OnePlus 3T is the best Android phone for Windows Mobile converts

For Windows phone users looking to switch platforms, it can be very hard to find the right Android smartphone. We recommend the OnePlus 3T. Here's why.

A lot of Windows phone users these days are switching to Android or iOS. Although that's unfortunate, we understand why it is happening and want to help. We're often bombarded with questions, such as "Which Android should I get?" Let's be honest, the world of Android is far more complicated and vast than the small circle of devices that Windows 10 Mobile currently offers.

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In my previous article detailing my experience with Android as a Microsoft user, I decided to do an experiment using the OnePlus 3T. I made that decision after doing research on best Android smartphones, but I wasn't entirely interested in raw specs or the build quality. I was looking for an Android that's best for newcomers to the platform.

And that's where the OnePlus 3T comes in. I've been using the OnePlus 3T as my main device for around a month, and I'm yet to regret my decision. I could've picked the LG G6, or waited for the Samsung Galaxy S8. But I didn't. I grabbed the OnePlus 3T, and I honestly do think it's the best choice for Windows phone users looking to make the switch to Android.

Here's why.

OnePlus 3T Detailed Review


Android is Android. It's Android on Google's Pixel, and it's Android on the Samsung Galaxy S8. It's also Android on the OnePlus 3T, but each hardware maker does something different that changes things. Some hardware makers clog their phones with unnecessary skins and services. Others implement useful tweaks. And some leave Android alone to be Android.

As someone coming from a Windows phone, it was important to me that my experience with the software was the best it possibly could be. So for me, the Galaxy S8 is not an option because Samsung often likes to cake Android in its own skins, added features and services, which ultimately slow down the handset. The LG G6 is less guilty of this, but HTC, Xaiomi and more all do the same.

The Pixel is probably the best choice in regards to smooth and responsive Android, but there's a problem: The Pixel is a Google phone, and at Windows Central, most of us are not Google users. We're all in on Microsoft's ecosystem. So buying a phone designed specifically for Google users probably isn't that great of an idea. So what other Android could we use here?

Enter the OnePlus 3T. OnePlus doesn't add unnecessary fluff on top of Android. The experience is almost "stock" Android, with a few additions and necessary tweaks that make using the OnePlus 3T better. For example, there's a dark mode on the OnePlus 3T, something that's omitted from the Pixel and Galaxy S8.

The OnePlus 3T shipping with mostly-stock Android is significant. There's only the "normal" amount of Google bundleware out of the box, and most of it can be disabled pretty easily. So it's an Android that isn't designed entirely for the Google ecosystem, that's mainly stock Android which means it's super fast and fluid.

That also means when you ultimately decide to install Microsoft's own Android launcher, it won't task the CPU as much as it would on other Androids, and overall user-experience is much more positive in the long run. I haven't experienced any lag on the OnePlus 3T. The same cannot be said with my experiences with the Galaxy S7 and other Androids.

The fingerprint reader in the home button on the front of the device is also incredibly quick. It's just as fast as my iPhone 7's fingerprint reader and definitely faster than the Lumia 950's iris recognition or the HP Elite x3's fingerprint scanner.


Of course, users coming from Windows phone finally have the chance to choose a smartphone that's well-built. The OnePlus 3T is an excellent device that's well-crafted and reminds me a lot of Surface. It's made of aluminum that feels superb in the hand. Lumia 950 users will really enjoy this build quality.

The OnePlus 3T comes in three colors: gunmetal, soft gold, and for a limited time, midnight black, which is what I opted for. The phone is incredibly well-built and isn't too crazy for a newcomer switching from Windows phone. It also uses dedicated hardware keys for back, home and the multitasker. The only criticism I have is that it's rather slippery, so you might want a case.

I know many Windows phone users prefer on-screen keys. Don't worry, the OnePlus 3T has you covered. As mentioned above, OnePlus has made several small but necessary tweaks to Android, and one of them is the option to enable the on-screen navigation buttons in favor of the hardware keys. (I still prefer using the hardware keys.)

When it comes to specifications, the OnePlus is pretty well-equipped. It's rocking a Snapdragon 821, which I know isn't the latest from Snapdragon, but it does the job well. It has 6GB of RAM, which is more than most other Android flagship devices on the market. Devices like the Galaxy S8 and LG G6 are rocking 4GB of RAM, which is also reasonable.

But with 6GB of RAM, you can have more apps open in multitasking at any given time, and the OS is less prone to slowing down and lagging when doing multiple things at once. In my tests, it's clear that the OnePlus 3T can hold more apps in multitasking than the LG G6, with the G6 needing to reload specific apps when switching.

You also get either 64GB or 128GB storage options. There's no microSD expansion support, unfortunately, which may be a deal-breaker for some. There is dual-SIM however, another must-have for a lot of Windows phone users. Oh, and there's also a headphone jack.

The screen is gorgeous. It's a 1080p OLED panel, so it's not the highest quality. But, honestly, at 5.5 inches, 1080p is absolutely fine. The OLED panel is incredibly bright, and the colors simply pop. There's also a sort of glance screen that you can enable, which displays the time and notifications on a black background when you wave your hand over the ambient sensor.

The camera is an important factor for many Windows phone users, especially those on Lumias. The OnePlus 3T camera is superb. It's incredibly fast to launch. I'm not much of a camera expert, but I've not been disappointed by the OnePlus 3T's 8MP front-facing or 16MP rear-facing shooters. (For more information on the cameras, I'd refer you to the Android Central review.)


There is a USB-C charging port at the bottom of the device, but this isn't any old USB-C charging system. The OnePlus 3T utilizes something called "Dash Charge," which has the tagline "A days power in half an hour." They aren't kidding; the OnePlus 3T charges abnormally quickly.

No Windows phone on the planet charges as fast as the OnePlus 3T. In fact, I'd argue that no other commercially-available phone charges as fast as the OnePlus 3T. The 3T is rocking a 3500mAh battery, which gets you through a work day easily. In my daily use case, I can get through a day and a half, sometimes even two, before needing to charge.


A lot of the time, people looking to switch from Windows phone don't have the money to be able to afford a good, high-end smartphone. This usually means they end up getting a cheap, low-end handset with terrible performance.

Considering the OnePlus 3T is rocking a Snapdragon 821, 6GB of RAM, 64GB Storage, dual SIM, a 1080p OLED display and the fastest charging in the world, I'm sure you're thinking this device is super expensive. But it's not. OnePlus is known for building incredibly high-end flagships for a low cost, and the 3T starts at just $439.

For $439, you can get yourself the 64GB OnePlus 3T, which comes with all the same goodies that the 128GB variant comes with. The 128GB model is only $479, so it's not much of a jump in price.

Now, $439 isn't the cheapest you can go for a smartphone, but for what you get in the box you can't exactly say you're not getting your money's worth.

Final thoughts on the OnePlus 3T

Based on the fact that the OnePlus 3T ships with almost stock Android, with some additional, useful tweaks such as dark mode, great build quality, incredible specifications, and a relatively low price point, the OnePlus 3T is the best Android phone for newcomers looking to switch from Windows phone.

It's not flashy and crazy. It's a good, modest and very capable smartphone. It's a great starting point into the world of Android. You can essentially turn the OnePlus 3T into a Microsoft phone thanks to Android, which is what I love the most about Android. On iOS, you can't really do that. On Android, you can set Microsoft apps as default apps, sync notifications from your phone to your PC, set Cortana as the default voice assistant, and even use Microsoft-made home screens and lock screens.

You can essentially turn Android into a Microsoft phone, which is great. Admittedly, it's unfortunate that so many people are looking to switch from actual Windows phones these days. For those who just can't hack Windows phone anymore (I'm still returning), the OnePlus 3T is an excellent best place to start if you're looking to switch to Android.

