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2 reasons why Google's Pixel 2 is the best Android for Windows phone converts

Pixel 2

Recently our Senior Editor Zac Bowden proclaimed the new OnePlus 5T as the best Android phone for Windows folks who were finally moving on to another phone and another platform. I don't deny the OnePlus 5T is a great phone (I haven't actually used one for more than 60 seconds, but still) and that company is doing some great work.

But I disagree that it is the best. And this isn't just because I prefer a different phone. I've been using Android in some form since 2010. I've seen a lot of phones come, and that OS is even responsible for my employment at Mobile Nations. Until November, I was using an HP Elite x3 every day, until the curtain dropped on Windows 10 Mobile and I decided I should probably buy a new phone.

There are many good reasons to buy phones from Samsung, LG, and OnePlus, but there's always been one great reason to buy a phone with Google's badge on it. And now, with the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, there are two really great reasons to buy a phone with Google's badge on it.

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Software updates don't get any better

Pixel 2

Windows phone users are used to not only (mostly) getting updates quickly but also enjoying support on devices for a long time. Software updates aren't just important for cool new features, they're important for security.

Google has a monthly security patch for Android which is there no matter who made your phone, but with a Google phone, you know you're going to get them on time. I have a Razer Phone and a Galaxy S7 both still on the October patch. And we're now in January. That's not acceptable, and it's one of the many frustrations with the Android ecosystem. The Pixel 2, by contrast, has the January patch available and will get the February and March patch as soon as they're ready.

The same applies to OS updates. The Pixel 2 is on Android 8.1 right now, virtually all other Android phones are not. The OnePlus 5T has a beta of Oreo out based on Android 8.0, but that's still a point version behind. Samsung hasn't updated its big 2017 phones yet, either.

Pixel 2

Besides being first, Google also promises three-years of software updates for the Pixel 2. That's a long time to have a single phone, and based on previous track records it's longer than you'll likely get from the other big players.

Google also makes it fairly simple to update your phone yourself. OTA updates still take some time to roll out, but you don't have to wait to get them that way. Google posts both factory images and OTA update images for the Pixel 2 every time a new release is out. If you're mildly comfortable with some command line and willing to use the necessary Android SDK tools it's not that difficult. Not as easy as the Windows Phone Recovery Tool or the Insider program, but it is also not horribly hard.

How to get the latest version of Android on your Pixel 2

The best phone camera there is

Pixel 2

At some point in 2018, a phone will come out with a camera better than the Pixel 2. We'd expect a Pixel 3 for one thing. But the Pixel 2 is widely accepted as the best all-around smartphone camera right now. Yes, it only has one lens, but what Google has done in software is mindblowing.

It's fast, it takes amazing looking pictures in good and low-light, and the portrait mode is both accurate and effective. It's all done in software, and it's frankly astonishing. The camera app isn't the most feature-packed, but it covers all the bases. I'd love a physical shutter button, but at least a double-press of the power button will quick-launch the camera, and volume up will take a picture.

You, too, can look this 'good' with Pixel 2 selfies in portrait mode.

You, too, can look this 'good' with Pixel 2 selfies in portrait mode.

For folks who clung to their high-end Lumias because of camera capabilities, the Pixel 2 camera is probably the one you'll want. It takes hardware-related problems and solves them with software. And you get unlimited storage for a couple of years in Google Photos to automatically back up your snaps.

The bottom line on Pixel 2

I'm not reviewing the Pixel 2. Our pals at Android Central did a great job of that already. But these two features, in particular, are ones I think are important to the Windows converts. Sure, there are all the apps you ever want in the Play Store and it has pretty good battery life, USB-C, and a decent screen, but when you're used to having the latest software and the best cameras, the Pixel 2 will not disappoint.

I'll admit, it's pretty boring to look at, but if you're tired of giant phones or don't want an 18:9 screen, you've got the smaller Pixel 2. If you want something bigger, the same phone can be had with that bigger screen and all the same benefits. But for me, the smaller version ($649) easily won out. And it's a hell of a lot cheaper than an iPhone X.

Go Pixel 2, Microsoft it up, and have a great time. The Pixel 2 lets you do that more effectively than the OnePlus 5T. (Sorry, Zac.)

If you made the jump to the Pixel 2, be sure to drop into the comments and share what you think.

