhone batteries have always been replaceable.  It’s just cheaper now.  
  • I'm not mad about iPhone where IOS force the Apple's user to buy another expensive variant having less features than Android OS.
  • IOS does NOT drain more battery after two years.  thats silly talk!
  • You get updates about 3 a month i would guess im trying to think about it but i get them so fast that i really cannot say Had two updates from Jan 1 To Jan 5 . The only phone that i know of that is not getting Oreo is Oneplus first phone and that is a 4 year old phone.
  • I just switched to the OnePlus 5T from my 950 XL two weeks ago. The experience after trying a Galaxy S8 was like a breath of fresh air. Nothing to uninstall, nothing to disable (Bixby) . The closest I can get to Windows Phone. Wish Cortana was more integrated, that apps could be backed up to OneDrive and that the Outlook app properly integrated Exchange contacts, but overall I have what I need. Miss Live tiles, widgets are aesthetically disgusting in their design diversity. It's hard to find two that should exist side by side. Badge notifications seem to be inconsistent and don't draw you in like headlines on a live tile. The notification feed just gets cluttered if you have too many apps notifying you. Miss having hands free text messaging in the car as a native feature. I really like the hardware. This thing really felt snappier than the S8.
  • The S8 is NOT fast.   Side by side speed tests show my iphone 6s beating it in speed.  
  • Add your Outlook account as an Exchange account (Not in Settings > Accounts & Sync and only turn on Contacts (Assuming you only want contacts syncing to native apps).  If you have 2FA on, you will likely need to get an app password and use that here.
  • No thanks. I stick to my L950 for fone calls...
  • Eventually, you will have to get another device.. We all want this Andromeda device, but why not have the best of both worlds? At least try an Android device out. What's the worst that could happen? Apps, and support?
  • Rodney,  You get laid last night or something?   Your posts here are logical, coherent and make perfect sense!  I even 1 up'ed you!
  • I will wait for Nokia to get its Android act together.  Maybe another 12 months.  Byt then we should see a more robust Windows on ARM.  Who knows maybe a foldable Surface Pad with telephony.
  • Yes, no reason to change from my L950 (i just replaced the battery and wne tback to great battery life). I wish I could get some apps that are unavailable (like Edomondo, better messaging integration, financial apps, better Facebook app for the ocasional use), but other than that, I'm good for another year or two, maybe this Core OS/Andromeda thing takes off and we get a new altertative. I just can't live wihtout  Live Tiles and W10m UI. 
  • I love my OnePlus 5T. Best phone out right now.
  • I still use my 640xl as my backup phone but my main driver has been a OnePlus 3 for the last 2 years almost, I do have it decked out in all things Microsoft and I love it!!! One or the best phones I've ever owned.
  • Where can I get this device in the US, and will it work with AT&T?
  • Purchase from and it'll work with At&t. Just swap the sim from your old phone and it starts working. I purchased the Oneplus 5 3 months ago with At&t. Didn't even have to talk to At&t at all. 
  • Also, Zac.... How would you rate this cameras performance compared to the Lumia 950's?
  • You buy it directly from one+ on their's fully unlocked so it works with AT&T no issue.   The camera is decent....however no where near the Lumia.   as is no other phone at this point! 
  • I love the fanbabies here...I complement the lumia phone for having the BEST CAMERA.   and get downvoted....waaaaahhhhh
  • Last November/December I decided that it was time to move on, so I bought a Nokia 8, and so far so good! Plus, it's already updated with Android 8.0. I still have my Liquid Jade Primo as my secondary phone, and it still does everything I need, but there's nothing new I can expect from it, expect updates on the apps from Microsoft.
  • MS mobile platform is getting bored just because of apps and unstable apps experience.
  • *except updates
  • Another vote for the Nokia 8. Much cheaper than the S8 or the Pixel, less fragile than the S8. Has an SD card slot or you can add a second SIM. No bloat ware. Feels very premium. Interesting camera set up with mono and colour cameras rear and excellent front camera - I've taken some great shots so far though I think low light and flash photography not quite up to 950xl.