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Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • I've had a OnePlus 3 ever since my Lumia 950 broke and it's been amazing. Truly a great phone. Hope to see MS hit android with an even bigger precense.
  • i would wait for the Xiaomi Mi6. That will beat the One
  • I wanted that, but it went the dumb Apple way of ditching the headphone jack :/ so I'm on the search again
  • It has a headphone jack!!!!
  • It does not, although they give you an adapter.
  • The latest iPhone has a headphone jack? Is that what you are saying?
  • The SD835 based Mi6 is only priced at $360.  But it is uncertain whether it would show up in US.
  • It won't.  Not officially.  Have to buy from 3rd party sellers.  There was an article already about it on Android Central.
  • The only let-down is the removal of head phone jack from the Mi6.
  • And the relatively big weight increase compared to Mi5. Having tha same screen size, I cannot understand the reason.
  • Surface Pro Mobile is the best phone for ex Lumia fans...... The end.
  • In dreams
  • Why? If it fails, MS would abandon that too...
  • For that to happen Satya would have to go along with several board members. I'm totally discussed with Satya because he's one external dimemetional; Azure only! Do get me wrong, azure is great, but people spend time on mobile and not on productivity items like word or Excel but on social and games yet Satya this different despite facts saying otherwise.
  • I agree. If I am going to spend that much, I'd rather keep saving $12 a month, on top of the $300 I have saved now, and wait for the Surface Pro mobile. My 950XL has at least a year of life left. This article is great, though. I'm very interested in a pure Microsoft Android system. Lets take android away from google! They dont own it, do they? If Dona Sarkar tells me there's no flagship to move to next, and I have to go to android, I will, but I'd like to think my path over 7 years was 1520, 950XL, Surface Pro mobile. Sent from Windows 10 Continuum over Cricket unlimited.
  • After 950 got a mi5 and now s7 edge. No problem at all and the s7 edge has no lags or crazy software on it like the reviewer invented. Anyway it's sad to see how this site is becoming android central. And none of the points make sense for a windows user. He can switch to any android phone nowadays and have a great experience with MS stuff. Sad article for a sad situation on a sad site.
  • Played yesterday with stock S7 edge... it freezes here and there even on the main screen. Like any Android, actually.
  • Pre-Lollipop Android was a bit of a large mess but since then it's by far the most reliable mobile OS I use (and I use all three). Stop making things up. 
  • I hear that from android fans literally after every android update since andoid 4 :D
  • I'm a Windows fan, had every single wp device that was ever released. I went to the s7 edg3 last year and it was sluggish at times. I just got the Galaxy 8+ and haven't seen as much as a stutter since
  • Lol every phone may have hiccups here and there the only way to know if a phone is smooth is to factory reset it and experience it for sometime, at least a month. Everything else is a silly way of judging things. I'm a long time windows phone user and developer but I have to admit highend androids became perfect. The s7edge from which I'm replying is stutter free (nougat) and has 35hrs battery usage. Not to mention how much informative and interactive are widgets if compared to live tiles. And interactive notifications for each app are very enjoyable too. It also opens apps like FB and whatsapp (ie what people mostly use on a phone) 100% faster than my old l950 which is now my mother's phone. I still miss the superior, yet slow, camera of the l950 and the screen was cool too (not as cool as samsung s ). As always, shame on MS for putting mobile on life support.
  • Pixel XL is great. One of the best cameras around...that is if you can find one in stock
  • Pixel is the worst flagship Android phone. It just has one good thing and that's the camera.
  • It's an overpriced stock Android phone with a good camera.
  • This is a joke theFFK. The Pixel I have is the fastest phone I've used.
  • To make Android more like Windows, I was looking for a good launcher and I downloaded Launcher 8 which is really great. It is highly customisable and 90% of the times it just doesn't make you feel that you are using Android. I still hope MS comes up with a nice phone in future so I can switch to Windows phones or at least have one as a secondary device.
  • I am not affiliated with SquareHome 2, but I think you should definitely try it. You will be blown by its likeness with Windows 10 Mobile, under Android's limitation, indeed.
  • Done with my Lumia 640. Wish Win10Mobile was going someplace better. Just picked up Moto G5 Plus and installed SquareHome. Nice phone so far. So many nice apps... :)
  • Its still an android phone, thanks. I will stay on the platform until the store will not allow me anymore to download apps.
  • What apps?
  • the one to two million apps you apparently cannot see due to your ignorance 😀
  • And counting apps instead of counting quality apps and local services apps is what makes you clever right? LOL
  • I use Facebook Instagram Trello etc. All good quality apps to to mention a few mainstream apps. In fact the number of quality apps are more than I can use for a whole life. Stop being stubborn and promote wrong statements.
  • For example, do you consider Snapchat as a quality app? Instagram Stories has way more people on it right now. Fully updated app on windows and mobile.
  • I used to drink the kool-aid too... Quality apps are dissappearing faster than you can count. Support for many of those quality apps are gone. Waze, Yelp etc are dead, no new apps are being developed for the platform for the last year, simple banking apps, Instacart type services, Door Dash type services, ride hailing services(other than Uber), shopping services like Amazon, local grocery stores, home automation services apps, home security apps etc etc simply dont exist. The platform is dead, universal apps is pure hog 5h!t along with continium, MS knows it, MS knew it... and is refusing to do anythign to support their own platform. Run MS apps on Android is their answer... do it if you love the company... Have you received Creators update yet? ...... EXACLTY!
  • Actually, Windows 10 Mobile just got Lyft a few weeks ago and it works great :)  
  • We should all install Lyft, to boost the numbers. even if we don't use it. Everyone should do their part
  • That has been my take for quite sometime. Since MS won't market and promote their products, it seems the users need to - and creating the demand for all the big apps is the best way for us to do it.
  • What is Lyft?
  • Wow... we have Lyft now.... I guess there is hope for the platform afterall!
  • Holy crap you need a lot of apps! You are becoming more correct but I am fine without those apps. The day that the basic things that I need are gone is likely the day I would have to say goodbye.
  • But are they quality apps that disappear? Or are they unused and not relevant because that's what democracy is? There are new apps like Flow and To do by Microsoft, and heaps of other awesome apps.
  • I think you've got your app stores confused, any information I can find shows under a million apps for Windows Store, seems to be around 600,000. Mean while Apple and Google do both have over 2 million apps. I enjoy windows 10 tablets, but I cannot switch from my Galaxy to a Windows phone with out sacrificing most of what I use my phone for. Unless there are far more apps available for Windows phone than there are tablet/PC.
  • It's true, Apple and google have over 355 fart sound apps. Windows only has 4. Who can live like that?
  • The vast majority of the apps in the Windows store are just as worthless as the vast majority of them on the App Store or Google Play. Doesn't change the fact a third of what's on my S7 isn't available on Windows Phone. I honestly like Windows mobile, the live tiles, and overall interface, but it isn't as capable as Android. To say just use the web browser basically makes Windows Mobile the ChromeOS of phones, a giant browser that can't do much else.
  • Bullshit. WM phones are super capable in every aspect. Perhaps you are inept.
  • Yeah, of that 2 million, how much are crap??? And, how many do people really use? And with a windows phone you can pin the website to your start menu and no problem at all. Windows rules.
  • The store really exceeds my needs. The apps debate in my opinion is an exaggeration, because most of the applications are also on websites. Moreover, the luck of games do not affect me, because i dont play games on smartphone, only on XBOX one and PC
  • Well said 👏
  • I agree.
  • Websites aren't apps. They never were and never will be. They're a poor substitute and sadly our Windows phones are filling up with more and more web shortcuts on the start screen where apps once were. Apps are and always were a huge issue on this platform and had a massive impact on not getting people to stay after giving Windows a shot
  • I sold a number of windows 8 phones when they first launched on Verizon, not nearly as many as Android/ iOS, but there was interest in the platform. Majority of them went Apple when they upgraded, reason being they had friends and family using apps they couldn't on their windows phones. Even back in 2012/2013 I had issues selling Android because iOS had more quality apps people wanted. Apps are important, it's what the younger generations rely on, and if a certain phone doesn't let them get the apps their friends use, they won't buy it.
  • Actually, Apps started on iphones because it can't run a decent web browser back then. Lots of mobile banking can be on via mobile web these days.
  • Doesn't matter where they, 'started'. Matters what happened to the system as it evolved.
  • Sad but true but there is a shift starting in the development world where more people are building websites/webapps that are very capable of being at being an app. One hope in the future is to even save offline content from the website in the phone so when you don't have internet you can use the webapp still.
    MS and Google are preparing for this so far Apple appears to be doing nothing about it since they are stuck on their app-mentality which is keeping them behind and in the soon-to-be-past.