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Richard Devine is an Editor at Windows Central. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently you'll find him covering all manner of PC hardware and gaming, and you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

  • Yeah, but the reason why the Pixel 2 isn't the best Android for Windows phone converts is because it's made by Google. It's a phone that is literally built from the ground up for Google users. Most Windows phone users aren't Google users, and as such likely don't want to buy a phone that comes bundled with every Google service ever. The OnePlus 5T comes with a very minimal amount of Google services pre-loaded, of which you can disable most. The Pixel 2 is a different story. Also, pricing is a big one to consider. The Pixel 2 is expensive, much more so than the OnePlus 5T. Many Windows phone users haven't used an Android in years, and are likely pretty nervous about splashing $700 on a new Android phone just in case they don't like it. The OnePlus 5T being only $499 makes it more approachable, and as such is another reason why it's the better phone for Windows phone converts. That, plus the software on the OnePlus 5T is so much more customizable. It even has a dark mode, something Windows phone users love. It's just a better phone for Windows phone users personally. Camera isn't too bad, and software updates are a thing on the OnePlus 5T too, albeit just not as fast as they are on the Pixel series.
  • "Most Windows phone users aren't Google users, and as such likely don't want to buy a phone that comes bundled with every Google service ever." Nailed it!  I don't even have a gmail account.  Never had one, never will.  If it weren't for Youtube I would never have anything to do with Google. 
  • If you want nothing to do with Google buy an iPhone. That's pretty much how to do that. Otherwise you are buying into Google.
  • Yeah but Microsoft doesn't have many services or apps on Apple iTunes Store.
  • Which then means you're having something to do with Google ;-)
  • Nope, it doesn't. It means I'm sticking with Windows Mobile for a few more months, then dropping smart phones for good and either getting a Surface not-Phone or a tablet, possibly with a dumb phone as well. There's little point wasting money on a disappointing Android smart phone for one summer when the post-smart phone world is on the horizon.
  • “There's little point wasting money on a disappointing Android smart phone for one summer when the post-smart phone world is on the horizon.” Lol, “post smart phone world”.   This is great stuff.   Do you write your own material, or do you hire comedy writers?
  • I get my material from Windows Central articles. I'll leave you to decide the quality, but the 'post smart phone' phrase was lifted directly from Mr Ward's recent article. Hmm, interesting forum name there Naddy, that's not you is it? Ol' Nads is joining the fun on Windows Central with us consumers? Now THAT'S real comedy. :-D
  • yes i do have something to do with google, like file a lawsuit against market monopoly oh wait we already did that once in the EU in and out by all means of justice, we will sc**w google again cause they don't get to d*k block other sellers or markets by promoting their services when it is against all fairness in the justice system, down with google and all its evil schemes, 2.7bn get another few more rounds to go..
  • Huh? Like what? There's several Microsoft apps on iOS that work great!
  • I suggest you search for "Microsoft Corporation"  Every single app available on Windows 10 Mobile is on the app store and they now work better than they did on Windows 10 Mobile.
  • let me know when groove music or Cortana works like its integrated on WM10 : ) , sorry but you are fishing too far for those ones, android 7.1 here, even the stock apps are bad, heck the music player regardless of where you get it from is bad unless you pay for it and groove music only works for internal memory and cloud, go back to cloud9 where android was a better pla... nvm no need to hate and become one of those trolls who troll us windows mobile fans in our own website due to their quite large so do i say infact massive or gigantic .. insecurity problems about themselves that is which aside from the "insecurity" in android itself er.. anyways, i see my flaw of approach but honestly i hope for the best on android 8 and may google learn a big lesson and let microsoft store have all the google apps with full support...before the world decides to take em to court again for monopoly of the market : ) .. yes i am still a windows mobile user as well an android 7.1 user who is truely feeling sorry for every android user who believes that android is actually an efficent system, no offence but i do mean only in the hope of better understanding between the difference of use'able and efficency are two different things.
  • Which services or apps are you missing on iPhone?  I went straight from Windows Phone to iPhone and didn't miss a single Microsoft app or service.  Not only are they available, but they are much better and much more robust than on Windows Phone.  Same applies to Android.
  • I don't know about iPhone but Outlook, Groove, OneDrive and Bing all work better on Window phone than Android.