    So far the update situation is good (mine upgraded to 8 as soon as I got it out of the box and connected it to WiFi, plus one security update since)
    Negatives are no wireless charging (but the battery has been great) and no water proofing.
    I moved from a 950xl that had become unreliable (overheating, rebooting) and the Nokia 8 is the only Android phone that ticked all the right boxes for me.
    I was very wary/reluctant to move to Android but so far pleasantly surprised. Getting contacts to sync with my MS accounts was a pain to figure out and I had a lot of trouble changing Play Store location (never could trick it into thinking I was in the US, but managed to set it to UK) but once configured all is good.
    I added Cortana to long press on home, but sad to say I find 'OK Google' is so much faster I just use that now for quick questions and setting alarms.
    I have Microsoft Launcher installed for 'at a glance' updates in the absence of Live Tiles but notifications are so well implemented I find them sufficient most of the time.
  • Lack of SD is also a Con. $60 isn't the worst price I've seen to upgrade storage from 64 to128, but it's still much more than buying your own microSD card.
  • I've been enjoying my essential since November. Good battery life, base Android OS, it works.
  • I'm having trouble understanding what separates this from other Androids that it would be the "new best phone for Windows converts."  Things I associated with my Windows Phone:  1) Wireless charging.  Absent on this phone; 2) a dedicated camera button.  Absent on this phone; 3) Top notch camera.  Absent on this phone; 4) Always on display.  Did the review mention this?  I'm assuming it's absent?   I'd say removable battery and expandable storage, but my Lumia Icon lacked both of those.  
  • 1) I think is not a necessity but a unnecessary luxery. I prefer the 30 min fast charging 2) Double tap the power button and you get into the camera app. You may also set it up to capture a picture as soon as you double tap the button 3)camera is more than ok. I have seen many review and compare it to some of my friend and the camera is performer really well. The only phone (android) that is better on camera performance is the pixel 2. The others such as S8, Nokia 8, Huawei mate 10, etc, the 5t give a fair competition sometimes even winning the match. If compare to the iPhone X , the OnePlus 5t is better on some scenarios   In my personal opinion if you just take a picture, the phone is OK. But if you take your time and use all the feature the camera offer the phone can take amazing photos. So for camera performance it depends on the photographer. 4) just set it up. Is there To answers your overall question. I think is the price. You get great performance and most of the lastest technology for about $400 less than other top branded phones. If money is not a problem then the best android phone is the Pixel XL 2 or Samsung note 8
  • My OnePlus 5T arrived last week and I've not been able to put it down. I was never blown away by the Lumia 950, but after 7 years on Windows Phone I thought I would miss it none-the-less. How wrong I was. From the minute the OP5T fired up I was just hooked.  I'm going to use the word fast a lot here, but it's the only word that accurately sums up this device. It's fast. Almost impossibly fast.The fingerprint reader is ridiculously fast. And the facial recognition...frankly it was so fast I actually got about half a dozen family and friends to try and open my phone because I thought the face scanner wasn't working and was just unlocking the phone when anybody looked at it. But no. It's just so fast that it feels almost impossible.  When face unlocking side by side with the iPhone X it's not even a competition. You're in and opening your apps while the apple fanboy is still staring intently at his screen. No kidding, I have several iPhone X users in my office and they can't believe the speed of this device. The value for money here is just incredible. I paid £560 for the full bundle, which is the 128GB phone (8GB ram.....8!!!), case, screen protector, earphones and two charging units. That's insane. The dash charging guessed 30 minutes on charge takes my device from 4% to 86%. And that will get me through a full day of calls, texts, browsing, spotify and youtube and even a half hour or so of gaming. The battery is really good. 1, download the Microsoft Launcher. 2, download all the apps inside the launcher. Bing, Edge, Office, OneNote, MSN News/Weather/Sport, Outlook, Office Lens. They're all here, and rather annoyingly they're all a heap better than the ones on W10M. I use OneNote a lot and in Android it gives you the option to create little badge that pokes out at the side of your screen so you can access your notes or create a new one with one press. It's super helpful. Why the hell didn't we get that in W10M Satya!! 