  • Can't stand the buggy Android or slow updates. iOS is where it's at for me.
  • Aren't there like 3 different OnePlus 3's? Like a 3, 3X, and 3T (to lazy to look it up at the moment)? How do those others stack up?
  • 3 to 3T is just SD 820 to SD821 and improved FF camera.
  • I was about to buy it but it's not good if you travel to different regions. The North American model is missing key bands for Asia and vice versa, same with European model. That must be where they saved money. Probably gonna go with g6 instead.
  • Mi6 can be a better choice plus they support most of the carrier bands throughout the world.
  • It's not even out yet so do you really know?
  • And more battery on the 3T right?
  • But why one plus 3t their are heating issue. It feels like warm metal ☹ Really have one in house also you can check 91mobile site their many people have said it
  • I have the OnePlus 3T. It's stupidly good. Like, it shouldn't be that good. So yeah, I agree with Zac here.
  • Do you also agree with his assessment of the Galaxy S7?
  • The Galaxy S7 and edge do suffer the normal slow down and buginess that comes with this series of phones, usually gets worse after several months. I have an S8+ and I'm hoping Samsung have solved this slow down bug in their devices.
  • You are right. But, unfortunately, it is familiar for all Android devices for years, so I see no chances for S8 to be unique here.
  • What bands/carriers does it support?
  • I switched from Lumia 950 XL to the OnePlus 3. It supports LTE on both AT&T and T-Mobile in the USA. T-mobile it supports WiFi calling and messaging.
  • For anyone curious, as it wasn't covered in this article, you can do the following with a OnePlus 3T (and most Andrpoid phones): Use Microsoft's Arrow launcher. No, it's not live tiles, but it is arguably best or second best launcher for Android, and allows for quick access to contacts, most used apps, a swipe down for bing search, quick access to most-useful settings, etc. Convert the home button to launch Cortana with a long press, instead of Google's assistant. Add Outlook calendar widget to quickly view and add events. Utilize the fantastic Outlook all in general, which is 3 apps in one: email, calendar and contacts. Use one of two Microsoft lock screens, both with unique, useful features. Change the google search bar to a bing bar using the Bing widget. Many, many more things like these. So, to summarize, you can buy a OnePlus 3t and look at a Microsoft lock screen, unlock to a Microsoft launcher, featuring a Bing-centric search feature, have Outlook front and center on it's on home screen, and utilize and pull iup Cortana with just a long-press of the home button. You really can be Microsoft centric inside an Android device. I highly recommend it.
  • You have a G6 too right Dan? You think the 3T is better overall? Main differences for you? Obviously they have the same SoC and RAM but the LG to me appears to have more feature wise and better cameras. There is a price difference for all this I guess.
  • Why everybody is killing windows Mobile? I thinks windows mobile is not death is just evolving. Please be patient more is to come
  • Seriously, open your eyes, it's dead.
  • seriously stop keep saying that. Millions of users are still using it. And we are happy to use it.
  • Oh really prove it to me then Mr.
  • Why don't you google or bing it yourself ;)
  • Sure, that's why it still gets updates!
  • Only the windows mobile OS will be dead (not quite yet). The idea of windows mobile will definitely live on. Have you not seen the full windows on ARM video yet? It's innevitable, full windows will be on mobile devices that will have cellular capabilities. Might be a couple years, but i'm holding out until those happen.
  • Agree agree agreeeeeeee!!!
  • Celebrating the new share icon? U get updates coz desktop build is updated and due the shared code base, mobile build is also bumped up. That's the reason MS has nkw decided to seperate the builds so forget any more updated soon
  • Article after article, sometimes more than one a day on 'Windows Central' telling us how to and why we should switch to Android.
  • A lot of people are considering switching if not for a bit. These articles are great.
  • then people should go to Android Central to read on Android stuff... sometimes it really looks like the people here threw in the towel (pardon my english) and put a stamp in Windows 10 on mobile.
  • What happens is all tghe lagdroid fanboys come on WC to post for whatever reason, I have never figured out why they are so bitter all the time.  Bleached is one of those lagdroid fanbois that always posts on here.
  • OhSnapdroid sux balls, hair balls, hairy balls with sticky bits.
  • Android Central will never tell you the experience of using Android from the point of view of a WP user. Just think how useful this article is for any WP user thinking of switching to Android. They can never get this info from any other site.
  • Windows central has gone crazy. We are millions of windows Phone users and yet people cream in choir that the platform is dead. It is getting close to a pandemic of mental illness. Really.
  • Exactly. WindowsCentral becomes uninteresting for me with all that Android and Galaxy S8 articles... there are a lot of much clearer sources.
  • Well, if Microsoft themselves are selling android phones in their stores, then what can Windows Central do? Also, in most parts of the world, there are no Windows Phones available to buy. So WP users in such countries can't stay in the pltform for long. As such, this article is very useful.
  • I tried to search for OnePlus 3T in Norway, but could not find that phone in any of the big stores. What else could be a good replacement, if one has to have a new phone and no phone with Windows OS is there to buy?
  • Thats cute
  • Wc is becoming like mspu or like thurrot, next article like this and i will uninstall wc app, forever, like i did with mspu and wbi :(
  • Goodbye then. We don't miss you.
  • Bye, we don't miss you too ;)
  • I picked up an Idol 4S not long ago and that's when I realized how much I miss the two step dedicated camera button on the Lumias. Now that it seems my next device will have to run Android, is there any hope for another two step shutter button in my future?
  • I believe the higher end Sony Xperia phones have you covered in that sector!
  • That's funny I just got the Idol 4s and it's friggin awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Great article Zac! The OnePlus 3T is awesome. I agree on your note about the Pixel. It's great but there's serious workarounds required to use it. I wish that there was a smaller OnePlus. The X isn't bad but it doesn't share specs with the OnePlus 3/3T.
  • Windows Central... promoting Android? 🤣 Certainly the end of times. Rating: 👎👎👎👎👎
  • Microsoft is promoting Android, why not WC?
  • Because WC isn't getting any money out of promoting Android. Microsoft is since that perfectly fits their business model.
  • Just helping the people in the community isn't promoting. 
  • From now on I get my news about Microsoft from Microsoft's own website.
  • Thank You! I'll try as well.
  • Where they sell Android products now! 😂
  • They are secretly indicating that its time to move on. Get the message
  • They can't do anything else. Windows Central will be boring until windows on ARM devices come to light.
  • Do you guys feel the downgrade from QHD to FHD display? Does the OS have a dark mode? Does it support double tap?
  • Read the article before rushing in here... The phone in the subject does have it
  • well, I never owned a Lumia 950 before. after using a Lumia 1020 > 1520, I had an LG G4. when I switched from the G4 (QHD IPS) to this phone (FHD AMOLED), actually it looks nicer from my eyes, still sharp enough, colours looks pop (there's an sRGB mode if you want an accurate color), and it has deep blacks as my past Lumias with AMOLED panel. yes it does have a dark mode. yes it support double tap to wake (and there's also proximity wake-up feature -- just wave your hand and the phone will show all notifications you have, like a Motorola ones if I'm not mistaken).
  • ... like my Lumia 950 XL does
  • Honestly on the normal S7 I switched from 2K to 1080p and noticed no difference. The screen on the S7 is much better though so can speak for the 3T.
  • Same, I can see a difference between 720p and 1080p, but unless I hold it uncomfortably close to my face, 1440p looks the same as 1080p.
  • I went with the Moto G5 Plus and it seems like a solid phone. I do miss the live tiles and have yet to find an android launcher that gives me that same feel.
  • The Motorola brand is the only solution when converting from Windows. The Moto features match up and should be easy for windows users. 
  • Try SquareHome 2
  • This
  • My 950 XL broke back in February, and after a bit of research I opted for the ZTE Axon 7. In many ways a pendant to the OnePlus 3T, they share one thing in particular; an aluminium chassis. Coming from a long line of polycarbonate Lumias, I can't help but chuckle at this quote: "It's made of aluminum that feels superb in the hand. Lumia 950 users will really enjoy this build quality." No, users of polycarbonate will likely NOT enjoy a slippery, scratch-prone, temperature-sensitive aluminium body, that rules out any chance of wireless charging!
  • I went with the Axon 7 as well over the OnePLus (and now the S8+)
  • Wireless charging is useless when you have quick charge. Having your battery full in under an hour is much more convenient than waiting several hours.
  • Oh look -- Bleached posting on windows central, whould have thought that would happen.
  • False. I use wireless charging while on my PC during the day and then on a night time.
  • Yes, and they are super easy to drop!!! Slippery ****.
  • Funny thing is that when you get a 950 xl and put a Mozo on u are going from plastic to beautiful feeling and classy materials, while with a, 'metallic/glass' Android/apple you are going from metal, 'classy' to a plastic/rubber/composite cover! In the end the Microsoft looks much better, and is much better.
  • Had one on my 950 XL and never did it feel anywhere near as good as the 1520.
  • Solid polycarbonate is the only material I really like. If it's metal it needs a case in anyway so you lose the feel of that slippery aluminium.
  • Just curious what can't you do on the Pixel that you can on the 3T? I read the article about switching from W10M to Android, but haven't tried to do the same things yet on a Pixel, so I'm curious to see what would be more locked down.
