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Chime in: Is Samsung's Galaxy S9 the phone you've been waiting for?

Twelve months on from the Galaxy S8 will come the debut of the Galaxy S9. Following a kind of pre-announcement of the announcement at CES, Samsung rolled out the official word that its Unpacked event will go down on February 25. That just so happens to be the big press day at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

So, we're talking Galaxy S9 in the Windows Central forums.

I mean, we all knew it was coming, but it's not official until its official. The Galaxy S8 was a big device for Windows fans and folks moving away from Windows phones for the first time. A year on we can expect yet another great phone from Samsung. But whether you're on a Windows phone right now or not, is it the one you've been holding out for? Samsung Galaxy S9 will debut on February 25...

Richard Devine

It's completely unknown at this point exactly what the Galaxy S9 will bring to the table aside from a "camera reimagined." There are rumors of adjustable apertures and dual-cameras, but that's all they are right now: rumors. Our pals at Android Central have the lowdown on everything we know right now.

But even so, it'll be a great phone. Whether you're on a Windows phone right now or you already moved, the Galaxy S9 is probably worth a look. Jump into our forums and let us know what you're thinking so far.

From the forums: Galaxy S9 has a launch date, will it be the phone you jump to?

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