3, download your banking apps. Yes, they're all here and they all work wonderfully. Set them up to open with your fingerprint and you're into your accounts in about 3 seconds flat.  4, fill your phone with apps that aren't just halfarsed web-wrappers. Netflix widgets, you tube, uber, amazon prime, sky go....all here and all so cool to use. I don't want to make my post all about the app gap. It's really not. The Microsoft store is where it is. It'll keep plugging away and maybe PWA will help to fill the gap. But just look at the differences in hardware. Why did the 950 not have a fingerprint scanner? Why does windows hello takes ages to open? Why did the battery only last about 5 hours on a good day?  Will I be back to Windows? You bet. But having a mobile device that's actually useful has opened my eyes to how far behind Microsoft are. A foldable thing with split screens and W10S on board will be super cool hardware, but that's like 10% of the story here. Microsoft has to figure out how to encapsulate an exciting user experience. You have to open that box and just buzz with excitement. Not just for the hardware, but for the full experience of turning it on and seeing that device blaze with life. OnePlus5T nails that
  • You are a perfect clone , you nailed it just perfect. after one month with this OP5T i cannot still put it down. i open the phone just to swipe back and forth not doing anything just amazed how fast.
  • Hi Stealth, yeah the speed of the machine is actually something to behold. And OnePlus have done something really incredible.....they've chosen not to fill thier devices with rubbish, which really benefits the end user. My OP5T is more Microsoft than my Lumia 950 :)
  • I've been eyeing the Asus Zenfone 4 since I decided it was time to put my Lumia 640 out to pasture. It's about the same price as this phone. I like having a good camera on my phone, and the Zenfone 4 has that. But I don't know how much more resource heavy Asus's Zen skin thingy is compared to OxygenOS. Does anyone have a suggestions as to which of the two phones would serve better over the next few years? I only change phones once the current one I have becomes a burden.
  • Ferkner,  Run far far away from anything with the asus logo on it.   Shoddy build quality and piss poor customer support.   Go one plus for sure.  
  • All the reviews I have watched and read have said that the quality is really good and that even their Zen skin thingy is a lot better than it was in the past.
  • I am going by past expereinces.   I would rather a motorola startac than any Asus proudct after how they treated me and the ghost touch on the vivotab RTs I own.  I have 3 door stops now. 
  • I had similar issues with a Nexus 7. Terrible support from Asus.
  • Meanwhile, I've had 3 different ASUS sound cards, a 27-monitor, and a couple of different Transformer tablets in the last five years.  Nary a hiccup with any of them, and the few encounters I've had with customer service have been painless.  I guess actual mileage may vary.
  • Oh,  i have had way more asus issues than the 3 vivotabs....They were just the most recent where Asus left me and others out to dry before the warranty period was up.  
  • How the hell can you recommend a phone that nearly is utterly useless to 50% of American cell phone users? Seriously?
  • So is every other phone that takes a sim card then!
  • The world is bigger than America 
  • No MicroSD card and the fact that it might be using just a basic DAC means that it's not the best phone for WP converts. I have had an LG V30 since October and it has been a mostly solid experience except for the fact that my internet connection will just randomly stop working after at least 5 days of uptime until I soft reset.
  • The phone and review has literally nothing whatsoever to do with converting from Windows phone. I have no idea why the reviewer is claiming this is the best phone for Windows converts. A Windows phone user can switch to any phone, getting this OnePlus 5T phone is no different and provides no advantage or benefit to Windows phone users. This is just a review of the phone, the same as any other review. I have a cheap £85 Uhans U200 Chinese phone and it works just fine, it runs the Microsoft launcher and all the Microsoft apps and any other app I need with no problems at all, I even play a few games on it with no problems. It has also coped with multiple drops, being thrown across the room, being slammed into my car. I literally have no need for a phone that costs 5-10 x as much.