  • wait Cortana works better on ios ? sounds like a good laugh to me : )  . . . not that im blaming you for switching OS, which is entirely your choice but when you lie in everyone's face that an integrated system function utlizing app works better on a different system that does not and cannot use such features at all and will not function in the slightest level of comparison to its native environment by all means of LOGIC due to the app not being integrated and lacking permissions ... : ) i wonder what kinda wool you are wearing my friend, cause i am feeling a bit left out in the cold here....
  • Not entirely true...  You can rip Google out of Android depending on the OEM...   Zac is right, there are a lot of people that don't use Google and CANNOT use Google devices for security reasons.  Moving to a phone fully controlled by Google is not an option.   The reason there are still WM10 devices for sale... Enterprise and Government security rules that won't allow Google or Android. However, you are right about one thing... It is better to trust your data and information with Apple than Google, at least they are aren't peddling your information and using it as their revenue stream.
  • i'd rather give my data to the NSA, least they do a job of keeping some country safe...then again rather than selling my self by googles standards, i'd rather sell myself directly to someone and profit off that  : I even though i wouldn't dare to do so.. since i have no needs for such drastic measures least for now that is... then again should we, i mean any of us really be used by the likes of google ? we should all probably sue google for the profits they've gained by selling our data to companies or systems we had not even been aware of... 
  • You're right! After that you can't disagree if the iPhone is better than another iPhone. That's the (dis)advantage of the OS. Or not...
  • Let me know when the next ios update doesn't mess up the wifi or Bluetooth..heck hopefully it doesn't kill the 'old' model phones ..yet (speaks from experience; so let's not try to lie in my face and prove you are a sheep)
  • +1 ... you nailed it.
  • You're buying an Android phone. You're buying into Google. Take off your tinfoil hat, Zac ;-) I've had a OnePlus phone before, and yes it was very good. Good luck getting a guaranteed three years support. I hope I'm wrong, but I'm not putting any money on that.
  • I agree with Zac though Richard... The only thing I have that's Google, is a gmail account to get access to the Play Store. Aside from that, all is Microsoft. I have "Microsoftified" my Samsung S8 and like it quite good; aside from the fact I still don't like Android as an OS but I'm good with it. :)
  • 100% agree with this comment. If it wasn't for the play store I wouldn't have a gmail account. I recently retired my beloved HP Elite X3. Hated to see it go but my new position required apps and security features my organization requires that isn't available on Windows Phones. I went with the Note8. Overall I'm happy with it. I actually enjoy it a lot more than I ever thought I would. That said. Every concern and complaint I have had about Google is much worse than I thought it would be. Screw you Android. I want to delete Facebook and all those stupid Google apps but you won't let me. Screw you. Long story short: phone great. OS features pretty good. Google kiss my butt
  • You can't delete Facebook? I don't have it on my S8.
  • I took it further. My good old Live/Outlook mail account doubles as a Google account. I don't have a Gmail and I don't want one. :) I migrated my contacts from Outlook to Google solely because I had issues trying to sync them to my Android phone - only to realize I've been doing it all wrong a few days later. Apart of that I only use my Google account for the Play Services.
  • I have a Pixel 2 XL and the only Google services I use are the Play Store, YouTube and OK Google (because Cortana sucks in Australia). Everything else I'm still with Microsoft.
  • get squarehome 2   thank you :)
  • You don't even need a gmail account, I just used my account to create an account and test out lagdroid. Yes Outlook far and away works better on WP as does Edge etc.
  • Have to disagree. While you do need some Google services, I don't think it's the same as "buying into Google." At some point I will probably end up with an Android device, I will never ever use GMail, Hey Google, Chrome, or the Google "productively" apps. That would be "buying into Google."
  • As something of an outsider looking in, this was my first thought. It seems many Windows phone users have a big problem with Google... I think asking them to use something built on android which, while owned and operated by Google, is an open source platform contributed to by basically every company and freely available to use and customise by everyone is a far stride from asking them to use a Pixel, which is specifically designed, built and sold by Google for the express purpose of delivering Google services. I mean damn, I'm an all in android user and even I don't use a Pixel because I don't like what Google do to android! The Pixel is a great phone. But for the die hard windows phone fans, the only worse choice is an iPhone.
  • Wow that's quite naive. Android is a weapon for Google to attack Microsoft and Windows. Most of us diehard Windows Phone fans are actually just Microsoft fans. See why we might not like to support Android?