  • the 3T has the same clean UI (as far as I know) as Pixel, yet you'll have more customizations such as whether you want to use a capacitive buttons below the screen or on-screen navigation button. the fingerprint is on the front so you didn't need to lift your phone to unlock (this is subjective), and a way faster charging time (but it didn't support QuickCharge so you need to use OnePlus' proprietary chargers).
  • Is there any difference in what you can disable to be able to switch to Microsoft services?  I really wish there was a way to implement OneDrive photos into the photos app like is done on W10M.
  • You can try QuickPic for that. It's a gallery app that allows you to connect a bunch of cloud services to it and have the photos there too.
  • Switch to a Dark Theme in the OS is the first thing that comes to mind. The iPixel sticks with Google's horrible white and circus colour theme.
  • Are these on any specific carrier?
  • You can't imagine how awful i feel seeing such news, the windowphone ecosystem could have easily ruled the market if there was more faith!
  • Is it worse than the Microsoft stores selling the galaxy S8?
  • both aren't good at all !! at least for the true windows phone fans, for me i tried all platforms but never used anything But a windows phone as my daily driver since windows 7 !!
  • I guess the options is - a 950XL at a low cost, or a 3T. 3T is ok if you can get over the poor camera, lower resolution screen, heaver weight - but hey - you get to play Pokémon Go (is this still a thing?) I'd rather buy a new 950XL and see what happens.
  • Actually, I did it! I've bought 950 XL and am absolutely happy. I can't get that hype about S8 and other ANdroid sh*t (including such articles). 950 XL beats them in many ways. They should write how to switch from dead HTC to 950 XL actually!
  • *OnePlus
  • I can't help but laugh. But ok.
  • 950xl, nearly two years old and still better!
  • Exactly! And I got it for $279! Android and Apple devices look ridiculous for me now (in terms of prices... in other terms I just can't imagine myself using that ****. But last one is a subjective point. Price is objective).
  • I miss the old days of xda developers when I coudl get this phone and someone with interest woudl find a way to put WP10 on this bad boy.  I would pay for that project to happen!!  
  • Left windows phone with this phone when it released last year and haven't looked back. It is constantly updated with improvements and has Microsoft apps that even Windows phone does not have. I love the ability to customise the phone and make it your own. Would highly recommend to any windows phone user who is looking to move to Android.
  • What Microsoft apps does it have the WP doesn't?
  • Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye
  • Never looked back? Really? What are you doing here?
  • Because of Windows 10 on PC and Xbox news? This site is more than Windows Phone now.
  • Had the OP3T for about 2 months now, since the battery on the 950 has decided to fail on me. Nice fast phone, with nice display and almost nice pics. Good grip with the sandstone case, no too much in the FFC and the 6 gigs do make it the best "flagship killer". Aluminium vs plastic. Had the HTC H7, 920, 930 with the mic issue, and 950 with a battery replacement. Still waiting for the all mighty "surface phone" with the up to date specs, against the "seems faster" updates.
  • $480 is too much for a no-brand phone sorry. You are limiting your choices rulling out Samsung just install Arrow launcher, disable/hide some apps. S6Edge+ is still a great phone (better than the OP3T) obviously the S7Edge is the next choice or Note5 even. 
  • true...
  • So says the samsung fanboy.
  • Too much, sorry, but that comment is just annoying.
  • How could you forget the camera?
    That was the only consistent and best thing Lumias had right since beginning..
  • The Camera on these sub $500 phone are no where as good as the 950XL....The Axon 7 held me over until I could put hands on a new flagship with a nice camera, and now I have an S8+...
  • Great write-up. I made the switch to an S7 last year. Overall, it's treated me fairly well, but I still get that "Samsung" lag more than I'd like. Wish I could try the OnePlus, but I'm pretty much limited to Verizon where I live.
  • Yeah, it's going to be very carrier specific what the best phone is for you. I'm stuck on Verizon too. Not because I'm locked into a contract, just because all the other carriers around here have horrible service.
  • Switch to Nova launcher.
  • That won't help network coverage issues.
  • How well does it work with in vehicle Bluetooth?  I have a 2017 Ford Explorer with the nav. I have a Lumia 950 XL and I tried to switch to a Pixel, but I have to tell it that experience was horrible.  I have made sure my Pixel and all of its apps are up to date.  I would have to reset Bluetooth on the Pixel every few days or possibly restart the phone to get everything to connect.  I also don't like how Android doesn't appear to have a "voice channel".  When my 950 phone wants to anouce something it communicates over some voice channel and I don't have to have my car audio on Bluetooth to hear it. With the Pixel if you are not on car Bluetooth you won't hear any phone notifications. Because of the poor conectivity of the Pixel I moved back to my 950 and it is rock solid.  I don't have to restart the Bluetooth or the phone to get it to connect to my car.  This might make me switch to an iPhone, and I really really don't want to do that. Just wondering what other experience with car audio and Android has been.
  • I have an Acura TL and the OP3 works fine with the Bluetooth. Only thing I can't figure out is how to get the audio from any navigation app to go through the audio through Bluetooth like I could with Windows Maps.
  • This is what happens when an ADVERTISING company thinks they are a tech company.
  • All my Windows phones on car Bluetooth are great.
  • I supported the Wii U and with the death of the console I went down with it...I will do the same for windows phone mobile. It works for what I need it for at this point in time.
  • Thanks for this write up this is definitely the phone ive been eyeing ill probably get one in a couple of months or hold out for the OnePlus 5t
  • When are you going to change this website to androidcentral?
  • they need to merge with the one already present with the name Android Central lol
  • I'm Living la Vida Loca.... Android and Windows Mobile with my venerable Nokia Lumia 1520.
  • OnePlus is another company, they dont give enough support. My friend's OnePlus 2 still didnt get Nougat! Are they gonna only support 1 year?
  • I have a OnePlus 3...but this article title literally makes no sense, LOL.
  • I don't think it is people hating on Microsoft, as much as dealing with the reality of the situation. I've been using Windows phones for over 6 years exclusively. I have a 830 now and it's way more buggy than it should be. Bluetooth pops on an off randomly, the voice-to-text often stops after 3 words and the camera gets stuck at "saving" every third picture. That's not functional and we are getting no sense that they are going to resolve these basic issues. Microsoft is giving me no reason to upgrade. I just ordered a Moto G5 Plus (around $300) and I'm moving on. It's too bad. I went through this with the Windows Media Center, so I've seen this movie before.
  • totally agree. been using a OnePlus 3T since I've switched from my Lumia 1520. this phone's so fast, performance-wise and even charging-wise (63% in 30 mins), has a clean yet always up-to-date Android version, and it just fits me perfectly. yes, sometimes I miss live tiles and all of the beauty of Windows Phone's UI, but then I did also realize that every time I use my phone, I go straight to the notifications or apps I want to use after unlocking the phone. so yeah, I'm happier now with my 3T. (no Rich Recording tho'.)
  • This got to be the worst suggestions ever. Going from a safe smart phone to a phone that is sending personal data to servers in another country with no what so ever law to protect your personal data. 🙄 The very reason people choose the windows phone and stil do, is the very fact that it is more safe and has a much better privacy and data protection. Worst article ever!
  • Yes. I've switched from BlackBeery Z10 to 950 XL because of android on new BlackBeery devices. And that nabs suggest me android here :D
  • "Android Central is the best Windows Mobile site for Windows Central visitors!"
  • Android is so good these days that I'm surprised you're coming back. P.S."the OnePlus 3T's 8MP front-facing" I think it has 16MP front-facing
  • no 1+3T has 16MP camera on both sides but 1+3 has 8 mp in front.... OIS is awesome in 1+3T even in the front cam
  • But we're talking about the OnePlus 3T.
  • If anyone misses live tiles on their phone, SquareHome 2 seems to be a decent launcher for Android.
  • You picked one and you picked WRONG :P. The OnePlus 3T isn't a good phone even to Android users let alone for people coming from WP (most likely Nokia phones). Here's why people leaving a Nokia Windows Phone or any other Lumia shouldn't go for the OnePlus 3T and get the Galaxy S7 instead (which you can now find for 500€): - Horrible camera on the 3T. For people using PureView cameras, going to the 3T will be a painful experience. Heck, the 300€ Nokia 6 takes better photos than the 3T.
    The Galaxy S7 on the other hand has the best camera currently on Android (which is the same camera on the S8). - No wireless charging on the 3T. Forget all your wireless charging pads you've had since the Lumia 920.
    The Galaxy S7 however has wireless charging. AND fast charging if you're a neanderthal who still plugs cables to their phone ;P - No microSD expansion. You'll have to pay more for the 128GB version of the 3T. And once that runs out, it runs out.
    The S7 has 32GB built in and microSD expansion. - Size. The 3T only comes in one size: very large. The S7 has a normal sized version and a larger version for phablet lovers. - Screen. The 3T has a 1080p screen. The S7 has a 2K display which you can choose to use either at 720p, 1080p or 2K. - IP certification. The 3T has none. The S7 is IP68 certified. - Ecosystem. The T3 has none. The S7 has the Gear VR, the Gear 360, Samsung's smartwatches etc. You'll get access to a much broader ecosystem. Besides, Samsung's Tizen smartwatches are actually better than Google's Android Wear watches. And you won't have to deal with Google there either. - Software. Yes, Samsung is known for their heavy skin of Android. But thing is, if you want to avoid Google's services, Samsung is a much better option than nothing. Besides, Microsoft's suite of apps come bundled with Samsung phones which means you don't have to go through all the work of downloading everything.