  • I am using an Alcatel Idol 4S with Win10, my last best hope for a Windows Phone. As much as I love it, I find myself using my work phone (an HTC U11) more and more because of the apps and convenience, not to mention a great camera. I've been looking for a good Windows replacement for personal use, but don't see how the OnePlus 5T would be it. It seems like any other Android, which is fine, but I'd still like one that has at least some advantage for Windows users. Unless that's just a pipe dream. Speaking of pipe dreams, maybe we'll get that Surface Phone one day. 
  • Zac, Thanks for yet another great article.  Really enjoy you and your team's product. T-Mobile is selling the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for under $450 (net of rebates, an additional line for two months) when you buy two.  Same with the iPhone 8.  I just did both (4 phones) transactions the past couple of months (for me and my spawn).  After 12-15 months I'll sell them and enjoy whatever "surfaces" then.  My $/month will be under $20 per device.  Why not compare devices using actual acquisition cost? 
  • i want a phone from microsoft again. i got the J7  and it is a good phone but i hate the os i do not like anything google but i HATE apple product. the is grumbilin microsoft phone at microsoft hq i hope this is true and they will release it to public soon. i relize windows 10 phones are gone but this new phone i am ruffering to is with the new os.
  • I was a longtime WP fan going back to my Dell venue pro. Left when the s7 edge came out. I have the OnePlus 5t now and I can tell you it is a great phone.
  • A great device and my current daily driver, reconfigured with Microsoft's apps and services. I previously tried to use a carrier-locked LG G5 and hated LG's terrible Android implementation and the AT&T carrier bloatware that could not be uninstalled. It was also buggy. Coming from Windows Mobile, it was eye-opening how bad an experience that some non-Apple carrier-locked phones could be.  OnePlus 5T phones are unlocked, fast, reliable, and run a near-stock version of Android. They are ideal for those who wish to use Microsoft experiences on their device.
  • Just remember folks, this is what you get for security from the scroogle play store: The lack of security in the play store is unbelievable.  The only apps I would trust in that store are from Microsoft.  Scroogle literally doesn't care about secure apps in th eplay store or they would ahve fixed it by now.  
  • Android is based on stealing your info so why should you be surprised?
  • Hoppman,  If you download ACTUAL apps...not a bunch of third party garbage (like windows has),  you have NOTHING to worry about.   It's when you dl developer crap.  
  • another 500-600 $ phone and another call to switch to Android. Why not Blackberry?
  • Blackberry is Android.
  • And damn good android as well!
  • the best replacement for an old Windows Phone would be a new Windows Phone. True, an upcoming device as described here in many excellent articles would be absolutely awesome. But this site continues it's cry to tell the world that Windows Phones are worthless. Nadella got it wrong. Why didn't someone lead the effort to change the mindset of those who made the decision to kill a great product. Microsoft's stock price would have risen with or without this bad decision. The world needed an alternative to Google and iOS. They can make thermostats but can't make a phone? But they sure can get a hundred bucks out of you each year for a 365 subscription. Maybe the new "thing" will happen and those of us who like the OS won't miss it. But I think that is unlikely. The total lack of respect for the numerous fans of one of their products is awful. They could have made W10M work. As for those who don't like Windows Phones, no problem, don't buy it. But there is a sizeable fan base of those of us who do.    
  • Arguably. I could say that the Xiaomi Mi 6 is the best device for windows converts. Pushing for one device in this way is just wrong in my opinion. 
  • i got the 5t for christmas and holy **** this thing is snappy. i additionally disabled animations & transitions in the developer tools and now everything is instant, it's amazing.
  • This is ridiculous, this is no way the best windows phone alternative. That honor should go to the Sony XZ premium. It is the phone that has the most features that match windows phone. In particular the Sony has a dedicated CAMERA BUTTON which almost all smartphones have removed. Yes that's right, snap a picture by pushing the camera button without having to unlock the phone. Plus it has 19MP sensor, the closest in size to the latest windows phones. And traditional headphone jack with support for high resolution audio, 4K display, etc. Why everyone overlooks this phone, it is absolutely amazing.