  • I don't know about anybody else but I have been researching to make sure Android has the features I like in my Windows phone since I know I'm going to have to switch at some time.  And not getting updates quickly is irresponsible of the carriers and they should be flogged for that. Most presentations I attend, even by Microsoft MVPs or on Microsoft technology, I see Chrome pinned on their taskbar and when a web browser is needed they pop things up in Chrome.  So Google already has a foot-hold.  It's not beyond reason that a number of those people already have a Google account. I am already moving everything back into the Google ecosystem from Microsoft to prepare for my eventual move.
  • Personally I decided to put my trust in the devil I know and is highly observed/regulated then the one I really don't know and have no idea who is keeping an eye on. That and having a kick ass camera/guaranteed support are top of my list. Pixel 2 is on route.
  • Well, once I have converted, I make sure to not use any MS services any longer.
  • I recently bought the Pixel 2 XL.  The first thing that I did was install the Microsoft Launcher, then all the Microsoft apps.  My email and calendar are in Outlook.  I have Cortana installed and can activate it from the home button.  If I didn't have to use the Play Store to download apps, and it didn't have a big G on the back of the phone, I could almost be convince it is a Microsoft phone!  I bought a case that covers the G!  The main thing that I do not like about it is the lack of wireless charging.  However, the battery is very good and really only need to charge the battery once a day with normal usage. I also do not like the lack of a micro-SD slot, but it does come with 64GB, which should be enough for me coming from the 32GB Icon. Not a Google fan at all, but now I have access to the apps that I need, including many work apps that I have been doing without. It is sad that I couldn't get my work mail on my Windows phones. Microsoft should have just built the Android app emulator into Windows Mobile.  Maybe they still will for their possible return to mobile. 
  • You can disable and replace all the Google services on the Pixel phones just as easily as you can on a OnePlus or any other Android phone. Just because it has Google's logo doesn't mean the user is prevented from making those changes.
  • I agree, OnePlus 5T is wonderful
  • I still think the experia xperia premium is the closest phone to a Windows phone from looks down to the camera button
  • I have a Nexus 6P Google device and I use the same amount of Google services as I did on my Windows Phone: Youtube, Maps. That's about it, all other productivity things are filled by Microsoft apps. Launcher: Microsoft Launcher, Word, Excel, Power Point, OneDrive, Outlook, Cortana and so on. For me, Android is the only OS that lets me turn it into a Microsoft Phone os some sorts. I had iPhone but I couldn't even set a default browser, custom keyboards aren't allowed on all parts of the OS, some understandable for security reasons some not so much.
  • 1... Can you uninstall anything, including all preloaded Google services, on the OP5T?
    2... Which has the better camera?
    3... Which will have the better support in the long run?
  • You're over in the Android world talking too????
  • Over in the Android world? What does that even mean, first of all?... And, second, this is Windows Central, last time I checked. WTH are you talking about?
  • Well, I can understand the confusion, the site does focus on Android devices quite a bit and they do have a WC sign on the office door. It can't completely be a coincidence... :-)
  • You nailed it, Zac. I ordered a 5T a couple of days ago hoping it will allow for me to stay away from Google as far as possible. For me the main factor is that according to public information the 5T Android version isn't bloated and can be stripped of Google's most intrusive apps. The rest of the feature set is adequate for me as I really don't need to always have the latest and greatest. If it works it's good enough for me. An SD slot would have been nice to reuse my 64GB cards I used on my Lumia 950XL phones but I opted for the 128GB version of the 5T so I doubt it will be an issue. I know many other users of Windows phones feel just as uneasy with Google as I do. I think they have very capable engineers but their business practices are unacceptable to me. There is a reason why they're having real problems in Europe where an individuals right to privacy is considered a lot more important than here in the US. There are downsides to stricter privacy laws too but I think we could use a little more protection here....
  • Absolutely right. I would not touch a Google device with a 10 foot pole. There is a reason why Windows Mobile fans have not switched to Google.
  • At some point you will have to get another phone. Why punish yourself? MS might come with something, but if you get an Android device you will have the best of both worlds. Apps.
  • Why do I have to get another phone? I have a land line, and if I find I do need one to teather a tablet 'cause Ol' Nads cancels the Surface not-Phone, a dumb phone or mobile router will do that just fine. Why put up with Android horribleness when the era of the not-Phone is mere months away?
  • Why not enjoy having apps, and apps that work?