    Besides, stock Android s*cks. On the S7, if you replace the launcher with Nova (or Arrow or SquareHome 2 or any another launcher you want, you can get a far better Android experience) - Customer support. I mean this isn't even a battle. You have the might of Samsung against the small Oppo-owned company that is OnePlus. - Price. The S7 can now be had for pretty much the same price of the 3T. And it's a vastly vastly superior phone. So if you're a WP user looking to jump ship, go for the S7 (because the S8 simply isn't worth the money they ask for it).
    If you want stock Android and cheap but quality devices WITH expandable storage and good performance for the price, wait for the Nokia 5 and Nokia 6.
  • I agree, the S7 Edge's price where I live has been discounted from $850 to $555.  If I was going to purchase a phone in Q2 2017 I would definitely go for the S7 or S7 Edge.
  • Most of that can be explained by pricing though - at this price, it can't pack the best of the best. I haven't used one - I really want to, though - so can't speak about customer support or anything but, hey, MS's attitude to their phones ain't exactly great. Screen has a lower resolution, yeah. You could argue it saves on battery and processing power, though.
    Also, with the storage, 128GB should do *most* people - 32GB can do me, with cloud storage on top. At the end of the day, if you use W10M now, you've accepted compromises already. The 3T has a lot fewer setbacks in the key places where it counts.
  • - Which is why I would recommend the S7 instead of the S8. The S7 is infinitely better than the OnePlus 3T and currently can be bought for the price of a 3T. Why would you pay the same for a worse phone? ;) - OnePlus support isn't great. I'm not sure how is Microsoft's Lumia support though as I haven't used a Windows Phone as a daily driver since Nokia left. But if it's bad, then yeah, it's probably similar to OnePlus. Except, you know, Microsoft is a huge Corporation and OnePlus (or even Oppo) aren't.   - As I said, the S7 screen can be used on 720p and 1080p. You're not bound to use it in 2K. On the OnePlus 3T, you have no option. - And if you go for the 128GB OnePlus 3T the phone won't be so cheap anymore. On top of that, it's way more convinient for most people to switch the microSD card from one phone to another and have everything there without the headaches of cloud saves or transfer of files.   But that's the point. The OnePlus 3T has TOO MANY setbacks to justify buying it when you can buy far better real Android flagships for the same price. And if you're coming from Windows Phone where you already had to put up with compromise after compromise, why would you go to a phone with also a bunch of compromises when you DON'T NEED TO? It just makes no sense. Zac recommends the 3T because that's what he bought. That's it. If someone where to give him an S7, for example, I'm absolutely sure he'd be retracting this article.   (And, again, I'm talking about the S7 and NOT the S8)
  • I will never buy another cheaply designed Samsung phone ever again.
  • Please tell me which is the "cheaply designed Samsung phone" you're talking about...considering you think a Moto X is acceptable? 'cause whilst Samsung phones USED to be cheap and crappy designed, since the S6 that that changed. Their S6, S7, S8 and A series are all pretty nicely designed. In fact, they're currently amongst the best designed Android phones out there (those used to be Sony's but they've gone the opposite direction of Samsung).
  • @djcbs
    ...100% agree...nuff said
  • My question is, why are we even being pointed to Android devices? That really doesn't make me feel as if the future of any mobile presence from Microsoft is in question; I feel that Windows Central knows the outcome. My biggest barrier to leaving Windows Mobile is UI and UX. I have an Android device for work, and I have gone back to an iPhone on occasion using my wife's phone. It's crazy to think that I will be forced back into that "world" soon.
  • Though you cant make every menu look like windows, you can definitely make the start screen experience identical to Windows (and in some cases superior). Tryout Launcher10 skin. I just purchase an S8+ and I feel right at home
  • I like the Idol 4S so much on Windows that I picked up the Idol 4S with Android.  Love the phone...has its flaws like most midrangers, but love it.  Mr. Mobile has a great mid-range faceoff review:
  • How much is the android version
  • The lack of a good glance screen and no wireless charging crossed OnePlus off my list.
  • Will the OnePlus 3T work on AT&T?
  • Yes.
  • Bye bye Windows central
  • Get lost, Sasuke!
  • I hate that to move to Android from a Lumia 950 means compromise on HARDWARE and Software. No wireless charging, No hardware Camera Button, Lower Res screen etc. Bad enough I hate Android compared to WM10 but I'll also have to deal with reduced hardware features. Ugg, at this point only a Galaxy S8 really is a worth sidestep for hardware compared to a Lumia 950 This phone is hardly a contender if you are moving from a Lumia 950.
  • you have gestures like open camera, flashlight, play-pause-skip music, ambient display.... no need of physical button.
  • 1. Dash charging is way better than wireless charging. 2. You can set any hardware button as camera button. No problem whatsoever. 3. You won't notice any difference between a 1080p screen and 1440p screen. Don't always decide based on specififcations.
  • Sony Xperia XZ Premium offers upgrade on at least the hardware (camera button, 4k screen, 835 snapdragon, stereo speakers, expansion slot, 19mp camera with optical image stabilization, 2017 MWC Best New Phone, etc.).
  • This is the only android phone I would consider because then I could put cyanogen mod on it and basically have google play store and google play services (because thats required for most apps =( ) and the google play games thing. And everything else would be non-google stuff (because screw google!). But, I would probably still have an iphone (SE version is around the same price though small). The apps just work better on iPhone so if I am going to a phone for apps (which is why I would leave windows 10 mobile in the first place) then why not go for the phone with the best app support?
  • I think we should quit supporting windows central. They want us to use an Android phone. Next time if I read an title like that, it's game over.
  • Count me too
  • Microsoft wants you to use an Android phone. They sell it right in their store. Sounds like you have to drop them too.
  • It is an interesting wave of Android. I think it's been building. Jason Ward's articles suggest that a full PC on a phone is what's next (if anything),  which doesn't help me with the apps I want. Samsung 8 MS version in the MS store seems significant. My 928 just died and I'm on Verizon. I'm happy to dump Verizon and use my 640 on U.S. Mobile for a while. But the camera on the 640 is not great, and still no apps. My wife loves her 928 but has no qualms dumping Verizon and taking my 640 (she doesn't miss any apps). So I get the feeling a lot of people have been waiting for some sign and for some reason alot of us are tossing in the towel about now. I've been jerked around and promised things since my HTC Trophy and 928 and Surface RT. At some point people say screw it.
  • ... actually, I said that earlier. Therefore, this one such article was last for me.
  • just two months back switched to 1+3T its a beast.
  • I swapped my 950XL for a 3T. Zac is right, it's a great phone (Microsoft fan or not). I enjoy using it with Flow Home launcher.
  • Pixel isn't suitable because it's a Google phone. But OnePlus 3T is not? LOL what? Isn't Android itself an owned property of Google? You guys, all you blind fanbots drive me insane. And what's even more hilarious is this disabling apps thing. The author hasn't even cared to caution its readers that disabling Play store services will actually prevent their phones from getting important updates and also a lot of apps won't work. It indeed will be a full on Google environment no matter which phone from the list of Androids you pick up. Mere installing 10 MS 3rd party apps won't make it even slightly less Google.
  • go back to lagdroid central
  • unless you want to stay with Big Red
  • I'm still going back and forth between my 950 and my OP3. I still like having proper Groove Music which doesn't fail. All my pictures in one app. Visual voice mail. Et cetera
  • the ZTE Axon 7 Mini is also solid, basically an Android 650 with a metal body, and for $199 you cant do much better.
  • What kind of processor does it have
  • Either the sd617 or sd625. Can't remember which. Thought about getting this one for the wife but got her the regular axon 7 since it had the sd820.
  • Does it still gave quick charge?
  • I was looking today in Amazon of my country the Galaxy S7 Edge, despite 1 year old is still much better than Sony's flagship the XZ, which I was considering to purchase in Q3 2017 but now that S7 Edge is discounted I can probably get this phone now.  S7 Edge Gold for $555 where I live, and that's because the S8 is now becoming very popular in retail stores, unfortunately the S8 costs $880, the cheapest model
  • Axon 7 is better than the OP3T. Non proprietary quick charge (only one using DASH is OP3T), better display, Daydream support, better speakers, and also a great package.
  • What's the difference between the quick charges on these 2 phones and the Samsung adaptive quick charge
  • I would assume they are all rebadged versions of Qualcomm QuickCharge or whatever. They just don't want to pay for licensing.
  • Thanks
  • I went with Axon 7, over one plus as well, now on s8+..
  • We'll... My 950xl is running really well so I'm going nowhere, waiting to see what transpires, no rush :)
  • Hi guys please help ineed to buy a phone next week can i buy lumia 950xl or samsung galaxy s8?
  • I got 950 XL few weeks ago and feel sorry for android users ;)
  • 950 is barely going to be supported by Microsoft going forward, let alone anyone else. It would be a terrible choice.
