Chinese consumers getting creative in anticipation of the Lumia 920 by making their own

The basic version. Paper dummy, Lumia 920 in yellow.

The Lumia 920 is everyone's favorite. The latest Nokia flagship has gathered considerable heat in China (like everywhere else?) already, before it's estimated late December availability. To kill the boredom in the waiting period, some have decided to build some Lumia 920 dummies.

Yes, we said build.

Therefore we have these...

Lumia Kindle. E-ink display, unmatched battery life. Comes in 16x greyscale. Seriously, I kind of find the grey shell appealing.

iLumia 5.Basically the same size with older ones, only much, much longer. Once again, THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!

My personal favorite. Size is power. It would be nice if Lumia 920 really has a variation this big.

Size is po... Oh man this is HEAVEN.

Meanwhile some fantastic dude decided to go hardcore. Plastic dummy of Lumia 920, modeled exactly to the specifications of the real thing.

If you have built something too, please don't hesitate to share with everyone in comments!

Source: WPDang, WPXAP

Kane Gao
  • Damn! They really want that 920 right now, don't they?
  • pathetic Nokia, word on the street is they're always cutting-out during a call...
  • Not sure if this is some ill worded joke or what...but Nokia typically has the best call quality
  • I'd disagree.  Those Radio chips made from paper featured in these phones always have a terible time connecting to the cell towers.
  • I think you'll find my excellent paper pun with the phrase "cutting-out" was anything but poorly worded.... In other words, yes it was a joke. smh...
  • Nokia has the best quality. I have had LG, HTC, Samsung, Motorola and iPhone 4S.
  • Then you need to clean your ears because the problem is definitely not Nokia's!
  • Sorry nickkk101 for my immediate reaction, didn't realize you were kidding! LOL!
  • CooL
  • They've already started making the knock-offs!! :D I keed, I keed. Haha
  • I hope china doesn't start releasing some fake lumias as we all know china is good for making piracy!
  • Verizon you got to get it
  • here is what i made this morning and fooled a lot of my frnds on facebook
  • You Sir, have lot of victory lines on that palm - don't need to know palmistry to predict that. Good Job.
  • thanku sir,
    But you will be shocked to knw i have 4 supplement exam in my first year of college.
  • Exams and scores are over rated. 
  • Hahhaha now they can say can you hear me now? Hahaha
    If only Microsoft can have these lumia 920 1 week available just like what iphone 5 did. They would be having 2 million orders within 24hrs just like how iphone5 is doing. What sucks you have wait 1 month which BS. Should have done way apple did finalize phone and laugh it and have preorders and be available within week. Now iphone5 have 2 million or more people might forget lumia 920 when it comes in Oct 25 or Nov.
  • You can find the original paper template here:
  • I don't know man... from personal experiece I get better service and am able to make phone calls from spost in our building where I couldn't do it with my TITAN....Could be the LTE alos, maybe it has a stronger signal. 
    It also has a good algorightm to switch to edge if no other freqency is available. I kinda like that
  • Nokia locked in a contract with that Chinese carrier, anyone else jumping on their stocks before late fall to get some profits rolling before the end of the fiscal quarter?  I am!
  • Who are u???
  • Who made the last one? Serioiusly, I need to contact him. I'd order one for sure!!! (Like they were selling the iPhone 5 dummies before it was announced)
  • A friend was so concerned about the size of the s3 that he cut out a piece of wood to carry so he could see if he found it too bulky. 3 months later it's still in his pocket! Might come in handy for an emergency game of table tennis