  • Indeed. Hence my move to full Windows. I have almost all the apps I need on my old Windows phone (missing a good music streaming service though...), but I can't deny there will be much more scope for interesting things on a tablet device. There is now, but something with built in 4G that will fold and fit in my pocket may be even more useful. Exciting times.
  • Got him Zac, Devine is a Trojan or troll from Google. Also buying pixel adds to Google revenue. Shame on u Devine....
  • Do you know any midrange phone otherthan oneplus and pixel?
  • Long thing short, there is a phone which is full Google, there is another that is less Google.
    Zac says windows users would love less Google, agreed.
    The price is almost half ? Agreed.
    You say support won't be there for three years? Cool. I would buy another phone, with the total being almost similar to the price of one Google pixel phone. But your point is true too. Pixel is just a class apart and above. Nothing can match it.
    I would always opt for pixel if I were getting it for free over OnePlus. Because it is kinda the best. (note 8 is actually.) So that.
    But then pixel is wholly and solely Google. OnePlus isn't. So I would buy that if it was my money.
  • I agree 100%
  • I've been a Windows user ever since they came out with phones. I currently have a 950XL that I just replaced two days ago with a 5T. I also have an S8 from work. I really like the 5T compared to the S8, there's so much bloatware on the S8 that 5T is faster for me - using exactly the same applications. From a 950XL perspective, I do like that the 5T has a dark mode. I generally use MS apps such as the launcher, outlook, etc. I do miss the native Outlook client on Windows, that application is better than any email clients on Android. Same goes for contacts. If MS does come out with a new range of phones, i will seriously consider them again. If they can solve the app problem, i still think that platform is better than Android. The handsfree texting via Cortana was just awesome on windows phones; Android lags behind in that functionality and generally in voice recognition (at least for me).
  • The Pixel 2 and One Plus 5T has almost the same number of Google apps (the GM state how many Google apps will be preinstall nd the number has benn reduced past year). Pixel 2 also has a dark mode, I will admit 5T is more customizable. 
  • Yep you nailed it! I personally have the Note 8 and absolutely love it! Its not running the January security patch but it does have December's which is good and I wouldn't be surprised if I get the January patch soon. The only feature I wish I could get from the Pixel 2 is Android 8.1, unfortunately Samsung has yet to update my Note from Android 7.1.1. I suspect this has to do with the launch of the Galaxy S9 series fast approaching. After it launches I would be willing to bet Samsung pushes 8.1 to the S8 series, hell the S8 and S8+ even have beta access to 8.0 right now...
  • Well, I brougth a OnePlus 5 last summer, to replace my Lumia 950XL. I took me almost 4 months befor I have completly switched to OnePlus. But after much trial and error I now have a phone that works ok. The thing I miss most is the camera on Lumia that was so much better than the one on OnePlus 5. On the bright side, OnePlus resently updated my phone to the newest version (8.0) of Android, which is good. Even I can't see much difference.
  • Yeah and zac would look much more cute if he took pics using any decent camera phone aside from that, I wouldn't want to throw my money at a direct google product , plus the android phone I invested in(yes i bought one to check android 7.1 which has support for 8) didn't have dark mode on stock android and i'm not a happy windows mobile fan about that so yeah zac is 100% on point, the price tag of my phone was somewhere around $499 at the time of purchase. heck im still not happy about this android device, it has pretty much all the hardware I need but im still not satisfied by the software part, it overuses its ram even though it has a reasonable amount, additionally the stock music player doesn't have a repeat/loop/shuffle button(on stock android 7.1) image sharing menu's appear only in certain area's but not in the drop down menu which is much more easier to have in it instead anywhere else cuz i end up accidentally pressing other icons that are along with it vs WM10 which has more accuracy and spacing between icons to make it easier to deal with, the slow update phase is bad no matter what manufacturer it comes from, look at alcatel's windows mobile device; do they have any update issues ? I doubt that they do, the worst part is that all stock apps on a stock android phone is pretty useless regardless and disabling most stock apps? I doubt you can even do that whereas on a WM10 or windows phone you don't really need to disable stock apps cause they are USE-FULL & do everything you would ever want. so yeah either I'm biased a windows mobile fan/user or im high else I've lived in the comfort zone of my windows mobile devices that never required me to bother about having to download a hoard of bloatware apps just cause my stock apps were this useless? , I prefer to go with the latter as my experiences with android have hit a new low with 7.1, here's to hoping that 8 is actually decent and worth the effort, p.s F google for not giving the windows store google apps since they were so scared of the possibility that WM10/WP would outsell em considering how much better optimized the os and its apps were vs the bloat and malware infested play store was and still might be in certain ways. 
