Chime in: Does Microsoft owe you for sticking with Windows phone?

That's what forum user kr33m0 is asking in the Windows Central forums.

I can understand the sentiment, particularly for those who have been with the Microsoft ecosystem through thick and thin. During the Windows 8 days, it looked as though Microsoft was on the cusp of creating a true ecosystem, PCs for productivity and media consumption, Cortana to control IoT devices, Microsoft Band for health and fitness, all connected by our Windows phones as one-stop remotes to access all of our content and services.

Like most of you on this site I have become frustrated with MS. I have been a part of their ecosystem since Windows Mobile 5.0 on the HTC Dash. Just when I was about to jump to Android, MS rolled out WP7. I stuck with them. Then after the WP7 upgrades (7.5 & 7.8) all through to 8 & 8.1, which meant more new hardware. I stuck with them. Then there was another shift to WM10. I stuck with them. MS...


Under CEO Satya Nadella, everything seems to have unraveled, however, and those of us who invested in the ecosystem have been met with multiple disappointments. Microsoft Band has been shut down, Windows phone is heading towards its end of life, and Cortana has joined forces with Alexa in a desperate attempt to keep up.

It's a sad state of affairs, but does Microsoft owe its fans for all of its failures? Even if you don't think so, do you feel betrayed? Disappointed? Lied to? Jump in the forum thread and have a good rant. It feels good.

From the forum: Microsoft owes us that have stuck with them since Windows Phone 7 and even beyond!!!

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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