  • Lagdroid central is missing you.
  • Neither. You would be better off with a flip phone.
  • 950xl!!!!
  • Get a 950 XL and replace the back with a mozo wood case. With the $100s saved, treat yourself to a memory card and maybe even a dock and new 1080p monitor, keyboard and mouse. Still cheaper than S8
  • I think One Plus 3 T has 16MP front facing camera
  • The MP doesn't mean much at all.
  • When I got my Galaxy S6, I had no choice because I'm on Verizon. So I stripped it down as much as I could and use mostly Windows Apps. While reading this I was just thinking that, since my upgrade is getting close, I might look into this device. But alas, Verizon doesn't carry it either. Sigh. I sure do miss Windows Phone.
  • Getting Microsoft services on ANY Android device is trivial. Why would you base your buying decision on that? Look at price, specs, support (as in OS updates) and performance. The OS updates are Android's Achille's Heel. Not many phones get them regularly. Of course, if supported, you can flash them w/ LineageOS, but in my experience w/ Cyanogenmod, battery life took a big hit. But in the end, you don't have to shell out $400 for a decent Android device. $250 will get you a solid phone.
  • How very odd. I thought I was reading in WINDOWS CENTRAL not Android crap. Time for me to stop supporting this "NEWS" channel and move to a real Microsoft thread.
  • What are Your suggestions?
  • Microsoft sells an Android phone right in their store. How can you continue to support them?
  • Now that Samsung has abandoned Micro USB for USB-C and replaced the hardware buttons with software ones, I'm considering Galaxy S8 or maybe to wait a bit more for Note 8. DAX (which is far superior to Continuum it seems) is also a big factor in my decision.
  • 950 XL had USB-C and software buttons that you can hide. Save money and wait for Galaxy S9.
  • I already have 950 XL and it's really annoying. They aim it at Enterpise, yet it has no basic features like Default App setting or Network Drive support. The battery also lasts maybe 20 hours on Standby, while my Work-Samsung J5 lasts 2 days with full use. If I'll wait for anything, it'll be Note 8 (I like Styluses) or some kind of full Windows x86 phone.
  • Great choice for start-up in the Android ecosystem. My first and still my only ever Android device is my OnePlus One, which I got in 2014 after years of using jailbroken iPhones. Was tempted to upgrade to the Note 7, but alas, that got pulled. Now patiently waiting for the Note 8. The OnePlus 3/3T just isn't enough of an upgrade to replace my OnePlus One, especially with its pitifully-limited stock Android OS. The Note 7 offered a whole lot more use in a Smartphone, especially with its active digitizer pen. Now, I'm not interested in anything without that active pen and feature-rich software. If Samsung unveils a Note 8 that runs Android on the Smartphone side, and Windows 10 on ARM on the Samsung DEX side, similar to what they have patented ( ), not even a Surface Phone with full Windows 10 on ARM would be enough to save the Windows Mobile platform...
  • Stopped reading after "... fast and fluid Android...". Just made me laughing.
  • The only issue I have with the review is the camera. For Lumia users like me that have had 1020, 930 and 950 the camera is great. In fact as I move to Android my Lumia's are pretty much going to be used a standby wireless cameras with GPS. I have used earlier OnePlus devices and the camera was slow at focusing and sometimes caught blurred images. The low light performance is also a strain. I think WindowsCentral is doing the right thing by looking at Android but I do feel the camera needs consideration.
  • Alternatively if you're on a budget, the OnePlus One is an astonishingly good price for good condition A grade models. Stick Launcher 10 in it and you'll never look back.
  • Honestly, I would recommend the moto Z play. No skins, small software bits are extremely helpful in day to day usage, a decent camera, the best battery life compared to Any smartphone, and moto mods are a well designed system that you can take advantage of or just use the shell which came with it.
    There are offers for the phone all the time but the msrp is $400.
    The best smartphone battery, bar none.
  • Agreed. And Moto Mods make the fast charge vs wireless charge debate funny. Owning a Moto Z Play, my phone never leaves my hands to sit on a wired or wireless charger. My battery mod just goes back and forth to the charger with it's dedicated USB Type C port.
  • I caved in and bought a moto z today. At 250€ it was too good a deal to pass by. It is certainly a big device compared to my Lumia 950 and the camera is rubbish in comparison, but everything is so smooth and effortless... Still, I'm missing the clarity and soberness of w10m. Installed launcher 10 straight away, which is a decent mock up of the w10m start screen (even with live tiles!). Just one thing I find really astounding: There seems to be no dark theme?! An a device with an amoled screen? What an I missing?
  • I came to this conclusion a long time ago. I've been looking at it since release but the money isn't there to justify buying another secondary phone.
  • I have the 64 gig model. Had it for a couple months now. The phone is top notch especially after you drop Nova Launcher on it. I would like to have expandable memory but with what I need it for, its more than enough. The fastest fingerprint reader in the west.
  • You didn't mention that there it is no wireless charging which is a quite common advantage on all Windows phone I had. Its pretty much easier to drop the phone in a car or on a desk to charge it thant plug or unplug even its fast charge; this is why I have choosen Samsung
  • My phones still work
  • Zac, two questions, please? How is the call quality? Is the blue tooth connectivity solid? With MS looking like they've totally abandoned us, I have started using the Moto X Pure Edition I had purchased just for a controller around my house. A very good phone at a solid price, though Android is like a spam bot in your pocket :( Blue tooth on the Moto X is excellent, and call quality is very good.
  • Call quality???  Who on earth uses their phone for THAT?
  • I bought a LG v20. My god how windows is so much better. Obviously not in app development. The keyboard is 100x worse than windows. So awful.
  • Yeah I own an LG V20, and also hate the keyboard, that's why i sue SwiftKey which is owned by Microsoft anyway. The V20 had battery issues in the beginning, but that was more my fault as i was using a car charger that didn't support the phone. Which caused my battery to drain way too fast. So I reset the battery and just used the main cable, and bam excellent battery life. It's also great for having a spare with you just incase you need to switch them out. Can't do that with many phones these days.
  • To me the LG V20 by far is the better choice for Windows users, as I carry a Lumia 950XL as well with me. Having 2 just makes more sense, as you never know if one goes down or for some reason i get better signal on the V20 more than I do the Lumia. So sometimes i can't call out or receive calls on my Lumia 950XL. Which is a shame as it does everything else right.
  • I have a v20 as a tester, not impressed, not nearly as smooth as my 950XL.
  • I would say no! to the One Plus 3T. The LG V20 is your best choice why? Big battery, 5.7" Full HD screen, not 4k but good enough for better battery. 4GB of ram, 64GB of storage, USB-C with removable back and MicroSD support for storage expansion. The best audio speakers on any smartphone to date, and it has HI FI audio for listening to music through headphones. It comes with the latest Android 7.0 Nouget and is priced fairly at $500. So that should be your companion to your Windows phone. Also the camera 16mp back, and 5mp front is pretty decent and has a great many features.
  • I've really started looking at the moto g4+. I want something with a 5.5 inch screen. With an octa core 617 a large battery micro SD card it ticks most if not all my boxes. And B&H has it for 225.00 right now with a set of headphones worth 40.00.
  • And the Androidification of WIndows Central continues with more and more droid related articles appearing. You should just close shop or merge with Droid Central as you obviously are moving away from what the site used to write for and towards becoming YA droid site..
  • Switched to a ZenFone 3 from a constantly restarting and glitchy 950 xl
    last week. Should have done it ages ago. And I'm a guy who developed apps for Windows 😎
  • No probs with my 950xl.
  • I am happy with my 950 XL as well.
  • no chinese.
  • I walk in a Chinese restaurant and can't get cheese. They ask me to order something else, please.
  • I'm hoping that at the May MS BUILD conference that they'll talk publicly about their WM10 plans that point in the direction of the apps I need on my phone. If not, I plan to wait til June 1st and jump ship (from a 950XL) to the Sony Xperia XZ Premium. Check out these specs:  835 snapdragon, 4k HDR screen (double the Galaxy 8s) with 4k content provided by Amazon, 4gb ram, 32or 64gb storage, expansion slot for up to another 256gb, a 19mp Sony camera with optical image stabilization, a dedicated camera button (like on all the lumias I've owned), a 13mp front selfie camera, front stereo speakers, USB-C, and headphone jack. It got best new phone at MWC this year, too. Drawbacks I see are that it doesn't do wireless charging, but does do fast-charging, and the body (shaped like a candy-bar lumia 900) is covered in glass that attracts finger prints (but I'll be using a wallet case anyway). I plan to follow the windowscentral guide on setting up an Android with MS apps/ecosystem, and I'll finally be able to get back all the apps that have been dropped from my current phone, along with all the others that were never offered to Windows phones to begin with. 
  • Just because the Pixel is a Google phone doesnt mean you have to use Google (at least anymore than any other android phone with access to the Play Store). I went from a 950 to a Nexus 6P about 6 months ago and am happy with it. Yes I have a Gmail account so I can download from the Play Store but every other service is powered by Microsoft the same as my previous 5 Lumias. I wouldn't buy the Pixel because it's overpriced compared to earlier Nexus phones. Looking at OnePlus 3 or S8 Microsoft Edition for my next device (despite the fact I've stayed away from Samsung Android phones in the past because of their fork). Both are beautiful phones but the S8 (in black) is a beautiful phone.