  • @Richard, how much of the Google software can be removed from the phone.  I relize a Google Play account is required for the store, but what about all the other Google stuff?
  • As much as can be removed/disabled on any other Android phone. You need to keep Play Store obvs and a Google account active, as well as Google Play Services. You want MS Launcher? No worries. Cortana instead of Google Assistant? Absolutely fine. Stop Gmail sync and use Outlook. Disable Calendar, music, movies, the lot if you don't want it. Just keep the vital services running. This whole "ZOMG ITS GOOGLE" thing is honestly ridiculous. You'll want to keep the Google camera app because it's very good and it's how you get the best from the camera on the phone, but you don't have to use Google Photos. Put on a third-party gallery app.
  • On my OnePlus 5 I have deleted Google Play Services and Google Play App Store still works fine - can download stuff and run updates manually.
    Oh and anything from Google and OnePlsu has been deleted.
  • You deleted Google Play Services and the Play Store. Lol ok then. That's not clever at all.
  • As I said I deleted Google Play Services.
    The app store on Android still works for updates and downloading stuff.
  • That will prevent OTA updates
  • Most applications rely on Google Play Services for some of the Application Program Interfaces (APIs) they use - location is a big example of this. You should re-enable that so your apps work correctly.
  • Application, which rely on Google Play Services are not compatible with OHA Android. Why would you want support such applications?
  • 'Application, which rely on Google Play Services are not compatible with OHA Android' !!! Seriously? AOSP doesn't have many crusial API and most Android apps on Play Store rely on Play Services. Account sync, Activity recongigation, Admob, Android Auto, Android Pay, Analytics, Cast, DHCP, Health API, Mapping API, Location Services, Game Sync, DRM, Android Wear API all are managed by Play Services. Disabling this will even hamper many Microsoft apps not to work properly because they rely on that on Android also. 
  • Microsoft needs to make a OneDrive oriented 3rd party gallery app like Photos on Windows. 
  • Agreed 100 percent...The whole Google thing is a load of crap.   MS is JUST LIKE GOOGLE....APPLE iS JUST LIKE MS,  apple is JUST LIKE GOOGLE....MS IS JUST LIKE APPLE!   They are all the same.  
  • I disagree. Apple wants you to buy 100% apple hardware products and software services and do their best to lock you in. They make their money selling hardware with large margins because they sell the user a device with every high-priced feature, even if the user dioes not need it, and need you to keep doing that. Google steals other people's tech and gives it away in Android so they can make money on ads. They need you to use as many Google services as they can so they can maximize the amount of data they have about to you sell. Microsoft is most successful when they (as Dan pointed out) build a tech platform for other people to customize and sell. They make their money indirectly from the customer by selling to the OEMs. The classical Microsoft model does not require selling a user's information (a la Google) or selling a limited selection of devices with high margins and features a user may not want (a la Apple) it encourages an ecosystem of several vendors sellign competing products that target different niches and price points. It untimately is a more ethical model. Now, is it questionable whether that model can survive in the face of Google and Android, and Microsoft has obviously tried to implement some of the Apple and Google ideas. In some cases it has worked (Surface line) in others not (phones) -- but Microsoft nonetheless remains, in my opinion, the most ethical of the 3 companies in terms of their business model.
  • Oh, and this is why, if I have to switch, I will get an Android phone, but not one from Google. It gives the least amount of money to either Google or Apple if I do so.
  • That is because google is nothing more than an advertising company, not a tech company.  They make their money from ADVERTISING, not from selling you an overpriced phone with their services on it.
  • Uh selling their products at a high margin is literally Microsoft's schtick, in fact everyone here defends them for doing that so that they don't "undercut the OEM's". And Windows 10, as standard, is all about the sale of information, so I'm not really sure where you are getting your information that any of these Companies are in any way different to one another. They all care about one thing, and one thing only, profit.
  • Google really doesn't care what device you use. They serve ads no matter what you use to access the internet. Windows, Mac, Android and iOS all bring Google ads to their users. Android just makes it cheaper and easier to access the internet.
  • Thanks for the comparison, Noirsoft. You explained it simply and nailed it: i dont whant any adds , security is parimont and freemarket/OEM compition/price is very important.
  • Nearly 100% of Google's revenue stream is based on the use of user informatoin.  Microsoft and Apple make essentially nothing from user information. That is a several BILLION