  • The camera button was the most annoying thing by far about my Lumia 830 and 925.  Because I wanted to take a picture "without having to unlock the phone" about 1% of the time that I hit that button.  Good riddance.  Other than that, the Sony XZ looks pretty sweet.
  • I also do not understand the vast importance of a camera button.  It is actually harder to use than tapping the on screen button.  I can take 3 pictures on my iPhone 8 Plus in the time it takes to get 1 on my old 950xl or Nokia 1520.  
  • Naddy,  Using the volume down button on iphone when camera is open is also the shutter button too!  So,  in all honesty a swipe and you have your camera button!
  • The volume down button is even clumsier, since I would be using my left thumb.  Nope, the on screen button is much easier for me.  
  • its a joke to continue to use MS apps on an Android phone.  If you're changing your mobile, you should go for the most seamless ecosystem experience.  When I do get over to android or apple, I want all in...not disjointed apps for each function.  If we learned anything as Windows Phone users, it was to have a seamless ecosystem.  Nadella decided to can that idea.
  • Actually you can have a seamless experience. I use Microsoft apps exclusively on my android phone without issues, everything works pretty seamless. In no way have I even touched any of the Google apps for mail, calendar and so on. Trust me, the Microsoft apps are really good, much better than they were on windows phone even.
  • @sameersaab, if you also use a Windows computer, then part of "seamless" means integration with that. Microsoft's services better integrate with Windows than Google's. So even if they're not quite as good as Google's on the phone (I don't know if they are or not), they may still be better overall when you factor in integration with the rest of your tech.
  • Android 7.1 (upgrade to 8.0 coming soon).  Yeah, riiiiiight.  That's a sign to run.
  • How so.  1+ are good at updates.  They are just finalizing the build.   8.0 will be on it VERY SOON!
  • No wireless charging, no sale.
  • AHAHAH i have a 3T and i can say that i couldn't care less about wireless charging because  DASH charge and my car dash charger are awesome!! This wired usb c charging solution is incredibly fast and when you try it you can't regret wireless charging at all.
  • Sorry, but plugging in a freaking cable is such a huge backwards step, no matter how fast it charges.  I don't need to emergency charge my phone quickly during the day because its just habit to easily drop it on one of my Qi chargers whenever I get home.  ANYTHING with a physical connection is a potential point of failure.  I've had Qi since the Lumia 920 and releasing a phone without it is just stupid in 2018.  It literally takes less than 0.5mm and a tiny license cost, stupid for oneplus to not implement it, if only to have equal specs as comparable phones.
  • This is your opinion and I respect that but plugging a phone to a cable don't require much effort. You said it doesn't matter how fast it charges, for me it's the point of dash charge. Sometimes I go to work without charging my phone I'm about 15- 20% battery, I have 35 mn to go to work in my car and I'm peaceful, I know I will be about 95% or more even when using maps and Spotify at the same time. Plugging my phone is not deal breaker for me and wireless charging is not a time saver neither
  • @Zybch, I'm 100% with you. @genuinefrand, I think those who dismiss wireless charging haven't ever lived with it, because I can't imagine going back. I have a few Qi chargers -- one by the bed, one on my desk at work, one on my dashboard in my car, one in the den, etc. I just set the phone down on it whenever I'm nearby. The phone is always fully charged and I can do it one-handed. Cable requires two hands and a few seconds. That's not a critical difference, but once you're used to it, going back to cables would be like giving up the remote control for your TV -- sure you can get up to change channels or adjust volume in just a few seconds, but wouldn't you prefer to stay on the couch?
  • hey Zac. i see you have notification badges on your home page. do you have the 8.0 beta loaded on your phone? my wife's 5T doesn't have these badges.
