Chinese HTC 8S phones being bricked after firmware update, HTC offering compensation

Good news for Chinese HTC 8S owners: there's a firmware update over the air. Bad news: the update may just kill your phone. On March 21st, owners of HTC 8S in China started to get a firmware update, and a fair portion of them were permanently stuck on the start up screen after the installation and reboot. HTC and Microsoft are trying to figure out what exactly is wrong with the firmware. Meanwhile the OTA update has been suspended.

Today the Taiwanese phone maker announced a compensation policy for those affected by the faulty firmware:

  • Bring bricked 8S to any nearby HTC service center to perform a firmware restoration for free.
  • If firmware restoration is not possible, the motherboard of the phone will be replaced, again for free.
  • Each owner of bricked 8S gets 3 months of extra warranty, plus a pair of earplugs.

We don't know what kind of earplugs HTC is giving away. Would be nice if they are those expensive Beats branded ones. And apparently HTC hasn't informed its own service staff of this yet. There are Chinese users complaining on the web, saying that HTC service centers giving them neither free service nor free earplugs.  Hopefully HTC gets the mess fixed sooner.

Source: WPDang

Kane Gao