  • I had a looksy and feel of the S8 plus yesterday - absolutely beautiful screen I must say. Love how there is no hard button now, looks ten times better. The back, of which I thought looked super ugly and old school isn't that bad, and you'd need a cover on it anyway because ALL metal/glass phones need one - too easy to drop.
    I'd consider this phone, and if it had Windows OS as well, I'd most likely get one. I love phones. HP Elite x3 is still better though!!! :) love it!!
  • Considering that you haven't used other phones to compare Zac I'll take this with a grain of salt. Although I like what you say about it, and if I was ever going to swap to the evil Android OS, of which I would NEVER, unless Windows does actually die. Windows OS is far superior in every way. Anyway, the specs of 6gb and option of 64/128 for that price are awesome. Super fast charge sounds really good as well, although, does it blow up super quick as well??
  • I see the fingerprint reader is compared to the HP favourably. That's funny. It must be bloody fast because the Elite's is excellent. Better than the Alcatel Idol, of which I have found to be less fluid - you really need to hold your finger down and not move it. It's a smaller surface as well. The HP works far better.
  • They just keep trying to cram that ******* android down are throats once again **** android and you sell outs at Microsoft its windows or nothing... Evil ass android keep that **** off here no body wants evil gogle or evil aple stop already
  • Yep yep yep, Android can mirror my butt.
  • Kinda like your face does?
  • Throw on the Square Launcher 2 and you have a great Windows phone alternative. I have used this on my oneplus 3 for a long time now.
  • I bought a midnight black edition on 3rd April.... Now that WC told this, i'm proud of my choice....
  • Windows central is in on it too stop pushing that evil os on us we'll go to war before we fall for this obvious trick
  • May no windows phone user switch period
  • ZERO chance that no windows phone user switches for the entire month of May.
  • Wish they just come out and say that thats what there doing it's so obvious. Hey windows users go to android because we've sold our soul and want you to too because its so easy to track you have processes in the back ground that you don't need but we do keep track of you and we will pay the CEO billions to get you to switch so we gonna keep putting out articles to see how many dumb dumbs will switch because why would something like Windows central be only dedicated to windows? Its like a Muslim promoting a Christian just doesn't make sense
  • Hell no
  • I would go with the Nokia 6, its built like a rock.
  • Hi everyone,,,
    I had seen this video about cyanogen OS with Microsoft MOD
    Check it out 😊
  • I'm glad I didn't know it takes $400+ phone to beat a Lumia when I was making a switch ;) A good Android phone can be bought under $200. If it's the feel and finish people are after, look for iPhones.
  • Plenty of android phones with great fit and finish. It's, most definitely, not a characteristic of just the iPhone. If fact, some could be considered better than the iPhone in the fit and finish department.
  • Dark theme support on 3T is a big plus. That and the fact that I'd have to pay 12€/month (2 years) for the 8+ vs. 0€ for the 3T, might make me choose 3T. No Windows options on my company's plan at the moment. Changing from 930 here.
  • You are complete ******** with all these Android promotion articles. What about this? Whoops. Millions of Android phones are wide open to hackers:
  • I just bought the midnight black edition and I love it the feel of the phone is great plus you get a free case with it. Also have the Axon 7 with arrow launcher and its also a beautiful phone but I keep coming back to my Hp Elite x3 with my mint sim 3 month plan. So its the 3t or axon 7 on T-mobile and its sad that were talking about Android here but I guess that's what its come to.
  • I think what this shows is that the writing is on the wall now for W10M. I've been as dedicated to the platform as many as you have for the past couple of years but it's reaching breaking point now for a lot of us. It really hit home when WC's article about the best Windows Phones consisted of pretty much the only available Windows Phones to buy brand new, it's quite embarrassing. Now we have an article for those converting to Android. I've finally had to concede defeat to Microsoft, bitten the bullet and decided that I can no longer support the platform and it's time for me to move on to an active and fully supported platform.
  • Panic, exaggeration and Chinese whispers doesn't help. Nothing to panic about.
  • Panic, exaggeration and Chinese whispers it isn't. Unfortunately this is the stark reality of the Windows Mobile platform and it's clear that some of you are still in a state of denial about it. I was a devout supporter of Windows Mobile until a couple of weeks ago but then the penny finally dropped for me.
  • Having only a small budget, I opted to buy a second hand A grade OnePlus One due to the good hardware and very reasonable price of GBP100. I installed Lineage 14.1 Nougat and was astonished by the results. Before moving to W10M the last version of Android I used was KitKat, briefly flirting with Lollipop, but the latest iteration of Nougat is a joy to use. Everything just feels right with functional and informative notifications and tight integration with everything. The biggest surprise is how flawlessly fluid the whole experience is, probably down to an excellent custom rom and the still good performance from the hardware in the OPO. I would go as far as saying it's smoother than my 930 and 950 XL ever were.
  • I'm waiting for LaffyTaffy 2.0 before I consider a switch.
  • The UX is a lot better than previous versions of Android but something was still missing. I've never been a fan of Android homescreens and their widgets so I went searching to see if there was a W10M style homescreen. To my amazement I found one which is almost an exact replica plus it has widget support, live tiles based on notifications with notification badges, and a near identical app listing when swiping left. I would go as far as saying that "Launcher 10" is actually better than the W10M homescreen! So now I have a W10M style UX for the homescreen, the tight integration from Android, excellent performance and battery life from a superb phone and several apps which (whilst not essential) have made my smartphone life easier. The only downside I have to concede to is camera performance which I admit I'm going to miss. However I have no regrets and despite the fact I've gone "down" from a 950 XL to a OnePlus One, it feels like I've made a huge leap forward. I really was one of the W10M die-hard white knights, now I've been completely converted and it will take something seriously significant from Microsoft for me to even consider going back to them after the debacle of W10M.
  • I've seen no android smoother that 950 XL. I've tried S7 Edge, HTC and a lot of others... all laggy with microfreezes and terrible privacy. I don't know what are you talking about here.
  • Android phones running manufacturer's versions are rubbish and bloated which is why they never run that smoothly. I can also assure you that W10M was also never faultlessly smooth all the time, even on my old 950 XL with AU or CU. An Android phone running a "pure" custom rom is a world of difference to one with manufacturer's bloatware on it. The OnePlus One doesn't have an official Nougat update but Lineage 14.1 (the continuation of Cyanogen) genuinely blew me away with its performance. Speaking of updates and all this talk of phones being left out, well Microsoft is hardly any better by leaving capable phones like the 930 out in the cold! Besides, the modding community keeps Android phones updated long after manufacturers anyway, often with better updates! Now don't think that I'm an Fandroid by any means, far from it. W10M was always my favourite platform but Microsoft's actions have led me to seek an alternative and the facts of the matter are that Android IS a valid alternative.
  • For me, there is no alternative to BlackBerry 10 and Windows 10. I would rather buy simply a phone, than Android or iOS.
  • Nothing laggy about Motorola phones running Android, even the ones running on the SD625. Choose something without a skin, and everything is just fine.
  • Tried out Homerun 2 on an older ZTE android phone I have and have managed to almost exactly duplicate my 950 experience. Extremely customisable. Only thing I'm not liking is no dark theme (I can find) on Outlook and not being able to press a letter in the apps listing to get the alphabet shortcut list. I'll check out Launcher 10 tonight. Fortunately the deal-breaker apps here in Sweden (banking, digital ID, payments) are still supported on Windows, so need to swap yet, but I'm getting prepared for when that inevitably stop. Galaxy Note 8 might be tempting though ....
  • Android, maybe couple of updates is all you will get.
  • The Pixel is a Google phone, and at Windows Central, most of us are not Google users. We're all in on Microsoft's ecosystem. So buying a phone designed specifically for Google users probably isn't that great of an idea. This is the stupidest thing I've ever read. How is Pixel made more specifically for Google users and OnePlus 3T not so much?
  • The whole article is an example of stupidity. I guess, it's because of google involved here ;)
  • I wouldn't mind this, but I'd also prefer it to be a carrier-available option. You're also right that the lack of external storage hurts. I would definitely need the 128 GB model for my music, and both of those are listed as sold out on their site. So, it's an immediate, out-of-pocket purchase I wouldn't be jumping at, and it won't have enough storage in its available offering. Both are tough to live with, so I wouldn't. I do love that their price is well below the G6, despite being a very similar device, in terms of hardware. It's the approach Nokia took with the 920, and it's the approach MS decided was for poor people when they ruined themselves with the overpriced devices they released, from the laughable 830 to the mediocre 950.
  • Actually, 830 is a great device! A friend of mine has it with windows 8 and he will never update, that device runs smoother then my 950xl. Well, windows 10 mobile is still lagging behind it's predecessor.