  • Nokia 8 here. Thats it. A trustful and reliable companhia that respects consumers and delivers what promises. I had a wonderful 950xl that died after 2 yrs and got refunded and went Nokia again. No regrets so far. Still.. i miss my 950xl like hell. ONLY after u loose it u realize the app Gap was not an issue at all
  • Actually I found the Razer phone a great phone for window people. I still miss my Windows Phone 950.
  • I picked up a Huawei Mate 9 for $399 to go with my Windows Idol. Fast, SD expansion slot, great camera and lots of other features. Nothing about the One Plus appealed to me. There is no "one" phone for those coming from Windows. In fact, the phone variety is, to me, the primary selling point of Android.
  • Still using my HP X3 for daily driver, so far is fine for me. Just wish cam was as good as my 950.
  • The OnePlus 5T sure is a beautiful phone, but it would be more beautiful still with live tiles and the ability to run Windows programs on a large screen with a wireless keyboard and mouse. Why doesn't Microsoft provide a Windows UI for Android that includes live tiles and Continuum? Best of both worlds.
  • Sorry, don't trust what MS suggest when it comes to phones. You burned me.
  • Hi, I recommend Nokia 6 Android device if you want to jump from Windows to Android based OS the reason are ff: 1.) Durability - As it Brand is know for being a long lasting device. You dont need to buy a case protection or even tempered grass to protect your devices since it was  a slim metal unibody and CG glass 3. I use my phone w/o any of them, I buy it 3 moths ago and still no scrathes found in its body. 2.) Desigh - All nokia has a unique and outstanding design, all we know about that. It has a full metal unibody which is elegant and surpass other android device out there. 3.) Pure Android - Nokia 6 ensure a Pure android experience like Google Pixel, and ensure OS are always up to date. 4.) MS services - I was once a Windows phone user, and now switch to android, since I prefered MS device/services, I install MS Apps, which let you install all available MS Apps including MS launcher which I currently used, I love it. Sadly I cant install Cortana & Grove music due to Region restriction, but still you can get most of MS essential apps. 5.) Good specs in a nice Price - Nokia 6 feature a slim 5.5'' IPS display with CG glass 3 and a curve screen design, its better the AMOLED when it cames to sun readability, means you can still see details in screen even under the sun.. 3/4 gig of RAM and 32/64G of ROM expandable up to 200G via dual hybrid SD card/SIM card slot. With 16M back camera and 8M fron camera (Camera is good but not superb) with finger prints scanner and 3000ma battery, featured a fast charging technology. One things that  love about this phone is the build in speaker- it was power by Dolby Atom technology- the sound is superb, you can enjoy music via Loud speaker- the sound is loud and clear. Try to serach for GSM Arena Video Review about the phone, and you might consider it if you want MS services in Adroid OS. ^_^
  • Without an SD Card slot it's not even worth considering. I prefer my Note 8 for Dex and Stylus.
  • No wireless charging no thanks, I was hooked on that back with my windows phone and refused to buy a phone that doesn't have it now. Also water resistent and expandable storage are you just have a for me too!
  • I've been on Android now for about 5 months. I bought a OnePlus 5. This device is incredibly powerful and well designed. Microsoft has done a good job of supporting their services on Android. Personally, I use a mix of apps from several companies daily. I use MEGA and OneDrive for cloud storage, the Gmail app for all of my email, and my web browser of choice is Firefox.
  • Thanks, but I can wait for Surface with SIM and cshell
  • I just changed my old 640XL for the Motorola X4 ,Well here in my country buy a high end device has became a luxury so I decided to go for a middle range phone that has everything that I need ,at this point I can say something yeah Android applications work just fine and you have everything, but I still feel the change weird.
  • That OnePlus 5T phone is blazing fast that it beats the iPhone x in speed test. I already made my mind of getting the OnePlus device since it's a flagship killer 😁
  • Still waiting for the Nokia 9 to come out...
  • Got a 5T for Christmas and very impressed with it. A real step up from the glitchy ZTE Axon 7 it replaced. In a very Apple like fashion, everything just works.
