It was a bad week for fans of Groove Music. Microsoft said on Monday that it will soon shutter the service. More specifically, sales in the Store for music and the Groove pass will end December 31. Groove Music streaming will continue to function until December 31, and then the service will be completely disabled.

Our Executive Editor Daniel Rubino published an insightful post on the whole situation, to explain why Microsoft made the move. But the bottom line is that there are a lot of people who invested in Groove, and in Microsoft, who now feel like they've been abandoned. I know some members of the Windows Central team feel exactly this way.

Groove Music failed because of Microsoft's smartphone missteps

It looks like some of our community members are in the same boat. In fact, forum member Chazzy J started a thread dedicated to this very subject.

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Chazzy J

Well I guess Microsoft pulled the plug on Groove Music Pass. I'm sure they did it for all the right reasons and it made business sense to do so -- at least I hope. Looks like the Groove App will remain in tact and isn't going anywhere, but the ability to search and download and seamlessly add music to playlists, along with its seamless integration across my desktop, tablet, android phone, and...


How do you feel? Are you, or were you, a loyal Groove user? What do you think of the move, and perhaps more importantly, what service do you plan to use in place of Groove? Hit the link below to chime in and let us know.

From the forums: Anyone Else Sad to See Groove Music Pass Go?