    Yet, i still hope windows 10 will not disappear, just cause android is not my coup of tee, at all.
  • Meah, if i want an android i wait for Nokia to bring them to europe. Boat made device don't buy me....
  • Complete rubbish, how can this be an upgrade to a 950xl or hp ? Half baked attempt of a suggestion....
  • Switched to Moto G5 from 640XL last week. Realy missing the live tiles .:-( :(
  • **G5 Plus
  • Nokia was the reason i jumped to windows.Now microsoft not releasing builds for my lumia 930 im waiting for nokia 9
  • No thanks
  • If you are planning to switch and if your pocket allows, then go for Samsung's Galaxy S8..premium quality at its best!
  • In a word, heresy.
  • Android is a butchered together hack that cludges on whatever hardware you load it on, no matter the resources. Sure it works, but it is fugly and slow... So...OK I get why Windows 10 Mobile users would be ok with switching from one clunk to another. At least you get apps. Why not Apple, a proprietary OS like Windows Phone or Mobile. Smooth and efficient, like Windows Phone 8.1? Everything as it should be.
  • Hmm... I was toying with the idea of switching to an Android phone and dumping my 950 XL until I realized most Android phones don't have wireless charging. The Win10 Mobile situation is going to have to get even worse before I go back in time 5 years ago to when I had to constantly plug in my phone!
  • Complaining about lag coming from W10M is laughable.   My Xiaomi's Mi4, Xperia Z Ultra, ZTE Axon 7, or S7 Edge are far less leggy than my 1520 and 950 XL running any particular build of W10M. 
  • I left WP in late 2015 for a Moto X Pure. It was my first Android and I HATED it. Fastforward 6 months and I bought a Nexus 6p and it totally changed my thought on Android. Every other device that I own is Windows, but the Nexus has slowed started to pull me into Google's ecosystem. I'm not complaining. 
  • I switched to Android as my main last November when Huawei released the Honor 8 flagship here in the US, and I love. It's beautifully designed phone (got the one in white), perfect size, has an SD card slot, headphone jack, the price was aggressively competitive ($299)and the fingerprint is located in the back and works really well. My only beef with it is that it comes with Huawei's EMUI skin over Android and you can't disable it. It's not a deal breaker for me as i got used it, but i do wish it had come with stock Android instead.
  • No FM radio, not for me!
  • Secondary camera is also 16MP, not 8MP.
  • The other day i went to the store in search of an android (was thinking of a flagship) and the guy there advised me against android- "sir, even android flagship cant give the feel and fluidity of windows....stay with windows till ur phone is dead or u absolutely feel a need" - these are the exact words he said at a time when android is ruling and people are jumping ship!!!! I sometimes do think that people love windows phones specially in India....but the poor efforts of Microsoft and its ex ceo killed it.....however we are still lucky enough to get quite a number of local apps though.....
  • Yeah!! I'm still stuck with my lumia 640XL
  • U r only suggesting to move from windows Mobile. ??
  • Have a look at Yu mobiles.. They also produce phones with pure android
  • The OnePlus 3T is a great choice for those tuck with a lagindows old tech phone that stutter, freezes and crashes all the time. In fact any Android device would be better than being stuck on a dead platform.
  • I was joking. But the negativity about Android is crazy. What are we supposed to do now when we want to buy a new phone? In Europe the Idol 4S isn't available and the HP Elite is difficult to find, expensive and also too big for most people. So that leaves iPhone or Android. Get over it.
  • One could buy another used Windows phone too.
    Also: Why on earth do you feel that you need yet another new phone?
    How many times a year do you buy a phone?
  • Dude, do some research next time please, you don't need a dark mode on the S8, hence it's not an ommision.
    You have themes for that. Everything from a simple dark recolor to a full black UI.
  • It's a fine phone, but without TMobile WiFi calling is not an option. I owned a one plus one liked it but was just not ideal. Also not 100% sure how a typical Android phone has anything to do in parallel with Windows Phone fans. Just go iPhone the OS is smoother like Windows phone but everything works out of the box with long battery life.
  • The one plus is a fine phone, but without TMobile WiFi calling it's not an option for me. I had a One Plus One for a while and it was decent but not ideal. I'm not sure what this particular Android phone has over others for Windows phone fans. I am now on iPhone and it works smoothly like Windows phone and add you add applications iOS does not allow down like Android. This type of behavior is what Windows phone fans are used to which is why iPhone 7+ is my daily driver.
  • If the end of Windows mobile comes to an end then I will most definitely be looking for a phone that has at least miracast, or even better, a similar continuum experience like the S8.
  • Will not drop Windows as my daily driver but bought picked this up to test the waters of other phone OSs'. Picked it up with a Mint Sim...feel like a WC tool
  • I'd love to know how your battery lasts that long. This is coincidentally the exact same path I followed from Windows to Android (even got the black 3T), but I've found the battery life to be terrible. Worse than any of the many Windows phones I've had over the years, and can barely make it through a day - something I'm not used to having a problem with. Granted, I'm still a new Android user and am still working out the kinks, but I've been surprised at the poor battery performance thus far.  I also have problems with intermittent notifications - half the time the screen doesn't come on when I get an email or text, and the same goes for peek notifications. But I'm not sure if this is a problem with the 3T or Android.  Generally I'm pleased with how the transition has gone - getting all my Microsoft services up and running was easy and the apps are excellent, but I do miss my 950 XL.
  • OnePlus 3T is a good device. I myself have going for Vernee (support european frequencies) Also basicly stock android with no pre-loaded junk apps. So I have add my Microsoft apps to it. Was a big fan of Windows Phone 8,1 but I never realy liked Windows 10 Mobile.  
  • Now here's a challenge. Say you're a Verizon customer, still rock an Icon (which works fine with the Creators update) but realize big red and MS have given up on each other. Seems if it's not produced my one of the big guys, you're out..8(.
  • I guess only the big boys can afford to produce handsets that work on Verizon.
  • Not switching....period.
  • Sellout...
  • Loving my S7
  • I hope this is wrong as I went with the GS8. :) 
  • otha blackberry priv going to buy
  • I already had a foot in Google's ecosystem anyway via ASUS's Transformer series tablets (the TF201 and TF701 were the ones I specifically had) so I opted for a Nexus 5X.
  • Also, the OnePlus 3T isn't available officially in Australia so it has issues with network compatibility.
  • "So buying a phone designed specifically for Google users probably isn't that great of an idea"   I don't understand this. Android is highly customizable. And anyway the one plus hve a near stock android so the software is at 90% at least the same! And with the pixel you got better camera and quicker updates.    That point you are making makes no sense to me honestly. Why exactly the software on the 3t is more suited to microsoft users than a pixel?
  • One thing I learned with android is that it would start lagging after a year of update, or after your internal storage exceeds 80% usage. With that in mind, I would always tell my families and friends to prepare for a yearly replacement plan should they choose the green robot path. Depending on your budget, you can go with flagship Galaxy (for folks with yearly budget over $600), or a Xiaomi (under $300). I wouldn't recommend going for mid or low-ranger Androids, they're disasters.
  • But the buyers don't know this until it's too late.
    Those who have the money just buy a new phone.
    Wise men with a Mac select an iPhone
    Wise men with a PC select a Windows phone.
    Wise women select whichever matches with her dress.
  • OP3T is Overall a good phone BUT :
    1. Heats up like a frying pan when doing intensive tasks like watching videos, staying on voice/video call for long duration. etc.. ( almost unbearable to hold)
    2. Camera is NOT so impressive. Lumia>Iphone>OP3T
    3. Sometimes, it won't refresh apps or connect to wifi - reboot solves the issue
    4. call quality not so good .
    5. Need to reboot it every alternate day to make sure apps refresh properly. I am using it because there is no new exciting lumia in pipeline, will keep using this POS till the windows phone scenario clears and we know what is the future.... I use an iphone6 from work which i ONLY use for emails. **** Dear Microsoft,
    Give me a Lumia ( Upgraded 950XL) with a super awesome camera, some decent quality apps with Good UI and regular updates
    ( banking apps, common social media apps, excellent navigation app) and a commitment from you that you will NOT abandon the users in future. I will gladly dump my android next day... # WP lover
  • If Microsoft would develop an app for a  lock screen AND a start screen that makes an Android look and feel like a Windows phone, the I'll switch. Third party "Windows" home screen apps for Android just don't cut it TBH.
  • Oukitel U7 Plus, a low budget pure Android below $100 for those who want to wait in case a surprise comes up later this year. 4G, quad core, dual sim, 64bit. It is a great temp phone that you can even gift to someone later on.
  • wtf, Why would I switch to androidshit...what kind of bs is this
  • Nausea 🤢
  • After my last Verizon Windows phone broke this winter, had no VZW Windows phones available, so was forced to my first Android phone. Samsung galaxy s7 Edge. Installed Arrow launcher and every single MS App available. I love it. Great, flagship phone. Fantastic screen. Virtual Reality. Looks and acts like a Windows phone. Only way to be happier would be if it ran Win10 natively
  • You are offending the rest of us who are loyal to Windows Phone...Seriously cut this sh.., or change the name to Android Central