Chime in: Is the true future of Windows 10 on ARM on (gasp) phones?

Ever since the announcement of Windows 10 supporting ARM processors and always connected devices powered by them, there's a question in the community that won't go away.

So we're talking it out in the Windows Central forums.

I often see the true long term benefit of windows 10 on arm being that in say a few years , we can have windows versions of really cheap android phones, maybe not 50 dollars but perhaps something akin to a core i3 machine for around less than 200 dollars. it would be a huge help for people in countries like mine (Zimbabwe) and could help microsoft be part of that push for the next billion...


It's easy to understand why people want this to be a thing. Qualcomm powers a decent chunk of the world's smartphones, indeed, the last Windows phones used their chips, too. And there's still a community of fans who still use Windows phones and would love for there to be something else down the road.

But it's not currently the focus. There's been questions already that we've tried to answer about just who these devices are for, and just how committed Microsoft really is to the project.

Could we see phones? I suppose you can never say never, but if you ask the magic 8-ball you're likely to see "outlook not so good." And in the case of the forums post specifically, it'd be hard to see Windows on ARM being in a position any time soon to run well on a super-affordable device. Qualcomm has the dedicated Snapdragon 850 coming soon, but these are still premium ARM CPUs.

If this is a discussion close to your own heart, hit the forums thread linked below and get in on the discussion.

Future of Windows 10 on ARM

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