  • Not a bad phone for the price but I think windows converts to android are better off with a Nokia or Sony Xperia and if they don't care about expandable storage than the pixel series. I have the Xperia xz premium and it's by far the best Android device I've ever owned, it was also one of the first on the market to be updated to Oreo other than the pixel/nexus line. Sony are by far the best when it comes to software and OS updates with the X series onwards, very quick to release monthly security patches. But then I guess being an American site, as usual you would probably bag out the the Xperia line since the fingerprint sensor is disabled in software on the US firmware, but that's an easy fix as it's all the same hardware. I have Cortana on my Xperia but don't use it as the main assistant as it's so restricted, Google assistant is a pretty damn impressive assistant app and people should embrace that if they don't want to cripple phone functionality. You can still run Cortana on the side.
  • I have an Xperia XZ Premium also, so here's my review of its best and worst feature. Good is that, like my old Windows Phones, it has a dedicated camera button. The bad is that the power button stopped working in October, and it took multiple calls to Sony customer service to get an address to mail it to them for repair. It turns out, according to the rep I called in late December asking where my phone was, that they wait until they get 20 broken phones in, and then mail them up to Canada to be fixed, and when 5 of them are fixed they mail them back to IL, and then on back to the customer. It took about 2.5 months to get my phone repaired, and was using my old 950XL while I waited. But what a pain in the neck (actually, I have a lower opinion of Sony's service)! Great phone when it works, but I'll never buy another Sony.
  • Really Good review Zac! Personally I'd pass on any Android devices for awhile, heck I might revert back to using my old Sendo M550 if I can find that darn phone lol.
  • Thanks Zac for these. Should my 950 die before the Holy Foldable Wonder Device arrives, I will be looking to Windows Central to help me determine which Android phone to buy, since "which phone works best if you want MS services" is not really an angle I expect form a typical Anrdoid review site.
  • This is exactly where I stand (except my Lumia is still the Icon, as the last one on Verizon). I'm prepared to stick with it through 2018 in the hope of the new Windows Ultramobile PC device, but if nothing announced by Q3, I'll probably go ahead and grab whatever Android is best for Windows users. That said, I do care about the camera. Is a mediocre Android camera in 2018 as good as a good Lumia camera from... whenever the Icon came out? I'm happy with the camera on my Icon, but wouldn't want to take a step backwards in that regard.
  • I wish I still had my Icon.  That was the coolest phone I have ever owned.  I'm still using my Lumia 950 most of the time although I picked up a cheap Android phone for $60 (Kyocera DuraForce) just in case it breaks.  If I could get an Icon cheap enough and make it work with AT&T, I would get one.
  • I just ordered a Pixel 2 today to replace my 930.  I was going to hold out as well but I use the Music ID feature too frequently.  Music and Zune is why I choose WP7 over iPhone back in the day.   I hope I won't miss too much other stuff.  I'm most worried about the people hub and swipe keyboard not being there on Android.  I hope Microsoft will come out with the foldable cool stuff for you.   Realistically it will probably join the long list of canceled devices;  people won't want to carry two devices around.  
  • If anyone does go this route then please feel free to use my referral link. You'll get $20 off an accessory.
  • So no wireless charging goes under which: pro or con?
    No expandable storage goes under which: pro or con?
    No waterproof/dustproof goes under which: pro or con?
  • Nonsense... the best android device if you come from windows mobile, especially if you come from a 950 XL, is the Note 8. Maybe you mean that its the best value android device that you can get, but if you have the cash the Note 8 is way ahead. Expandable storage, wireless charging, much better cameras, much better design, much bigger and better screen, etc. Oh and the note pen is awesome.
  • Someone knows where can I find this wallpaper?
  • With my Windows Phone, I heavily use the text-from-my-Windows10-desktop integration, as well as the hands free texting(via bluetooth-no phone touch for texting).  I haven't seen anyone comment on those two features, if it can be done from Android or IOS devices as seamless as on Windows Phone?